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Google AdSense Account Disabled

This was the title of an email I got on 11th April 2013.

According to them, there was an invalid click activity on my blog, which is against the policy of Google AdSense.

I was shocked to see this mail because the reason of this ban was someone clicking on my ads.

Someone clicked on my AdSense ads, and Google disabled my account.

I was like.. What?

They banned my account because of someone clicking on my ads?

  • Cannot they detect and see who is clicking on the ads?
  • Cannot they take immediate action?
  • Cannot they warn the AdSense owner if someone is clicking on ads?
  • Cannot they take the decision in the favor of AdSense owner because he was not the guy clicking on the ads?

These were some questions that kept on popping in my mind.

Being a newbie blogger, this was bad news for me because I was not aware of more money-making methods.

I tried different AdSense alternatives but… zip. Nada.


I was not making as good money as we used to make with AdSense.

A few more questions were running in my mind.

  • What if they disable my account again?
  • What if I made $1000 in a month, and they disabled my account a few days before the payment?
  • What if I lose the traffic of my blog?

My questions were legit.. but the problem was, I didn't know whom to ping to get the answers.

Back in 2013, there were only a handful of Indian bloggers, so getting the right people to get the answer of your queries was a little bit difficult.

So the only solution I had was – Google.

I started looking for some of the best methods which could help me to make much better money than AdSense.

Few people were suggesting CPA marketing, some close friends suggested applying for BuySellAds, and many suggested to go for the paid posts.

I was confused because being one-man army I couldn't do everything.

Soon I came to know about the power of affiliate marketing.

This was something that excited me.

When I analyzed CPA, Facebook ads, Paid posts and many other methods, I found that people were trying to sell other's products and in return, they were making a good commission.

This was a perfect business.

Sell other people's product, and make money.

No customer support headache, no service headache, no product creation headache, and the best thing was you get your payment on time. πŸ˜‰

So in this article, I am going to talk about how I got involved in affiliate marketing. Why this is the best method to make money online and why I highly recommend doing this.

Here's how Google AdSense ban changed my life..

#1. I Started Learning More About Marketing

Ask any person, what is the biggest business in the world.

Either it's gold, diamond, luxury products, travel or anything, it all revolves around marketing.

Let's say you have created the best digital product, written a mind-blowing eBook or started any service online.

It's the BEST product/eBook/service in the world.

But does it have any value if there is no buyer?

No one knows that you have that mind-blowing product.

No one even cares about this.

So what is the solution?

Yes.. You heard it right.

It's marketing.

I was so thrilled with this word ‘marketing' that I started reading many good blogs to enhance my marketing skills.

I read books like Cashvertising, Predictably Irrational, Selling when no one is buying, Scientific advertising, and most importantly I did a paid training of KopyWriting Kourse.

β€œOur jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so.” – Bryan Eisenberg

This one practice not only helped me to understand more about the buying persona, but it helped a lot to succeed in affiliate marketing as well.

#2. I Become A Better Blogger

This element was missing when I was writing for Google.

I was pleasing Google only.

I did this silly mistake for 2 years.

Writing a blog, and writing an awe-inspiring blog are two different things.

I am a big fan of Neil Patel and Ramsay Taplin. By checking their blog, you can clearly see that they have some of the killer blog posts on their blogs.

They have their blog so well optimized that they please readers as well as search engines by targeting the right keywords in their blog posts.

After analyzing these 2 awesome bloggers, I found what they were doing, I found which type of content they were generating and how they were putting their energy to become one of the finest bloggers.

So after getting my AdSense account banned, I started working more on my blog to make it Google non-dependent.

I tried my best to make it a blog which neither depends on the traffic point of view nor from the earning point on Google.

#3. I Started Building My Email List

All big marketers say, “Money is in the list.”

I did a big mistake for 2 years.

I would say a very BIG mistake.

I was not putting my efforts to capture the email of the visitors landing on my blog.

They were coming on my blog, reading the content.. and never coming back.

One of my close friends suggested that you should start building an email list from your blog because you can promote anything in the future if you want to.

So by doing this, you are not only going to get traffic but make money as well.

This idea seems legit.

After having a long discussion with my friend, Blogging Domination Guide was born.

I started giving this guide free of cost on my blog and in return, I was collecting email of my readers.

[su_note radius=”6″]Thank you if you have already downloaded Blogging Domination Guide and reading this blog post after getting my email.[/su_note]

I am using ConvertKit for getting subscribers on my blog.

With ConvertKit, you can capture subscribers on your blog and see many other metrics, like from which page they join, what is the IP address of a subscriber, City, State, Country etc.

#4. I Started Full-time Affiliate Marketing

This was one of the best decisions to monetize my blog.

I had already written a few reviews on my blog, like Genesis FrameworkLong Tail Pro 3.0 and many others. I found that they were bringing good sales every month.

After analyzing those blog posts, I found that only a few people were coming on those blog posts, and they were taking the buying decision.

This was a lightbulb moment for me.

Because I was making sales with only a handful of visitors.

So I started paying more attention to those articles to drive more traffic by ranking them high in various search engines.

By continuously tweaking blog posts, starting more niche blogs, running paid ads and various other activities I did my life's first $10,000 a month in July, Luckily I did this again in August and looking forward to hit $20,000 a month in next 3-4 months.

After understanding some good things about affiliate marketing, I started my paid coaching in February 2015, and I have trained 20+ awesome people till now.

Final Words..

All I want to say at the conclusion of this blog post is; Google AdSense is not the end of the world.

There are a thousand of other ways to make money on the internet.

Don't be sad if your AdSense has disabled, because you never know what you are going to learn after this.

Obstacles are the proof that something big for you is on the way.

Enhance your knowledge with your time and you can make much more money than Google AdSense.

Now Your Turn..

Do share this article with your friends who are crying after getting their AdSense disabled.

Show them what they can do.

Show them how they can cross the river safely and build a better business for them.

And Don't forget to comment below. Because your comments are the fuel for me to write better in future. πŸ™‚

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  1. Awesome Kulwant..
    Really touching story with legit… Fact. If you are bold out by Google, don’t rest create your own path.



    All these saying holds true in your journey. Glad I read this.

  2. I love your writing style; Google has made changes and they gave prior warning before any account suspension. Even though no doubt there are many platforms apart from Google which performs amazingly good

  3. Hmmm, your post is an encouraging post one. What i like in your post is when you decide to write your post as a non-dependant in terms of google adsense. Well i like your post.

  4. Hi Kulwant Bro,
    I have same experience with google adsense. But till now I use adsense on my blog because of some small amount passive income. Affiliate Marketing is very vast subject. Just implement other method will not make much sale. Everyone have to think different to make most out of affiliate market. Many new thing I learn from this post..

    BTW congo for $10,000 mark. Hope you will touch $20,000 mark in this month.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Yeah, Hamim. Making money online is all about your mindset. So always decide your methods with a positive mindset and start your journey in that direction.

      Thanks for the wishes. πŸ™‚

  5. Hello Kulwant,

    A really nice post like always. I am also a big fan of Neil Patel, i used to read his blog posts and get many ideas about keyword research and rankings. Looking a head for more great posts like these πŸ™‚


  6. I am looking for ways to monetize my new blog and getting inspiration from more established blogger such as you. Ad network is no longer an option for me but affiliate marketing, Any tools that you may suggest to be successful in this field? I have to read more to know this.

  7. Great Article and very well written and clearly explained. I have one question. How to find right product in related to blog niche. Suppose I owned education blog and which is the best product in education niche?

  8. Thank you Kulwant Nagi for this great post. Very informative for us marketers.

    I was exposed to all these different methods of traffic when starting out on affiliate marketing last year and wanted to try it all; just like most other new marketers.

    The trick is to choose ONE method that suits your style, get REALLY good at it until you can’t get it wrong. Only then proceed to learn other methods.

    1. Muhd, it’ all about trying different things when you are a newbie, and sticking to one when you find any working method.

      Luckily I found affiliate marketing and it worked great for me.

  9. Hello Sir,

    Today i got an email from you and it was a link to this article.

    I was just shocked. That how disabling of Google Adsense can change some one’s life. As i had gone through this situation and i know the life after got hit by Adsense.
    After got disable, i feel that it is not possible to make money from blogging.

    After reading your past experiences in this post, I feel that Google Adsense is not the only option to make money from blogging.

    Now i will surely try affiliate marketing. First of all i will build my email list. And then it will be possible for me to make money from blogging

    Sir, You have written a motivational article.

    Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us.

  10. On April 1st 2015, i got my adsense disabled, this post tweaked my mind today, as till now i was running more behind adsense and getting some adsense accounts for myself. Thanks Kulwant for this great post. Now i will definitely change my world of blogging.

  11. Hello kulwant sir,
    You are just an inspiration for beginners, who want to make money with their blogs. and due to some reasons Google has disabled their Adsense account. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  12. Nice Share :’) I like your writing style and interlinking, it gives me an idea for my future blogs πŸ˜€ ! Really Appreciate it.

  13. Kulwant broβ€š very useful article.
    Few months back I introduced to Bloggingcage & I seen an immense growth in your business β€š which is great.
    Being a friend with you on FB I can proudly say that you’re among top bloggers in my list.
    Keep it up

  14. Hello sir,

    Before reading this post I was depended on Google Adsense but this blog changed My thought like “Google Adsense is not the end”
    I also liked your though “Obstacles are the proof that something big for you is on the way”.

  15. I have always built my blogs to please google only and never made an intention to do any other stuffs. This articles is really an eye opener for me. Thank you Kulwant

  16. Thank you for this blog post, it will surely help my fellow bloggers in Nigeria here. sharing it right away..

  17. Hi Kulwant,

    I am using Google Adsense from the year 2008. Till now am using the same account for my blog http://www.classiblogger.com and also am earning through some blogspots. They didn’t ban my account, the main reason for this is, up to date am earning less than $500 per month. I don’t know whether, this is the prompt reason for not getting banned. Even i am using this adsense account for more than 6 years, i don’t believe adsense, bcoz at any time i will get banned, but i have some blind confidence about that, they don’t ban my account.

    But, i always says that, blogger don’t depend on the adsense(i.e., Single Source). Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money from online. Then i wanna congratulate you for making $10,000/Month and i wish you lot to earn $20,000 from affiliate marketing for upcoming months.

    Thanks for sharing your experience about banned adsense account. Keep up posting like this.

    1. Raaja, good to hear that you are monetizing your blog with AdSense from last 3 years. But being dependent on earning source is always a bad thing.

      Thanks a lot for your wishes. πŸ™‚

      Keep visiting my blog to read such content.

  18. Hi Admin this is a great post and inspiring one. But do you think that Affiliate Marketing is good and be good in future for newbie bloggers in this competitive digital world??

  19. Hi Kulwant,

    Hats off to you for the wonderful post and it is a must read for every newbie like me or even old bloggers who got blocked/banned. I am also thing similar as my Ad sense has not been approved so far for my blog and still it is showing “Hosted account” although I have a web hosting account in WordPress. I am in a dilemma whether to continue blogging as a career or not as there is no source of income I thought. Now after reading this article I came to know there are few other options and as I cant invest any penny right now, is there any options I can go far in affiliate marketing to earn at least 100$ in a month in sometime from now?

    1. Gurunath, online marketing is an ocean where you have thousands of methods to make money online. Even I started my career keeping Google AdSense in my mind, but soon I found that it’s not a reliable resource.

      I would recommend to read some good blogs and get the idea what they are doing to make money online.

  20. Dude I will definitely pay to take your online course! After leaving the military and trying that “traditional 9-5 job” it pretty much absorbed life out. Little pay and long hrs and for what?!
    Barely 1k in a month sometimes less. I’d rather take the time and learn something worth while! In the end you did the best part! Your sharing the knowledge for the other to learn. Kudos! πŸ™‚

  21. It was a great post. Still my adsense account is not banned but I should try other ways like affiliate marketing to be on safer side. Waiting for more such informative articles.

  22. Hi Kulwant,

    I don’t know that your Adsense was banned way back in 2013, as per my observation so many popular bloggers are not using Adsense to improve user experience, I think losing Adsense account is not a big deal.

    That ban made you to think out of the box, so you owe to Google in other way, recently I started using affiliate marketing in my blog not yet tasted the results to share my success.

    This article will help a lot of bloggers like me to see the opportunities available at present other than Adsense, thank you very much sharing the information, see you soon,

    1. Yeah Siddaiah. We all start our blogging career targeting AdSense only.

      Getting AdSense banned was a bad news for us, so I struggled for next 3-4 months to survive. But once I understood more about affiliate marketing, things became much easier.

      Thanks for being here and appreciating my efforts.

  23. Thanks Mr Navi, sincerely I really love your post and was motivated because am placed in this same delima. Google adsense hasn’t verified my account for 5 months now and they have stopped displaying ads on my site after getting to $20 in my AdSense earning.
    With this your inspiring writeup I will really love to divert and focussed strongly on affiliate marketing. So I will like you to suggest affiliate marketing products/websites/ companies which will be of great help and assistance so I can replicate your kind of success for a science and technology niche website that covers daily tutorials,education, health,chemistry lessons,phones and computers,blogging tips.
    Please I will be very grateful for your urgent response.

  24. Really a motivational article bro. As, in the starting career all of us have faced such problems, but as you said it is not the end. We should move forward with more enthusiasm to achieve success.
    Thanks kulwant for sharing such experience with us.

  25. Great,
    You made us Crystal Clear that one can earn enormous amount ($$$$$) through Affiliate Marketing and other monetizing methods within which they can live by. Soon I’m going to say Good Bye to the AdSense when I find a stable source of income.

    Thanks for Sharing

  26. thanks frend…
    nice article…thanks for sharing this article…its awesome yr…. it is truly helpful me…
    i also want money… plz tell me how to do affilate marketing ….

  27. Great article sir,

    Your article give motivations towards blogging. When i got banned from Adsense, i also gone through this bad situation. I was confused whether to quit blogging or i should move on.

    I will try affiliate marketing and will see the results.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  28. For many bloggers including I, Adsense is a nightmare. I cannot even think that my application for Adsense will ever get approval from Google. Also, my blog is at a nascent stage. That is why I haven’t still applied for Google Adsense till date. I don’t what Google wants to prove to the netizens. In spite of algorithm updates Google pan out from time to time, there are defaulting sites which manage to make it to the list of top 20 without adhering to Google guidelines. Though over time, they are weeded out by Google but that does not happen instantly. They survive at least for a couple of months.
    It was disheartening to learn that a blogger of your calibre was shunned by Adsense. However, that u have returned as a successful affiliate marketer allows us to keep our blogging dream alive.

    1. I can see your frustration, Barnali. Google is a great way to make money online, but getting AdSense account disabled is seriously a pain.

      Are you also thinking to start affiliate marketing?

  29. Google adsense account ban due to invalid activity is non sense activity. Someone else(may be your rival) would do some invalid activity on ads on your site and they will ban your account. Completely NONSENSE.

  30. Hi Kulwant,
    Definitely affiliate marketing is a dependable income source in online. There are so many bloggers earning more with Adsense. But Adsense will not give you guarantee. They can ban you any time even if you do not click your own ads.

    If we think to earn money from a blog then it is a good idea not to depend only on Adsense. There are many sources available online we can try!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this article with us.

    Happy blogging.

  31. But till now I use adsense on my blog because of some small amount passive income. Affiliate Marketing is very vast subject. Just implement other method will not make much sale. Everyone have to think different to make most out of affiliate market. Many new thing I learn from this post..

    BTW congo for $10,000 mark. Hope you will touch $20,000 mark in this month.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

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