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Driving traffic on blogs is one of the biggest headaches.

And converting them into buyers is another task which we will have to perform very smartly. We have to push the button (fear, love, hate, freedom, or anything) to make them perform some actions.

And ultimately we see some sales.

There is a complete science behind converting them into buyers.

Either you are running an AdSense powered blog or an affiliate site, ultimately we have to push them to do something.

Once I figured out this main fundamental, I started looking for a tool that could solve my problems and help me to find the people who were looking for my products. Once I was able to find such people, the only task was to provide the solution and let them perform some actions (form submission or sale).

Around a month back I added SEO Powersuite in my repository and this converted as one of my best online investments till the date.  With the tools, I had the freedom to do in-depth SEO study, rank tracking, link building, link prospecting, that not only I was damn happy, but I made my clients happy with the professional reposts as well.

They were smart enough that they added BuzzBundle in the SEO Powersuite to attract buyers like me.

ha ha.. Yeah!! This is true.

They gave BuzzBundle trial version in the SEO Powersuite bundle.


For the first few days, I didn't even pay attention to this tool as this was a trial phase.

But once I started using, it captured my attention.

So in August, I did one experiment, where I was spending most of my time with this tool to use it more effectively and get some buyers for my affiliate products.

PS: If you are my Facebook friend then you must have seen that I was not very much active on FB last month.

With this tool, I was able to generate $920.20 last month by just doing an experiment.

So in this article, I am going to share my little case study and the tutorial to setup this tool.

I am saying little because I would not be able to share my exact keyword and niche on which I worked and generated $920.20, but I guarantee that you are going to understand the exact procedure which I used and generated this income.

So what BuzzBundle is?

This is a social media management tool where you can enter your profile's login details and manage everything by sitting at one place. This tool helps you to find the buzz about your keyword so that you can find the people who are searching for the keyword in real-time and pitch them on the spot.

With the help you this tool you can get involved in Q&A sites, forums, social media sites, and blogs. Which will help you to find more audience who are looking for the product?

Click here to download FREE Trial of BuzzBundle now.

What are we going to learn?

  1. How to set up profiles on BuzzBundle and find Buzz?
  2. How to create the persona?
  3. Extra settings.

For example, I am going to pick one product Magic YouTube Extractor which a new tool to find easy to rank YouTube keywords. We are going to find our potential customers and pitch them to convert them into buyers.

1. How to set up profiles on BuzzBundle?

Setting up profiles on this software is very easy but still, I am going to put my best to give you step-by-step instructions for a better understanding.

Create a new project and click on the connect profile.

buzzbundle review

This will let you create profiles for your project which includes:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google
  4. Linkedin
  5. YouTube

See screenshot

buzzbundle discount code

After setting up all the profiles you would be able to see all the updates on your dashboard.

buzzbundle coupon

Now I can decide my keyword and filter the updates according to them.

For this click on keyword group (left-hand side).

Note: For this tutorial, I am selecting YouTube related keywords so that we can find the people talking about our keywords right now.

buzzbundle free download

You can create multiple keyword groups and add keywords in each of them separately.

Click on Find Buzz to see all the activities.


Click on Add Streams and select the social media profiles.

After completing this step you would be able to see all the people talking about your main keywords.

buzzbundle reviews

You can directly click on the reply button and send the link of your articles, affiliate sites, video, products, eBooks or it can be anything.

2. How to create the persona?

BuzzBundle has given features where you can create multiple personas for your niche sites and interact with people. In easy words, you create many identities for your profiles and interact with people as per the needs.

Click on Persona and Profiles.

While creating persona it will ask you for the profile picture, username, password, your mail and a few other important information to setup an identity.

Once you will complete all the steps to setup a persona, it's time to add profiles in the persona now.

While creating profiles you can choose forums, blogs, social networks, Q&A sites, and YouTube profile.

buzzbundle reviews

You can create unlimited social accounts for your persona which will let you connect more personally.

I have connected only 3 profiles, so here is how it looks like.

buzzbundle discount code

Now you are good to go.

Start looking for the keywords and make money.

3. Extra settings

I have done a few extra settings in this tool to do safe browsing and perform safe actions.

I have added premium proxies to make my profiles look more natural. Because every time I will perform some actions, I can rotate the proxies and enjoy safe searches.

buzzbundle coupon

Note: For security purposes, I have removed the proxies.

As you can see in the above screenshot that there are other many setting options where you can create streams, persona, keyword groups, proxy settings, and other important settings.

Click here to buy Proxies (Use coupon BCAGE for getting 25% recurring discount).

How I made $920?

For me, product selection was the biggest task as there are tons of niches and every niche further has tons of products.

So the very first task was to find the problem.

Recently I joined some premium forums so I was spending at least 3 hours daily to interact with people on forums and started looking for the problem along the way.

Now I could see the problem which people were discussing in the forums.

So the next duty was to find the product which could solve the problem.

After doing extensive research I found one product which was giving affiliate commission on monthly as well as lifetime subscription.

and the commission was more than $100 per sale. 😉

Once everything was completely set up, I started looking for the problem keywords.

So here comes BuzzBundle in action.

I created my profile, did the full setup and started feeding my keywords to find the people. To my surprise, there were many people who were writing on the same topic and there were another too many people who were asking for help on forums and social media sites.

I started giving them a link to my site (I made a dedicated site for the product).

After 3 days I made my first sale. Now I was confident because my experiment was working. So it was the time to bring a few more sales.

I found a few more keywords and repeated the process to bring more sales.

This is the screenshot where I generated $3261 worth business for them between 2nd August – 8th September.

buzzbundle reviews

Note: I was not able to take only last month's screenshot so I took till the date.

How was I able to generate this much money even while doing the experiment?

Before proceeding further I would like to confess that I am the guy who loves to use the tools a lot.

Every time I add new tools in my repository, I become excited to use it. 🙂

So this tool gave a strong control on all my profiles where I could do anything while sitting at one place. I could interact with people, do status updates, reply to people and see what's going on in my niche.

In short – it saved my time and gave me more grip on my social profiles.

Final words

If you are the guy who is actively participating in various forums and spending a lot of time on social media sites… and want to monetize your actions.. then this tool is for you.

If you are the guy who hasn't seen any growth on his sites and trying hard to make his first affiliate sale then this tool is for you.

In my final words – this is the tool to make your social media life simpler and give money along the way.

Click here to download FREE Trial of BuzzBundle now.

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  1. Great review and case study Its really cool experiment which can drive this much $$$. I am still struggling to make my first $ 😛

  2. I have a query .. If I add my facebook profile in buzzbundle .. Will it fetch only my friends status updates or global..

  3. Yeah,
    Well said @kulwant, converting readrers into buyers is one of the most difficult task because it depends on trust and many other factors. But the experiment information you shared in this article just amazed me.

    I am really impressed to read this review article in which you revealed that how you made $920.20 with an experiment. I just downloaded the FREE Trial of BuzzBundle and going to try out now.

    Thanks kulwant for this awesome ARTICLE 🙂

    1. Yes Amit, converting them into buyer is a big science where too many factors play the role. But once you figure out the methods, it becomes easy.

      Thanks for being here and appreciating my efforts.

  4. Good, Kulwant I think you should tell more about the product which you were selling as well. That gives much clear picture to the readers.

  5. Hi Nagi,

    This sounds perfect and desiring to really ranked for a specific keyword in a competitive niche. I never can vow that I’ll get the pro version but haven’t tried the trial I’ll sure decided whether to go for it or not but as per this review, it really worth it.

  6. You’ve presented the review of buzzbundle in a neat manner with enough screen shots Nagi, well done! Congratz for your huge earnings, good to know that!

    I’ve read this whole post and bookmarked it for future use as I’m still get into the AM. Hope it would engage your readers, keep your good work 🙂

  7. Hi,
    Nice one Kulwant. I liked everybit of it but I have few questions for you :-

    1. How many forums and blogs can be managed by this software. Little confused about this ?
    2. Are you using the paid version or free version?

  8. Hi Kulwant,
    Received your email. A good review article Kulwant. I intend to try the ‘free’ version first to gain some knowledge and info on it. What is your opinion? Please advice. Also please keep sharing your knowledge. Thank you.

  9. Hey Kulwant,

    Awesome post buddy. This tool is really THE HOLY GRAIL for affiliate marketing 😀 … Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope to give it a try soon…

    Apurva Nagar

  10. I always thought that BuzzBundle was just a social media tool but using it in such a way to generate a 4-figure commission in really amazing. Hats off to you man!
    And thanks a lot for sharing such unique ways of finding keywords and monetizing them. 🙂

  11. Hi Nagi,

    Such a nice and elegant post. I really like your detailed article. I did use ‘SEO Powersuite’ before for 6 months but as I was not much into tool so I didn’t give my proper view on it but now I will surely look on it. Thanks man and yeah congrats for huge amount and keep it up.

    Vaibhav S

  12. buzz bundle is a good tool to describe something that make it more advance and easy to use, I used and appreciate about the buzz bundle its more advance and good to use

  13. Hey Kulwant,

    Whoa man…smart move buddy! Yes it is a good move and definitely something to look into. I had promised myself not to buy anything during this black Friday and you are already tempting me to!

    BuzzBundle is good and definitely something to look seriously into.

    Thanks man.

  14. Thanks for the review but didn’t get persona very well, is it creating multiple social network ID’s ? Or creating different name of your same Social media ID.

  15. That’s really a nice twist to use it for affiliate promotion. I only use BuzzBundle to promote my blog posts and it definetly works well.

    Nice to learn a new twist here, thanks.

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