WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2024: 4 Months Free on Annual Offers & Up To 90% off Monthly Offers

WPX Black Friday Deal Is Live

with 4 Months Free on Annual Offers & Up To 90% off Monthly Offers

  • The sale is Live, Grab Soon
  • Ends On: Cyber Monday

Are you searching for the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal or Coupon? You are in the right place because here we will discuss the special discount on this Black Friday.

The cost implication is one of the main reasons people are discouraged from opting for WPX Hosting services. However, with deals such as the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal, you can lay hold of the service at a much more affordable rate.

WPX hosting stands out as a highly secure WordPress hosting option known for its exceptional speed and top-notch customer support. 

This Black Friday, WPX is presenting an exclusive discount of four months. This translates to receiving four months of hosting for free when you opt for an annual subscription. 

For those preferring monthly plans, you'll enjoy a discount of up to 99% on all hosting plans. Essentially, it's a “Mega Offer”. This fantastic deal will be accessible on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This blog will give you detailed information about WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal. So, stay tuned and keep reading!

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2023

Regarding hosting WordPress websites, WPX Hosting is a name that stands tall above the rest. This is majorly for the quality service they offer website owners.

The central selling point of WPX Hosting is the remarkably fast load time on their websites. This comes as a significant advantage for the premium web service.

Many website owners, therefore, don't mind the price tag slammed on WPX Hosting services. The speed and reliability provided by the website hosting platform are good enough.

WPX Hosting has a top-notch customer service rendering to support their premium service. This means you can set up your website without any issues, being guided through the entire process.

Along with adequate security, all these are what website owners look out for in paid managed WordPress sites such as WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting appears set to roll out two enticing offers this Black Friday.

Deal 1: They're introducing a “4 months extra for free on Annual Plans” promotion, where new customers have to pay for one year and enjoy four additional months of free hosting for free, available on all hosting plans.

Deal 2: For all customers, there's upto 99% off on Monthly Plans. I would recommend to grab the deal soon as such a huge discount should not be avoided.

The sale will be live before Black Friday and last till Cyber Monday.

Don't hesitate – seize these WPX hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals the day it goes live.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

In total, WPX Hosting offers three options for housing web pages. They have the business plan, the professional plan, and the elite plan. These all come at different prices and with other specifications.

The Business Plan is designed for small-scale holders managing a maximum of five websites. This package allows new users to familiarize themselves with WPX Hosting features on a smaller scale. 

With up to 15 GB available for file storage, you also get a 200GB Bandwidth for running the five websites with average to medium traffic. The business plan is an excellent option for newbies.

With the Professional Plan, subscribers get an increased storage capacity totalling 30 GB and a broader bandwidth of 400 GB. This is enough to run the allowed 15 websites at average traffic. Web developers with a handful of new websites find this plan more suitable.

The final plan is the Elite Plan. This option is for large-scale developers. It comes with unlimited bandwidth to accommodate as much traffic as possible. And with a maximum of 35 websites, you get up to 60 GB in storage.

There also exists one customized plan where you can personalize all your requirements as per your needs. 

WPX Black Friday Deal Features

Since starting this article, I have declared that WPX Hosting edges other managed hosting services out. The reason for that is the numerous features you would find on the platform.

WPX Hosting has incorporated many features that would make hosting a WordPress site much faster and easier. With these, getting a web page up and running doesn't require much technical knowledge.

Well, here are a few of the features explained;

#1. Improved Server Speed

When hosting a website, many factors are considered to help improve user experience. Out of all, the site's speed is the most basic and as well the most important.

Impressively, the area of strength of WPX Hosting is the server speed. The quick response time WPX servers provide allows hosted web pages to rank better on search engines.

Not only so, but users also get the experience of a lifetime using a fast-loading page. This is a significant plus to edge out competitor websites.

#3. Awesome Customer Service

You might be thinking, I only need to put up a website on their server, nothing to ask. But, much like every other technology, it is common to encounter issues or downtimes.

And seeing that you don't have access to the physical computers hosting your web pages, you get to complain to customer service. This means any top hosting company must have a standby team ready to resolve any technical issues.

This is something you can trust WPX Hosting with. The customer support here is not only friendly and customer-oriented, but they also know the technical details of hosting.

So, if you do encounter any issues with your server using WPX Hosting, you are just a call or chat away from resolving it. And the great thing about this is they are available round the clock.

#4. SSD Storage

As with any quality site host, using SSD storage to improve data housing and page load time is a feature to look out for.

Also, WPX Hosting has made enough space available based on your plan of choice. This feature is crucial for sites with numerous pages, all pulling traffic.

#5. Free SSL Certificates

Hosting a website is like building a house for your files online for visitors to go to. And much like every home needs security, so also do your online files.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers, and it's a guarantee that your files are encrypted on the server. And also that your site visitors can have a safe visit without compromising their information on the internet.

SSL certificates are compulsory for running any website. And WPX Hosting does the job for you by getting one ready for free when you host with them.

#6. Free Migrations To WPX Hosting

If your site is hosted by another server, you can move to WPX Hosting free of charge. This is part of the goodies that come with jumping on the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal.

#7. Free DDoS Protection

One of the significant security concerns for WordPress sites is a DDoS attack. These use web pages as an entry point to attack and eventually crash a server. 

And frankly, there is little or nothing site owners can do about such cyber attacks. You have to trust your host server to put adequate security checks in place. So, this is another exciting feature of WPX Hosting. They run detailed DDoS protection for all hosted sites to prevent attacks.

What is WPX Black Friday 2023?

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal is a yearly one-time sale that slashes the plans' subscription price up to 99%. 

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal slashes the first month's price by 95% for a monthly subscription. You get to pay $1.00/2 months instead of $24.99 for the Business plan, $2.00/2 months for a $49.99 Professional plan, and $3.00/2 months for the $99.00 Elite Plan.

And then, for the annual billing option, you get four months free of the 12 months for the Black Friday Deal. This means you pay for only eight months when being billed. 

More interestingly, the annual billing comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can get a refund if you wish to discontinue after the first month. Though the monthly plan doesn't have a refund, you also get to pay less than $2 to use for one month.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal is a yearly one-time sale that slashes the plans’ subscription price up to 95%. 

PlanRegular PriceBlack Friday Discount
Business$24.99/mo$1.00/ 2 mo Or 4 Months Free
Professional$49.99/mo$2.00/ 2 mo Or 4 Month Free
Elite$99.99/mo$3.00/ 2 mo Or 4 Month Free

How to Activate WPX Web Hosting Black Friday Deal?

Step 1: Click the special link to visit the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals for 2023.

Step 2: After you land on the deals page, click on the Start Now button, which takes you to the pricing page.

Step 3: Select your plan of choice according to your website needs

Step 4: Select the preferred region of hosting: UK or USA

Step 7: Then select your site location. Where your visitors are mostly localized.

Step 8: You then get to the billing and checkout page to add your preferred payment option, and voila! 

You have benefited from the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal.

5 WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal FAQs

What is the WPX Hosting Black Friday deal?

This is a deal that comes up every November. It slashes the price of WPX Hosting plans by 95%.

How can I grab this WPX Hosting Black Friday deal?

Go to the deals page as specified when the time comes.

Is WPX Hosting offering any free trial?

The free trials you get are the WPX Hosting Black Friday deals. You get billed almost nothing (less than $2) to use the premium service.

Why should I choose WPX Hosting over other hosting sites?

The reason is apparent. They have features that allow your blog or website to run seamlessly. You can check all the features listed above.

When is this deal going to end?

Usually, Black Friday deals last for about a week. But let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what WPX Hosting is offering this year.

Is WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal Worth?

If you have followed through with this article on WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal, you will attest to this with me that this deal is worth it. 

You get a premium managed web host service for your website at almost no cost.

Three key reasons to grab WPX Hosting Black Friday 2023:

  • Blazing Speed and Free Site Migration: WPX offers lightning-fast hosting with free site migration, unlimited bandwidth, and speedy SSD servers for up to 5 websites.
  • Reliable Backups and Free SSL Certificates: WPX provides daily free backups and SSL certificates, safeguarding your site and data. They handle SSL setup for you.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: WPX offers rapid and expert customer support, which is vital for resolving issues and ensuring a smooth hosting experience.

Final Thoughts about WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal

Finally, if you have been looking for a chance to run your website on a fast-managed server, this deal is for you.

So, you can't afford to miss out on this WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal. You can save a substantial amount by utilizing this.

WPX Black Friday Deal Is Live

with 4 Months Free on Annual Offers & Up To 90% off Monthly Offers

  • The sale is Live, Grab Soon
  • Ends On: Cyber Monday