SEMRush FREE Trial – PRO Account for 30 Days

SEMRush is one of the leading SPY tools in the industry to find all the untapped keywords which you cannot find with basic keyword research.

SEMRush helps to do find all the LSI keywords and backlinks of your competitors, which makes your SEO process much easier.

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But let's see the power of SEMRush before activating the discount coupon.

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SEMRush is such a big tool having all the required research features that you don't need any other tools after using this.

You can see the keywords of your competitors, top-ranking pages, advertisements run by them, their complete backlinking profile and many other exciting studies to get more data.

Once you study your competitors, you can create a complete marketing plan and outrank them with better strategies.

Along with providing SEMRush coupon or a FREE 30 days trial in this article, we are going to review this tool so that you can get a better idea to use it.

What can you do with the SEMRush?

  1. Spy the backlinks: This tool will let you see all the backlinks created by your competitors and you can start creating better backlinks to outrank them.
  2. Do the keyword analysis: Keyword analysis will help you find the right keywords by understanding their search volume, their difficulty, top 10 ranking articles for that keyword and other metrics to decide whether to pick this keyword or not.
  3. See the marketing insights: You can see the traffic stats of your competitors and check which articles are driving more traffic.
  4. Gap analysis: This tool lets you find the gap of your backlinks and keywords as compared to your competitors.
  5. Topic research tool: This tool will let you find the best-performing articles around any keywords so that you can study them and create better content to promote your business.
  6. SEO content templates: This tool will create a complete marketing plan for you to study your top competitors, find the right LSI keywords and study their on-page SEO.
  7. SEO writing assistant: With this tool, you can start writing your content in SEMRush dashboard itself which can help you to create awesome content for your business blogs or websites.
  8. Lead generation tool: With a small snippet of code, you can start collecting leads from your blog.
  9. Listing management: You can manage the listing of your business in USA with this tool.
  10. Advertising research: With SEMRush you can study the Ads running by your competitors. You can study the text as well as display ads being run by your competitors.
  11. Website audit: This one tool can help you find all the problems on your site or your client's website to make them compatible with the latest Google algorithm. You can remove all the errors and warnings to make it more SEO friendly.

and there are many other hidden tools that you'll find when you start using SEMRush.