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Do you want to unleash the potential of email clients for the Mac operating system?

If yes! You are in the correct place at the moment.

Although macOS comes with its inbuilt email software, it has some limitations regarding advancements in the dashboard, email management approach, and much more.

Hence, to override these limitations, plenty of third-party free email clients for Mac exist in the market that professionals are adopting to streamline their email management operations.

This blog post will help you discover advanced yet free email software for Mac to improve your email performance.

So, let's get straight into the apps.

Stellar Free Email Clients For Mac Operating System

No worries if you are having difficulty managing your emails or do not find the user interface of your email client intuitive. 

Discover some stellar free email clients for the Mac operating system for outstanding navigation and usage.

1. Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a versatile and free email client for the Mac operating system. It is not only free but also offers you reliable features to manage your inbox like never before.

Thunderbird offers a comprehensive set of features for efficient email management. Although no longer actively developed, It remains popular due to its robustness and security updates.

Its smart folders, add-ons, and filters help you organize and handle emails effectively while also keeping junk mail at bay.

One of Thunderbird's strengths lies in its streamlined interface, which provides a user-friendly experience without compromising functionality.

It allows you to customize your email workflow with various add-ons and extensions. It thus helps you enhance productivity and personalization.

Overall, Thunderbird is the best email app for Mac users seeking a powerful email client with a range of features for managing emails efficiently.


  • Offers unified inbox
  • Easy configuration
  • Provides reliable add-ons
  • Easy navigation
  • Robust filtering system
  • Supports numerous email accounts


  • Not actively developing
  • Traditional Mac models may find it slow
  • Lagging in user-friendly behaviour than other Mac email clients 

Pricing Plans

Free forever

2. Missive

Missive is the best email client explicitly designed for macOS users who prioritize productivity and collaboration.

Its intuitive interface and advanced features make managing multiple email accounts a breeze. It also provides robust tools for team collaboration.

Whether you're a freelancer, small business owner, or corporate executive, Missive offers the functionality to stay organized. It thereby lets you efficiently handle your emails.

One of Missive's standout features is its seamless integration of email collaboration tools. It allows team members to collaborate effectively right within the email client. Hence, it is focused on offering the best email experience to you.

Overall, if you're searching for a powerful yet user-friendly mail app that prioritizes collaboration and productivity, Missive is a major email client worth a try for Mac users.


  • Shared Inboxes
  • Offers real-time collaboration on emails
  • Allows efficient teamwork
  • Can handle multiple email accounts
  • Built-in task management feature
  • Productivity-focused
  • Calendars
  • Assignment


  • Limited customizations
  • The steep learning curve for beginners

Pricing Plans

Free: $0/month
Starter: $14/month/user
Productive: $18/month/user
Business: $26/month/user

3. Canary Mail

Canary Mail stands out as an email service focused on robust encryption. It primarily focuses on the security of your emails. Hence, it is a top choice for users concerned about email security.

Canary Mail offers a one-click end-to-end encryption feature. It ensures your emails are protected from unauthorized access and offers advanced PGP management for encryption enthusiasts.

This level of security provides peace of mind, knowing your sensitive communications are safe from prying eyes.

Canary Mail also offers a range of productivity features designed to streamline your email management. Smart Filters allow you to quickly sort and prioritize emails based on criteria like unread status or attachments.

The Natural Language Search enables intuitive searching using everyday language. Furthermore, introducing co-pilot, an AI tool for crafting email replies, adds a layer of convenience for everyone looking to enhance their email productivity.

Overall, Canary Mail is the best free email client for Mac users seeking a secure, feature-rich email provider that prioritizes privacy and efficiency.


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Smart filters to prioritize emails
  • Co-pilot AI for automated email response
  • Natural language search
  • Free version available


  • No option to unsend messages
  • Limited app integrations

Pricing Plans

Free: $0
Pro: $49/year
Enterprise: $100/user/year

4. Apple Mail

As a MasOS user, you might know that Apple Mail is a native email software that comes pre-installed in Mac models. 

Apple Mail offers diverse features that can be optimized to meet your requirements. It enables you to handle numerous email accounts seamlessly, use smart filters to organize your emails perfectly and build customized mailboxes for reliable messaging.

Additionally, it offers easy integration with other Apple applications like contacts and calendars. Overall, it can be a reliable and the best Mac email client to use. However, its restricted customization options and lack of advanced features might force you to delete it and use third-party alternative solutions for better optimization.


  • Simple and straightforward
  • Native email client for MacOS
  • Amazing search option to find emails quickly


  • Limited features
  • Restricted customization options
  • Often shows synchronizing issues

Pricing Plans

When you create an Apple ID, your iCloud Mail account (personal email) includes 5 GB of complimentary storage for mail, photos, and additional content, making it a free version.

5. BlueMail

BlueMail is a versatile email app for Mac users who manage multiple accounts effortlessly. It supports various email services and offers various features to streamline inbox management. 

With BlueMail, you can personalize emails with themes and signatures, delay message delivery for later, and schedule emails per desired time. It will never let you miss follow-up emails.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a casual email user seeking inbox organization, BlueMail em client strikes a harmonious balance between functionality and user-friendly design.


  • Unified inbox
  • Integrated calendar
  • Email clustering to stay organized
  • User-friendly task board for email program
  • Unlimited accounts


  • Restricted customization options
  • Often shows synchronizing issues with several devices

Pricing Plans

Standard: Free for a lifetime
BlueMail Plus: $2.39/user/month
Business Pro: $11.37/user/month

6. Mailbird

Mailbird is the best email client for Mac users. It encompasses modern, intuitive, powerful and ultra-customizable features to optimize emails. 

Despite being in early access, Mailbird boasts an intuitive interface that enhances user experience. You can customize your inbox with colour themes, backgrounds, email templates, and much more. Overall, it provides a personalized touch to email management. 

Mailbird allows you to easily block senders and seamlessly manage multiple email accounts within a single platform.

Mailbird lets you focus on important emails using the message snoozing option, thereby keeping non-urgent emails on silent mode.

Its advanced features, such as integration with chatGPT and support for custom apps, further enhance your productivity and convenience.


  • Customizable workspace
  • AI-powered email authoring
  • Seamless app integration
  • Centralized email management
  • Message snoozing
  • Multiple sound options
  • Multi-language support


  • Restricted customization options
  • The free version and standard subscription have almost common features

Pricing Plans

Free: Free Plan
Standard Pay Once: $47.87/user
Premium Pay Once: $89.76/user

7. Mailspring

Mailspring is another of the best free email clients for Mac in 2024. It stands out for its comprehensive feature set and intuitive interface. 

Mailspring excels at seamlessly managing multiple email accounts and allows you to personalize your inbox with various themes and layouts.

One notable feature is its email tracking capability for mail opens and clicks. It thereby provides valuable insights into email engagement.

The app also offers robust search capabilities and advanced filters to locate specific emails and conversations.

Furthermore, Mailspring offers a pro version with enhanced features such as link tracking, template support, instant messaging, and a comprehensive company overview. 

These additional functionalities cater to users looking for more advanced tools to streamline their email management and communication tasks.

Overall, Mailspring is a popular email client with a handful of features. It offers a blend of simplicity, advancements, and powerful features, making it a top choice for Mac users seeking an efficient and feature-rich email application.


  • Robust templates
  • Company overviews
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Link tracking
  • Actionable inbox insights
  • Snooze messages
  • Send later option
  • Modern user interface


  • Cannot undo sent emails

Pricing Plans

Free: $0/month
Mailspring Pro: $8/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Apple provides email services through iCloud Mail, which is available for iCloud users. However, it is not a standalone free email service like Gmail or Outlook.

Yes, Outlook for Mac is free to download and use. However, certain features and functionalities may require a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Yes, Mac Mail, also known as Apple Mail, is free and comes pre-installed on macOS devices.

Yes, Apple has an email client called Apple Mail (or Mac Mail), which is pre-installed on macOS devices.

Did you Get Your Best Email Client for Mac Email Management?

With a comprehensive overview of all the free email clients for Mac users, I can say that third-party apps offer plenty of features that in-built email software lacks.

Finding your best solution ultimately depends on your needs and workflows. So, if you need a simple and straightforward mailing solution, in-built Apple Mail will be a reliable option for you. 

However, if you are seeking advanced features for your email management, I have curated free third-party apps for you to opt for.

Go ahead! Figure out your needs and opt for the best.

Happy Emailing!

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