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Make money online: An interesting subject to talk.

In my previous article, I talked about how to start blogging where I shared some of the basic things about starting a blog. Continuing the series, today I am going to write how to make money from blogging.

The questions “how to make money with a blog” or “how to monetize a blog” might be disturbing you because starting a blog and making real money with it are two different things.

This is my favorite topic as I have tried numerous methods to monetize my blog in the last 3 years (including micro jobs) and got good success with all of them.

If you are a newbie (or an intermediate blogger) who just started blogging, this article is going to show top working methods to make money with a blog.

You might be using a few of them, where few of them will be new to you. But going through this article will give you a new insight to use different methods on your blog to make money with it.

Let's see how to make money blogging in July 2024 with the right methods.

1. Monetize With Google AdSense

AdSense is a Google-powered platform which gives you the freedom to show related ads on your blog.

You'll have to submit your blog on AdSense.com to get AdSense approval. They'll ask things in the form of the name, address, your blog's URL, blog's subject and many other things.

Just fill out the form carefully and submit it. People at Google will go through your form manually and approve if it fulfills the quality guidelines.

Note: For India, they approve at least 6 months old websites.

2. Display Banner Ads

This is one of the best methods which all big companies are using.

They charge a fixed amount of money from different companies that want to display their banners on their websites.

Display banner monetization method works every month where companies pay the upfront money before displaying their ads on your blog.

Sites like BuySellAds is one of the biggest marketplaces to buy and sell banner ads.

Here is the screenshot of a website asking different prices for the different banner sizes on their blog.

how to make money blogging

Let's do a little calculation:

Total impression – 3,550,000

Price – $5 per thousand impressions.

3,550,000/1000 = 3,550

The total amount for a single banner (for a month) = 3,550 x 5 = $17,750.

They are making $17,750 with a single banner ad.

Keep in mind that they are selling 3 other ads also. 😉

3. Write Review About The Products

Many of the reviews you read about various products are paid reviews.

Yeah.. It's the harsh truth.

Companies pay a big amount to bloggers for writing positive reviews about their products.

So you can pitch some companies and ask them to write reviews about their products and promote them with your blog's authority.

Many companies just want a text link inside your article for doing SEO of their website.

So you can write a relevant article on your blog and insert that company's link anywhere in the post with a suitable context.

5. Make Videos About The Product

If you have a popular blog, companies will pay you a much more if you can video review their products.

Video is a great way to spread information within a very short time.

6. Affiliate Marketing

This is my most loved method to make money online as BestPaidTools's 70% of revenue is getting generated by this method.

In this method, you promote other people's products on your blog by displaying banner ads or writing reviews about the product.

As I already told you about these two methods above, you might be confused.

So let's clear that confusion first.

In the above 2 methods, companies are paying you FIX AMOUNT to display banner ads (let's say $200 per month) and for writing reviews on your blog (let's say $400 for a review).

Affiliate marketing is completely different than that.

Here you join the affiliate marketing program for a company, and they will pay 10-80% amount of every sale you make.

Here you will get your unique tracking link which will tell the company that any particular sale was made by you.

Like here is the affiliate link of Genesis Framework.


This link has my unique affiliate ID (which is 544812) in this case. So every time anyone will click on this link, they will know that the person was sent by me.

I have written about Kontent Machine v3, BuzzBundle, SEO Powersuite and Long Tail Pro which are the perfect example of affiliate review articles.

7. Sell Your Own Service

Once your blog has authority in your niche, you can start selling your own services.

You can make any software, plugin, write a book or create a video course to sell on your blog.

8. Provide Online Training

Once you have a popular blog, it's easier to sell your online training.

You can find the interest of your audience and then build a product around it. Like Alex Becker on Source-Wave has built such a brand that he easily sells his SEO courses online and makes $500,000 a month.

9. CPA Marketing

This is one of the top money-making methods which all big internet marketers in the world are using.

In this method, you just need to drive people on a page and make them take action.

This action can be filling one form, submitting zip details, submitting their credit card details for the trial offer or any type of action.

CPA means Cost Per Action/Acquisition.

Here companies will pay you just for an action. No need to sell the products.

10. Using E-Mail Marketing

You might have noticed that I am giving away “FREE 7-day blogging training” on my blog in exchange for your email address.

By doing this, I am collecting emails from my readers so that I can send them anything when I want.

By giving away FREE goodies on your blog, you make relations with your readers and get in touch with them using the mail they have given to download the book.

For email marketing on my blog, I am using ConvertKit autoresponder, one of the world's proven email marketing solutions.

Start your try first month FREE here.

By giving away free tips to your readers, you can build trust. Soon they will start following your suggestions and listen what you say.

You can email them with your affiliate link of any product to make easy money.


You can charge people to write a guest post on your blog. Once you have an established blog, people would pay good amount happily to write an article on your blog for their own blog's promotion.

Final words

These are some of the methods I have tried to make money with a blog. Select any one of the methods listed above it try it for 2-3 months before going to the next method.

With time you'll become a master of that particular method and start making money with your blog.

I hope these make-money blogging tips will make you feel comfortable if you have started a blog recently.

Share this article with your near and dear ones so they can know the methods to monetize a blog easily.

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  1. Review, services and of course, eBook selling are really big monetizing channels for me Kulwant. I’d say that more than anything, your content is the stuff, the value, that helps you make money with your blog. If you can help people for free, you will help people for pay. Does that make sense? Like, I give away a 7,000 word, free, eBook-sized post each week. Well, most weeks, as this week’s post was only 2K 😉

    Anyway, I give away the value and folks gravitate to me. They see I am willing to help them for free, so I’m able to attract clients and eBook sales, because again, folks see that if I’m willing to help them so freely, for free, that I’d do a fine job with my services or with any eBook I offer. It’s all about gaining trust, and holding on to it by continuing to do a fine job.

    As for reviews, they rock. I just published a review of a kick butt SEO course and I’m also doing an affiliate model off of it, so I was paid on a few levels. Not bad 😉 Make money off of the review then earn a healthy, prospering affiliate stream off of it too. Just be honest, transparent and review only what you deeply believe in, support and use, and that which you believe will change the life of your audience. Do this and you’ll have few problems with making money on the blogging front.

    Focus on creating value, big-league value, and you’ll become valuable in the eyes of your audience. It’s happened for me and it’ll keep happening for bloggers who over deliver in all that they do.

    Thanks for sharing Kulwant, all are dead on prospering income channels 🙂


    1. Yeah Ryan. 🙂

      I hope your book is doing well.

      Your content always comes first because this is the biggest marketing tool which you cannot compare with anything. People come to your blog only for getting valuable information, and if you passed to fulfil the need, you already won half the game. Blogging always works in this model. Provide free stuff on your blog and sell premium stuff with word of mouth.

      You are doing great in writing 7000 words in a single article. Most people don’t even write these much words in a month.

      With time you have developed your blog such a great marketing tool that you can sell your end product (your eBook) very easily now.

      I just noticed that you have added great personal touch on your blog by adding many images which is a great method to earn the trust.

      On Blogging Cage 70% of my money comes from reviews. All my reviews are ranking high in SERP and they are giving me money on autopilot. Glad to hear that you have done this by writing honest review about Kick Butt SEO.

      You are doing pretty awesome in blogging industry and I am confident that you’ll keep delivering your best to help the world.

      Thanks a lot for being here and dropping this valuable comment.

  2. Nice post, Money is flowing on Internet, we just need right and apt implementation to earn real $$$.
    Very useful post for Newbies.

  3. very nice post kulwant,

    I am a regular reader of this blog and am very happy to know that you are really providing a quality stuff and and nice information. Money is need of day and internet is providing very nice platform for it

      1. Your most welcome Kulwant….

        happy to see your Blog once again. I want to ask that are you uploading your monthly income reports like other do..

  4. Hi Kulwant,
    Have you tried providing online training to your readers? If yes, then I want to know that how much potential does this industry have?
    And can one also get their training sold if they do not have the right audience on their blog? I know one place that is udemy.com. Is there any more like that?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Great question, Irshad.

      Yeah, I tried doing this in 2013 and charged 1500 Rs. per person to attend my premium hangout.

      So 1500 x 9 = 13500 (As only 10 people can join the hangout at a time).

      I did this hangout twice and made decent 27000 Rs. easily. 🙂

      If you have right audience you can sell anything.

  5. That is a great combination of post which really teaches me how to make money from my blog, keep up posting quality posts…

  6. Kulwant, I am a big fan of your blog and read every new post provided by you to learn blogging. The money making tips you have shared in this article are very good and I will definitely try some for my blog.

  7. Hi Kulwant,

    Hope you are doing well. For me its product, review and affiliate marketing that is paying me some good amount month after month. Right now planning to built my own theme market place, hope that would help me to generate some good money on auto-pilot.
    for all these type of blog work /product /review/affiliate marketing we need a right kind of traffic and you probably now know which type of traffic basically converts and that is the BIG point in this field.
    Happy blogging and keep in touch 🙂

    1. Yeah Rakesh. With time it became my prime source of income.

      Glad to hear that you are going to launch your own marketplace. Understanding the market is the first step to tap, and with god grace I have learnt something about my market in last 3 years. 🙂

  8. The best thing about your posts is that you make things look more simple and incipient bloggers start again with renewed vigour.

  9. Great post. This post gives good insight on what we can gain from blogging. As a new blogger, we want to read positive things like this to keep us motivated.

    Thanks for the ultimate guide on blogging !!

  10. Great post Kulwant,
    Great post.Really nice article. Your article for money with a blog is very helpful
    for me. Thank you for sharing this!

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