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PowerAdSpySAASSAASPowerAdSpy is a perfect tool for advertisers who are looking to spy their competitor's ads.4.74549USD

PowerAdSpy Review

  • Total Ads

    50 Million ads database from Fb, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, NATIVE, Reddit, and Quora ads.
  • Countries

    Over 100 countries database to spy the ads and find the winning campaign.
  • User Interface

    Super simple and easy to navigate UI to find the offer statistics and put filters.
  • Speed

    Fetch the data at fast speed without wasting your time.

Observing competitors’ activities has been a key activity for any business. It opens the door of new opportunities and allows a company to grow by observing competitors. 

In the digital marketing landscape, we have ad spy tools that give you details about ads. 

Why do we need spying?

Spying is one of the greatest weapons for all of the internet marketers to survive in the competitive world.

Spying the competitors can give you an extra edge and you can see the insider strategies of growing brands.

SEO spying tools like SEMRush gives you a 360-degree overview of all the backlinks, top articles, top rankings, best keywords, and many other metrics to see what they are doing to dominate their niche.

With the spy tools like PowerAdSpy, you can spy your competitor's targeting, their creatives, landing pages, and so many other things that starting an ad can be super easy for you.

PowerAdSpy is a prominent name when it comes to which is the best ad spy tool. This article is a deep dive into the tool and we will discuss its features, importance, uniqueness, and pricing. 

I have been using it for some time now. I will try to cover all the features of this tool and give my honest opinion about them. 

Ad Spy or a research tool is crucial for any business that practice online marketing of any sort. It gives them an edge to expand their creativity by observing what others are doing and how they are serving audiences. 

An ad spy tool helps them better navigate marketing campaigns and maximize returns. They can optimize their creative force to deliver a better pre-purchase experience to customers through media buying and online advertising. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin the review of PowerAdSpy. Before we start discussing its dashboard and explore the features, let’s have a brief overview of PowerAdSpy. 

power ad spy

PowerAdSpy Review

PowerAdSpy is an Indian company that gained popularity in recent times with its productive ad spy tool. Having more than 50 million ads from 100+ countries and databases getting updated with 50000+ ads daily makes it a great spying tool.

It allows affiliates, eCommerce website owners, agencies and marketers to spy on their competitors by giving them details about media buying activities of competitors. 

We are going to talk a lot about what the company does in this article. So, let’s begin discussing the features of PowerAdSpy. 

Features of PowerAdSpy 

Most of the features is inside the Dashboard of PowerAdSpy. 

Here is the first look of PowerAdSpy tool.


Begin Research with Effective Search Bar  

The number one reason behind using an ad spy tool is to find ads as part of competitor research and inspiration to improve our own adverts. 

When it comes to Facebook ads, or any other paid ads platform for that matter, we have to look for a lot of parameters, like engagement, relevancy, copy, and more to create a perfect ad for our audience. A random search would be a lot of time-consuming. 

PowerAdSpy has got three major categories to begin search ads. 

We have: 

  • Domain
  • Advertiser 
  • Keywords
power ad spy

Let's understand each of them in detail and have a better understanding of their workflow.


With this particular feature, you can search the ads of the competitors. Just enter any website’s domain name and you are all set. PowerAdSpy will show all the ads for that particular site. 


Even if that site is promoted on another page, you will get all the results. You can examine how that website has planned its marketing campaigns and observe the metrics of its on-going ads. 

You can also mention the Ad Text to refine your results. 


With this, you can enter the name of the advertiser, which most likely to be their brand name or their Facebook page name to see the ads running from that advertiser. 


You can also enter Ad Text to filter ads with particular copy and phrases for more detailed research.


This is a self-explanatory feature. Just enter the phrases related to your niche and get the suggestions. But what is more interesting  is PowerAdSpy also shows ads from keywords mentioned in the comments. 


They also let you select what keywords the targeted landing page should cover. 

This way, you can drill-down the exact type of advertorials and ensure effective research.

After entering these details you can begin research. However, if you still need more control over filters and parameters, PowerAdSpy has got you covered. 

Here’re the further parameters that you can implement for enhanced filtration.

Lets You Choose Important Characteristic of Ads

Here, you get four unique but very important parameters to filter ads. 


Search by Content in the Ad Image

Text in Image: This will show only those ads whose images have the phrases that you have entered in the text field. 


With this search field you can make your search more relevant to your targeted market. 

You don’t have to scroll infinitely any more to find inspiration for the ad images that have the text you want to include in your ads. It’s time-saving and reliable! 

Brand in Image: You can also mention which brand you need in the ad image. 

This will open-up more creative juices and high-level efficiency for your research. 


Suppose, you own a local shoe brand and want to take advertising inspiration from an international brand. 

However, there are also other advertisers, except that international brand, who are promoting the same product. Now, their ads won’t show up if you don’t have this feature. 

This feature will show all the ads whose images have the brand mentioned you are looking for. 

Object in Image: Ecommerce brands and service-based companies will love this feature. 


Even if you are a usual media buyer and want to have a particular product or object in your ad, you can search all the ads that have used that object in their ads and take inspiration from them. 

Just mention the object in the field and you will get relevant ads

Celebrity in Image: This feature is the most efficient for influencer marketing campaign research. 

The name of the celebrity will bifurcate ads for you. 


You will get results that have your preferred celebrity so that you will know how brands have collaborated with that public figure and delivered the intended message through their ad.

If you are partnering with an Instagram influencer and want to have inspiration for ad creation, this feature is helpful for the same. 

Sort Ads As Per Metrics

While searching ads, sorting is one of the crucial and mostly followed methods to identify a best performing ad. It makes the research more efficient and quick because after sorting. 

PowerAdSpy understands this and allows you to to sort the ads as per below metrics.

  • Like
  • Shares 
  • Comments 

These metrics are potent enough to evaluate whether an ad has generated maximum conversions and positive results for the advertiser. PowerAdSpy also allows you to mention a specific range of values in the above metrics. 

For example, you want to assess ads as per the number of shares. While doing so, you can mention the range of minimum and maximum number of shares that an ad should have got. 


This will save a lot of manual work for you because now you will get only relevant ads with specific number shares and make your research more comprehensive. 

Smart Filters for Comprehensive Search

These filters will not only give you highly targeted ads but also give you an idea about the marketing strategy of other brands. Let’s see how it’s possible.  

You get below filters with PowerAdSpy.

Call to Action: You can mention the specific call-to-action used with the ads. This will help you understand how brands are encouraging users to perform specific action. 

power ad spy

Then, depending on the results from PowerAdSpy, you can check the metrics and decide whether that call-to-action is effective or not and you should use it or not. 

Search Ads by Country: PowerAdSpy allows you to enter the name of the country in order to make location-specific advertising searches for your marketing campaigns. 


With this filter, you can make your searches targeted to geographical locations. It removes the guesswork from your research as you will know that a particular ad is targeted for a specific geographical area. 

Ad Type and Ad Position: You can search the type of ads with this filter. You can select whether you want to see a video or image advertorial. 


You can also choose the positioning. For example, for Facebook, you get to select from the news feed and side column positions. 

These filters are tremendously valuable to research what type of ad is placed at which position on a particular platform.

Language: You can also choose the language of the ads. Along with the other features, the Language filter will give you an idea how the brands are interacting with the audience. 


Gender and Age: Last but not the least, you can also get to set the demographic values for ad research. 

That means you can select the targeted gender of the ad along with mentioning the age bracket of the audience. 


These two features seem game-changers to me as they help marketers find ads that are targeted to specific gender and age groups and assess how the ads are communicating with that specific audience in return allowing them to make better ads. 

Research About Brands as Per Their Backend Structure 

Under Lander Properties within the PowerAdSpy dashboard, you get options to get the details of how other advertisers operating their businesses online. 

You get:

Ecommerce Platform: Extremely helpful for eCommerce marketers.

If you wish to know how many advertisers are using the same content management system as yours to manage their sites, you can do so by selecting the eCommerce platforms. 

As shown in the image below you can select from Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Click Bank.


I searched the keyword “Watch” and selected Shopify in lander properties.

See the ads by activating that filter.

power ad spy

Funnel: You can know whether a brand is using a funnel builder tool or not, and if yes, which tool they are using, i.e. ClickFunnels and Leadpages


This way, you can know better about how other brands are operating their businesses and structuring their marketing campaigns and research their activities.

Marketing Platform: PowerAdSpy also loves to bifurcate advertisements using the type of Marketing Platforms.


You will know which tool your competitor or other brands have implemented to execute marketing activities. 

Source: They also give you device-specific ads

If you want to check which ads are served only on desktop or Android or iOS you can select your preferred option. 

This will also give you an idea of what type of strategy brands have been using and how it is targeting customers.


Finding Any Ad is Like Drinking Coffee, i.e. Easy Peasy

PowerAdSpy has a sequence of filtering options that you can choose to find the right ads.

If you want to find the newest ads, ads seen recently, ads with the longest tenure or the domain registration date of the site associated with ads, PowerAdSpy has got you covered as shown in the screenshot below.


You can also mention the date for the ad to be seen by the users. This will give you an idea of what type of ads served to the users. Even if ads are published on the platform, they get different impressions, which is based on performance. 

So, with this feature, you will know what users are seeing on a platform currently and how you can make your ads better. 

Find Ads as Per Their Time of Appearance on The Platform

For your research, you might want to see ads shown to users during a particular time period. 

PowerAdSpy tool allows you to see them. With this feature, your research becomes efficient as you can check the appearance of the ads for a particular time period. 


Even if the ads were published a few years ago, you can still see them and get inspiration for your campaigns through this feature. 

You can check those ad's analytics to measure performance and plan better for your campaigns. It will expand the horizons for you by giving enormous ads to evaluate.

Sort Ads as Per Their Publishing Date

If you want to know which ads had performed well in the past on particular days, you can know that with the help of sorting the results as per their publishing date.


Facebook allows you to set the exact date range that you wish to search for, as shown in the image below.

This feature will help advertisers brainstorm relevant campaign ideas for special days, festivals, offers, and other seasonal occasions

Like any commerce entrepreneur can check the ads of last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

This will give them an idea of what type of ads work well at a given time of year. It will not only improve engagement in their ads but generate more conversions.

Find Ads as Per Domain Registration Date

You can see ads whose targeted website’s domain name is purchased during a specific date. 

You can enter the registration date of the domain and see who is currently advertising. It is a unique and advanced way to sort the ads and refine your results.


Supports A Ton of Relevant Ad Platforms

How many times have you wondered and struggled for ads research on different leading ad platforms Instagram, Facebook, Google, Reddit, etc. 

There are so many tools that support different channels. 

However, PowerAdSpy has an edge over most tools since it supports almost every major ad channel.  

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube 
  • Google 
  • Google Display Network 
  • Native 
  • Reddit ads 
  • Quora ads
power ad spy

Therefore, it becomes efficient and time-saving to search other popular channels without having to switch between tools and browser tabs. 

This single feature alone makes PowerAdSpy a dependable and enhanced single-stop solution for all paid advertising research. 

Just from a single dashboard, you can browse different platforms, check metrics of the ads, save those ads, and do a lot more to make your research process straightforward yet advanced. 

Lets You Hide Unwanted Ads and Advertisers

While searching, particular types of ads frequently turn-up. If you don’t want to see that ad or any ad from that advertiser, you can hide such ads. 


PowerAdSpy lets you hide ads based on keywords and advertisers

This will filter a lot of ads in the grid. The idea is to make your list as per your requirements and get you the best ads possible.

Lets You Bookmark Your Favorite Ads for Future Reference

During research, if you find ads whose copy, creative or CTA you have loved and want to use for future reference, PowerAdSpy has got you covered. 

It lets you favorite ads which will be saved inside the PowerAdSpy dashboard. You can refer to your favorite ads any time without having to search for it from scratch. 

Click on the heart icon to bookmark an ad. 

power ad spy

You don’t need to save a screenshot or copy the link. Just favorite the ads and refer to them at your ease to streamline your brainstorming process.

To see your favorite ads, you can go to the top right corner and click on the option from the dropdown menu as shown in the screenshot below. 

power ad spy

Gives You Updates of Your Favorite Advertiser and Topic

We want to follow your competitors and one to get updates of all their media buying activity, you can subscribe to them on PowerAdSpy. You can also subscribe to your industry-specific keywords as well.

To do that, just click on the name of the advertiser through the ad and on the redirected page, you will find an option to subscribe. 

power ad spy

You can select whether you want to receive updates daily, weekly or monthly. 

Gives You Every Detail of The Ad

PowerAdSpy understands the value of analysis and has a user-friendly process to give you all the details including the ad preview, set-up details and landing page of that ad as shown in the image below. 

To get these details, just click on Show Analytics. 

power ad spy

As other details, you can see the targeted demographic, their age, gender, nationality, and more. 

power ad spy

It will also show the social engagement of the ad through an attractive graph.  

power ad spy

These analytics will help you determine how ads have performed and whether you can also do the same for your campaigns. 


PowerAdSpy has 7 different plans for different types of user base. 

power ad spy

Free: It gives you access to all marketing channels. You get 10 searches/1000 ads for 10 days. It is the best plan to explore the tool and see how it performs. 

Basic: Second plan costs $49/month and can only support the Facebook advertising network. There are limitations to few features too with this plan. It is a good fit for casual Facebook advertisers. 

Standard: The Standard plan costs $99/month and it supports Instagram along with Facebook. You also get access to almost all major features with this plan except eCommerce platform, funnel, and filter by desktop and mobile.

Premium: Premium costs $149/month and supports YouTube along with Facebook and Instagram. From here on, pricing becomes expensive. However, now you can access all the features of PowerAdSpy. 

Platinum: Platinum covers everything in Premium and costs $249/month. It supports Instagram, Facebook, Google, and YouTube

Titanium: Titanium costs $299/month and has Native advertising support along with other platforms.

Palladium: Palladium is the top of the line plan that costs $349/month. It unlocks PowerAdSpy to its fullest potential. Every feature and support are available to you if you buy this plan.  

Concluding Thoughts 

In my opinion, PowerAdSpy is a very impressive ad spy tool for anyone who wants to research ads. 

From E-Commerce to service-based agencies, SaaS to local brands, marketing consultants to influencers, PowerAdSpy can help almost anyone who is into media buying activity.

If you utilise this tool it can open up the door of possibilities through effective competitors research and ads evaluation to research and brainstorm high-converting campaigns. 

Plus, you get data in the most comprehensive manner so that you can know what to do with your ads.

By the end of using this tool for a few hours or days, you can have a winning formula to not only create images for your ads but also write copy and implement relevant call-to-action that result in highest ROI from marketing campaigns. 

That being said, please note that PowerAdSpy does not give you any money-back guarantee. That means, if you have purchased, let’s say Palladium, and if you are not happy with the tool, you cannot claim your funds. 

So, make sure you think thoroughly before purchasing any plan. The smart way is to sign-up for a free plan and use the tool for a few days and see how it works for you. 

Let me know your thoughts on PowerAdSpy

I hope you liked this article and got some insightful context on whether this tool is right for you or not. Either way, I am excited to see what you want to share after reading this blog, so feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below. 

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