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Looking for the guest posting site for the article submission to make backlinks in 2020?

In this article, we are going to share a list of 300+ sites that accept guest blogging. But before we share the list of blog posting sites with you, we will talk about the guest blogging in this post.

Internet is where the future of twenty-first-century lies.

Most brands have their presence on the Internet. And why not? When you have hundreds of thousands of people to whom you can sell your product, who wouldn’t want to jump in?

The problem now is that a lot of brands and websites took notice of that, thus resulting in a cutthroat competition of getting visibility and awareness for their brand.

While there are multiple ways to grab attention and give your brand a social presence, one of the best ways is guest blogging.

Why guest blogging? Here are the ten reasons why you should try guest blogging!

#1. Improves Your Authority in the Niche

Blogging, in general, is a very social activity. You interact with your users to provide them with new pieces of content. You interact with other bloggers to know what is trending in the industry and build strong connections with them.

Talking about the other point—that is, building stronger connections—if you are a newbie in the blogging world, it can be very hard to directly start building connections with the important people in your niche.

You have to start from the ground up and rise step by step to the top.

This is where guest blogging can help you. Guest blogging gives you a platform to interact with popular bloggers indirectly.

Usually, these bloggers require content for their websites. If you can provide good content that satisfies their criteria, they will be more than happy to accept your content. Further, if you constantly collaborate and provide them with guest posts, it can lead to the building of a healthy relationship between you and the blogger you are aspiring to become.

So if you want to socialize with the top bloggers but have no idea where to start, guest blogging can help you out with that.

On top of that, guest posting on different top authority websites can help you build a personal network with these people.

The primary purpose of people going for guest blogging is building good backlinks. With good backlinks, you can increase the domain authority of the website and boost your keywords.

Here’s how Google works:‌ Google looks at the inbound links to a web page. It considers these links as thumbs-up.

The more the number of links referring to the web page, the more Google considers it to be a popular and relevant answer to people’s queries. Hence, it will rank higher up in SERPs.

Back in the days, just for the sake of getting backlinks, people started guest posting on other websites. So it was occasional that a tech-based blog does a guest posting on a food-based blog since the food-based blog had a high authority domain. It used to work well as good link juice to until Google changed the rules.

Now Google only considers links that are relevant to the main post. So if you have a post on guest blogging and I’m trying to get a backlink from another website, that website’s content should be relevant to your website’s content.

Preferably, the context of both articles should be the same; only then will you be able to get the true benefit of link building through guest blogging.

#3. Brand Awareness

One of the crucial aspects of guest blogging is that it lets people know that you and your brand exists.

Online visibility matters the most—be it any website or any product you are trying to sell over the Internet. The broader your reach is, the more chances there are of you getting sales, getting new readers, etc.

If you are a brand, you would want people to know that your brand is new and cool enough to try. By guest blogging on top websites, you can let users know about the legitimacy of your products and contents.

#4. Gets High-Quality Traffic

Every blog has its own monetization method. Some prefer affiliate marketing; some prefer sponsored posts, ad units, and so on. But the chances of actually making an ad out of them increases only when you have good-quality traffic coming to your website.

While Google itself can be a great platform for quality traffic (as organic traffic is always more in worth compared to inorganic traffic), the other way to get high-quality traffic is guest blogging.

If your website is new, building a dedicated and loyal readership is hard. But you can piggyback on already-established websites. These websites have a loyal following. If you have the same niche, you can effectively target people who are potential customers/followers.

Guest blogging opens up a pool of audience whom you may leverage further. Your basic strategy should be to frame content that will get people to click on your website or the product you are offering.

#5. Improves Your Writing

One of the crucial parts of blogging is content. Your content should be good enough to hold people’s eyes and attention. By submitting the content on various guest posting sites, you are going to improve your content writing skills easily.

If writing has never been your strongest suit, how about pushing yourself to the edge of another challenge?

Writing well takes a lot of effort and especially a lot of time. But with constant efforts to improve yourself, rest assured, you can ace it quickly.

The problem is this: procrastination.

Where to start will always be a constant hurdle in your journey to writing good. Guest blogging can serve as an outlet to serve exactly those concerns.

You can easily ask the website admins and editors whether they are open to guest posts or not. Usually, websites also mention it in their header section about guest posts and have dedicated pages to address people’s queries on guest posts.

If you found an authoritative website, you can ask them for a guest post. If they say yes, commit yourself to deliver the guest post to the website. At worst, your post will be rejected owing to being not up to their standards. At best, you will get to know what the industry’s standards are in general.

Guest posting once in a while will act as a good mirror to see where you stand between others when it comes to writing.

#6. Credibility and Portfolio

Guest posting can be a cyclic affair at times.

If you have written for other authority websites in the past, you can put that into a résumé (of sorts). This résumé is something you can send to other websites that you are trying to write for in the future.

Suppose you have written a highly authoritative website—let’s say Business Insider. Now, a website of that scale surely has some set of standards, probably very rigorous checking as well. So if you manage to pass all their checks and get a green signal for your post, that means you surely are doing something right when it comes to writing.

Now, when you try out on other websites and ask if they accept guest posts or not, you can include relevant links from the past websites you wrote for. This will act as a guarantee that you will provide them with quality content.

Writing for high-authority websites and guest posts also helps you in building your credibility as a writer and as a brand in general. Both usually go hand in hand.

By getting your posts on top websites, you can show to the advertisers, readers, and users just how legitimate your website and your content is.

#7. Feedback

In writing, as with any skill, you need constant feedback. Feedback helps you to see where you currently stand and how much ground you can still cover as a blogger, writer, etc.

While guest posting can help you with feedback (as we talked about above), it is often indirect—meaning, if your post gets accepted, it implies that your post is good. If it doesn’t, then it may be because your post is not up to the mark. Note—this is a possibility, not a certainty.

If your guest post gets accepted, your content would be now open to more criticism. This is not necessarily a bad thing. High-authority websites have a following with high demands; they expect the content to be up to a standard mark.

Plus, the content tends to get read by top people in the industry as well. You can use this to place your viewpoints on different issues and engage with this reader base as well.

Dropping your mail ID can let people voice their concerns about a certain topic directly to your mail.

This can help you in two ways:

  • Get constructive criticism about your writing, viewpoints, etc.
  • Build your network with other people

#8. Builds Your Subscriber Base

The next step after getting high-quality traffic, you can now look forward to guest posting as a further avenue to build your subscriber base.

With high-quality traffic, you know they are looking for some value out of your time spent on your website. By dropping a link back to your website, you are inviting new users to check out stuff on your end and judge for themselves.

Well, not everyone would dig your material, but at least you are opening up the grounds for user acquisition. You can make use of subscribers’ lists to keep them engaged with your services. With a subscriber list, you can even promote products and do affiliate marketing, in general, to drive sales as well.

However, this will only work if you provide your users with something of value. That may be content or product, but it should be interesting enough. Otherwise, you will lose to leverage the benefit of driving quality traffic to your website.

#9. Social Influence and Marketing

Guest posting can be much more than just about promoting your website; it can come in handy especially for two domains: influencing and marketing.

Let’s talk about influencing first.

You can see a lot of social influencers on the Internet. How did they reach that stage, you wonder? Simple—they had to build a strong network.

As we mentioned earlier, guest posting can help you build strong networks with other people. It is not the content that is primarily important to influencers as much as the networks.

A large part of what makes influencers is because they hang around with influential people. Case in point—Instagram influencers. You can see them hanging out with top people from different industries.

By guest blogging, you can have better relations and hang out with the top people from the industry. Another additional benefit of guest blogging is that if you have access to these top people, brands may approach you to publish content on their behalf. So it acts as an additional source of income as well.

Let’s get to the marketing part now.

Marketing often involves reaching out to other websites and promoting your content—or, much more effectively, it makes use of guest blogging. While doing guest blogging alone won’t teach you everything about marketing, it will teach you some of the fundamentals.

Talking with other people, dealing with deadlines, and negotiating about backlinks are some of the skills you will eventually develop when you get into guest blogging.

 #10. Social Media Benefits

Along with regular readers that may come off from another website, guest posting gives you one additional advantage.

You see, when you guest post, your post will also get shared on their social networking handles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. This will give further exposure to your content. This will also increase the number of people it will reach and thus increase the number of people who can potentially turn to readers of your website or customers of your product.

Further, if your brand gets mentioned on some other high-authority page, you will get a boost in traffic from a new source. Look at what BuzzFeed does when they partner up with brands to provide content. That brand will then get an influx of traffic from Buzzfeed’s massive following.

Mentions are just a part of the equation; the real moolah is in the sharing of the links. The more people share, like, and comment, the more engagement there is. Also, Facebook actively promotes content that has a lot of engagement.

Some bloggers also strike up a deal with other websites, where you share other websites’ links in exchange for the other websites sharing yours.

Overall, this will help you boost your social media presence and also drive some likes to your social media pages as well

Here is the complete list of guest posting sites.

https://www.iblogzone.com46Click Here
https://thewritepractice.zendesk.com93Click Here
https://www.getresponse.com81Click Here
https://listiller.com32Click Here
https://mattermark.com58Click Here
https://glean.info37Click Here
http://www.twelveskip.com52Click Here
https://www.socialmedia.biz53Click Here
https://bitsfrombytes.com57Click Here
https://blog.linkody.com42Click Here
https://www.sitepronews.com55Click Here
http://www.saasgenius.com40Click Here
http://www.thesempost.com62Click Here
https://www.jeffbullas.com72Click Here
http://www.bloggingways.net30Click Here
https://www.quertime.com51Click Here
https://cxl.com59Click Here
https://articles.bplans.com69Click Here
https://thebloggingbuddha.com32Click Here
http://onlineincometeacher.com43Click Here
https://wealthygorilla.com60Click Here
https://beabetterblogger.com36Click Here
https://www.business2community.com86Click Here
http://www.quickregister.net30Click Here
https://www.practicalecommerce.com67Click Here
https://bootstrappingecommerce.com38Click Here
http://workawesome.com55Click Here
https://doubleyourfreelancing.com48Click Here
https://www.unsettle.org43Click Here
https://www.livechatinc.com75Click Here
https://geekopedia.me35Click Here
http://beafreelanceblogger.com46Click Here
https://leavingworkbehind.com45Click Here
https://www.shoutmeloud.com70Click Here
https://venturebeat.com93Click Here
https://www.salesartillery.com44Click Here
https://copyhackers.com53Click Here
https://www.searchenginejournal.com86Click Here
https://www.unsettle.org43Click Here
https://millo.co55Click Here
https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk52Click Here
https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com79Click Here
http://smartbusinesstrends.com41Click Here
https://fundsforwriters.com48Click Here
https://www.clickz.com74Click Here
https://theworkathomewife.com49Click Here
http://www.smashingwall.com34Click Here
https://blog.freelancersunion.org65Click Here
https://www.businessinsider.com93Click Here
https://www.searchenginewatch.com79Click Here
https://docs.google.com78Click Here
https://geekestateblog.com45Click Here
https://www.rankpay.com41Click Here
https://writetodone.com53Click Here
https://blog.pushengage.com37Click Here
https://fosspost.org38Click Here
https://www2.ncte.org63Click Here
https://www.grb.uk.com52Click Here
https://blog.blogdash.com44Click Here
https://theplanetd.com70Click Here
https://www.webhostingonedollar.com40Click Here
https://www.webgranth.com46Click Here
https://referralrock.com52Click Here
https://mythcreants.com49Click Here
http://publiclibrariesonline.org52Click Here
https://www.mashvisor.com48Click Here
https://www.designquote.net37Click Here
https://napoleoncat.com42Click Here
https://www.marketingprofs.com76Click Here
https://www.illinoisscience.org43Click Here
https://wisdmlabs.com40Click Here
http://blogs.ibo.org67Click Here
https://www.kovair.com31Click Here
https://historyofeducation.org.uk34Click Here
https://www.namasteui.com34Click Here
https://www.renewableenergyworld.com81Click Here
https://www.webmaster-success.com36Click Here
https://speckygeek.com34Click Here
https://bforblogging.com37Click Here
https://www.templatemonster.com87Click Here
https://www.bitcatcha.com39Click Here
https://info.talview.com43Click Here
https://www.historians.org65Click Here
https://www.webnots.com45Click Here
https://www.dentaltown.com50Click Here
https://nonprofitinformation.com38Click Here
https://blog.okfn.org67Click Here
https://blog.socialchamp.io36Click Here
https://simpleprogrammer.com53Click Here
https://www.aberdeen.com64Click Here
https://www.getdown.ca38Click Here
https://simplifaster.com45Click Here
https://www.ewebresults.com35Click Here
https://www.saleshandy.com42Click Here
http://www.bloggodown.com37Click Here
https://www.americannursetoday.com56Click Here
https://www.eduonix.com48Click Here
https://www.janesheeba.com36Click Here
https://blog.mycorporation.com60Click Here
http://www.floppingaces.net56Click Here
https://www.womenspeakersassociation.com33Click Here
https://medicaldialogues.in49Click Here
https://discoverpods.com46Click Here
https://corpina.com39Click Here
https://www.techolac.com54Click Here
https://www.pretravels.com32Click Here
https://www.coxblue.com51Click Here
https://www.techprevue.com80Click Here
https://compose.ly35Click Here
https://www.candidwriter.com37Click Here
https://www.vineetgupta.net30Click Here
https://haleysvintage.com33Click Here
https://writerswrite.co.za49Click Here
https://coschedule.com72Click Here
https://blog.prisync.com48Click Here
https://www.contentmarketingup.com39Click Here
https://www.binpress.com53Click Here
http://digitaluncovered.com30Click Here
https://www.adma.com.au45Click Here
https://www.eurovps.com36Click Here
https://www.fond.co50Click Here
https://www.airsassociation.org47Click Here
https://www.expert-seo-training-institute.in32Click Here
https://www.techrado.com26Click Here
https://www.bforbloggers.com20Click Here
https://dandelife.com42Click Here
https://www.shamsherkhan.com20Click Here
https://www.rightmixmarketing.com50Click Here
https://www.marketdominationmedia.com49Click Here
https://www.onedollarwebhostings.com34Click Here
https://mangools.com39Click Here
https://word-power.co.uk47Click Here
https://zuziko.com15Click Here
https://www.mytechranker.com18Click Here
https://www.knowledgehut.com41Click Here
https://www.wpkube.com50Click Here
https://www.wpressblog.com30Click Here
http://www.blogspotyard.com17Click Here
https://yourescapefrom9to5.com43Click Here
https://www.yought.com22Click Here
https://www.digital-web-services.com23Click Here
https://www.99techpost.com28Click Here
https://www.bloggeroundup.com18Click Here
https://satoristudio.net35Click Here
https://cybernaira.com28Click Here
https://digitaldimensions4u.com30Click Here
https://seomator.com37Click Here
https://thewritelife.com56Click Here
https://www.linkbuildingcorp.com26Click Here
https://www.eecera.org33Click Here
https://www.bloggingbook.net28Click Here
https://www.trickyenough.com36Click Here
https://blogtips.com30Click Here
https://themegrill.com80Click Here
https://www.outbrain.com82Click Here
https://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com68Click Here
https://contentmarketinginstitute.com77Click Here
https://www.marketingprofs.com75Click Here
https://www.incomediary.com59Click Here
https://www.beermoney.co24Click Here
https://akme.co.in24Click Here
https://www.adlibweb.com33Click Here
https://alanleenhouts.com23Click Here
https://www.alleywatch.com59Click Here
https://accessally.com41Click Here
https://kikolani.com51Click Here
https://www.techwyse.com53Click Here
https://serpstat.com54Click Here
https://www.mainstreethost.com51Click Here
https://www.manta.com80Click Here
https://leavingworkbehind.com45Click Here
http://www.problogineer.com19Click Here
https://www.proprofs.com86Click Here
https://prymadigitalmarketing.com27Click Here
https://60secondmarketer.com55Click Here
https://smallbizclub.com45Click Here
http://www.smartbloggerz.com33Click Here
http://www.smarthustle.com50Click Here
https://tweakyourbiz.com58Click Here
https://www.copyblogger.com/50Click Here
https://propellerads.com61Click Here
https://www.temi.co.uk29Click Here
https://www.gshiftlabs.com43Click Here
https://capeandapron.com/16Click Here
https://www.drift.com62Click Here
https://inkwelleditorial.com39Click Here
https://www.webhostingscoupon.com31Click Here
https://www.dearblogger.org43Click Here
https://ideagirlmedia.com39Click Here
https://www.semupdates.com18Click Here
https://www.emoneyindeed.com36Click Here
https://wpnewsify.com35Click Here
https://mywptips.com28Click Here
https://allbloggingtips.com41Click Here
http://www.bloggodown.com37Click Here
https://blog.blogdash.com44Click Here
https://hellboundbloggers.com47Click Here
https://millionclues.com36Click Here
https://www.buffalochip.com49Click Here
https://sproutorigin.com49Click Here
https://aselfguru.com23Click Here
https://regentseo.com22Click Here
https://www.techulator.com56Click Here
http://www.techinweb.com24Click Here
https://www.codeinwp.com52Click Here
https://careerwise.ceric.ca40Click Here
https://business-division.co.uk21Click Here
https://www.pointvisible.com43Click Here
https://www.theyoganomads.com39Click Here
https://www.vendasta.com53Click Here
https://smallbusinessesdoitbetter.com34Click Here
https://www.gillsolutions.com32Click Here
https://blog.start.me56Click Here
https://creately.com70Click Here
https://www.pubexec.com48Click Here
https://www.leadershipgirl.com32Click Here
https://www.techdim.com18Click Here
http://www.pagetrafficbuzz.com38Click Here
https://www.lawdonut.co.uk48Click Here
https://www.travelbag.co.uk58Click Here
https://www.persuasion-nation.com40Click Here
https://longtailpro.com49Click Here
https://www.mailerlite.com66Click Here
https://www.vandelaydesign.com64Click Here
https://magecomp.com38Click Here
https://linkofruit.com22Click Here
https://toptensitereviews.club20Click Here
https://kenkarlo.com21Click Here
https://frontarticle.com21Click Here
https://akashseo.com25Click Here
https://getsethappy.com24Click Here
https://www.webku.net50Click Here
https://www.nerdshd.com29Click Here
https://zaaax.com.au27Click Here
https://www.webbizideas.com32Click Here
https://www.veloceinternational.com35Click Here
https://myventurepad.com48Click Here
https://tenoblog.com36Click Here
https://succeedasyourownboss.com54Click Here
http://speckygeek.com34Click Here
http://www.instantshift.com70Click Here
https://mysiteauditor.com43Click Here
https://www.seoblog.com43Click Here
https://scrapebrokers.com20Click Here
https://rohitink.com32Click Here
https://www.rocksdigital.com43Click Here
http://www.publishingtalk.eu45Click Here
https://www.primaseller.com40Click Here
https://www.polepositionmarketing.com47Click Here
http://ramblingsoul.com40Click Here
https://muffinmarketing.com31Click Here
https://www.mddir.com23Click Here
https://www.marketingtechnews.net56Click Here
https://www.marketingmasala.com30Click Here
https://velocitize.com36Click Here
http://makewebworld.com24Click Here
https://loveumarketing.com28Click Here
https://www.kunocreative.com51Click Here
https://www.itechcode.com38Click Here
https://www.inramstechnology.com27Click Here
https://hingemarketing.com52Click Here
https://copywritercollective.com37Click Here
https://blog.hubspot.com91Click Here
https://www.caemarketing.com25Click Here
https://www.adlibweb.com33Click Here
https://www.proficientblogging.com31Click Here
https://dublinseo.co26Click Here
https://coschedule.com/72Click Here
https://webcrazies.com38Click Here
http://www.dailyblogtips.com57Click Here
https://brand24.com54Click Here
https://blog.boonle.com29Click Here
http://bloggerspath.com38Click Here
http://www.bloggersentral.com41Click Here
https://blog.benchmarkemail.com44Click Here
https://beanstalkwebsolutions.com33Click Here
https://www.easyautomatedsales.com30Click Here
https://www.ethinos.com34Click Here
https://www.allbusiness.com79Click Here
https://jacksadvice.com22Click Here
https://www.6sdigital.com22Click Here
https://fourweekmba.com43Click Here
http://socialmediasun.com42Click Here
http://www.socialmediaimpact.com41Click Here
https://socialmediaexplorer.com36Click Here
http://www.sociableblog.com50Click Here
http://www.smbceo.com48Click Here
https://beabetterblogger.com/36Click Here
https://www.makingdifferent.com48Click Here
http://famousbloggers.net47Click Here
https://99designs.com/blog/76Click Here
https://www.blogherald.com61Click Here
https://www.dailyblogtips.com57Click Here
https://www.businessmagazine.org41Click Here
https://industrydev.com29Click Here
https://iamdanelson.com28Click Here
https://www.godotmedia.com41Click Here
https://growthrocks.com41Click Here
https://social-hire.com48Click Here
https://www.kvrwebtech.com26Click Here

We listed a few of the amazing guest blogging benefits that should compel you to give it a try. It helps you build new connections as well as bring a lot of benefits to your brand.

In this cutthroat competition over the Internet on getting attention, guest blogging can definitely help you out. Use these sites from our free guest posting sites list and start making more backlinks.

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  1. Guest posting plays a vital role in the era of blogging and also it will help you to increase your traffic.

    1. Yeah Bro, You are right Guest Posting is becaming trend now-a-days 😀
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      1. You guys are right!

        To newbies out there or those who are still sitting on the fence, I have one word of advice…

        Don’t expect guest posting to be easy… I couldn’t imagine how guest blogging works, until I’ve personally started to research these blogs (it took a few days to find the right blogs – so I appreciate your compilation list here)

        Then, once you find the right blogs, you need to read the latest posts to get a feel of how the readers react to that particular content, and so on.

        Third step is to get to know the blogger, and their audience, so blog comment there, for a few days/multiple times…

        Only afterward you should step in and send a pitch or guest article proposal… doing so, you’ll increase your chance to get your idea approved, as the blogger knows you from your comments already.

        Hope it helps?

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    Thank you

    1. Hey Herbal,
      I agree with you. One thing keep in mind that we go up step by step try not to jump If you fall then no one will pick you! So, start from the lowest teh go upwards step by step 🙂

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  10. Guest posting has always been a first choice for me when it comes to get more exposure for my new blogs. But, as this year is a final year of my graduation I’m not giving enough required time to blogging. I’m really stuck with a hectic schedule!

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