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Your email list is an asset.

I don't know how much business you are driving from Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

But have you ever thought what would happen to your business if they die one day?

You might be getting tons of traffic from Google organic search results… and generating good sales every month.

But what would happen if your site gets panelized one day?

These were the things that were making me feel very insecure when I started my blogging career.

I was scared to death.

Although I was putting a lot of effort to drive traffic on my blog, I was very much scared because of these unexpected threats too.

I regret for not building an email list from my blog from day one.

As I started reading more blogs, I found a similar pattern on almost all of the blogs.

They all were giving some free goodies if I signup for them.

At first, I thought it must be something very professional. They are experts in their fields so they are giving away some valuable products/eBooks/tutorials free of cost.

But once I started digging more, I found the secret.

They all were focusing on email marketing… Focusing on building an email asset.

Soon I started writing my book “Blogging Domination Guide” and placed a nice looking eBook on the homepage at my blog.

Let's understand this first.

This is a simple list of people who are interested to get your mails, so they will subscribe you.

This is a list of people, which you will have to build on your blog via an e-mail marketing tool like ConvertKit.

Get a nice looking optin form on your blog and people will put their emails to get your eBook (it can be anything like audio, video, product or a training sequence).

I have this nice looking optin form at my blog which I built using ThriveLeads.

Note: If you don't have great content on your blog, people will not subscribe to you.

Writing better blog posts and driving more traffic on your blog should be your first priority before doing anything else.

So, when you be having all these things properly set up on your blog, people will start subscribing to you and ultimately you will be having a great list of subscribers on your blog.

All big bloggers in the world are using optin forms on their blogs to capture the emails.

email list building
build email lists
how to build email list
building an email list


No! I am not.

Because we know the secret behind making money now.

How to Start Making the List?

I know that question is running in your mind, how can I start?

Getting into e-mail marketing and building your list needs time.

You will have to decide which is the thing which you will be giving to your subscribers in return of getting their mails.

In my case, I am giving my eBook called Blogging Domination Guide where I am teaching you basics of blogging and how you can start making money with your blog. It took me 2 months to compile this book and to decide which matter I want to put in this book.

If you want to start your e-mail list then you will have to decide which thing you will be giving in return.

  • It can be a free eBook.
  • It can be a Course.
  • It can be a Plugin made by you.
  • It can be a theme made by you.
  • It can be an audiotape.
  • It can be a videotape.

And there are many other things which you can give your subscribers in return when they will subscribe.

Everyone love to have FREE goodies, so when you will give them such things they will subscribe you.

I highly recommend to use ConvertKit for building your e-mail list because this is the best e-mail marketing tool and all big internet marketers are using it.

ConvertKit is a service which will store all your emails at their server and you can send email to all of your subscribers at once when you want it.

Further, they have an automated system at the backend which sends emails to your subscribers automatically when they signup at your blog.

Everything is easy and automated.

You can make very good looking optin forms on your blog by using ThriveLeads.

Here are some awesome examples.

how to create an email list

In last 5 years I have used multiple email optin plugins on my blog but so far ThriveLeads is the best investment I have ever made.

So many options to choose and best drag and drop builder.

how to build an email list for free

So Which Are the Best Places to Place Optin Forms?

You can place them on the following places..

  1. At the top of your blog's header (ThriveLeads can do that).
  2. At the sidebar of your blog.
  3. After the blog post (people are more likely to subscribe here when they finish reading your blog post).
  4. At the footer of your blog.
  5. In about me page on your blog.
  6. You can place optin forms in your high traffic blog posts.

and there are a lot of other good places that you can tweak as per your blog.

Here are the Reasons to Start Building Email List Today?

1. It Connects You With Your Readers

The very first reason to do blogging is to share your thoughts so that you can connect with more and more people.

Blogging is such a nice platform that connect you with the real world and people know about you.

E-Mail list can connect you with your readers and you can more returning readers. You can connect with them in real-time and can send your updates of posts. You can select any timing and can send them some number of posts.

Note: Sending notifications daily will annoy your readers and there are chances that they will unsubscribe you. So never do this practice.

2. You Can Send them Personalized Messages

Every month there comes lots of festivals. You can wish your readers Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holi, Happy Diwali etc.

Which will make them happy to get wishes in their inbox and this will make a personal bonding with you.

3. You Can Promote Products

This is the most important point which most of the internet marketers love to do. You can promote some good products to your e-mail subscribers and let them know the benefits to use the product.

I personally love this because it brings instant money in my pocket.

On a daily basis, we use a lot of products to make our tasks simpler. It can be an SEO tool, a product management tool, blogging tool or a designing tool.

We all use many tools on a daily basis.

Being an expert in the industry we know that which are the best tools.. But our audience (mostly newbies) don't know about such tools.

So you can send them emails to let them know about the tools.

Once they make the purchase, you make the money.

4. Ask Questions

If you are thinking to implement any strategy on your blog or going to launch any product in the future, you can ask your readers about the interest. This practice will give you an idea about the interest of people who are visiting your blog.

With polling, you can take suggestions.

5. It's Private and Direct

Your email is password protected so it's secure. No public conversations, just one to one conversation with the person who is sending you an email.

It's direct. No Middleman.

Just hit the send button, and it's in the receiver's inbox.

I get a lot of emails from people to start their blogging career, asking advice to drive traffic on their blog and finding the right methods to make money with their blogs.

It's personal.. It's direct.

6. Quick Traffic

You can send an instant mail to your subscribers as soon as you hit the publish button on your blog post.

They get the notification in their inbox and finally land on your blog to read the article.

Quick and easy traffic from your target prospects.

Money is in the List.

But How?

I told you what is LIST and why should you built it. Now let’s comes the point, how MONEY is in it?

Your main target to build an e-mail list will be building loyal readers which will be waiting for your mails in their inbox so that they can head over to your blog to read the latest articles.

Let us assume that I am having 1000 subscribers in my list and when I am sending them mails then only 400 of them are reading my emails on regular basis.

This is giving me a clear idea that there are 400 people in my list who have become my loyal readers and they are reading all my mails.

Let’s monetize our LIST now.

A few months back I reviewed a product called SEO Powersuite on my blog.

It's a great product that is helping me to do many SEO tasks. Rank Tracker tools from this powersuite is my most loved tool which I run daily to track my keywords.

After using these tools for few weeks and getting satisfied with it, I started sending emails to my subscribers that how this tool is helping me and how can they make their SEO tasks simpler by using it.

SEO Powersuite is giving me 33% commission on every sale I generate.

Is my reader makes the decision to buy the product after clicking on my affiliate link, I make a decent $100 per sale.

Isn't this awesome that you are generating sales just by sending mails?

Now you can see that my LIST converted into a money machine for me. Every product they will be buying, I will be making money.

.ugb-6cc47c6 .ugb-notification__item{border-radius:12px !important}

Email marketing has been proved the best method to monetize.

Here I took the example of 1000 subscribers only. What if you have 1,00,000 subscribers.

You can clearly see how big money you will be making with your list.

People in your email list are more likely to buy your product as compared to other targeted buyers.

Final Words

I am using optin forms (created by ThriveLeads) at various places on my blog. You can see one at the homepage, one button after the post, nice looking forms in my about me page and placed nicely in few other high traffic posts on my blog.

If you have a blog and very much passionate to make it your full-time career, I strongly recommend to start building email list today.

This is an asset that is secure and powerful.

Now Your Turn

I have shown you the benefits of building an email list and given you a one month free trial of ConvertKit too.

If you still have any questions regarding email marketing, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

I would love to see you sharing this article with your loving friends so that they can also get inspired by this article and start building their email list from today.

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  1. Hi Kulwant,
    Yes you are right email list is an asset for every blogger because subscribers are the buyers.
    I think if any one wants to invest to grow his/her online business then this is the right place. Email marketing is the most profitable place to invest. Study have found that it generate $38 in ROI for every $1 spent.
    Anyway great article as always and thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi,
    Kulwant Sir,
    First I would like to thank you for sharing this helpful guide. Because as a blogger, I am also started to building the email list from last 2 months. And it shows me the good result. Please keep sharing for next time. Thanks Again….

  3. Nice article. One way I encourage my readers when it comes to list building… Is at first not many people will buy from you from the get go. But from the fifth interaction with them, you get to build your trust factor with them. Eventually they will buy from you. As Neil Patel says, the money is in the people who say no.

  4. wow..I didn’t think about email marketing in dat way. Now I feel it is very important for a new blogger also thanks kulwant sir..

  5. Considering Google’s hiccups it is really important to have a source to get audience and newsletters are most valuable source to get targeted audience. You have presented a nice post on this issue, many thanks.

  6. Good post. Thank you for showing the power of Email marketing. It makes a personal relationship with targeted audiences which is must for internet marketing. Keep writing buddy.

  7. Yes, this is true that the email list is like an option which you can encash anytime and the best part is that you can do it again and again with NO limits. Yes, it is also true that for every $1 invested there is an ROI of approximately $42. However, the most important point is “The money isn’t in the list itself. It’s what you do with it”.

  8. Hey Kulwant,

    ConvertKit is really a genius tool for building our e-mail list, I have used this one and satisfied from its service. Blogging is all about the healthy relationship if we are success in it then only we can make huge money and it provides us a opportunity to interact with mass. Email marketing is very helpful in online marketing to promote products. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  9. Hello Kulwant Sir,
    I regularly follow your posts as these posts are very well written. Thank you for sharing such an amazing info. It was worth reading. Keep it up.

  10. Hello Kulwant Sir,
    I am using Subscription Widget below every post because I think the visitor should only subscribe me if he/she has liked my article. Although I have also organised a giveaway with the subscription. And luckily I have achieved a good number of subscribers.

  11. Hello Kulwant bro,

    How are you? hope You good, This was helpful and timely for me. I am in the planning stage and have been researching the #various emails services. One that I have come across that appeals me is GetResponse. Thank’s For Sending NewsLatter 😀

  12. Amazing article Kulwant, You are such an inspiring person for me 🙂 Always love to read your article.. Thank you much

  13. Bro I like your writing style and I regular visit of your blog.

    Now my question is that

    I really do more mistake but cannot find anything .

    I really do work hard on my blog last 3 months but cannot gain traffic only 20-25 visitor are coming. that’s it

    So CAN this email building list can help me do drive a lot of traffic and how can I FORCE VISITOR TO sign up for my blog.

    I really do many mistakes for a success but there is no shortcut, I will find.

    In the last I follow your procedure and keep doing patience for a traffic.

    Thanks for coming in my life to increase my WILL power.

    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating my writing style, Sunil.

      I would strongly recommend to keep learning and implementing new things. If blogging was so easy, everyone would do it.

      Keep reading more blogs and article to learn how to drive more traffic. It’s an art which needs time.

      Email marketing can build your authority and help you make more money, but first you will have to learn how to bring people to your blog. No need to force them to signup. If you are giving something valuable, they will signup automatically.

      Keep putting efforts.

      best wishes.

  14. Thanks dear for you tips, may you are right that if my business or website is penalized one day then what i would do, but if your presence exist then am sure no one need to worried on this matter. these tips are really help for beginner to expert.

  15. What i should do with the emails i have collected from my tech blog. Hardly someone opens the mail. The mail opening rate has been less that a percent!

  16. Sir I think before becoming a identity we shouldn’t try to sell any product using email list. They think us scammers and may be unsubscribe.

    Sir there is any free email marketing software for newbies like me to learn how it is work.

  17. Dear Kulwant Nagi !
    Thanks for sharing these amazing resources to build email list, but i have hear that there is a plugin which will convert the email of commentator into subscriber list. Did you know about that because I think this will help much to collect the emails to build the list of active persons. So that I can engaged with them.

  18. Hi Kulwant,

    Really Love to read your articles. I totally agree with your point that email list is one of the most important elements behind a successful blog. I recently wrote a blogging guide through which I got 23 new subscribers. No doubt that this is one of the best ways to increase your website traffic + sales.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post, worth reading… 🙂

  19. Hi Kulwant,

    I recently Started my blog do I need to implement Email Subscription Right now? or do i need to wait? If so when Should I start?

  20. I have tried the email marketing technique but it didn’t work for me as we were sending emails and newsletter to the subscribers on a regular basis but still, there was almost 1% open rate, can you suggest what should I do next?

    Rose Carter

  21. It’s great post Kulwant, I visited your site to find digtial marketing but stop in this post and read it, I got few tips that really helpful to me.

  22. Hello Kulwant Sir,

    This post of yours is such a pleasure to go on with. Many healthy tips out there for the bloggers who are
    trying to establish their feet in the current phase. Indeed, talking about my self I’m a newbie in this field
    and constantly thinking what should I do to Delete repeated word increase more subscribers and gain attention in this
    competitive market.
    E-mail marketing is something very effective method of increasing the subscribers to our
    blogs, as they also helps to maintain the records for the works which we have done till far. Moreover I’m
    looking forward to grab your e-book “Blogging Domination Guide” so that it could help me out further for
    some betterment.
    This info is worth keeping, thanks for the valuable share 🙂
    Keep writing and Keep sharing.
    Have a great week ahead.
    Thank you.
    Shantanu Sinha

  23. Hello
    The three important part of blogging is building blog, generating traffic to blog and monetizing the traffic to blog. without traffic, blogging can be frustrating. Building e-mail list is surefire ways to generate traffic on blogpost.

    Happy to know about the powerful convert kit tool. This is really amazing tool to build e-mail list. Here you suggested effective reason to start building e-mail list.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Praveen verma

  24. Hi,
    Kulwant Nagi Sir…
    As Always… This article was also great…
    It’s true that Email Marketing tells us about our true audience… ☺️ By which we can optimize our blog posts accordingly and can generate more money…
    Thanks for writing this article…
    Waiting for your next spicy article…

  25. A wise man once said there is money in the email list. And it took me a year to understand this phrase.

    Kulwant, as you said “what will you do if your site gets penalized” then guys email list will help you a lot.

    It’s a great post-Kulwant, kudos!.

    Every smart blogger is using forms on their blogs to capture the emails so do I.

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