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Is it still easy to rank higher with keywords of event blogging niche?

Most people say now it is not as much easier as it was. Thousands of blogs on event niche were started in recent past.

Most of their admin are also SEO experts. That is why they are enjoying on first page of Google. So it is not easy now to do something great in event blogging.

I don’t agree.

Google's top-ranking is not the personal property of early birds. Those who occupy it, in the beginning, can’t stay permanently there.

Competition is rising day by day. The product that was best in the past could now be just an ordinary one.

Not because it lost its worth.

Just because better than it has arrived in the market.

Taking event blogging as a saturated niche could be correct. But to take it fully occupied by a few champions proves that you are not a competitive person.

Those who want to fight never escape from any battlefield; be it a high or low competition. While those who are afraid of defeat just pretend to defer fighting on one pretext or the other.

Be from the first group and dive into it if you really think you can be successful in event blogging.
So be ready to read this detailed guide on event blogging where I would share with you every tip and trick that could work.

I am in the field of event management for the last 25+ years. The first function I organized on payment of the fee was held in 1990 at the age of 22.

What is Event Blogging?

It covers all the national, cultural, international, religious, seasons, mourning and fun days. It does not simply describe when an event is observed. An event blog basically covers 5 Ws and 1 H. These are:

  • What is a specific day like Valentine's day or mother's day?
  • Why it is observed?
  • When it is observed?
  • Where it is observed?
  • Who observe it?
  • How it is observed?

So you can tell your readers in detail by giving an answer to each question with information, images, quotes, videos and anything that has any interest for the readers.

Answering the question of “how it is observed” you can sell products related to that day. This is the main question to reply with a strategy and earn money by selling all event-related products. I will explain further on other points.

What is the Scope of Event Blogging?

Whoever wants to spend life like all people do he wants to know about a few events related to his culture, country or personal interest.

Teens obviously want to know how to celebrate Valentine's day. Kids want to know how to express their love to their mother on Mother’s Day. Patriots want to know how to enthusiastically observe the national day of their country.

So every person on this planet and with the basics of spending a good life wants to know about a few of such days. It means the whole world is your target audience. They all want to know about a few of such days directly related to them.

What People Want to Know About an Event?

Also, their main focus is on two questions.

Why and how to celebrate/observe a day. So your basic challenge is to convince people why to celebrate an event. You can do this by telling the benefits of observing an event.

Also how earlier people celebrated it and excelled in their field or improved their life or had a good time doing so.

Then you can tell how to celebrate it by referring a lengthy list of how it has been celebrated so far all over the world.

Sharing different styles of observing it you can also mention all the products and services – with your affiliate links – people should buy to enjoy a specific day.

Your Niche is Ever Expanding

Did you notice one thing?

With the passage of time, such days are being added in the list by policymakers and global leaders.

If you pick the Rights day it was only Human Rights Day earlier. But now kids’ rights day, animal rights day, student rights day and so many others are being observed.

It shows your niche is expanding and you have more chances to earn money with it.

Pick a Domain

First of all pick a domain name that reflects it is on event blogging.

Quite popular names like globaldays.com or worlddays.com or internationaldays.com have already been taken.

Now you need to skillfully select the one that could compete with such powerful domain names.

Allglobaldays.com or something like that has also been taken. It shows how people are aware of the power of event blogging and grabbing every domain that can be popular.

Take the help of domain name generator and put a few words related to event blogging to coin the best domain.

event blogging

Create a few and then check if anyone of them is not taken to grab it at once.

Buy Quality Hosting

Once you fully optimize your blog you don’t get a regular stream of traffic on your blog. When an event is closer you would get loads of traffic while in normal days it could not be that much higher.

Variation in flow of traffic means your hosting package should be sufficient to face its load. Initially it won’t happen but after some time you may get huge traffic if you follow all my tips in this post.

Instead of compromising on quality just to save a few bucks think long term and from the beginning buy a quality hosting.

I recommend:

Initially, buy a monthly package. Once you are satisfied with your performance buy a three-year payment plan to be free from the worry of paying every month.

Three-year plan also offers a big discount.

Pick a Motto

how to make money from events

The motto of your event blogging strategy should be “Do Everything Well Before Its Deadline”.

The main reason for not doing anything great in this field is because of not moving ahead of time. For example, creating a post on the eve of an event can’t be that much effective as the one that was created well before time.

First pick all those days that could be covered on your blog. To check their popularity search each one in Google to know how many posts are already shared on it.

If thousands of posts are already there, it means it is quite popular. Also, check if it is widely discussed on social media to know another aspect of its popularity.

Pick all those days that are quite popular on Google and social media both. Then put them in chronological order from January to December with their exact dates.

Write them into an excel sheet with two more columns about their info and products.

You can also pick less popular days but covering them for a few people is not a good business strategy. Create only those things that are in huge demand in public.

Research Extensively

blogger event

This is the biggest task of your whole strategy. Collect the most vital information of all your selected days. Your info should be sufficient enough to reply to all the five questions of 4 Ws and 1 H as I pointed above.

Put all the info in the second column of your excel sheet with its details on a separate Word file by naming it with the name of that event.

Then search all the products that are related to an event. Also, apply your common sense to pick those products that could be associated to an event.

For example in your post on world literacy day you can recommend all the products and services that can help people educate the illiterate people around them. Or link those who want to be literate with those who want to educate the people. They can be people or organizations or communities.

So in third column mention all the products and services related to an event. Also put their links to know further about them when you create a long post on an event.

Use Google Trends

Google trends is one of the easiest way to get details about any event worldwide.

If you go to Google trends and type “st patrick day,” we can see the trend of this keyword.

how to make money hosting events

If you scroll down little bit, you can see the trends of this keyword in countries.

blogger event

Further you can see related queries of this keyword.

blog event

Here you get in-depth idea about your keyword, trending months, and related keywords.

Categorize the Events

Every event has a different mood. Some are celebrated with joy. Some are observed with sorrows. Some others are done with pledges. Also many others are observed to raise awareness on a specific issue. So categorize them with these different moods as events of:

  • Joy; like dance day, happiness day
  • Sorrow: Anniversary or Memorial
  • Religious: Easter, Holi, Eid
  • Resolutions: No smoking day
  • Love: Valentine day, mother’s day etc
  • Awareness: Environment day, human rights day etc
  • Health: world diabetes day, Parkinson day etc
  • Patriotism: National days of all main countries

Once you categorize them you can easily search products and services related to them.

event blogging

For example most of the awareness related days are observed to invite people attention to an issue. So the best product could be all that remind people about an issue. It could be insignia, badges, mugs with a slogan or a calendar etc.

For events related to sorrow the best products are info products including videos, ebooks and podcast with detailed knowledge on all aspects of an event.

Do Content Research

You already have created a separate info file in Word of each event with its name. Do extensive research to get all info about each event and save it into its file.

Then edit it by deleting unnecessary details and duplication. Finally you have a lengthy draft of most related info of an event.

Cross check its data especially dates, year and name of people related to it. A slight mistake can put bad impression on all who are closely related to an event.

For example if you mistakenly mention 4th June as Independence Day of US every American may wonder how they were liberated one month earlier by you.

After fully verifying the data with multiple sources then select those info that you can reproduce in your post and delete the rest that is not relevant and necessary.

Do Keyword Research

People search anything on Google with two intentions. One is called user intent that means they just want to know about something. Like keywords “Christmas” or “history of Christmas” etc.

Second one is called buyer intent.

It means people want to know how to make an event more joyful, knowledgeable, thoughtful or full of fun depending upon the mood of the event. So they search “e-commerce sites to do Christmas shopping” or “best happy new year deals”.

blogger event

So try to explore a keyword of buyer intent preferably but should equally have user intent in it. For example for keyword “how to make Halloween full of joy” so you can cover its both points by first mentioning the ideas and then products.

Long Tail Keyword

Find the long tail keywords to narrow your audience. If huge number of visitors read your post on an event with empty pockets you could be a great showman but not a business person. So bring those who come to your blog with money in their pockets or bank accounts.

People of rich countries don’t celebrate any event without shopping online. So target those who buy online and you can earn money by bringing them to your post.

how to make money from events

For example instead of covering “best Christmas shopping centers” cover its long tail keyword as “best Christmas shopping centers in New York”.

ReadWhy Keyword Research is Important For Every Blogger

Posting Calendar

Create the fifth column in your excel sheet and write the deadline to publish your post. Every event has different level of popularity. So you need to share each event’s post before different time margin.

For example all Christians of the world celebrate Christmas so you should share its post before 20 days that means on 5th of December. Earth day is not much popular event and a post about it could be shared ten days before it.

So write the deadline of posting your each post in fifth column by following the above tip.

Create Posts

Create an unforgettable post on each event. Follow all the tips and tricks as I mentioned in this post; “how to write a post that must go viral”.

So before writing each post do have a look at this post and read all about creating a post that is must to follow.

Thing to Remember

Write each post well before its posting date but don’t finalize it. So many products arrive in the market just a little before an event so you can also link them for your readers to buy.

Put Your Voice

Your post should contain all that has already been shared but with your own style. No more information could be created on an event that’s being celebrated for centuries. All the info is already available.

You simply need to put your voice into it with a different angle. Try to make it as easy to understand as possible.

Become affiliate of all niche related products

Create a list of all products that are related to your selected days. Search them on top affiliate sites. Be affiliate of all such sites where they are available. Create another excel sheet to save login details of each affiliate program.

Find best-seller products

Once you have list of all the products related to niche then find the best seller of each category.

For example to find best fitness products just write in Google “best fitness products” and you will receive the list.

First pick those with rich snippets that means having ratings and rank of popularity. Check their popularity again on social media to cover them prominently in your post.

Search Deals and Coupons

Many companies offer discount coupons and deals before an event. Do grab them and mention in your post either you are their affiliate or not.

Your main intention is to help people observe an event either you earn money with it or not. Obviously your effort should be to earn money with every product. If a coupon doesn’t offer affiliate commission, don’t deprive your readers of its benefits.

Monetize Your Post

Just before two days of its posting edit your post and finally put links of all products that lately arrived in the market.

Add a few paragraphs covering the benefit of each best-seller product with its affiliate link. Also put affiliate banners in sidebar related to current event that is coming closer.


If you already have Google Adsense account so display its ads on your blog after publishing your first post there.

If you don’t have then apply for it after publishing a few posts. If your posts have quality and your domain is top level like .com or .org without any addition of .wordpress, or .tumblr you will get approved your account easily.

event blogging

Put Google ads with their maximum limit with three image+text ads and three simple text links. Most of the visitors on an event blog are unique and they are the main source to make you earn money with Google ads.

First-time visitors click on PPC ads and on their second time visit they're already familier about such ads.


Images for each event should be quite pertinent and not stereotyped. For example Santa Clause image for Christmas event is highly saturated image. Try to search the one that also promote your message of buying a product.

Three images for a post of 1500 words are sufficient to diversify it. These are the sites where images of almost all events are available.

Conceive different aspects of an event to search images with them. It will add more value if your image creatively points an interesting aspect of the event.

For example on Eid Muslims greet each other by embracing so their images could be good for a post on Eid.


Video on an event could be a nice add-on if it is really a good one. Or you can create your own by shooting on event day and storing it for putting it in your post in next year.

blog event

Create a YouTube channel with your blog name to drive more traffic and expand your influence. Many people just want to watch video and don’t read text posts.

Be Everywhere

On every event hundreds of groups on Facebook and communities on G+ are quite popular. So well before an event’s day join them and actively participate. So you can get more response on your post related to those groups if you are active there.

Many blogs don’t exclusively cover an event. They simply mention it and remain stick to their main topic.

Search such posts on Google and social media. Make their list and then send an email to each requesting them to link your post as anchor text where they have referred an event.

Not all will respond you, but a few would obviously do if you access them through their contact page or on social media.

Many events are observed under the banner of a global organization. Like World Environment Day is observed under the aegis of United Nations Environment Program.

So send the link of your post to it through the contact page of its website. Also, search emails of its top managers on its about page and send your post link to them.

Relevance the Most Important Factors

Share your post on a given event with those that are related to it. Like share your post on Diwali massively with people living in India and Nepal more particularly. Request your Hindu friends on social media to reshare it.

Update Each Post Every Year

Create your each post as evergreen. But it can’t be done beyond a limit. Many things change with the passage of time.

Update your each post every year by adding new info related to an event. Also re-monetize it by updating all the affiliate links and a few more links if you find.

Guest Posting

It is not as much effective as for authority blogs. But you can create small posts at the time of an event to publish them on G+, Facebook instant article, LinkedIn publish and Medium with a link to your main post.

Blog Commenting

At the time of an event comment extensively on all such blogs that have very active blog community.

Aha-Now is its glaring example where people participate actively on its each post.

Also activate your participation on social media commenting when an event is coming closer. Your purpose is to grab attention of more and more people to get your post noticed by them.

Final Words

So this is all about event blogging that I got from my 25 years experience in event management and planning.

Do you think there is any other tip to get more success on an event blog? Do share it with us as there is no limit of good tips on every topic.

If you still want to know something more about the topic do ask me in the comments section below.

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