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If you are into blogging, you know the importance of SEO very well.

Where Google is busy developing some of the most sophisticated search engine algorithms, many techniques to rank high in search engine are still working.

People are trying PBN, web 2.0 backlinks, directory submission, commenting and too many activities to get high ranking in various search engines.

Some are working good, where some are still not bringing favorable results.

There are tons of techniques to rank any keyword higher in SERP.

So there is one technique called social bookmarking.

So what are these social bookmarking sites?

These are the website where you can share your content with other audience to get the direct exposure.

Unlike SEO, social bookmarking is not a way to target people who are looking for your content, it's a way where you share the content with your community and get likes, shares, comments in return.

In short – it's a give and take activity.

Before you get start with the list of the sites, do take care that you don’t spam the networks; as it would only lead you to penalties to your website. Also sharing your content might even lead to gain a good number of followers too!

We have compiled these bookmarking websites on the basis on PageRank, which will ultimately helps you to target high PR to get much better results.

We have personally tried few of the website to boost our ranking in search engines so we can say with the conviction that they work.

http://citeulike.org    8
http://reddit.com      8
http://digg.com        8
http://delicious.com  8
http://bibsonomy.org  7
http://metafilter.com  7
http://slashdot.org    7
http://fark.com        7
http://newsvine.com    7
http://blinklist.com    6
http://smallbusinessbrief.com  6
http://blogmarks.net    6
http://wikio.com        6
http://dzone.com        6
http://folkd.com        6
http://clipmarks.com  6
http://designmoo.com    5
http://wirefan.com      5
http://newsmeback.com  5
http://buddymarks.com  5
http://maple.nu        5
http://linkatopia.com  4
http://blogospherenews.com      4
http://kirtsy.com      4
http://myhq.com        4
http://worldpharmanews.net      4
http://clipclip.org    4
http://1888pressrelease.com    4
http://designfloat.com  4
http://cloudytags.com  4
http://popscreen.com    4
http://bookmarksync.com    3
http://pr4links.com    3
http://indiamarks.com  3
http://craftjuice.com  3
http://xulnews.com      3
http://totalpad.com    3
http://business-planet.net      3
http://blogbookmark.com        3
http://bmaccess.net    3
http://bharatwaves.com  3
http://startaid.com    3
http://afunpark.com    3
http://sturvs.com      3
http://exceptnothing.com        2
http://eviplist.com    2
http://ipopu.com        2
http://digg3.com        2
http://votetags.info  2
http://dekut.com        2
http://webmaster911.com        2
http://squigglr.com    1
http://scalespro.com    1
http://seoswamy.com    1
http://jewelry-scales-balances.com      1
http://latestbookmarks.com      1
http://iidigg.com      1
http://thehottestlinks.com      1
http://webdesigndefinitions.com        1
http://clickfor.net    1
http://wedelia.com      1
http://cenq.com        1
http://digimoe.com      1
http://mettablog.com    1
http://socialsubjects.com  1
http://oidobarra.com    1
http://clixwlix.com    1
http://blurpalicious.com        1
http://bookmark4you.com        1
http://jackpea.com    1
http://easymash.com    1
http://hillera.com      1
http://pinoymug.com    1
http://clickuplink.com  1
http://beamark.com    1
http://buzzingtopics.com        1
http://qazee.com        1
http://esocialbookmarks.com    1
http://pipinews.com    1
http://searchwhat.info  1
http://worldoftags.com  1
http://tweet-this.com  1
http://subbmitt.com    1
http://etopbookmarks.com    1
http://addblogurl.com  1
http://ysome.com        1
http://yehiapress.org  1
http://ulavu.com        1
http://yoosubmit.com    1
http://webample.com    1
http://sociopost.com    1
http://social-bookmarkz.info    1
http://nulify.com      1
http://mytitbits.com    1

This is just a small 100 social bookmarking sites list we have compiled on SaaS Ultra, if you are looking for more sites, then you can go and search for few others.

Here are some of the social bookmarking footprints which you can use in search engines to find bookmarking sites for 2019.

“Powered by Pligg”
“powered by pligg” Home Login “Register”
allintitle:store share and tag your favorite links
intitle:”Pligg Beta 9″
intitle:”Pligg beta”
inanchor:”Pligg beta 9 Home”
inanchor:”About Pligg”
inurl:”Pligg beta”
inurl:”register.php”++”powered by pligg”
inurl:/register intext:”Powered by Pligg” -inurl:.php
inurl:/register intext:”Powered by Pligg” -inurl:.php
inurl:/register intext:”upcoming” intext:”published” intext:”submit” intext:”Tag Cloud” -inurl:.php
inurl:/register intext:”upcoming” intext:”published” intext:”submit” -inurl:.php
inurl:/register intext:”upcoming” intext:”published” intext:”submit” -inurl:.php intitle:”register”
inurl:/register.php intext:”Powered by Pligg”
inurl:register.php intext:”upcoming” intext:”published” intext:”submit”
inurl:/register intext:”Powered by Pligg” -inurl:.php
inurl:/register.php intext:”Powered by Pligg”
inurl:register.php intext:”upcoming” intext:”published” intext:”submit”
inurl:story.php inanchor:upcoming
inurl:”register” intitle:”pligg”
inurl:”cloud.php” intitle:”pligg”
inurl:”live_comments” intitle:”pligg”
inurl:”faq-en.php” intext:”pligg”
inurl:”/pligg” inurl:/register.php
“Store all your favourite links in one place, accessible from anywhere”
Bookmarking the web 2.0
intext:”bookmarks” “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
intext:”date” “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
intext:”first” “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
intext:”next” “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
intext:”Previous” “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
intext:”register” “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
intext:”Sort by:” “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
intext:about “Store, share and tag your favourite links” about
inurl:?sort=url_asc AND “keyword”
inurl:bookmarks.php scuttle
inurl:by scuttlePLUS
inurl:populartags.php/ AND “keyword”
Propulsed by SemanticScuttle
Store, share and tag your favourite links
“Speicher alle Deine Webseiten-Favoriten an einem Ort”

These footprints will help you to deep more deep to find all the bookmarking websites which can be used to submit your content.

Tips to do natural bookmarking

You might be thinking to use these bookmarking websites to submit your content for one time and then never look back.

By doing this practice, you might get links from such sites for one time but you won't be able to leverage the authority of that profile.

I highly recommend to build some of the best bookmarking properties for your niches and be active there. Share other people's content, comment there, like there and do various activities to make your profile more legit.

By doing this practice, you are making your profile older and more trustworthy.

Because once Google's bot will see your main profile got indexed in search engines 2 years back, it's going to add more authority in the link which you'll share on your profile.

So use these websites very carefully to circulate the content and get more out of them.

Final words

We highly recommend waiting for the results after doing any SEO activity for your website. If you are targeting some of the high PR websites from this list, we highly recommend waiting for at least two weeks to see the results.

Because once you'll submit your money website on these social bookmarking sites, chances are that you'll get results (or in worst case, you won't) but the effect will be measurable only and only when you'll wait for the result of one activity.

Don't use bookmarking excessively because it can harm your money blog.

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  1. Hi Kulwant , your blog is very informative , I was reading your long tail pro post and come across with a problem about using it , I just bought long tail pro platinum , when I put some seed keywords and push the Generate keywords , there is a page that says do you want to log in with google adwords ? I clicked NO because I dont have google adwords account , after that I’m waiting for software to fetch some keywords idea but It dosnt work , and the page is in blank , nothing shows up on screen even if i’m waiting for 10 minutes ! what is wrong with that ? am I missing something ? I selected a campaign and seoMoz ID too . ( do I need yo buy a seoMoz account ?) I’m really new for using this stuff 🙂

    1. Happy to hear that you bought the Platinum version.

      This software uses Google keyword planner to fetch the keywords, so it won’t work without adding your login details.

      No need to buy Moz pro account.

  2. I wish that you have the list in PDF or txt format and put the download link above. 🙂

  3. Hey Kulwant,

    thank you for the comprehensive list on social bookmarking sites,

    however, many of these sites are dead now – including the huge “Digg” that once sent me over 100k+ traffic on a single submission!

    am still active on quite a few of these and sites like Reddit are integral part of our campaign promotions,

    Uttoran Sen,

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