Frequently Asked Questions

In this post, I am going to cover some of the frequently asked questions which newbie bloggers or affiliate marketers ask again and again.

Make sure you read each question and each answer if you want to see the clear picture of blogging.

Let's start.

#1. Which is the best hosting provider?

The simple and straight forward answer is – it depends on the level you are right now.

If you are a complete newbie, I can assume that you are not willing to invest too much money in your starting days.

>> So for a newbie, GreenGeeks is highly recommended.

You can buy GreenGeeks in as low as 4500 INR per year.

Biggest Benefit: You can host many sites on the same server if you buy PRO plan.

Other hosting you can try is SiteGround.

>> Now the second hosting I recommend is, CloudWays.

Cloudways will cost you a minimum $10/month, i.e around 9000 per year. Cloudways is recommended if you want to have a VPS server for your blog. They are using DigitalOcean at their backend, which is an awesome hosting.

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>> Third hosting I recommend is, WPXHosting.

It's the same hosting which we are using to host this blog. This is a VPS server and you can host minimum 5 sites on a server.

The minimum cost to buy a server is $25/month or 23,000 INR per year.

In short, it all depends on which level you are right now, and how much you want to invest.

Every hosting has it's pro and cons.

#2. How much time will it take to earn the first dollar?

The only person who can answer this question is – YOU.

Because we don't know how good your technical skills are, how good you are in learning, how fast you take action and how fast you execute the things.

There are so many factors which will define how much time you are going to take to make your first dollar.

If you ask me – It took me 7 months to make my first dollar from my blog. 🙂

#3. Why Shareasale is not approving my account?

The ultimate thing they want is – Marketers who can help them to promote their products.

Same as you, they are also in the market to make money online.

So they are looking for the potential marketers who has the knowledge, commitment and dedicate to bring sales for them.

If you apply being a newbie, they cannot verify anything.

Neither you have a blog, nor good blog posts, and traffic is also nil.

In that case, they are NEVER going to approve your account.

Focus on building your blog first, write 20-30 quality articles, drive some good traffic and then apply.

They cannot say NO if you have good stats.

#4. Why my blog is not getting traffic?

Traffic is something for which even I struggle.

It's been 9 years I am in the industry but I keep on looking for the new traffic sources every single day.

Creating a blog doesn't mean that people are going to read your blog posts from the day one.

You'll have to master the art of traffic and find the right channels to drive traffic.

You can read these 2 blog posts on our blog.

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#5. Which niche is best to start?

This is a 100% wrong question.

What if I reply that dentist is a good niche to start, or Psychiatrist is a good niche to start.

It doesn't make any sense to start a blog around the niche about which you have ZERO knowledge.

Rather than asking this WRONG question, you can ask yourself which are the things I am good at.

Many people have the WRONG assumption that I am good at giving suggestions and people come to me with their questions… and I always solve their problem. So can this be a niche?
Ohhhh comm'on.
Everyone thinks that they are good in giving suggestions.
Drop this IDEA if you are planning to start a blog around it.
It's not a niche.

Now coming back to the point, always think which are the things you are good at.

Let's say you are a music teacher, in that case you can start a blog around musical instruments.

Let's say you are a project manager, you can start a blog around time management, project management.

Let's say you are a yoga trainer, you can start a blog around yoga equipments and help people.

I hope you got the idea what I am trying to say here.

Asking which niche is best to start is a WRONG question.

Here are the niches I suggest to avoid.

  • Poems – It's not a good niche to start a blog.
  • Shayari – It's not a good niche to start a blog.
  • Lyrics – Another bad niche for the affiliate.
  • Your Personal Life – No one is interested to read about your life, so drop the idea to share your personal stories.
  • Your Passion to Change the World – First change your own life. Think about changing the world after that.

#6. Which affiliate network is best?

Every affiliate network is best if you know how to promote the products.

I am saying it once again, no affiliate network will accept your application if you are a complete newbie.

So make a good blog, have 20-30 article and some decent traffic before you apply at any network.

There are hundreds of networks in the world, we have even written this post.

Top 33 Affiliate Marketing Programs & Websites to Make Money in 2020

Every affiliate network is best if you know how to promote.

#6. How Much Time Should I Invest Daily?

The only person who can answer this question is – YOU.

Because I don't know your daily routine, your priorities, your dedication level to do the new things to your commitment to change your life.

I don't know what time you go to office, what time you come back and how much time you are giving to your family.

And most importantly, I don't know how HUNGRY you are for success.

When I started my blogging career in 2011, I was so hungry for the success that I used to work 18 hours every single day for 7-8 months.

One day I found a weighing machine and did my weight.

Being a 26 years old, 5 feet 10 inch tall guy, my weight was 52KG.

Yes, 52KG.

I sacrificed my health. and sleep to become what I am today.

#7. Can I Cover Many Topics Under one Blog?

It would be a blogging suicide if you want to cover too many topics under a single blog when you are a complete newbie.

Don't try to become a master when you don't know the ABC of blogging.

Your very first goal must be learning about blogging.

How this works, how to write good articles, how to optimize a blog, and many other things.

So here is the secret of success – START A BLOG AROUND ONE TOPIC.

This would make you an expert in that niche and it would be much easier for you to get the data in that field.

#8. Should I Start a Separate Blog on Each Niche?

Again, this would be a blogging suicide.

Being a newbie, your main focus must be on learning how things work. If you start so many blogs on various niches, you are most likely to fail.

You'll be able to focus on one blog which will result a 100% failure.

Don't do this silly mistake in your blogging career.

Don't try to be a master of racing when you don't even know how to ride a bicycle.

Hope you got my point.

Let me say it once again, don't do the mistake of starting too many blogs when you don't even know what blogging is and how to run a blog.

#9. How Much Time Does it take to Rank a New Site?

5-7 months is a decent time. But that depends on the quality of content, your blog's structure and most importantly, backlinks.

#10. Do I need a Blog/Website for Affiliate Marketing?

Would you ask the question while learning a bicycle, saying, “Can I learn how to ride a bicycle without a bicycle?”

No, you won't.

Because you know that you cannot do it without a bicycle?

The same is with affiliate marketing.

Your blog is your foundation to write the articles, and do SEO. You can even use your blog to paid advertisement on Facebook, Google or any advertising platform.

But at the end, you need a blog.

It's not possible to do affiliate marketing without a blog.

If someone tells you that it's possible, ask them to show how are they doing it.. and you would be surprised to see that they won't show it. 😀

Because doing affiliate marketing without a blog (or YouTube channel) is difficult.

#11. Can I do Affiliate Marketing When I am not a Good Writer

Let me be honest with you… Even I am not a good writer.

But this is something which can be learnt. There are so many blogs which you can start reading and improve your writing skills. My favorite are SmartBlogger and CopyBlogger.

Keep learning and soon you'll become a good writer.

Nothing would happen if you keep sitting and thinking.

Start learning and soon you'll master it.

#12. How the Money will Come in My Account?

Every affiliate network has different option to pay your affiliate commission.

Most common in all is, PayPal.

Just create your PayPal account and you can start taking money in it.

Many good affiliate networks would even do NEFT and Wire transfer in your account. Just send your bank details and they will transfer your commission.

Many good networks has Payoneer option too.

You can signup with our affiliate link to get FREE $50 credit in your account. 🙂

Final words..

These were some of the questions I had in my mind and I have replied to them. I am going to add more questions in the future so that you can get the answer of each question here only.