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Are you the one seeking to scale your blog posts but not getting time to write in bulk? 

If yes, then don't worry! You can opt for outsourcing blog writing.

In the current era of blog writing, where blogs are the essential pathway of content marketing strategies, writing blogs from scratch with proper research and posting at least five blogs a week becomes daunting. 

Over to this, maintaining a pace of publishing content consistently becomes a stressful situation for marketers who have other tasks to cater to as well.

Hence, choosing to outsource blog writing is the correct solution where you can easily make a balance between writing and scaling your Business.

In this blog post, I've compiled some effective tips for outsourcing blog writing. I have also done legwork in curating a few platforms for efficiently collaborating with content services and freelance writers.

Let's move straight into it.

What is Outsource Blog Writing?

Outsourcing blog writing involves collaborating with external individuals or services to create content for your blog regularly or as needed.

This process allows dedicated writers to utilize their expertise to produce posts aligned with your brand's guidelines and schedule.

As the business owner, your role is to provide the writers with brand guidelines, topics, and content strategies to maintain consistency in messaging, voice, and purpose.

With an overload of marketing responsibilities, outsourcing blog writing offers several advantages. It frees up your team's time. It also ensures high-quality content creation and contributes to engaging and search-engine-optimized posts that resonate with your audience. 

When considering outsourcing blog writing, choosing reputable freelance writers or agencies is vital. Evaluating their expertise, reviewing samples, and discussing terms, such as pricing, deadlines, and revisions, are crucial steps in ensuring the trustworthiness and quality of the outsourced content.

Outsourcing blog writing is a flexible solution. You can combine self-written posts with outsourced content or even include guest posts. It uplifts the variety and richness of your blog. However, it's imperative to avoid plagiarism and ensure that all content adheres to ethical and legal standards to safeguard your brand's reputation.

Why You Should Outsource Content Writing? 

Blogs play a vital role in the content marketing strategy. Writing a fresh blog with dense research and factual information, focusing on your readers' persona, can change your game with a click.

Although believing anyone else to outsource blogs for you can be risky, there are many reasons why you should outsource blog writing with dense hope.

You should outsource blog writing on some grounds mentioned below: 

Outsource Blog Writing Uplifts Conversion

Skilled writers can simplify complex topics and focus on organizing content to make it more valuable. Hence, outsourcing blog writing with skilled blog writers can increase conversion rates.

With their expertise in Inbound Marketing, they can provide compelling and engaging content that resonates with your audience's interests and needs. 

Professional blog posts crafted by skilled writers can attract and retain visitors, build trust, and encourage them to take desired actions, leading to improved conversion rates for your Business.

Outsource Blog Writing Reduces Marketing Costs

Outsourcing blog writing can lower marketing costs by eliminating the need for in-house resources dedicated to content creation. 

You can hire external writers or agencies on a project basis to make it a cost-effective solution for writing blogs in bulk. Moreover, hiring a freelancer on a pay per word basis diminishes the overall cost of creating content.

It will then become easier than maintaining a full-time writing team. This would eventually reduce overhead expenses like salaries, benefits, and training.

Other than this, you are still required to build a budget to outsource blog writing projects, and this should be less than planning to hire a full-time writer.

Help You Get Expert Blog Writers.

If you are unsatisfied with your writing skills, outsourcing blog writing can get you skilled writers with expertise in writing content.

Skilled writers can give more value to blogs by writing compelling content. They know how to organize the information correctly to engage readers. 

Outsource Blog Writing Free Ups Your Time

When you plan to outsource blog writing services, it will free up your time and let you spend more time on other crucial tasks. 

You can also align your in-house resources to other marketing tasks to scale the overall productivity. 

Outsource Blog Writing Helps Scale Your Business.

You get extensive free time when you hire an external content writer or independent freelance writer dedicated to creating content in bulk. 

Moreover, it frees up internal resources, allowing focus on core business functions while consistently producing engaging content to anticipate and retain a larger audience. 

This scalability facilitates increased brand visibility, audience reach, and potential business growth opportunities.

Tips To Consider When Outsource Blog Writing 

When considering outsourcing blog writing, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Define Clear Objectives

The first step to follow before you plan to outsource blog writing is to determine your blog's goals. You must know who your target audience is and the type of content you need before outsourcing.

Vetting Perfect Writers

Besides hiring writers at once, review their portfolio, samples, or past work to ensure their writing style aligns with your brand's voice and quality standards.


After finally boarding writers for your project, establish clear communication channels and guidelines. This will help you maintain consistency in messaging and meeting deadlines effectively.

Trial Period

Now, start a trial period to assess the writer's performance and compatibility before committing to a long-term collaboration.

Contracts and Agreements

Now, it's time to draft contracts outlining terms, payment, revisions, deadlines, and ownership rights to avoid misunderstandings. This will build a secure relationship between the two.

Content Guidelines

With all the paperwork done, you need to provide detailed brand guidelines, topics, keywords, and SEO requirements for coherent and optimized content creation. 

Feedback and Revision

Encourage an open feedback loop to refine content quality. Keep an eye on whether your writer is open to feedback or not. For a seamless workflow, your writer should be free to offer multiple revisions until they meet your expectations.

Budget Consideration

Determine a reasonable budget for outsourcing while considering the quality and expertise required for your blog content.

Diverse Content Sources

Explore different outsourcing options, such as freelance writers, agencies, or guest contributors, to diversify and enrich your blog's content.

Evaluate Results

Never blindly believe, and stay aside. You have to assess the performance of outsourced content regularly. It is necessary to check in terms of engagement, traffic, and conversion to ensure it aligns with your blog's objectives and ROI expectations.

Adhering to these tips can help speed up the process and ensure successful blog writing outsourcing while maintaining quality and meeting business goals.

Pros and Cons of Outsource Your Blog Writing

Although outsourcing blog writing reduces your tasks and gives you room to focus on other priority tasks, it has some negative aspects to look after.

Let us put our eyes on the pros and cons of outsourcing blog writing to make an informed decision before choosing this path.

Pros of Outsource Blog Writing:

  • Time-saving: Outsourcing writing tasks frees up substantial time. It allows you to focus on other essential business aspects.
  • Expertise infusion: Freelancers bring diverse knowledge and specialized skills. It offers fresh perspectives and expertise in various content areas.
  • Scalability: Partnering with writers allows for increased content output. It facilitates the expansion of content strategies and platforms for effective scaling.

Cons of Outsource Blog Writing:

  • Cost factor: Hiring freelancers incurs expenses that can impact profit margins. It necessitates a careful cost-benefit analysis.
  • Quality control challenges: Ensuring consistent content quality becomes complex. It particularly happens when working with inexperienced freelancers or agencies.
  • Voice consistency: Outsourced content might not perfectly align with the original blogger's tone. It then potentially affects audience engagement and loyalty.

Blog Writing Outsourcing Options 

Broader options exist to outsource blog writing for your content requirements. Some of the ways of outsourcing blog writing are discussed below:

Independent Freelancers

Independent freelance writers are those writers who are not tied up with any freelancing platforms. They are individual writers who write compelling blogs on their own skills.

You can check the reputation of these writers through their portfolios and by putting your efforts into searching on Linkedin. 

Building a long-term partnership with independent freelancers is highly fruitful because these writers put extra effort into building their extraordinary skills. This sets them apart from their competitors and increases the possibility of getting hired.

Marketing Agencies

Many agencies today provide specialized writing services. They focus on digital marketing or public relations. Few of them cater exclusively to specific industries like law firms or dental practices.

Few agencies work on a contract basis. So you can negotiate rates, payment options, and terms. Moreover, you can set your monthly or weekly target to maintain blog posting.

Writing services are often part of a broader suite that includes SEO optimization, promotion, or advertising. Hence, you should confirm the optimization of blogs as per your given standards.

Gig-Based Websites

Some Gig-based platforms help you hire writers for your project. Some of these platforms are Fiverr and Upwork, which offer access to writers with diverse expertise, skills, and experience levels. However, they function differently.

Fiverr allows writers to list their services. As a customer, you browse these listings to find a service that matches your needs. You then reach out to the writers for your specific needs.

On Upwork, you post a blog writing job, and interested writers bid for the opportunity. You review bids and choose one that suits your requirements.

The experience of writers may vary. It ranges from highly skilled professionals to beginners. Moreover, some of them are career changers seeking experience. 

Rates tend to be lower, but quality and reliability may vary. It's essential to vet writers carefully to ensure quality work and avoid plagiarism concerns.

Platforms for Content Writing Services

With all the tips and info to outsource blog writing, it's time to discover some platforms where you can hire content writers to fulfill your writing needs.

Some of the outstanding platforms that give you access to professional writers are as follows:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular online platform to outsource blog writing. You can hire freelance content writers. For as little as $5, you can engage writers worldwide to create blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and website copy.

You can either directly search for writers or post a job ad for proposals. It's user-friendly and offers writers' experience in various industries.

However, project management falls on you. It will be your responsibility to take follow-ups if writers miss deadlines. 

2. Upwork

Upwork serves as an excellent platform for businesses seeking to outsource blog writing. With a vast global network of skilled freelancers, finding an ideal writer suiting your needs and budget is feasible.

On this platform, writers will bid for the opportunity you post on the platform. After careful assessment of the writers, you will have to select the best-suited ones for your project.

Once a freelancer is chosen, furnish them with explicit instructions and offer feedback throughout the collaboration. Hence, Upwork offers you a diverse talent pool, and you have to find the best ones who align with your requirements. 

Upwork simplifies the process of finding proficient writers while allowing for clear communication and guidance to achieve desired content outcomes.

3. Verblio

Verblio is a content outsourcing service designed primarily for marketers and SEO experts. It offers a platform for enterprises and publishers to directly access content at scale.

It provides a self-serve option, enabling businesses to procure written content at a cost as low as $0.06 per word. This is the lowest tier fee waived for the initial month. For higher-tier services, companies can request custom quotes based on their specific content needs.

This platform caters to diverse businesses. It lets them access a diverse pool of writers while offering flexible pricing options tailored to their content demands. The pricing options are:

AI+ Human Content: 0.6 PPW

100% Human Content: 0.16 PPW

Managed Services: Contact Sales

4. Scripted

Scripted serves as a comprehensive platform catering to various content writing outsourcing requirements. It offers a blend of human and AI-generated content.

It presents a Starter plan, providing AI-generated content free of charge for one organization and one user. Additionally, Scripted offers three more plans to cater to the diverse needs of marketers. All the plans include a blend of AI and human-written content.

Scripted stands out as an optimal solution for sizable enterprises seeking content at scale and on-time delivery. It is often sourced from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

This platform's distinct strength lies in its ability to facilitate high-quality content creation through a blend of AI technology and expert human writers. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses with extensive content needs.

Starter: $0

Pro: $199/month

Team: $499/month

Enterprise & Agency: Contact Sales

5. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a versatile platform offering opportunities to collaborate with content writers. You can seamlessly register on the site and add content writing projects. Further, you can choose suitable writers for your assignments.

With a substantial pool of writers, WriterAccess facilitates the discovery of seasoned professionals who possess prior experience crafting content within specific industries. Moreover, it also showcases a history of accomplishments.

Similar to Scripted, accessing this platform entails monthly subscription charges ranging from $39 to $349.

The platform's strength lies in its extensive writer base. It provides access to skilled individuals capable of producing industry-specific content. It offers various subscription tiers catering to diverse business needs.

The subscription tiers for marketers are as follows:

Starter: $41/month (billed annually)

Growth: $66/month (billed annually)

Pro: $99/month (billed annually)

Enterprise: $499/month (billed annually)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can outsource your blog to freelance writers, content agencies, or other professionals who offer blogging services. Many businesses and individuals choose to outsource blogging to save time, access expertise, and maintain a consistent content schedule.

Yes, you can outsource your blog. The cost varies, but it typically depends on factors like the complexity of the content, the writer's expertise, and the volume of the content needed. Freelance bloggers may charge per word, per article, or based on the project.

The cost can range from a few cents per word to several hundred dollars per article. While lower-end writers might charge 2 or 3 cents per word, higher-end writers may charge 8 or 9 cents for higher quality. Discussing pricing and expectations with the chosen blogger or agency is essential.

Yes, of course, you can hire writers to write your blog. Many freelance writers, content creation agencies, and bloggers offer their services to create written content for websites. This allows you to outsource the writing process and focus on other aspects of your business.

Yes, you can hire writers to set up your blog. There are professionals, freelancers, and agencies that offer services to help with the technical aspects of blog setup, including domain registration, hosting configuration, and website design.

Outsourcing these tasks allows you to have a professionally set up blog without dealing with the technical details yourself.

Ready to Outsource Blog Writing?

I hope you find your way to outsource blog writing and spending your crucial time in other business operations.

This will eventually help you scale your business in a very less time. However, always assure writers must have a postive track record of creating good articles before hiring them.

By carefully choosing experienced writers and setting clear expectations, you can leverage outsourcing to elevate your blog's impact and achieve your content marketing goals.

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