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When I started blogging, then like you I was also not aware about the importance of speed.

But once I started moving forward in blogging, things started revealing automatically.

With time I learn SEO and too many other things which are most important from blogging point of view. Few things took time while few of them I learn very quickly.

I always feel very lucky because I started using Genesis framework in started days of blogging and I am still using it (for almost all of my blogs).

So which was the biggest reason which forced me to think and I decided to start using Genesis for my blogs? Here we are going to talk about genesis in details and I am going to tell you which this is the best framework.

1. Inbuilt SEO Compatibility

I have seen many newbie getting confused while selecting SEO plugins for their blogs and most of the time they get puzzled between All in one SEO and WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Which is quite reasonable.

Because these plugins have added such features which are not in the reach of a newbie and very difficult to understand when we are still learning about blogging and all.

Same happened with me when I was newbie and I was using All in one SEO plugin on one of my education blog. One day I found that one important SEO setting was missing in my plugin so I started using WordPress SEO by Yoast also. I was completely unaware that two plugins can conflict with each other.

So after few days my ranking started decreasing rapidly.

It took me atleast one month to figure out that two plugins were the culprits.

So what are the settings in Genesis?

Here is my screenshot

genesis theme review

1. Document Title Setting

Genesis framework gives you freedom to set your home title and description.

In this section you can decide the placement of your description. You can either show it on left or right side of your homepage title. In my case I have decided to show it on right side of my title.

2. Homepage Setting

In homepage setting you can define the text which you want to show as title and description for your blog. When anyone will search your blog in Google then this title and description will be displayed in SERP.

See screenshot

genesis framework reviews

You can see that my SEO setting and SERP result descriptions are same.

3. Homepage Robots Meta Tags

If you want to make your blog noindex, nofollow or noarchive then you can do it directly from your genesis SEO setting.

4. Homepage Author

I personally loved this feature.

You must have seen that Google plus is playing big role in SEO now, so getting Google authorship of any blog has become very important. Keeping importance of Google plus in mind, Genesis framework has added homepage author in its SEO setting.

Once you will make your profile as homepage author then it will become must easy for you to get Google authorship approval.

5. Relationship Link Tags

Relationship Link Tags is something where you can decide the type of relation with your links. For more details read here.

6. Robots Meta Setting

Here you can decide about index, noindex, archive and noarchive behavior of category, tag, author, date and search.

In my case I am indexing my categories in Google and I am not getting any duplicate warning as I have given unique description to all my categories.

7. Archive Setting

Canonical URLs are most important for any blog. If you are changing URL of your blog post in future then new URL must redirect to old one, so canonical do all this work for you.

….. So how does it look like in post setting?

Here is the screenshot of SEO setting which you will see when you are writing content, means in your content writing area.

wordpress genesis framework review

2. HTML 5 and Schema Compatibility

If your blog is not HTML 5 compatible then you are living in old ages.

According to new SEO trend Schema and HTML 5 have become very important as search engines have become more complex and they want to identify the data with Schema tags more easily.

In my article “Is Your Blog Compatible With Latest SEO Changes?” I have covered about them in detail.

Genesis has added this feature in latest Genesis 2.0.1 framework and they are making all their themes HTML 5 compatible slowly slowly. You can check all themes here.

3. Fast Loading

Google loves the blog which load faster than other blogs.

So having a fast loading blog has become one of the prime factor to survive in this changing SEO world where updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird are destroying normal SEO practices.

See my blog's speed in GTMetrix.

genesis framework wordpress

4. Very easy to code

If you are looking for professional looking themes then this is the one stop destination for you.

Genesis has made their code so simple to understand that with little knowledge of CSS you can design awesome looking themes.

I am feeling proud to say that theme at SaaS Ultra is designed by myself. I was not good at coding by with time I learnt to play with Genesis child themes and I was able to make good looking themes.

Final words

If you are very serious about blogging and want to make it very big in future then I will suggest to start using Genesis framework for your blog. It will not only give you freedom like SEO, speed and design but you will always feel proud to have world's best framework running behind your blog.

You will invest in your business one time but it will stay with you forever.

Note: If you are going to buy any theme using my links then you can ping and ask me for any premium theme at free of cost. I would love to provide you that theme and help enter the Genesis lovers club.

wp genesis framework

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  1. Recently I moved to Genesis from Thesis. So far I love it. And yeah, I used your affiliate link while buying the theme.

    Hope your review will be helpful for others who want to buy Genesis framework.

  2. Hello@Kulwant:-Currently, I am using Theme Junkie on my blog which also provides many of the capability similar to Genesis. However, to purchase Genesis for a newbie is a difficult tasks. Hope I am using Genesis in near future.

  3. hello kulwant
    i want genesis framework download link can you give to me? its great framework for SEO and SPEED is Very good. i surf your site and page loading speed is very good. please give

  4. Every time I plan to change the theme of my blog I end up by using a Genesis based. I can’t think about any other framework of theme as Genesis is easy to customize, fast, powerful and more of all seo friendly.

  5. Hi, I read through your comments on using genesis. I am a one person small business in California, just starting out. I help the children of elderly parents obtain resources to care for their parents. I want to start a blog and I have lots of really good content. I don’t know how to build a website or SEO. While I am pretty good at using computers, I probably know enough to be dangerous if I started building a website and then SEO and I don’t think it’s wise for me to spend my time learning this. My time is better spent helping my customers,. Do you provide this service? Can you build the genesis website/blog? I can just insert my content. if so, what do you charge? please help me. Thank you. Lisa

    1. Yes Lisa, I am die-hard genesis framework fan. 🙂

      I appreciate your concern for the website. These days building a website has become very much easier because tons of pre-made template are available out there. All you need to do is select a good one and use it for your website.

      Right now I am not providing any official services on my blog but if you are looking then you can contact me at [email protected]. According to the requirement I can quote the price.

  6. I have been looking at updating my website and heard a bit about Genesis. I think after this review I’m sold. Is it pretty easy to add in the e-mail subscribe?

  7. Sorry to say but right now your website is taking more than 2 minutes to load using genesis framework. That is pathetic and all your praise for this wonderful framework has no meaning if your own website is not able to show any symptoms of speed. I have just developed few methods using them any website can load in less then 1.5 sec, you can check the same effect from my site at link available though my gravatar, sorry for posting my link in comment but it was necessary to add to prove my point that other simple WordPress themes can beat genesis in speed test.

    1. Here are my 3 results..

      1. GTMetrix

      2. Pingdom

      3. Google Page Speed

      I am using Genesis on all my blogs and I am more than satisfied as compared to those so called SEO friendly professional themes.

      Even genesis’s speed can be boosted by using the methods which you used, so please don’t try to become superior than others.. I love genesis and always would be.. FULLSTOP

      1. I am not trying to be smarter than anyone else, your website was really taking more than 2 minutes on gtmetrix at the time of this comment, Thus only post this comment to remind you. Its upto you how do you take genuine comment. Anyhow my intention was not to hurt your feelings.

  8. Hi Kulwant,

    This is an wonderful and most comprehensive review I ever found on net. I read tons of articles on your site and they are amazing. But on my blog I am using wordpress.com site. And I am using the in build themes. Of course using wordpress.com site then .0rg restrict many feature. But still can you give some insight for the people who are using their one blog and not free blog on wordpress.com site.

    Any insight on which theme to choose or what are the most important things to takecare.

    thanks a zillion

    1. Hi Ajay,

      Glad to hear that you loved my efforts. I am using genesis for all my blogs (including niche blogs), and more than satisfied with the performance and features. I haven’t tried using free WordPress platform for any of my blog, so sorry I don’t have any idea about it.

  9. Good Review. By seeing the settings of Genesis Framework I am impressed. But a question, Is Genesis Framework is the best ?

  10. I use Genesis exclusively when building my own, as well as clients’ sites. I looked at Thesis first but didn’t care for the price of the developer license. Then I checked out Genesis and didn’t need to spend the big price. I much preferred the Genesis designs and the professional look to Thesis.

    Very happy with Genesis and wouldn’t consider building sites with any thing else. The great thing about using the framework with child them is, while the framework gets updated, the child theme remains untouched. In addition, themes can be modified to look any way you want.

    1. Waqas, Genesis has made such an awesome standards for a professional theme that competing with it is very much tough for new players. I started using genesis around 2 years back and building all my niche sites also on genesis.

      Yes, we can use any genesis child theme with the framework and any future update will not disturb our child theme.

      BloggingCage is purely build on genesis child theme and I am very happy with the features and loading speed.

  11. Kulwant,

    I’m using Genesis Framework as well. Can you tell me how your keeping all of the spam away from your Genesis Framework blog? I’ve switched commenting plugins 3 times and still get hit with spam ALOT. Any tips? Does anyone else have some advice??

    Jason Waite

  12. Hello Kulwant,
    I’m currently using Genesis framework. I installed it but couldn’t find here SEO settings of Genesis. Its showing just theme settings and Import/Export. Pls guide me to Genesis SEO Settings, from where the option of SEO Setting visiblize?

    by the way I found much beneficial information from here. Thanks for posting such a nice article.

    1. Nitin, this is a very common problem.

      To activate Genesis SEO setting you’ll have to deactivate SEO plugin which you are using on your blog. Like you might be using WordPress SEO by Yoast or All-in-one SEO plugin on your blog.

      Simply deactivate that and enjoy Genesis SEO.

      But you’ll have to move SEO setting to genesis for getting everything perfectly working.

  13. But is it good to deactivate that particular SEO plugin. Means I think that the plugin is necessary for SEO. Or genesis seo settings are sufficient to do so ?

  14. I have came to know about genesis framework after starting my first self hosted WordPress blog. I will just say one line about the framework, its beauty with brain (SEO-friendly).

  15. Hi Dear, I am a big fan of your blog. I love the way you help people with your incredible and lovely advice. I will also use this theme in future but one thing i cannot understand is that shoutmeloud.com also used same theme but header, menu bar, side bar and footer is different from //www.saasultra.com. if i am buying Genesis framework then how to get unique interface from other. it is possible in Genesis framework. 2nd question is that please submit tutorial how to post SEO friendly in WordPress blog in which you describe SEO friendly post title, post tag , post keyword and etc

  16. I have seen a lot of bloggers recommending Genesis Framework. I have not used this, but planning to use in future. It is very good for blogs to use a clean and faster Framework, than using a beautiful but slower one.

  17. Awesome review, thanks Kulwant.

    As you know, I’ve been blogging since 2010, and Genesis was my first choice.
    I’m definitely a happy customer since then.

    I recently found and purchased Appendipity (you need to have Genesis before install any of their themes) and their design is just outstanding.

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