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We have a very short life and very limited time to enjoy.

And we have only two options.

Either enjoy it in the hands of an entrepreneur or become an entrepreneur.

Thank god, I selected the second one. πŸ™‚

I started blogging on 11th September 2011.

I have seen a big shift in blogging in these years. Many bloggers came, they did blogging for 4-5 months, and then never came back. I think those were the people who entered into blogging by force, i.e., either their friends forced them to do blogging or money forced them to do blogging.

Blogging is the most emerging field in the world right now. More people are moving towards blogging than they moved for any technology. Many are starting just by seeing others and few are starting it with proper plans and blueprint.

No doubt this is the most comfortable and easy way to earn money, and we can work from any part of the world.

I always say one thing.

Money is Raining on the Internet, it's up-to you, either grab it now or regret later.

I wanted to live life in a little different way, or I can say I wanted to live internet-lifestyle, so I started blogging. Things were not that much easy when I started, but soon it began working positively for me.

Here I am going to talk about few driving forces that helped me to decide my destiny. Hope you would love it.

#1. Time Freedom

Before coming to blogging I was working in a multi-national company as ASIC verification engineer, and this was such a job that I always wanted to do (I got my dream job).

My job was from 9:00 to 5:00.


That was written in the company's time schedule only.

I was doing 12+ hours in a day job, and I was not enjoying it.

This one thing forced me to think upon my life.

Everyone in this world wants time freedom, and no one wants to stick with the boring JOB. We want time for ourself, time for family and friends, and JOB is such a thing that will never allow you to enjoy your life.

I hate JOB because it is

JOB = Just Obey Boss

And I could not obey my boss for my whole life.

I quit the job in 2011 and then started blogging as my lifetime career.

So blogging is for those who want to become their own Boss and wants to live life like King.

#2. Money Freedom

Why do we study hard?

Obviously for JOB!

Why do we want JOB?

Obviously for Money!

If you are having such skills that you can make money for others people for whom you are going to do JOB, then why are we not so much confident to work for our own?

I have seen that most of the bloggers are B.Tech, B.E, B.Sc, BCA or other higher technical degree holders.

We all have such big potential that we can do anything.

So money freedom was the most significant factor that helped me to decide my life as a blogger. I knew the potential from day one, so I took quick decision.

#3. Skills

I could not do same work for the rest of my life.

My duty was to verify the codes (It was written in Verilog, and system Verilog language and codes were 15,000+ lines each).

Although this was a very reputed job, but I was not ready to do it for my whole life.

… I selected blogging because

Blogging improves learning skills, as this is the learn and implement the system. You learn from other blogger and then apply them to see the results. I have seen some bloggers who are very good at coding and can design any good theme for WordPress and they continuously honing their skills.

Blogging gives us many fruits in single basket.

We are multi-talented people

  • We are webmasters.
  • We are coders.
  • We are designers.
  • We are social media experts.
  • We are SEO experts.
  • We are marketing experts.
  • We know how to make friends.
  • We know how to deal with clients.
  • We are Entrepreneurs

And there are many other things that as a blogger I developed in just two years.

#4. Social Circle

I could expand my circle by doing the job, but the variety of people with whom I met in these two years was not possible in the job.

There are thousands of people who are visiting my blog every month, and I have grown 2000+ awesome friends on Facebook. Continuously I am contributing in various internet marketing forums and have made many good friends there also.

Blogging has helped me to connect with the whole world.

With just 1 click my articles are going live in this world, anyone can come on my blog and read them.

So blogging is an excellent way to raise your voice and connect with the outer world.

#5. Good Team Skills

Blogging taught me great management lessons.

I have each and everything written either in my notebook or in Evernote application in my android. By reading awesome blogs in the industry, I have grown myself to express the things in a much better way and the ways to deal with people more greatly.

I am handling a team of total four writers now and dealing with them very well.

I keep asking them about their problems and always do my best to provide them solutions.

Final Words.

Now I am a proud blogger and doing my best to contribute in the society and to help more people with my blogging skills.

If you are going through any phase of life where you are confused, then my story and my points might help you.

Over to you.

I would love to hear your awesome thoughts about blogging and your story that how it helped you to change your life.

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  1. First of all congrats for completing 2 awesome years in Blogging field.
    As I always said that I am Big Fan of yours From Diploma College Time when You were in Final year and I was in 1st year. I heard a lot of things (Good things like study, intelligent, helping nature and all) about You.
    5 Months ago I started Blogging with help of My Senior, he taught me everything about Blogging and now I am also at that State that which field I should choose either Full time Blogging or JOB?
    I have Completed B.Tech but I don’t have any knowledge except Blogging and SEO.
    My interest is only Blogging.
    Now I am in Big Confusion. What Should I do Bro?

    1. wowwwww !! Happy to hear that you were my junior in diploma college. Glad to hear that you heard many good stories about me. πŸ™‚

      It’s good that you have started blogging. See blogging is a long journey, so it will take time to understand many things and then observer the results. If you are making good income then it’s good, but if you are not making then no need to worry. Just keep writing and making connection with people, soon you will learn the things and money will start coming.

      Keep putting your timer and efforts in blogging and spend more of your time learning the things. Stop wasting time on social media (it is not going to teach you or give you anything), and utilize your time.

      Interest and passion are two very different things.

      Do you have interest or passion?

      If this question is clear to you then there is no need to explain anything more.

      1. I was making good money but Google Panda hit me so This month I can’t do too much.I am learning new things about Blogging.
        Yeah I know Blogging needs patience and hard work.
        I have passion for it.
        Thanks for Reply Bro.

        1. hey hi Rajesh,
          Happy to hear that you have started blogging and now you are the own boss of your rest of the life. I also want to start a blogging but confused. Can you please share your experience how you started blogging and what kind of difficulties and problems did u face and resolve them.

  2. It’s relly great TO complete 2 Years in blogging and i still have 4 months remaining in that.. SO i am very happy for you and keep Doing the good things.

  3. Hey Kulwant Bro!
    First of all, Congrats for Completing SUCCESSFUL 2 Years in Blogging πŸ˜€
    I really appreciate your Hard Work you did to make BloggingCage this BIG! πŸ™‚
    I completely agree to all the points you mentioned above.
    Best of Luck for the future!

    Cheers ~
    Vishesh Kachheda!

    1. Thanks Vishesh. It just happened because of my loving readers. They always keep me motivated, and keep asking many interesting questions. So such questions always help me to find ideas for my next blog post.

  4. every time you give awesome work. yes i am agree with you that we have a lot of bloggers so i am moving in video blogging on YouTube. I am operating blog as well. sometimes as we are so frustrated and think to leave blogging but then you guys post your experience and some bloggers post there income as well. which motivate us to do blogging. Also you are right some of the bloggers leave blogging in 4-5 months sometimes we do not have topic or sometimes we want to be star over night which is not possible. we need a lot of hard work and dedication for work. it is possible to make brand but it is very difficult to maintain. so we should not lose our hope. we should do hard work regularly. thanks for this post again.

  5. Hello Dear Senior kulwant.
    First of all congrats to become one of our senior in blogging industry. Yes you did it. As you said many of the people just came into blogging either by force or money attraction. And so wasting their time in the blogosphere they just left blogging or move toward any other field. As we are seeing that many bloggers are moving toward tech and other famous niche . i think the reason is just that blogging is one of the easiest but thought fields. If you want to provide some valuable tactics to your reader. And as you know that people love to work shortly and earn more..

    Kulwant coming toward my point , i am one of the regular visitor of your blog and really like the way you create articles. i learn alot from you and hopefully will learn more and more as knowldge thirst is more and i never satisfied with a single article. hopefully you will continue your journey of blogging.

    May Allah give you more success to continue exploring knowldge!
    Best of Luck with best wishes

    1. Mohammad, happy to see you after such a long time.

      The reason why people quit blogging so early is – money factor. They don’t make money and then they decide to quit it. Making blog is very easy, running it tough, attracting traffic is little tougher but making brand is one of the toughest job. All newbie bloggers want just short time income.

      Mohammad, you are one of my loving reader and your presence on my blog always make me happy. Glad to hear that you are loving my efforts and continuously visiting my blog for getting more knowledge.

      You will always see me as blogger only. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for such awesome wishes.

      1. Thank you dear kulwant πŸ™‚
        You know I am inspired from 3-4 person in my blogging career and you are the one of those few…
        i will try my best to comment on regular basis

  6. Really an inspiring article Kulwant, I am not a full time blogger but after reading this a quick thought came into my mind about Full time blogging. Wishing you a best luck for your future blogging journey.

    1. Vishal, full-time blogging has given many new life lessons, good friends and awesome readers like you. If you are into study or in job (satisfied) then I will not suggest you to came in blogging full-time now. Take time and analyze the things around you.

      Thanks for your wishes.

  7. Your articles are always the source of inspiration to others ! Keep blogging like a pro and keep sharing your blogging experience !

  8. You’re an inspiration, man. Keep up the good work! I wish I had started blogging seriously a few years ago; I could have been a successful blogger now if I was more persistent and patient. Anyway, it’s not too late for me to start my journey as a full-time professional blogger someday.

  9. Hey bro,
    Congrats on going this far man. 2 Years is gone passed like 2 months. I’m sure you have learned a lot through out these years and I know better days lie ahead.

    2 years make you 1 yeah ahead of me. I see why I have to learn a lot from your experience.

    Thanks for sharing with us your passed experiences and happy 2nd anniversary

    1. First of all sorry for replying too late. πŸ™‚

      Enstine, these 2 years have given me awesome experience and I have seen many ups and downs. Getting connected with awesome bloggers like you was one of the best things happened in my blogging career.

      Have a great day.

  10. I also stopped blogging on my blog because of educational reason πŸ™ well, your article is kinda inspirational for me !! Do you have any quick suggestion for me ? I mean should I drop my MCA and concentrate on blogging ?

  11. Congratulation for completing your 2 year journey in this field. After reading this editorial, I am also added in your fan list. Very right said in one of your comment, that firstly makes up your mind about blogging. Its up to you either you will take it as interest or as passion??
    Thanks for sharing such an inspirational article…:)

  12. one of the disadvantage of blogging is that due to blogging one may lose social interaction. Blogging is not an adventurous work. it will stuck you in a limited space. although many but these are some of the reason, many are not pursuing blogging full time

  13. it is really Awesome journey #Mr. Kulwant i really enjoy while reading your article and i know you are good blogger and also pro i learn lots from your blog thanks for it πŸ™‚ and congratulation bro

    Rahul kashyap

  14. Hello kulwant. I am a regular visitor of your blog from last 1 year. I have recently completed my B.Tech and currently running a blog as well. I really like blogging because it makes me proud. My blog is going to complete 1 year. It’s traffic and online presence is increasing day by day but till now, i am not able to make enough money through it. However, i am not worried about it.

    I am also working in a company as software developer and the task is really tedious. I am also thinking to leave my job but just waiting for few more months. You are really an inspirational figure for me. Keep posting helpful articles.

    1. Thanks for being my loving reader for such a long time. πŸ™‚

      You are doing absolutely correct Ravi, just keep providing value to people, soon you will see big success.

      One suggestion – When your income from blogging in one month will be 5 times of your salary, quit your job next day itself. πŸ˜‰

      All the best.

  15. congrats Kulwant for your another great article which is very beneficial for all bloggers and those who are hopeless after doing big degrees in various fields. Actually its right that many big degree holders are doing blogging and earning a lot which they might not earn from doing any other job. I think everybody should read these and put up positive points from this article which help them in coming future.I’ll definitely spread these information among my friends to make them a successful blogger.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this

  16. Congrats Kulwant for completing 2 years.
    Superb Article …. 2 lines are very inspiring :

    1. Money is Raining on the Internet, it’s up-to you, either grab it now or regret later.
    2. JOB = Just Obey Boss

    Thank You so much… πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Kulwant !
    Congrats for completing 2 years of blogging . Its always a risk to quit a job for blogging but this risk have worked for you . You’ve seen tremendous success with the blogging career and you’re helping making other bloggers by sharing useful posts . Keep up the good work .


  18. Hi Kulwant,

    First I like to congrats you for your achievement in blogging. I personally am part-timer though. I start blog to spend my spare time wisely. I like entrepreneurial stuff, back then I saw all the potential a blog had.

    I am amaze on how my blog can bring many business opportunities so far. If people invest something in form of money, land, gold, house, or whatever, I have decided to make investment in my blog. I will share my passion and expertise through blog. That’s my commitment. The best ways bloggers can do their investment is through their content.

    1. I loved your thinking Okto.

      Internet marketing and blogging is real-estate business of 21st century, because these properties are going to give us huge rewards in coming years.

      Content marketing is an unbeatable method to get great audience and becoming an authority in your niche. These days I am investing my time to improve my writing skills.

  19. Congrats for your 2 year journey. But what i think is that one should have his/her side safe. Though you made a good decision of leaving a private job as it is really a big headache. One should get a government job and a be in blogging world. This combo can work well!

  20. Hi Kulwant!

    Just recently I became a full-time blogger too πŸ™‚ I was kicked out of my day job because of the slow economy (You might want to read more on my blog about it).

    Anyway, it’s one of the best things that has happened to me and I can now focus on the things that really matter πŸ™‚

    I think that what matters now is that you take responsibility of your actions: Instead of just slacking off (since it may seem that you have too much time on your hands), you have to be more strategic than ever.

    Know what your next action is and always take action prepared. That’s how you generate results.


    1. wow Timo. Welcome in blogging community. πŸ™‚

      In jobs we are 100% dependent on our company and we don’t know when will they fire us.

      Timo, blogging is great tool to make our online presence and make money while sitting at home. So atleast in starting days we will have to take full responsibility ourself. Make strong strategies and stick with them.

      I have 5 writers working for me now, so I have just transferred my responsibility to them. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for stopping by. I would love to see you again on my blog.

  21. Hi Kulwant, inspiring post bro. . And congrats on completing two year of blogging, I agree on your points, jobs are depressing. . What i hate the most about jobs is, there is no room for creativity, innovation and the happiness is controlled by boss. . Thanks for sharing this awesome post πŸ™‚

  22. Working as a full time freelancer is the best dedision I have made. I am able to personally take care of my family and manage my own time at work. Though It takes a lot of time management skills to be successful in this decision.

  23. congratulations, with the best for you
    I just graduated and I did not got a job till now, so I turn to blogging and I at the first step now πŸ™‚
    need your advice πŸ™‚

  24. Congo Bro… for completing 2 years.. of blogging.. Even i have the same idea that why should you work for others when you can make money for yourself and so I am also making good money online and helping people around, But the dilemma of the society is that some people cant digest the word blogging and it is hectic to explain them what exactly we do. Meanwhile i end up telling that i just make website πŸ˜€

  25. Awesome and interesting post! Well, blogging is no doubt wonderful and also agree that bloggers are multi-talented people. And, love the quote on blogging and totally agree, “blogging gives us many fruits in single basket”. Great stuff and best wishes for your future. Thanks for sharing and tweeted πŸ™‚

  26. A very inspiring story brother. I also thought the same way you thought, but I didn’t work hard that’s why I never got the success.

  27. A great inspiring story sir, I am sure that you are happy and sure about your blogging future. Hard work is the most important thing need in every work and you prove that.

  28. Hi Kulwant.
    This is the first time i have visited your blog and i’m so surprise of this article.
    I think you are very brave man when you choose to follow up this field. But i know why you’re doing this.
    Your post gives me more motivation to not giving up on this hardly competition .
    Thanks for your sharing. Keep looking for your next information.


  29. Great @Nagi

    I hope so you will have nice blogging life.

    Best of Luck

    One more thing I would like to share with you, you told the right concept about blogging, you have to be consistent, then only you can become successful blogging.

    But I thing stickiness is also needed.

  30. Congratulations on completing 2 years in the beautiful world of blogging. I totally agree that a man should do the thing which he likes the best and you finally got into the profession which you were passionate about. You rightly said that there is no dearth of money in an online world and as a blogger sky is the limit for you. Thanks for such a wonderful post. Waiting for more πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Nagi,

    Now a full time blogger and a proud one per say! Am indeed a proud reader of this post. It take great decision to compromise such an idea of quiting full time job to blogging, good to hear but very hard to accomplish and indeed must be coupled with great determination. How I wish I could but I would have to stay as per time blogger for now untilI really grow wing that can sustain my bill before that decision Nagi.

    1. First of all I apologies for late reply.

      Adesanmi, It needs courage to take such decisions and I am very lucky that somehow I got this courage. I just visited your blog and saw that you are doing awesome work. Keep sharing awesome tips with people and helping them to do things easily.

      Best wishes.

  32. Agree with you initially we have hard time but later on if we hold our nerves we can go long way .Blogging is great example of multitasking .Happy blogging

  33. Congrats Nagi Saab….
    I knew it you will make your words true. As you are a passionate blogger and always source of inspiration for we friends. you studied the internet market And execute very smartly. God bless you and keep it up brother.

  34. Quite inspiring post. According to me one should test himself as a part time blogger before adopting the full time blogging as a career.

    You covered very nice and informative points. Thanks for this post..

  35. Congratulations for completing two successful years of Blogging!

    within 2 years you made a great blog that gets lots of traffic and no wonder a good income stream too πŸ™‚

    Blogging is really a good option to make money and learn many other things

    it’s very easy to set up a blog and start writing content

    we all love blogging

    we learn and earn in the same time! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes Brian, these two years were simply amazing. I learnt a lot from experts like you.

      Blogging is working absolutely fine for me and I am making good money too. πŸ˜‰

      Setting up a new blog and taking it to a new level are two totally different things. I am very happy to see that you have also taken BlogEngage to a very big level in just 2-3 years.

  36. Great to know your story sir :). I m a commerce field student I starts my blogging in 2013 and now owns 2 blogs, working hard on them and also getting good results. I almost quit my thinking about job. But still I m studies to make contact and more friends.
    It’s great to hear your story, and it’s inspire me lot to go strong in my blogging career πŸ™‚

  37. Your story is very inspiring. Yet, I am not doing any job, I am student but would like to be blogger not to be job person

    1. Glad to hear that my story inspired you. I would like to suggest you to concentrate on study first and keep doing blogging. Soon you will understand many things and then you will be able to take the right decision.

      Best wishes..

  38. You are absolutely right. Blogging requires a lot of patience and a lot of hard work. The one thing I have learned from blogging is that NEVER EVER work with the intention of getting money. Once you start focusing more on money and less on blogging, then you will eventually stop posting quality enriched articles which will only be detrimental to your blog. Might I add, you are somewhat of an inspiration for me πŸ™‚

  39. Hii Kulwant Sir i love Blogging Cage so much that when someone ask on Facebook Group who is your favourite blogger or from whom you want to learn about blogging then only one name which come in my mind is Kulwant Nagi.

    Kulwant Nagi sir i want to ask a question from you why you don’t share your Income report like pat flynn and other successful blogger. And can you disclose how much you earn in 2018 just for curiosity. ( Please )

  40. Hi Kulwant…
    First, I want to Say Awesome Blog & Loved Your theme, so let me know which theme you are using.
    Now come to the post… it is awesome…Blogging is the best when it comes to the carrier.

    Best Regard

  41. Hi Kulwant. I just got know about you today. And it is first time to reading your blog. I’m out from India for Job. I’ve done my education in Computer Science. I did job in an IT Company here. But due to any reason my company terminate me after 8 months. Don’t know why ? And same like you, my office leaving timing was not fixed. Maximum days I worked 12 Hours. Sometime weekend too. And now here maximum companies are asking for at least 3 years of experience. Which I don’t have.

    I’ve all skills (programming language, web development, web design, understand web world, social media etc). I want to do something of myself. I’m thinking about blogging. But don’t know which type of website should I’ve to create (Tutorial website, blogging on Computer Science Topic or else).

    But most I need quick money. Because my family background is not strong. Although here I’ve shop for repairing electronic items. But I don’t know this work. Only my father work in the shop. And I just sit in the shop and learning and reading on internet now days. So sometime I think to “do job in any company is the best option for me in present”. And I don’t have little part time for blogging. But internally I don’t want to do job. And every company is asking “experience experience experience. Now I’m frustrated with this worst word. I’m 25.

    Good scenario in future about blogging, I can guess. But
    What about this worst case scenario that “If my website will not give me any +ve result in future”.
    Please read this comment briefly and guide about every problem and query. It’ll be very helpful for me.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Jignesh, Sorry to hear that your company terminated you without any reason. I agree that companies ask for the more work than what we are paid. If you have web development skills, you can start a blog around the web development problems and help people to solve them after reading your blog posts.

      This is a very good niche and highly in demand.

      Just start a blog and start writing.

  42. Hi Kulwant,
    I am reading your blogs from a few days ago, I found it when I was searching for affiliate marketing. Right now I am confused about how to start my affiliate marketing business. I don’t have any blogging sites or you tube sites. I want to start an affiliate marketing business parallel with blogging. Please help me, really I am too much confused about how to start.

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