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With technology forever evolving, push notifications services have become an essential part of today’s world of mobile marketing. For every mobile or web-app, push notifications are crucial for engaging new customers as well as communicating with them more efficiently to retain the existing ones.

Reports suggest that push notifications are packed with user data. They are the most direct form of reaching your audience. People who subscribe to your notifications view them directly on desktop and mobile home screens.

Accengage, in a study of 50 billion push notifications in 2018, reports that the opt-in rate for push notifications by android users (91.1%) is more than twice that of the iOS users (43.9%).  

In both cases, propagating actionable push notifications is a hugely successful strategy in the marketing of brands today. It feeds on personalized user data that is used to segment and delivers content as per user preferences and choices.

Let us Check Out a Few of The Most Successful Push Notification Tools and Websites.

#1. Onesignal

best push notification service

It is the top best value bet. Onesignal is one of the leaders in the industry providing almost all possible features of push notification services for free.

It is a trusted brand for more than 800,000 businesses sending over 5 million push notifications per day. It is a scorer in customer engagement, web push, powering mobile push, email as well as in-app messages.

It comes with developer-friendly pricing, wherein you could choose the right plan to suit your business requirements. They have three different plans – Free, Starter@ $90/month, and Pro@ $500/month.

Using a single multi-platform API and offering a simple plugin, it gives the capability of targeting specific users of your website or app.       

#2. Braze

mobile push notification service

Previously known as Appboy, New York-based Braze provides intuitive customer journey and campaign management and is a leader in mobile engagement and automation field.

Braze has a whopping 2 billion monthly active users, including top global brands like GAP, Microsoft, Urban Outfitters, and more.

It has been honored with being America's fastest-growing private companies by Inc. 500 while also being rated The Cloud 100 World’s Best Cloud Companies 2018 by Forbes.

It offers business-friendly plans, namely – Growth, Advanced, Pro, and Enterprise.

It has also featured at # 73 in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 List.

#3. Airship

push notification providers

With features like onboarding, retargeting, multi-channel messaging, A/B testing, Funnel analytics, and much more, Airship is capable of providing information on audience preferences.

Powering multi-channel customer engagement, value, and ROI, Airship drives a higher completion rate along with increased retention and growth conversions.

It offers professional services, technical support, and also account management.

#4. Pusher

push notifications service

With a single and free API to forward push notifications to iOS and Android, Pusher lets you send mobile notifications using Google’s FCM and Apple’s APNS.

Perfect for app developers who build a scalable and flexible realtime communication features which provides 40+ software developments kits along with speedy support.

Some of the top brands, like Financial Times, GitHub, DataDog, are major users of Pusher.

#5. VWO Engage (Previously Pushcrew)

push notification service provider

Offering its services for Google Chrome and Firefox, VWO Engage, which was erstwhile known as Pushcrew, lets you know when your audience is active.

With a beautiful UI and clean design, the click-through rate and conversions achieved are higher. Also, the contact management service helps you segment your target audience.

Its Cart Abandonment Campaign is a personalized feature to reach out to users who exit without purchasing with just an instant clickable web notification or Facebook messenger messages.

#6. Amazon SNS

push notifications apps

Amazon's Simple Notification Service is another cost-effective service to forward push services to almost all smart devices.

It is a fully managed pub/sub messaging, enabling you to decouple microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications.

With a price of $1.00 for one million mobile push notifications, you could broadcast a hundred thousand identical messages to different recipients at once.

The finest and best global brands like Airbnb, Siemens, The Guardian, Samsung, Cathay Pacific, NetFlix, Wipro, BMW uses AWS services for their businesses.

#7. Sailthru

push notification platform

Sailthru has now acquired Carnival.io, a popular mobile marketing automation service.

The service offers mobile analytics, automated messaging based on location, behavior, and demography.

With over 50,000 marketers trusting their content, Sailthru offers a complete alignment for collaborative success. It provides various services like account management, product, and partner enablement, along with customer retention strategies.

#8. Kumulos

push notifications apps

Providing a multi-tenant solution and rich features, Kumulos is an ideal mobile application performance tool.

It lets you control in-house campaigns as well as offers you the feasibility of organizing campaigns using the client portal. Its platform features include crash reporting and diagnostics, analytics, app store optimization, agency console, and also a client portal.

Its push notification organizer is relatively user-friendly.

#9. Pushwoosh

free push notification service

Providing the power of multimedia-rich notifications, Pushwoosh lets you segment your audience as per different variables. It engages the customer while raising the conversion rates with new digital marketing strategies.

Trusted by leading brands like Nestle, Coca-Cola, Avianca airlines, Pushwoosh builds engaging customer communication using various user segmentations.

Its capability further increases with multi-lingual support and the offer of setting the frequency of sending notifications.

#10. Localytics

push notification software

Localytics focuses on the user's life cycle concept. It offers you real analytics, smart targeting, personalized campaigns, CRM integration, and much more.

It has a 5.1 times conversion rate while over 400 enterprise customers sending out about 100 million notifications per day.

#11. Google Firebase

web push notification service

Offering functionalities like analytics, messaging, databases, and crash reporting, Google Firebase builds apps faster than ever. With its cloud messaging feature, you can send messages and notifications directly to user devices.

It is built on Google infrastructure that scales automatically while working with other Firebase products, all the while collecting data and insights.

The pre-packaged solutions come in the form of Firebase extensions. They are configurable and work in sync with other Firebase and Google Cloud platform products.

Few of the largest apps like The New York Times, Trivago, Duolingo, The Economist, and Half brick, rely on Google Firebase for audience management and notification services.

It offers three plans to its customers which are- Free, Flame Plan@ $25/month, and the pay as you go, Blaze Plan.

#12. LeanPlum

what is push notifications

LeanPlum has leveled up its approach to push notifications with its features like multi-channel mobile engagement and personalization, mobile marketing automation as well as retention, all from a single integrated platform.

It has plans tailored catering to unique business requirements. It is trusted by prominent brands like NBC, TED, Tinder, and Zynga.

It offers custom plans to its customers based on specific scale and requirements.

#13. Intercom

push notification service

Targeting every stage of the lifecycle, Intercom drives Growth with its customizable messaging suite.

Its primary feature lead generation has set up its customers using successful onboarding and activation messages.

Intercom provides three business plans suiting every kind of scale and scope- Essential@ $87/month, Pro@ $153/month, and Premium with custom requirements-based pricing.

There are also various add-ons and business scale plans.

#14. Catapush

free push notification service

It has an elegant API that provides real-time background connection. Using the XMPP protocol, Catapush controls realtime background connection with devices for a reliable and faster message delivery as well as tracking.

It supports in-chat experience using two-way communication in the push messages.

The four-tier plans make it effortless for businesses to choose their ideal deal- the Free tier that allows 100 recipients.

You can upgrade according to your MUAR (Monthly Unique Active Recipient).

Plans start @ $22.65 from 1000 recipients, @ $203 for 10,000 recipients and @ $362 from 20,000 recipients.

#15. Sinch

mobile push notifications

Built for easy integration, Sinch offers various APIs and SDKs for real-time communication. It is also adaptable to various languages, including Java, Python, and PHP.

It uses simple and user-friendly programmable communication tools and software operators for engaging with new as well as retained customers. Its insight and analytics segments the users' relevance and choices and provide actionable data.

#16. Mixpanel

windows push notifications user service

Creating an innovation loop, Mixpanel reads and analyses user behavior across websites and apps, which is then used to send push notifications and messages after being segmented according to the preferences of the customers.

More than 26,000 companies use the services of Mixpanel to retain and build new connections. Some of the major brands include Expedia, Uber, Twitter, and Skyscanner.

Scaling as per the company requirements, it provides three plans- Free with up to 1,000 monthly tracked users, Growth@ $89/month for up to 25,000 users, and Enterprise with customizable pricing and features.

#17. SWRVE

gpush app

Over 300 global brands use Swrve to connect to their customers and build new connections. They have various solutions depending on the need of the business, department, or industry.

It uses AI and machine learning to expand measurable business value outcomes. A few of the solutions offered by Swrve as per need are triggering and delivery, customer churn management, customer data and segmentation, and more.

Its users include international brands like Warner Bros., Microsoft, EA, and Sony.

#18. QuickBlox

push notifications apps

Powering over 25,000 applications, QuickBlox is a winner with its calling and messaging developer toolkits for all platforms.

It can be easily hosted using AWS, GCP, or Azure or any other cloud provider available in the market.

It offers plans suiting every kind and scale of businesses- Basic, which is free up to 1,000 users, Start-up@ $49/month up to 10,000 users, Growth @ $219/month up to 50,000 users.

If your requirements are specific, you can go for Enterprise custom pricing, which comes with a dedicated cloud and on-premise setup.

#19. PushEngage

push notification service

From automatic segmentation to automatic push notifications, PushEngage has incorporated features that make it trusted by more than 10,000 companies for their business solutions.

Working in a clutter-free manner it has led brands to create potential customers and target different segments with their USPs.

It is used by renowned brands like Domino's, Times Now, AJIO, and Harvard Business Review.

PushEngage has been rated five stars by Capterra when it comes to pushing messaging and notification services.

#20. LetReach

mobile push notifications

Acquire, re-engage, and grow is what LetReach stands by in its approach to business solutions. Not just higher opt-in rates, but it also enables higher CTR and views. It helps businesses drive more traffic to websites through real-time messaging.

RealtimeRealtime communication by segmenting and targeting your traffic is the key to the right Growth. 

It supports multiple opt-ins that onboard subscribers effortlessly. Furthermore, the detailed analytics provide actionable insights from click performance, subscription, and attrition.

Few of the key customers of LetReach are WittyFeed, PhoneRadar, and Digital Kickstart.

Nonetheless, all of the above push notification tools or websites offer excellent services to their customers. However, a business needs to identify the right tool or marketing strategy for the respective business scale and industry.

Push notifications are a new-age marketing strategy that targets the right users across all domains, thus exposing businesses to a world of opportunities using this tool.

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