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Success Occurs When Opportunity Meets Preparation.

This one quote pushed me to achieve $9000+ in 4 days during Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion.

..and I did a lot of preparation to hit this mark.

In this article, you are going to learn

  1. How I got the idea to build the list
  2. How I prepared for this campaign
  3. What ads I was running
  4. How much did I spend to build the list
  5. How I hooked my list to buy stuff with my affiliate links
  6. What were the success ingredients
  7. and how can you replicate this in any industry.

Let's start.

I attended Affiliate World Europe in June, where I met a guy (I don't remember his name now, but yeah, I can recognize him if I see him at any upcoming conferences) who was doing affiliate marketing with email marketing.

He told me that he is building an email list of target subscribers, and giving them value in the emails.

Further, He told me that he is running Facebook ads to build this list and this one list of target buyers is making him $70,000+ every single month.

I had read this many times that email marketing is dead, but this one intelligent guy gave me hope that anything can be achieved with the right marketing plan.

I came back to home on 30th June and started my 7 days email series to provide FREE blogging training.

I was so excited that I finished writing these 7 days emails in 4-5 days and started my ad campaign at Facebook.

email marketing strategy

This ads campaign was running on 500 INR per day budget, which ended up generating 13,986 clicks in 9559 INR ad spent.

effective email marketing

Later I tweaked this whole campaign and converted it into lead ads. I was using LeadsBridge to sync leads with my FB leads.

This time, rather than paying Facebook for the number of clicks, I was paying the straight amount for the number of leads.

how to do email marketing

Now I was paying 18.09 INR for every lead.

Which I felt was a good price to generate a quality lead.

But the whole game changed as soon as I started using LeadsBridge to run lead ads at Facebook.

effective email marketing

Generate 1789 Leads at the price of 9.2 INR per lead.

I ended up generating 6241 subscribers during this period after spending around 70,000 INR.

email marketing leads

Note: I am using ConvertKit to collect email subscribers in my database.

Here is what I played extra with my FB ads. 🙂

Whenever someone joins my 7 days emails series, I send them on a congrats page where I asked them to check their email and whitelist my email ID to get upcoming emails in your inbox (to avoid spam folder).

My Congrats Link – https://www.saasultra.com/congrats-7-days-blogging/

online email marketing

Once they check their email and click on this confirm button, I send them to another page where I suggest them to join our Best Paid Tools VIP  group.

email campaign strategies

and further, they receive a welcome email where I suggest them to join this FB group.

Here is the exact copy of my first mail..

Hey {{ subscriber.first_name }}

I am very much excited to have you on board for the BDB (Blogging Domination Bootcamp)!

I am Kulwant Nagi, an online entrepreneur, world traveller, affiliate marketing expert and a speaker.

I blog at www.bestpaidtools.com

I started my blogging career in 2011 and struggled a lot to make my first dollar online. I have gone through a lot of struggle and I have seen many problems in starting days of blogging.
Being a successful blogger right now, I don’t want YOU to go through same misery which I have gone through.
Being here, in Blogging Domination Bootcamp, tells me that we are the same. We both want to pursue our passion and our dreams. The only difference is—I might be a few steps ahead. But just months ago, I was where you are now.

So don’t worry, you’ll get there. And I’m about to show you how.
Say congrats to yourself, because you have taken the first step to become a blogger today.
In the Blogging Domination Bootcamp, I’ll show you exactly how to:
– Find your niche, know who to target, and plan your business success.
– Choose a revenue model and monetize your idea.
– Build a successful website that will support your business.
– Make and keep your community happy and engaged.
– Create valuable content people will want to share and sign up for more.
– Employ different ways of marketing your business.
– Build on your success and execute like a boss.

But there’s a catch, {{ subscriber.first_name }}…

You’ll have to commit to learn the things.
Building an online business takes time and effort. It’s not a cup of tea for everyone. I know you already know this. I just have to say it one more time. And more importantly, I know you want to do this. I can feel it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have signed up for this course.

Over the course of next 7 days, you’ll receive a total of 8 emails from me. So one email every day + 1 extra mail to teach you some advanced stuff. Each will be packed with valuable lessons and action items.

To make sure you receive all my emails, I recommend doing the following:

Drag this email into your inbox folder (if it initially ended up in your spam or promotions folders).

Add this email address to your contacts.
“Star” this email (if you're using Gmail).
Read this article to learn how to do whitelist – https://www.saasultra.com/email-whitelisting/
{{ subscriber.first_name }}, if you don't do these things, then there's a good chance the lessons won't reach you. And you wouldn’t want that, right?

Let's get connected on social media.

You can like our Facebook Page or follow us at Twitter.

Make sure you join our Best Paid Tools VIP group to learn blogging from the experts.. and yeah, it's FREE. 🙂

We’ll get started with Lesson 1 in just one hour.

For Your Success,
Kulwant Nagi

So here are the results I got after redirecting them to my VIP group.

email marketing for beginners

17,650 subscribers so far and this is growing everyday..

It has become a one-stop destination for newbie bloggers to interact with other professional bloggers. Here they can put any query related to blogging and get an instant reply within few minutes.

So I played the smart game by getting my email subscribers to join my list as well as my private group where I can interact with them anytime. 🙂

On Black Friday, we shared some awesome deals in the group and many people ended up buying products with my affiliate links.

(If you are a member of my VIP group, I personally thank you for buying from the group posts.)

ReadWhy Should You Start Building Email List Today?

Here are the emails I am sending to my subscribers when they join my list.

Welcome to Blogging Domination Bootcamp

  • Lesson 1: Understanding the Basics of Blogging
  • Lesson 1.1: Validating Your Niche
  • Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Blog's Foundation
  • Lesson 3: How People are Making Money with Blogging
  • Lesson 4: Setting up Email
  • Lesson 5: Creating Content For Your Blog
  • Lesson 6: Driving Traffic on Your Blog
  • Lesson 7: Optimizing For More
  • Congrats for Completing BDB, You are Awesome

If you have joined this email list, you might have seen that the prime focus of this 7 days series is giving value.

I am giving value to my subscribers by telling them what blogging is, how to drive traffic, how to get ideas, and ultimately how to make money with a blog.

On Black Friday Week….

I sent the very first mail on Black Friday telling my subscribers that Black Friday deals are live.

Few people ended up buying some themes, plugins and hosting.

I analyzed that A2Hosting was selling like hot cakes, so I diverted my full attention to promote this hosting on this Black Friday.

So I sent another mail.

Note: You can see that open rate of my emails is very high. The reason behind this is ConvertKit. They have cleaned servers and very high deliverability rate, which ultimately lands my email in Gmail's primary tab rather than promotion tabs.

I sent 2-3 more emails to my subscribers, which ended up generating 40 sales for A2Hosting itself.

Which made me a nice $5600. 🙂

how to send marketing emails

Later I promoted Teachable discount offer by running FB ads.

email marketing guides

Promoted ContentStudio in my Facebook group and generated $708 with them.

email marketing best practices

and few sales at different networks which accumulated $9000+ in total.

What were the success ingredients?

#1. Don't Listen to People

If I would have listened to people who were saying that email marketing is dead, I could never generate $9000 in 4 days.

They give you suggestions only within their limits.

So better don't listen to naysayers.

#2. Listen to People

Yeah, it's contradictory to my point number 1.

Listen to people who have done something awesome with any promotional campaign. Ask them how did they do it. What were they doing, which vertical they were trying, what tools they were using and what did they learn by running such campaigns?

For me, I could never make this much money if I would have never listened to that random guy.

#3. Set the Goals

This is something which separates success and failure.

If you don't plan your goals, you are not doing a real business.

You should have a clear picture in your mind that what you are doing to do 6 months down the line, 3 months down the line, 1 month down the line, and next week.

You should have a clear picture of everything.

What action you are going to take, how you are going to take them and how much time and money you are willing to spend.

#4. Prepare

Nothing comes easy.

You have to prepare for everything if you want some extraordinary results in your life.

I prepared for 4 months.

I was building my list from July 2017 to November 2017.

I was tweaking my ads creatives, my headlines, description, links, landing pages and almost everything to get quality leads at the lowest possible price.

If you have something in your mind which you think that you can scale at a bigger level.. JUST PREPARE the resources and marketing plan for it.

See what other people are doing. Read case studies, read success stories and join some private forums to learn from the experts.

#5. Invest

Most of the people in online marketing industry are not willing to invest.

Neither their time nor money.

They want quick results.

I invested 70,000 INR to generate my email list and made over 600,000 INR.

750% ROI.

Such ROI is not normal in the industry. It takes efforts and planning to get this huge ROI.

#6. Build Assets

My VIP group and my email database is an asset now.

Whenever I have any upcoming service, any product, any speaking session or anything, I can tell them by sending an email or by sharing in my group.

Some people might read emails only where few might check FB groups only, the goal is to reach to maximum audience.

#7. Keep Learning

There should be no end of your learning.

Keep investing money and time to learn the stuff. You never know which one small tip can change your life and you never look back.

This month I grabbed Blinkist (a mobile app to listen summary of books), HeadSpace (an app to do meditation), and SkillShare to learn new stuff to make this year more amazing.

I have subscribed Medium.com's monthly subscription where I read best stories on the web in a curated form.

Keep reading awesome blogs and forums to educate you daily.

#8 Do Experiments

If you don't do experiments in your business, you cannot grow at a bigger level.

For me, this was an experiment. Either in or out.

Either I could lose 70,000 INR or make it big with the efforts.

Whenever there is something in your mind which you think that you can take it to the next level, jump into it.

This is what all billionaires in the world did.

They created something which didn't exist earlier, but they had a strong belief in themselves and their idea.. and you see the results today.

Final Words..

This was my biggest 4 days earning so far.

I am amazed to imagine that if I could generate this much money with just 6000 subscribers (or I would say my total 9000 subscribers), the game can be changed totally if I generate 60,000 subscribers next year or 160,000 subscribers.

I am thrilled to take this experiment to next level where I am seeing more doors opened and more money coming in my pocket. 🙂

You can start your FREE 30 days service with ConvertKit by clicking here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

A share of this article with your friends is highly appreciable. 🙂

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  1. Very good Case Study, Kulwant!

    Taking risk of investing 70,000 INR resulted you good ROI.

    My only question is that do you get email subscribers through your other informational posts also or from Blogging Bootcamp Course only? I mean your informational posts generate enough subscribers or not?


      1. Thanks for the answer! I was wondering that I got good number of unique visitors but got very less % subscribers.

        So, I need to run some campaigns! 🙂 Doubt cleared.

  2. ? Great Man!
    You did such a great job. Preparation matters a lot. As I did a lot of things without preparation and failed miserably.
    I read your post thoroughly but I am confused in one thing.
    When you boosted the post on Facebook, which location did you choose?
    Thanks and Regards.

  3. OMG !
    This is one of the best BLACK FRIDAY GUIDE I’ve ever came across. When people were busy in ranking their black Friday websites by spamming and making a perfect landing page, you worked other way. I was unaware that email subscribers could be of this much worth. That’s definitely one of the best reads of 2018 for me. <3

    Thanks a lot for providing a detailed guide about how to work on email marketing and Facebook ads to make most out of them. Definitely going to implement this on my blogs.


    1. @ Anshul Mathur Yes rightly said. This is another great way of Making huge money through Black Friday. Also you can use email subscriber for other campaign too. I have also invested huge for my blog this year, hope to get good ROI. Please keep sharing great case study.

  4. Awesome
    I read it thoroughly and found very inspirational. Thanks for such a wonderful and something different case study.

    1. Google ads are very costly.. but the ROI is huge.

      When you want to target bulk audience, go for FB ads.. But when you have a budget and a legit product to promote, go for Google ads,

  5. Hey Kulwant,

    Really inspiring post.

    I liked some points in your post. Those are – never stop learning and experimenting.

    Not only as a blogger but also as a human we should never stop learning. And experimenting is a part of discovering a new thing.

    As a blogger, we should experiment things consistently to take our blog to a new level.

    However, thanks for sharing your experience.


  6. Awesome study Kulwant.
    Many congratulations on the success of your experiment and heartfelt thank you for sharing it all with us.
    One small query, will using a pop up for capturing email leads hurt Google rankings because a few months ago I read somewhere that Google dislikes popup especially on mobile version of sites.
    What is the best way to employ pop ups safely?

  7. Woah! That’s an awesome case study. As I believe, 1 email subscriber > 10 social media followers.

    Collecting emails should be the first and foremost thing for any blogger and I loved your twist of adding them to the Facebook group as well.

    Thanks for the case study, Kulwant.

  8. What a great case study Kulwant. You showed email still works and the best thing was how to build your list.

    This is what where most of the marketers fail. If you can build list and can get some good open rates you will definitely win.

  9. Simply awesome, Kulwant! I really enjoyed your case study, thanks for sharing it. Do you plan to provide some tips on how to optimize the Facebook ads for best results? I really would love to know your thoughts about that.


  10. WOW, Awesome Sir, Loved each and everything explained in detail manner, I am very happy by reading your this case study of making $9000 dollar in just 4 days. Its help me a lot to move on.

  11. Dear i have movies blog i got huge traffic from google, everyday my website got 50k visits but i can’t earn even 1$/day can you please help to earn some revenue i already tried revenuehits, popads, infolinks and other network due to indian traffic i got $0.30 to $0.50 for 50k traffic so please help me sir

  12. Awesome, read something great today. I am starting something very soon and now I will focus on collecting lead also, will build my email from the day 1 😀
    Thanks man 🙂

  13. Hi Kulwant! This is an interesting case study. As you said, listening to people can be harmful or profitable, depending on who it is you are listening to. And add to that, experimenting. Many people just take what is said for granted and don’t make any adjustments to meet the expectations of their industry and their clients. I’m happy to see that both affiliate and email marketing are still profitable methods, and the ROI you had is impressive, to say the least! Great article!

  14. Hi Kulwant,

    Congratulation and the figure are just amazing.

    One question, let’s say you grabbed a subscriber in June 2017 and completed that 7-days course. Now the black Friday comes at the end of the year and so did you send them regular email between these days or not?

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