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Have you been thinking of blogging? But of course, it is not everyone's cup of tea if you want to live off it! So, if you think you are a potential blogger, you must know how to make money with blogging. 

Even if the blog is ordinary among Gen Z, many have still not decoded how to make money with a blogMaking money with a blog requires a lot of strategies and plans. So, if you are a beginner, you must read this article to understand how to make money by blogs and, most importantly, the types of blogs that make money

Blogging is a modern way to self-publish photographs, writings, and other media online. The name ‘Blog' is rooted in the word “weblog.” The weblog was introduced in the early internet to log their day-to-day activities to their online site on diary-style entries. However, it also has audience interaction sections which make it unique from other traditional websites. 

Nowadays, many people make money with blogging. But is it as easy as it seems? Unfortunately, no, and this is why you need to read about the types of blogs that make money. If you are a beginner, you must be in a dilemma about writing and how to write. So, we have brought you this article to help you with the top money-making blogs

Some niches provide a wide range of creativity and money-making opportunities. So, if you are confused about what to write for your blog, you are at the right place. Read till the end to know the best blogs that will make money for you

Blogs That Makes Money 

The top blogs of specific niches earn up to $100,000 per month. Do you want to fall into these categories? This is possible. If you are a beginner, all you need to do is choose niches that are more popular among the audience, and with quality content and hard work, you can also touch the sky. 

So, let's know about the top money-making blogs.

1. Finance Blog

Are you good at money management? Then, this might be the best option for your blog. 

Finance blogs advise their audience about money management and how to use it efficiently. Money management is essential for the audience of all groups, be it a college-going student or a 60 years old retired man. So, in this niche, a wide range of audiences can be counted.

Since these types of blogs are for all categories of audience, you can add a wide collection of finance topics to your blog. Thus, your blogs would be less likely to be dull and of the same type. Moreover, every time you bring up a new and unique topic for your readers, you can make it to the top list of bloggers within a brief period.


An example of this type of blog is NerdWallet, a typical Finance blog that helps its audience make the right money moves. Started in 2009, it is one of the best personal finance blogs of 2021. 

Nerdwallet provides every necessary financial money-making information regarding banking, credit cards, insurance, and more. It also offers the best financing tools to help you find the best accounts, credit cards, and loans. You can monetize finance blogs with Credit card affiliate programs, insurance affiliate programs as well as display ad networks.

2. Tech Blog

Technology is not everybody's cup of tea. And this is why everyone at some point needs to rely on the internet to get suggestions. If you think you are a tech guru, you can grab this opportunity to educate your audience while making money. 

Tech blogs can include product reviews, technological tips & tricks, digital culture, entertainment content, and tech news.


Mashable is one such blog that is technology-oriented. It has a global reputation as a multi-platform entertainment channel. This tech site is a global leader in providing its readers with the latest technology, digital culture, and entertainment content based on unique technologies.

3. Pet Blog


People are obsessed with their pets all around the globe. So, no matter from which country your audience belongs, they will enjoy reading your blog. A pet blog is also a big niche. It can include everything, starting from DIY pet treatment to what food you must feed your pet. 

So, if you have a pet or know about pets, their food, treatment, or even a specific breed, this is the best option for you. There are many topics you can write about in your pet blog like:

  • About pet breeds
  • Pet adoption
  • Reptiles
  • Farm animals
  • Exotic animals

And if you want to make your blog concerning one specific animal, you can always add details about their food habits, living style, how to treat them, how to calm them, etc., types of blogs. So all you need to be is creative with your writing, and do not forget to add some feelings to your blog. 

Oh, My Dog Blog is a funny dog lover's blog that posts write-ups about dogs and fun facts. It also has an audience interaction section, which helps it even more to get success. You can easily monetize dog or pet blogs with Dog Affiliate Programs where you will be able to earn commission from every sale from your affiliate link.

4. Food Blog


Are you obsessed with food? With Instagram's new food trends, food blogging has also been developed in recent times as one of the top niches in blogging. 

So, if you are interested in trying new foods and restaurants, this can be a good option for you. You can also try food blogging if you run a restaurant or a chef. These tags can add a bonus point to your blog, and your audience is more likely to trust you.

Smitten Kitchen is a viral food blog on the internet, and it focuses on sharing authentic recipes with its audience. It also uploads videos and the best of series to give its audience some extra treat. 

However, it is not necessary for you to include recipes on your food blog. You may also include:

  • Special recipes by you 
  • Affordable eatings
  • Restaurants and reviews
  • Eating and traveling
  • Best food in a city 
  • DIY drinks

5. Digital Marketing Blog


Digital Marketing is not accessible without a strategy. And all the marketers are not necessarily from commerce & computer networking, IT, computer science background. Thus, all the search engines see a lot of digital marketing-related searches every day. 

So, if you have adequate knowledge of digital marketing and think you can explain marketing tips and strategies well to your audience, you must consider making a marketing blog. Even if you are a successful marketer, you can open a blog of your own to share your marketing experiences and tips. 

A marketing blog assists users in learning and monetizing internet marketing abilities to create a business. Many digital marketing blogs include topics such as blogging, email marketing, SEO and eCommerce marketing, etc. 

Copyblogger is one such example of a marketing blog that helps marketers make strategies and educate them about SEO tools. It also allows its audience to know more about copywriting and content marketing. 

In your Digital Marketing blog, you can include various other topics like using WordPress, small business marketing, social media marketing, business news and trends, digital marketing strategies, making money with digital marketing, and many more. 

The advent of technology has, even more, opened the door of marketing and, thus, for the marketing blogs. There are literally hundreds of digital marketing tools that have affiliate programs for eg web hosting. There are web hosting companies that give up to $150 per sale. Here are some of the best web hosting affiliate programs that will make money for your blog.

6. Health Blog


Health blog is a diverse field. Health can include physical health, mental health therapy, psychological disorders, physiotherapy, yoga, gym, and whatnot. You just need to be a certified health expert of any kind to open this type of blog. Even if you want to explain the usage and importance of certain medicines, you are free to do that. All you need is an authorization.

A health blog is a great way to help your audience. The new generation is more health-conscious, and thus health blogs are almost always a huge success. 

You can write about diverse topics like debunking myths, healthy food habits, nutrition, yoga posture, medicines, workout routines, weight loss, mindfulness, etc.

WebMD is one such blog. A wide range of high-quality articles and films about health are available on the site, which can help individuals lead healthier lifestyles. Their subjects range from fitness to medications to dietary supplements.

7. Parenting/Mom Blog


A parenting blog or mom blog refers to a blog related to raising a child. It mainly contains information about babies, their upbringings, and mom tips. But you must be wondering why mom blog? How did it become popular? 

This is because many bloggers noticed common questions from parents which they could answer while making money. Working while handling a newborn is quite a task, but blogging can be done while staying home. Moreover, mom blogs to help other mom blogs are also popular. So, if you think this is a good opportunity for you, grab it. 

The above example (At home with Natalie) is one of my favorite mom blog. She is a mother of five kids and also a YouTuber. She writes about birthday plans, cake designs, lifestyle articles centering on kids. 

Similarly, you can also try something to write on your mom's blogs. It can include managing working and parenting, traveling with children, homeschooling your kids, affordable parenting, raising teenagers, etc. 

8. Home Decor Blog


If you are obsessed with home decor and interior designing, a home décor blog is a natural fit for you. There are many ideas you can use to make your home décor blog interesting. 

Make sure to write your tips and DIYs in creative ways that your viewers enjoy and understand. Home décor blogs are popular because not everyone likes their designers to design the interiors of their house. 

Instead, they love to take ideas and experiment. So, if you think you can give unique and creative ideas to decorate homes to people, you can start your home décor blog to make money. 

Your blog may include furniture ideas, color combination ideas, DIYs under budget, home gardening, room designing ideas, etc. You can also keep an audience interaction space to get suggestions and make the content as per demand. This way, you can attract more traffic to your blog and, thus, will make more money. 

You can take ideas for your home décor blog from the Nesting place. It is a popular home décor blog that gives suggestions regarding internal decoration. She provides delicate yet straightforward ideas to decorate houses. Parallelly she also offers workshops on home decorations. 

So, if you are up for something like this, you should take a chance. 

How to Make Money Making Blog

The above section must be clear to you now which blogs are more popular on the internet. However, money-making through blogs is not easy, even if you have chosen one popular niche. This is why proper management and strategy are required. 

Here is how to start a blog that will make money for you

1. Choose Your Niche

Choose an appropriate niche is the first step. In the above section, we have discussed the top money-making blogs. But, it can only be a success if you have adequate knowledge about that particular niche. Do not blindly choose a niche just because it is popular. 

If you are proficient in one specific niche, its popularity doesn't matter. So, always choose according to your interest and ability. 

2. Get a Domain and Web Hosting

Getting a domain and web hosting is the second most crucial step to create a blog. Make sure to choose a domain that can be searched easily by your audience and can appear in the search results. 

And try to choose a web hosting service for your blog with maximum support. There are ample options on the internet. You can choose according to your needs and budget. If you are a beginner, we suggest you try a service that offers a free trial. If you are really on a strict budget, you can try some free blogging platform but if possible, create a self-hosted blog.

3. Install WordPress

It is not necessary that if you want to start a blog, you need to know how to code. CMS or content management system aka CMS will make things easier for you.

WordPress is a popular CMS for websites that will help you in starting a blog. Install WordPress on your web host server and you are all set to start your first money-making blog.

4. Design Your Blog 

Regardless of what you are writing in your blog, the blog must look attractive. However, to make it look beautiful, avoid making it too tacky. Also, try to keep it simple yet stunning. Also, while designing it, make sure to make it easy to navigate for your audience. 

If it is complex, many of your audience might not get it and switch to different blog options. The most important point here is to check the site’s speed. Website speed should be fast yet good-looking. Do not trade off the speed for design because it strongly affects your website traffic and speed is an important SEO factor now.

5. Start Writing Quality Content

Avoid fluff content as much as possible. Your audience is on your site to grab information. It won't take them even a minute to switch to a different blog if you bore them. 

Always choose a topic which you are an expert on. Try to show your certificate to build trust in your audience. But, just because you have a certificate, do not take your content for granted. 

Invest proper time in your content and choose creative tags and titles. Try to interact more with your viewers and maintain a friendly tone. 

6. Content Marketing

As traditional marketing becomes less effective, the competition in flourishing content niches is increasing. Besides writing the right content, you will also need to drive it to as many readers as you can.

Once you’ve written your content, you will need to promote your new post on social media and use SEO techniques to help your blog rank on Google. You could also use PPC ads to increase content reach.

7. Monetize 

Finally, after building your blog, now the money-making question arises. So, how can you make money from Blog? Most of your blog money comes from direct Ads, Google Adsense, Affiliate networks, and eBooks. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways of monetizing your blog. You will need to review products on your blog, and if visitors decide to buy the product using the links on your site, you will make a cut of the revenue.

If you’d rather prefer working with a brand you trust, you can team up with influencers to launch or promote a product from that brand.

You could create courses and sell them on your site. Coaching motivated clients on a subject you’re proficient in is another great way to monetize your blog.

Launching virtual summits is another excellent way to grow your audience and make some money from your blog. You get a great deal of flexibility when it comes to monetization as a blogger. Do your due diligence and pick the monetization strategy that strikes a balance between ease of execution and potential earnings.

8. Keep Working

All the above strategies can fail if you do not work efficiently. Make proper schedules and work plans to maintain your blogs. You can also use marketing tools for automatic posts on your blogs. 

However, above all is the time management and proper execution of plans. Keep an audience corner and try to interact with them, and implement their suggestions on your blog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you as well.

How Blogs Make Money?

Blogs majorly make money through direct Ads, Google Adsense, Affiliate networks, Selling services, and eBooks.

Can a Beginner Start Blogging?

Yes, with the right strategy and web hosting service, beginners can start blogs. Even a popular blog writer was once a beginner so, if you are a beginner, no need to panic. Just make a plan and execute it accordingly. 

Which is the Most Profitable Blogging Niche?

There is no one profitable particular blogging niche. However, many niches, including travel, food, fashion, etc., can be a huge profit if you manage it properly. 

How Much Money A Blog Can Make?

There is no fixed number or pay scale for bloggers. There is no bar to earning from blogging. If your strategies are working, you can make an insane amount of money but on the other hand, there are equal chances of making nothing out of blogging. Good content, niche, monetization strategy is what gives you money from Blogging.

Blog That Makes Money: Your Turn

Now that you know which type of blogs make money and the strategies you need to create a blog to make money go and get started. 

Do not rush and maintain your hard work. Success does not come overnight. You will have to wait for your blog's success and till then, try to be smart with your plans. Give your best to your blog, and it definitely pays you back sooner or later.

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