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Do you want to start a new blog and stuck on finding a good domain name? This happens a lot to me especially when you want a unique name for your blog but all the good ones are already taken.

What do you do in this case? Do you purchase just any domain available or you find good domains?

I would say that you should find good domain names? How?

Using blog name generator (or website name generator) tools, you can find great domain names that you couldn’t have been able to find without research.

There are many domain name generator tools out there and they really help in bringing out names that are not only unique but also perfect for your blog.

Here are some reasons why you should use a blog name generator tool.

  • Finding good domains without tools is very difficult. These tools can do what our brains cannot. That is, search for thousands of word combinations to come with great domain names.
  • They save your time by finding hundreds of domains in just seconds.
  • Blog name generator tools can help you uncover great domains that you couldn’t have been able to find otherwise.

So, if you’re doing research to find a domain name for your blog, you should definitely use tools to help you find great domain names.

In this article, I’m going to show you 17 best blog name generator tools that will help you find great domain name suggestions with ease.

17 Blog Name Generator Tools to Find Great Domains with Ease

1. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is not just a domain name generator. It’s also a business name generator so that you can find great domain names that are also good for business.

domain name generator

With this tool, you can enter several keywords and it will generate a domain name that will be a mix of the letters or the words of the keywords you entered.

It also allows you to go and directly purchase the domain from Bluehost to get started quickly.

You can also choose from two extensions namely: .com and .net to find your blog name.

2. Nameboy

Nameboy is one of the oldest domain name generator tools and is very popular to find domain names.

shopify domain name generator

You can enter your keywords and the tool will generate a list of domain names. There is also checkbox during the search that searches the availability of the domain names generated on Bluehost.

The tool is very simple to use and generates quite a good domain names. What I would like more from this is that it should have options or filters to select the length of the domain.

Because the tool mostly generates very long domain names and sometimes you might not prefer such long names for your blog.

3. NameLix

NameLix is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to finding blog names. And not just blog names, the tool can help you find great business names too.

domain name suggestions

You enter your keywords and it will list a bunch of brandable domain names. The tool uses artificial intelligence to come up with creative names.

NameLix makes the whole process even better as it just does not simply give the names of the domains. Each domain name the tool generates has a cool logo that helps in visualizing your blog if you use that domain.

The tool also has filters that will show only short names, use keywords in the domains, and choose the extensions you want to use.

You can also filter out negative keywords from your search.

All in all, NameLix is an awesome tool to find great domains for your blog.

4. Wordoid

Wordoid is a very smart tool to find creative domain names for your blog. Unlike other tools that let you select the type of domain name and its extension, Wordoid gives totally different options.

domain name ideas

First off, you can choose a language. What this means is that whatever language you choose, the tool will generate domain names according to the rules of that language. You can even select two or more languages to create a mix and get creative domain names.

Secondly, you can select the quality of the domain name generated. Higher the quality, the more the generated name resembles real words.

Then, you can select the pattern of the domain name and select domains that start, end, or contain a particular keyword.

Lastly, you can select the length of the domain name. Unlike other tools which just provide you an option to get shorter names, Wordoid lets you select the exact length of the domain name you want.

And, as a cherry on the top, it also shows the recent searches made by others using the tool to help you get more ideas of what kind of domain names the tool is generating.

5. Panabee

Panabee is another great domain name generator tool that not only finds great domain names but also shows the apps on Play Store and App Store that contain the keywords you entered.

It also offers great suggestions based on the prefixes, suffixes, syllables, and abbreviations of the words you entered.

domain ideas

Another reason that makes this tool so helpful is that it also shows the related terms of the words you entered to help you experiment with new words to find more ideas for your blog name.

6. Name Mesh

Name Mesh is a blog name generator tool that generates domain names based on the words you enter.

domain name maker

It also checks for the domain availability as it generates the names. The tool also lets you find domain names where the words and the TLDs overlap. For example – foc.us.

The tool is very smart and can also generate short brandable names for your blog. It also preserves the main keywords you enter for SEO purposes.

You can set the maximum length of characters in your search and also check the domain availability on different domain registrars.

7. Domains Bot

Domains Bot is another nifty little tool for finding great domains with ease. All you have to do is to enter your keywords and the tool will generate domain names for you.

domain name suggestions generator

You can then filter these names by choosing your desired domain extension, language, and also choose whether or not your domain name includes dashes. You can even filter out names that contain adult content.

The tool is very simple, fast, and easy to use. You should definitely check Domains Bot when searching for names for your blog.

8. Name Station

Name Station is a blog name generator tool that gives name suggestions and finds available domains.

business name generator shopify

You can enter your keywords and choose the domain extension you want. The tool also allows you to choose whether to include related terms and popular affixes.

Name Station is not just a domain name generator tool. It goes beyond that as it provides several other tools that can help you find great names for your blog.

You can append two or more keywords to find great names. You can find compound words, related words, and more.

Name Station provides dozens of extensions to its tool to help get the most out it.

9. Domain Name Generator by Shopify

This tool by Shopify is great at finding names. Though it was built for Shopify users to find names for their shops, you can also use it to find names for your blog.

generate domain names

Though it only gives you business names and doesn’t provide information about the domain availability.

You have to enter your words to find business names using this tool.

10. Domain Hole

Domain Hole is a domain name generator tool with a clean and minimal interface. You can search for both new and expired domains using this tool.

domain name idea generator

There are filters that let you choose the price, domain age, characters, number of backlinks, TLD, and more.

If you want to use an expired domain for your blog, then Domain Hole is the perfect tool for you.

You can exclude numbers, adult content, and hyphens from your search. The tool also shows the price of the domain and when it’s expiring.

11. Name Stall

Name Stall is a great domain name generator tool. Why?

Because it provides several tools to help you find the right domain for your blog. Apart from the general domain name generator, Name Stall also offers a 3-4 letter domain search, dictionary word domain search, brandable domain search, and more.

shopify business name generator

Its set of tools will help you find great domains easily. Though I’m not a fan of the interface of the tool, it’s still helpful in finding names.

12. Domain Scope

Domain Scope is a domain generator tool that gives you great domain suggestions and also finds expired domains for you.

domain name suggestion tool

You can choose the TLD, maximum domain length, location, hyphens, and more in your search.

Overall, the tool is great at finding names and you’ll find some unique names that you wouldn’t be able to find in other tools.

13. Domain Puzzler

At first, the tool puzzled me a bit. But, after using it, I realized that it’s a great blog name generator tool.

domain name recommendation

There are four ways you can do a domain search using this tool. The easy search simply searches for the words you enter and generates a list of available domains.

The advanced search provides a much better result as it lets you enter more words that get combined. The magic search magically combines your entered words with popular words.

Lastly, the PageRank search compares your selected domains with itself.

It’s safe to say that Domain Puzzler is a great tool for finding names for your blog.

14. Impossibility

This unusual domain name generator lets you add adjectives, verbs, and nouns to the beginning or end your entered word.

shopify brand name generator

You can also select the number of letters of the adjectives, verbs, and nouns. This unique way of finding names will help you uncover some really good domain names that you can use for your blog.

I find this tool very interesting as it really brings out domain names that you wouldn’t have thought of.

15. Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas is the last domain name generator tool in our list and this one lets you enter your keywords, select your blog topic, select your domain extension, and it finally generates domains for you.

how to find a good domain name

The tool also provides advanced options that let you select where you want to place your entered keyword in your domain. It also lets you select the length of your domain.

But, this tool is not fully built as there is only one blog topic you can choose from. Also, the domain names generated using this tool are quite generic.

16. Lean Domain Search

This is my favourite domain search tool of all time. We have find many awesome domains with this tool and many of our running blogs were researched with this tool.

find a domain name generator

This tool gives you freedom to find domains as per your keywords and you can decided whether you want your domain to start with your searched term or end with it.

Apart from giving you the availability of the domain name, it gives you the availability of Twitter handle too, so it becomes easy for you to grab your social media business handle too.

17. Business Name Generator

find a domain name for your business

This tool gives you 7 filters to find great domain names with the ease.

Although they are doing very aggressive affiliate marketing of BlueHost but this is an awesome tool to get the ideas.


So, these were the 15 best blog name generator tools that will help you find domain names for your blog.

Using these tools will help you find better names for your blog quickly. Before choosing any domain, you need to know a few things. Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect domain name.

  • Always choose brandable names. Don’t go for very long domain names. Shorter names are easy to remember and type on the browser.
  • Include keywords in your domain if possible. Having a keyword in your domain gives you an SEO advantage and helps in ranking your blog on the search engines.
  • Avoid strange sounding names that are either difficult to pronounce or type.

Always remember these tips when choosing a domain name. If you have any questions regarding the tools mentioned or you need help in choosing a domain name, then do comment below and share your thoughts.

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