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There are crucial things that go behind the making of a gorgeous website. One of these is color. Selecting the best fonts and best colors for websites is always a challenging task.

Where fonts increase the readability, colors are the most crucial aspect of a design. Selecting the right color scheme is something that every artist and designer puts a great deal of thought into. The color scheme of your design is capable of making or breaking the project.

Importance of Color Scheme for Your Website?

Color serves as the most potent psychological tool for gaining the audience’s attention. It can be used as a call-to-action for the website.

Color helps in processing and storing images more efficacious than black and white images. The contrast creates a mental appeal when coherent with your business theme.

This helps with brand recognition and prompts the visitors to your site to take action.

A right color combination can make the website more memorable and also provokes emotional stimulation.

When a website is colorful, it makes the experience enjoyable and pleasant for the visitor. Wrong color schemes can make UX irritating.

A pleasant experience, in turn, leads to higher conversion rates. Apart from a well-designed user-interface, the right contrasted color scheme will help a visitor to navigate through the site content quickly and easily.

Good color combinations can also prove to be useful when it comes to developing content hierarchy or focusing on call-to-action or critical information.

Here are 20 Best Colors for Websites

#1 Soft Tones

Soft tones are in trend, and as the name suggests, the colors are classy and quiet. It is the ideal choice if your brand belongs to the fashion or jewelry industry. This simple tone is capable of working wonders.

The tones work with each other and make the jewelry or fashion content on the page stand out. However, the layout is as important as the color scheme. Usually, these kinds of websites have minimal text.

Instead of cramming several products on a single page, the site takes on the approach of only one at a time. An excellent example of such a website is Creations Namale.

website color schemes

 Colors Codes: #c5d5cb, #9fa8a3, #e3e0cf

#2 Balanced and Colorful

Cool and warm hues are one of the best color combinations. The combination has a soothing effect on the visitor. From an earthy terracotta to bluish-green, this color scheme is quite attractive.

It is suitable for modern and youthful designs. It can serve as a sound color palette for health websites.

Also, minimal text is recommended for such sites to avoid giving it a cluttered look. Active Theory is a site that has made use of such color tones.

website color palettes

Color Codes: #E27D60, #85DCB, #E8A87C, #C38DE, # 41B3A3

#3 Gradient Greens and Blues

Using a gradient scale, take the simple colors of blue color and then blend it with various tones. In case your website looks outdated and dull, you can try adding gradient colors to it.

This will offer a modern look to your design. The latest site of Stripe is using the color palette.

color schemes for websites

This is a software used by internet businesses to process payment. To stay updated with the latest trend, they have introduced this color scheme to their website and gave it an appealing look.

Color Codes: #7DF9FF, #0892D0, #23B2EE

#4 Subtle and Succulent Web Color Scheme

When it comes to designing a website that looks professional and gives a classy and subtle look at the same time, Subtle and Succulent color scheme is the one to go for.

The mixture of light, and yet classy color makes this color scheme great for professional messages and appeal, especially for websites related to accessory design.

In fact, a visitor tends to check such color schemes out from the top of the web-page down to the bottom.

Again. an excellent example of such a website is Creationsnamale’s refined color scheme.

The design of the website is very appealing due to its deep colors, yet not too vibrant.

best website color schemes

Color Codes: #acb7ae, #acb7ae #acb7ae, #c2b490

#5 Sleek and Modern Pink and Black

If you want to create a website with a modern and sleek design, you can go for jet black and bright. It gives the website a trendy look. Use the soft tone of pink as the background to make the black stand out.

Also, add bright pink at some subtle locations. Cowboy has made good use of this color palette.

color palette for website

A majority of the people tend to use the color pink for targeting female customers. However, if you take a look at Cowboy, you will notice that there isn’t anything feminine about it.

It can appeal to both genders. It is time to throw away the stereotypes and choose this color combination for your e-commerce website.

Color Codes: #000000, #C39EA0, #FA255E, F8E5E5, #C39EA0

#6 Striking and Simple Electric Blue with Black

It is challenging to shift your attention when you come across a minimalist design like the one for this website called Bert. Usually, these kinds of sites have smoky and dark backgrounds combined with electric blue shades.

modern color palette

This makes the website look striking and, thus, is a winning color scheme for various service agencies, consultancies, and solution providers.

Color Codes: #0B0C10, #1F2833, #C5C6C7, #45A29E, #66FCF1

#7 Throwback Red and Orange Tones

2019 has seen a comeback of retro colors. Several brands are using popular colors from the 80s and 90s for their website.

However, they have incorporated a modern twist. Take a look at the homepage of Spotify.

best background color for website

You will notice that the red and the orange tone has a throwback vibe to it. The warm colors which give people the nostalgia of their adolescent years and childhood. The polka dot color of Spotify seems to be inspired by the 90s.

However, the design is trendy and uses a gradient scale that is very modern for blending colors.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to ensure that you have a fair idea of whom you are targeting using these colors.

Color Codes: #10EE67, #FECB00, # F5B842

#8 Gorgeous Contrast

Sometimes, a website might not look that attractive with the normal color schemes. The business or theme that it drives may need something sharper.

This is where contrast colors can make the website exponentially appealing.

The color combination consists of two opposite colors like dark and light, giving the perfect combination of dark background with light and vibrant text or vice versa.

This makes the text and the website pop out due to colors, which makes it more noticeable.

For instance, ReputationSquad uses a simple color palette and design scheme.

color combinations for websites

Color Codes: #61892F, 86C232, 222629, 474B4F, 6B6E70

#9 Elegant Skin Tones with Elegant Colors

This is a unique blend of color. Skin tones with elegant colors like ruby and dark imperial blue are good color schemes for websites that have a nuanced message to relay.

It is reserved but approachable and sophisticated but fun.

These are the types of grey-area messages which are efficaciously sent with an appealing combination. ChordSurfer has made good use of these color tones.

good color schemes

Color Codes: #EFC7B7, #BAB2B5, #EEE2DC, #123C69, #AC3B61

#10 Soft Grey and Yellow with Vibrant Deep Green

Take a look at the website of the QED Group. It offers services to individuals, as well as companies for improving organizational developments with the application of behavioral economics and psychology.

best color palettes

It can be said that the business model of QED is unique. Along these lines, they have used some of the modern color tones on the website.

If you take a look at the home page, you will notice that the color scheme is a little busier than the ones which have been mentioned previously. However, they have put up pretty well with this design.

Generally, people feel that green, yellow, and purple tones might be hard on your eyes. However, by using grey and lighter tones in the background, they can add bright contrasting colors.

Color Codes: #dddfd4, #fae596, #3fb0ac, #173e43

 #11 Dark Horse

A combination of dark and earthy tones like grey, slate, and silver, popping out with brighter tones of yellow gives a great visual appeal to the website. Every text looks clear with simplistic fonts across dark backgrounds.

It makes the web-design appear sleek and modern. Check out the website of IndianScouts. You will notice a dark, warm and beautiful combination of bright and dark look.

good color schemes for websites

The color is great for automobile and mechanical website.

Color Codes: #feda6a, #feda6a, #feda6a, #feda6a

#12 Precious Metals

The use of metallic tones over white background not only looks elegant and sharp but also brings put a royal and premium look to the website.

This is something that has been put to use by KAE.

The company not only has used the brilliant color scheme on the website, but also on their stationery and other products.

If you want to give an expensive and elite look to the website, this color scheme can do that easily.

website design color scheme

This color scheme is mainly based on a white background with the use of metallic color shades for text.

Color Codes: #bd8c7d, #bd8c7d, #8e8e90, #49494b

#13 Audacious Yellow Against Dark Grey

Vivid yellow and Portland orange against dark grey screams for attention. Your audience will immediately notice what you have to say on the website. This color combination is full of energy.

Thus, it is just perfect if you want to get a bold and contemporary look. ASSIKO is a website dedicated to festivals and parties. The color scheme sits perfectly with the design.

best color schemes for websites

Color Codes: #FF652F, #272727, #747474, #FFE400, #14A76C

#14 Loads of Red with Muted Tones

When you check out the color schemes that we have discussed till now, you will notice that the most popular color is red. This is because red is the most potent but challenging color to use when it comes to a website.

Psychologically, it is the most appealing color. That is why you will always see it associated with big-ticket brands like KFC or McDonalds.

One of the most useful applications of this color is to use it against a pop of colors. Another good way is to pair it up with some muted colors such as grey and sand brown.

Five/Four has made use of these tones. As a matter of fact, a significant portion of the website uses red, and it is successful because they have used muted tones for the remaining parts of the website.

professional colours scheme

In case, they would have paired red with light blue, bright orange. It might have been too much for the visitors to take. Softer colors go perfectly with red. However, if you are using these tones, you should avoid going overboard with the color. Use it wisely.

Color Codes: #5A7670, #B89F5D, #FA292A

#15 Futuristic Primaries and Pastels

When it comes to selecting a color scheme for websites, it is better to follow the footsteps of those who have enough experience. There is no need for reinventing the wheel. One such example is Anton & Irene.

best background colors for websites

This is a professional designing company based in New York. They specialize in digital products and design. The website has a very trendy and modern color palette. One good thing about it is the futuristic feel which comes right out.

You will notice that the site uses more colors than the websites which have been discussed previously. In case you want an artistic touch for your website, you need to use different combinations of light blue, purple, grey, orange, and yellow.

Color Code: #bccbde, #c2dde6, #431c5d, #e6e9f0, #cdd422

#16 Dynamic and Texturized Dark Tones

Charcoal, dark sienna, and a burst of pale red will give your website a color scheme that is a much have for futuristically and elegantly designed websites.

The color combination is quite versatile and can be used for various projects with ranges from editorial content to modern-looking corporate reports. One good example of the use of this color palette is HAUS.

webpage background colors

Color Codes: #2F4454, #DA7B93, #2E151B, #376E6F, 1C3334

#17 Black on Black

You will notice that black is a standard color across many websites. However, it is used sparingly. It is generally used for text and numbers as the background or the primary color.

However, this does not mean that you will not be able to use black more abundantly for the color scheme of your website, particularly when you are using different tones of black.

If you want to check out how it looks, the homepage of JY BH can be a good example. When you combine various shades of black, you will have a gradient effect, which you will also notice in some of the early examples on our list.

futuristic color palette

The gradient black color palette offers the site a mysterious look. JY BH sells luxury accessories and garments for women, as well as men. This color scheme has been popular for several years and continues to be a common choice.

Color Codes: #151516, #090A0A, #151617

#18 Energetic and Clean Blue Tones

If you check out the Avoconseil website, you will notice that the shades of violet and blue is particularly pleasing to the eye. It can evoke peace and energy at the same time. Sky blue and blueberry have been combined with amethyst.

They trigger psychological attraction and decrease the bounce rate instantly.

website color schemes

This gives the site a refreshing and attractive look. It is suitable for all designs that are aiming to create positive emotions.

Color Codes: 56809, #84CEEB, #8860Do, #C1C8E4, #5AB9EA

#19 Fun and Youthful Tones of Yellow and Mauve

The colorful and playful scheme of yellow, mauve and blue can give a vibrant and youthful look to a website. It can be an excellent choice for shopping websites that are looking to be trendy and attract a younger audience.

A good example is the website of famous musician Pharrell Williams.

website color palettes

You will notice that it has a white background, which makes the vibrant hues like tangerine, bright turquoise, dark orchid, and yellow stick out. It projects a happy and youth-filled emotion full of stories and experiences.

Color Codes: #A64AC9, #FFB48F, #FCCD04, #17E9E0, F5E6CC

#20 Flat Design Color

In case you are not aware of the phrase term flat design. You might have seen such websites before with no gradients, drops, or slope. These kinds of sites do not have a three-dimensional element.

Take a look at the flat-designed website of Render. Flat design colors are generally quite super saturated and bright or super dark. Render provides video production and editing services, and its website provides a direct and sharp feel of professionalism.

website color scheme

They provide an immediate seriousness to your business persona. The user notices feelings of diligence as your website portrays a standard industrial tone.

Color Codes: #00887A, #FFFFF, #D3E3FC, #FFCCBC, #777A6F7

With so many options, it is time for you to ditch the old and dull color you have been using. It is necessary to use modern color schemes, which can affect website sales today.

Selecting the right color palette for the website shouldn’t be difficult. If you have to update the website colors to make it look modern, trendy, and unique, you can make use of any colors which we have mentioned above.

As a matter of fact, you can use some of the exact color codes which have been provided.

However, when you are selecting the color, you need to take the demographics of the website into account. Also, consider the emotions and personality of the target audience and the number of colors you would like to use.

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