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Have you ever wondered about selling clothes, t-shirts, and shoes online?

If you're one of those fashion enthusiasts who always buy fashion accessories, then at some point you probably thought about owning a fashion e-commerce store or a fashion blog.

If not, you would, one day.

Because we are not on Mars yet.

We still live on the planet earth.

Do you remember that FASHION used to be the NEXT BIG THING in the past?

People used to passionate about clothing, shoes, and brands.

Well, they still are.

If you don't feel that way, you probably a banker or a have an established business, or you are a man.

We men (means most of us) aren't passionate about FASHION and CLOTHING…

But you may get interested in reading this article. I promise.

Because there are two aspects of this article:

1. E-commerce Business

2. Fashion Blogging

The good news is; both means BUSINESS.

Now if you're a kind of person who isn't interested in money making and business ideas, then I would suggest don't waste your 15 minutes reading this article because TIME is money…

but, if you're interested then buckle up, dude, why are you waiting?

First things first, BestPaidTools has a vast readership, and a large of readers are females — keeping that in mind, this article is for everyone, it doesn't matter whether you're a male or female.

If you love fashion and have entrepreneurial germs in you, then consider yourself in for this venture.

You know, BestPaidTools wants to contribute to your SUCCESS.

We believe in the SUCCESS of readers.

So, fashion geeks, in this article, you're going to get a master plan of your FASHION blog. Not only will I teach you how to set up your fashion blog, but I will also tell you how to monetize your blog. In fact, this in-depth article will be more than just a fashion blog guide.

I want to share some blogging secrets that will make your fashion blog's LAUNCH completely vibrant — and when you put a strong base — the result always gets better.

What does a FASHION BLOG do?

A fashion blog is supposed to do the following things:

  • Discuss Fashion trends
  • Update Readers on Clothing
  • Showcase Fashion Accessories
  • Review Fashion Brands
  • Educate Fashion Enthusiasts

A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Fashion Blog

I'm going to walk you through the process of starting your fashion blog where you could be the fashion guru for thousands of fashion enthusiasts who want to know what's going in the particular fashion area of their interest. However, the story doesn't end here, in addition to that, I'll genuinely explain the strategy of making a full-time LIVING with your FASHION BLOG.


Let's get started:

1. Defining the Purpose of your blog

At step 1, you have to start with defining the purpose of your fashion blog. You do not want to start a fashion blog with a vague mind. It's like start driving a car without any destination in the mind.

Once you clarify the purpose of your blog, it becomes easier to proceed with it.

Believe me, when there is a purpose attached to your effort, you always strive for the best results and get ones.

It is not a rocket science.

What could be the purpose of your fashion blog?

  • To update friends and family about clothing
  • To grow the audience (who is interested in fashion)
  • To start an online business related to Fashion
  • To educate people about fashion trends
  • To build a community to share tips and tricks

You won't believe this.

These 3Ps can change your fashion blogging:

1. Purpose: This is your BIG goal and approach to follow.

2. Platform: This is the online tool or CMS which will be used to launch your fashion blog.

3. People: People you want to communicate with others. The audience you wish to educate and serve.

Once you know these basics, you get ready to move on.

For instance, Myquillyn Smith knows this very well. She is an interior design blogger and expert. She runs a blog called Nesting Place. She wrote a blog post with the title ‘Purpose'  and explained the purpose of her blog.

how to start a fashion blog

LeadsLeap also published a blog post explaining the purpose of the official blog.

It shows that you're aware of the fact that you need the clarity in your blog.

start a fashion blog

2. Developing the Content Strategy

At step 2, when you clearly know the purpose of your blog, then comes the content strategy. It's a content development plan that you have to follow consistently to grow your blog and develop the relevant audience.

The content strategy consists of various parts such as:

  • The type of blog content
  • The type of audience to serve
  • The type of mindset to blog
  • The type of engagement to do

All these factors help us building and shaping our blog's content strategy.

One of the best examples of developing a content strategy is Fashion and Make-up YouTube channels. There might be millions of make-up and styling YouTube channels which update the audience on make-up and fashion.

Take a look at Laura Neuzeth's YouTube Channel:

fashion blogger

She uses the YouTube platform to building her audience and developing her personal brand as a make-up, hairstyling, and fashion expert.

You'll always find her videos related to the FASHION — whether it's a review, how-to guide, or just a tips video, she creates videos on fashion.

It's not about a BLOG vs. YouTube thing here.

At this stage, analyze the dedication, audience building, and platform selection.

It doesn't mean that YouTubers don't run their blogs or bloggers don't have their YouTube channels. It's about developing the first and the primary platform and then move forward to take the brand to the next level and meet the newer audience.

3. Choosing the CMS for your blog

Speaking of Content Management System (CMS), there are many options for bloggers and fashion bloggers in particular.

You might find moms starting their fashion blogs on Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress.com platforms.

I don't have any problem with those blogging platforms.

But, when it comes to the perfection, the blogosphere trusts WordPress.org. The self-hosted WordPress platform is one of the most popular choices for bloggers, online marketers, and entrepreneurs to launch their blogs and websites.

You probably think. It's huge mess. Who would buy a web hosting account and then install a WordPress blog without knowing a single word about WordPress?

No worries.

It isn't that scary.

how to create a fashion blog

I've got this covered for you, in fact, I did this a few years back.

You have to think about making your FASHION BLOG as a brand…

The building a brand is something that will take your blog ahead of the competition.

Let's me take the headache of launching a blog.

As I told, I've got this covered for you.

Take a look at this how-to start guide to starting your blog.

Right after installing your WordPress blog, the next things you need are:

  • Professional WordPress theme
  • Relevant WordPress Plugins
  • Email Subscription Service
  • Opt-in forms plugin

Alternatively, you can use Website Builder to get started with your fashion blog or website portal.  Some of the users might not feel comfortable with getting into the website or blog launching process — they want a few clicks and get things done. The website builder will be the perfect product for them.

fashion blogger tips

Ginny Soskey wrote a detailed article on ‘Best Blogging Platforms' to start your blog. You might want to check it, in case, you want to know more options about content management systems.

4. Identifying the Audience

At step 4, it might look a dry topic to discuss but trust me, this is the most important part of this article. Once you figured out this part, it gets easier to proceed.

The identification of your audience means WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE?

This is something no one can answer it for you. In fact, you have to dig into the process and find the solution for your blog.


The audience identification helps you in finding these things:

  I. Blog's Niche

If you start thinking WHO YOU WANT TO SERVE before WHAT TYPE OF BLOG you should make, then things will get a whole lot better — because when you do that, you're pretty much clear about your blog's purpose since the day 1.

II. Type of Content

One of the perks of knowing your audience very clearly is that you have a pretty decent idea of what resonates with your audience and what kind of content you should be creating for them. The content type is big pain for bloggers.

    III. Engagement Strategies

When you know the audience (that you want to reach) — It means you FOCUS on engaging the audience rather than KNOWING who your audience should be. In other words, you cut a bunch of pre-race crap and get straight to the point.

Well, most of us learned the hard way. And it's our duty to tell you right away so that you don't have to go through that long funnel of LEARNING.

    IV. Audience building

Of course, you can put up all of your effort on the audience building rather than identifying the audience. The audience building is an important purpose of your fashion blog so that you have a pool of readers and interested subscribers in the future to follow your fashion tips and tricks.

Bloglovin is a great place to find the new audience for your blog. It's an online platform to find a variety of blogs of all sizes and start attracting the new readership for your blog. This platform is specifically popular for DIY, Beauty, and Fashion blogs engagement.

Alltop could be another directory of blogs where you can find relevant blogs to interact with other fashion and beauty bloggers.

LinkedIn Pulse is an under-rated platform as far as outreach is concerned. You can leverage your LinkedIn account to boost your blog's engagement. Go to the LinkedIn Pulse, repurpose your blog posts with original blog post links or write new blog posts on LinkedIn in the particular category to meet the newer audience.

street fashion blogger

Meet Sarah and Beth. They are sisters and partners. They run a business called Brilliant Business Moms. They published a blog post about reaching to a new audience that could be helpful for you.

5. Promotional Campaign

At step 5, you have to think about taking your communication to the next level. From building and setting up to establishing a fashion blog, it's a whole heap of things that might take days to get done — but I'm trying to keep every possible thing in this article to share it with you all.

Let's come to the point.

You can't grow a blog by just posting great content.

You need people to look at your content; you need people to find solutions in your content, you need people who admire your effort, and maybe you come across people who won't agree with you (but that's okay)

In short, you can't grow your blog alone. You need a bunch of people who got a stake in your blog — so that they get benefit from your blog, learn something from you or grow their blogs by following yours.

There could be a thousand ways to promote your blog but in the beginning, you can't afford to spend a pile of cash on your newly born fashion blog.

Yes. You need a promotional campaign!

Following are the methods you have to adapt to promote your fashion blog:

I. Community Building: The community building is a traction method through readers engagement. It could start on a Facebook page, Facebook group, or a LinkedIn group. The purpose is to bring interested people together and start discussions on the topics of common interests.

The community building doesn't mean setting up a social media group — it's an approach in real. It could be on your Facebook account's wall or maybe in the comments section of your blog, what matter is, do people respond to you or start a conversation with you?

II. Social Media Growth-hacking: You might have heard a lot about growth-hacking techniques for business development. In social media, you have to bring such growth hacking strategies to gain attention, credibility, and respect.

Lars Lofgren wrote an article on growth hacking techniques. He discussed from testimonials to logos to social media platforms — his views make you think how far we can go using growth hacking technique to promote our brand or blog.

III. Email list build-up: Everyone knows that email list building is one of the most amazing methods to create momentum for your blog or personal brand. Neil Patel considered email marketing as the number one lead generation technique. Use MailChimp or ConvertKit for email marketing service.

IV. Internet Branding: We have seen how people used the internet to build their million dollar brands. Use every possible way to create a brand's identity, whether you're starting a fashion label or just a fashion blog. From the name, logo, colors theme to the website, blog, social media — use every available door to engage the prospects in making your brand recognized.

V. Guest Posting: The guest posting is one of the most discussed topics in the blogosphere. You probably never heard a fashion blogger asking for a guest post on the different blogs. There are obvious reasons for that; the fashion bloggers don't have to guest post on tech and online marketing blogs. However, if they could guest blog on shopping, e-commerce, and fashion blog, that would be incredible.

best fashion blogs

Elvis Michael wrote an article, and he also emphasized on the content promotion using the techniques like guest posting, niche blog commenting and repurposing content on SlideShare.

6. Monetization Planning

The launching guide, development of a content strategy, and the engagement on a blog are the important aspects of building a blog and taking it to the next level. If I don't discuss monetization on a fashion blog, then it would not be appropriate.

I won't do that injustice.

You've launched your blog — you're pretty much excited to engage the readers, building relationships with readers, and establish an email list of subscriber.

Everything seems in place.

You have to keep things together.

The knowing about MONETIZATION doesn't mean you have to start monetization.

In the beginning, it's better not to put any advertising on your blog.

But, over the course of time, you have to think about it.

Forget about Google Adsense?

Did you think I'm going to preach you about Adsense?

Oh please.

Recently I taught you about blog monetization without PPC, CPM, and Affiliate Programs!

Why would I say Google Adsense now?

It's not that I'm against any of the ad programs. It's just like I'm in the favor of unlimited opportunities of MONEY MAKING on the blog.

The e-Commerce Product Catalogue WordPress plugin will help you building your product catalogues Another plugin could be Product Catalog for the same reason.

You have to create a channel of money making on your blog. To be honest, you won't be able to generate revenue from the PPC and CPM Ads.

As far as Affiliate Marketing is concerned, it requires the dedication and strategy. If you want to dig into it, you just have to focus on that monetization strategy.

It could be tough, and when sales don't come, the blogger starts panicking and you don't want to do that.

Try ShareaSale Network to find a plenty of fashion brands or online stores who offer affiliate programs. You should apply to the similar fashion brands and just have to focus on the clothing, shoes, and make-up area because this is something you would be.

Got rejected?

No problem.

Try Zazzle or Etsy‘s affiliate marketing program to start some referral revenue on your newly born fashion blog. Remember you have to focus on the audience related to your GOAL. Zazzle and Etsy are massive shopping sites with a broad range of products but as a fashion blogger, you should never look ahead of Clothing, Dresses, Shoes, and Make-up products.

In case, you don't have to promote someone else's products, and you think that you should have some your products, you could do that too.

Try WooCommerce service to launch your fashion e-store under your WordPress blog. Once you install WooCommerce plugin, it adds the functionality of online selling into your WordPress blog. If you want to change your WordPress theme to a fully e-commerce-ready WordPress site, you can do that using WooCommerce themes.

If you're a little into fashion photography, you can sell your photos using Symbiostock right on your Fashion blog to make money.

If nothing resonates with you,

Don't worry!

You have to BELIEVE in yourself.

You will MAKE MONEY if you want to make.

Just remember, when you're not making money on your blog, the thing you don't have to STOP is helping the audience which means you don't have to stop working on your blog.


You can sell your fashion design or fashion training courses to the starters.

Use Coursepress Pro or LearnDash service to start selling your fashion design training courses.

Ultimately, one way or the other, you will figure out about MONEY MAKING on your fashion blog.

This is not my concern. My concern is how well you will serve your audience and how you would develop your community on your blog using BLOG + EMAIL LIST.

It's Your Turn

Okay. I've guided you as promised.

It's not about building just a fashion blog. It's about creating a dream project.

Let me help you fulfilling your dream.

It's your turn to take some action.

Whether you're a mom, college student, or a budding entrepreneur — the point is, if you're into Fashion and looking for start a fashion blog, don't get late.

Just remember, if you make a START, don't let it go in months.

Blogs develop in years, don't test your talent in just a few months period.

Would you take the action on your fashion blog now?

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  1. Hi Kulwant,

    Well explained post about starting a fashion blog. Tech niche is saturated these days and we need to concentrate on other niches. fashion is one of the niche that does not saturate.

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