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Do you have hobbies or interests that you are passionate about? If your answer is yes, you should definitely consider starting a lifestyle blog.

You may have come across many such blogs while browsing through the internet. But, don’t you think the term ‘lifestyle blog’ is a little vague?

How can you start a lifestyle blog when you don’t even know what it means? And how to start a lifestyle blog that makes money?

All these questions will be answered in this guide. By the end of this guide, you’ll know EXACTLY how to create your own lifestyle and make money from it.

So, let’s get started.

What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

As I was saying, the whole term ‘lifestyle blog’ is a little vague and doesn’t have any clear meaning.

That’s because it doesn’t. When you think of food or health blogs, the meaning is clear. But, when it comes to a lifestyle blog, the topic is wider and can cover a variety of niches.

So, if you want a simple definition of what a lifestyle blog means, here it is:

A lifestyle blog talks about the personal hobbies or interests of a person. And, it’s not just limited to hobbies. A lifestyle blog can also be about habits.

For example – A blog about living a minimal and frugal life can be called a lifestyle blog.

A blog about growing your own vegetables in your garden can also be called a lifestyle blog.

Therefore, a lifestyle blog can be anything about your hobbies, habits, or interests. In a nutshell, it’s about your lifestyle.

Now, that we know what a lifestyle blog really means, let’s take a look at how you can start your own lifestyle blog.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog in June 2024

Starting a lifestyle blog is very easy and you can create your own lifestyle blog within minutes if you follow this guide thoroughly.

There are 5 simple steps required to start a lifestyle blog. And here is the first one:

1. Choose A Niche

After discussing above what a lifestyle blog really means, you might have an idea of how to choose a niche.

A niche is nothing but a topic of your blog. You can choose any topic for your lifestyle blog. Here’s a piece of advice that will help you:

Pick a topic you are TRULY passionate about. It’s because if you start a lifestyle blog for the sake of making money, you’ll end up losing interest in it and you’ll completely abandon your blog.

Instead, choose a niche that makes you passionate to write content about it. Are you good at organizing your life and things around you? You can start a blog about that.

Do you excel at DIY projects? You can choose that as your niche.

You have unlimited options as you can choose any niche for your blog. Look around you and see what are the things you’re passionate about.

Here are some ideas to give you a head start:

  • Minimal living
  • Solo travel
  • Vegan living
  • Gardening
  • DIY projects
  • DIY fashion
  • Budgeting
  • Financial freedom
  • Single mom life
  • Work at home dad
  • Rural life
  • Life in {your city}
  • Frugal living

These are just some ideas off the top of my head that can help you choose a niche. Whatever niche you choose, it must be something you’re really passionate about.

2. Choose A Blogging Platform

There are so many blogging platforms out there that you’ll end up scratching your head if you don’t know which one to choose.

Thankfully, after blogging for years and using so many platforms, I know EXACTLY what platform you should choose.

And my (or any other professional blogger’s) recommendation would be WordPress.

WordPress is a platform that gives you full control of your website. It’s very easy to use and makes everything fun.

Many blogger platforms that are out there don’t provide the seamless experience that WordPress offers.

Here are some reasons why you should choose WordPress:

  • Thousands of themes available.
  • You can create your own theme with page builders.
  • Thousands of plugins available for customization.
  • Easy to use with no coding knowledge.
  • The biggest blogging platform and has a huge community and resources to help you get help if you’re stuck.

I could write on and on about WordPress but I guess you have an idea now as to why I and everyone else recommend WordPress.

3. Choose A Domain Name & Hosting Provider

Here comes the fun part. You have to choose a name for your blog. Choosing can be sometimes overwhelming as you have so many ideas but can’t choose the right one.

The biggest advice I would give for choosing the right domain is that it should be relevant to your blog’s topic.

You can choose your own name for your blog too. Here are some tips for choosing the right domain name:

  • Your domain name length shouldn’t be too long.
  • Your domain should be easy to remember and type on the browser.
  • Don’t use hyphens or numbers in your domain name.
  • Include keywords in your domain name if possible.
  • Avoid names that are strange or difficult to pronounce.

Still, if you are facing difficulty in choosing a domain name, you should check out these blog name generator tools that can generate some really awesome names that you can use for your blog.

Once you have decided the name you’re going to use, it’s time to choose a hosting provider. Now, there are so many hosting providers out there. Some are good and some are bad. Some are very cheap while others are a little expensive.

Instead of going through all the decision making stuff, let me recommend the best hosting provider you should choose for your lifestyle blog.

No matter what blog you’re starting, A2Hosting is the hosting provider I recommend to everyone.

Here are some reasons why:

  • One of the most affordable hosting providers out there.
  • You get free SSL with the hosting.
  • Recommended by big experts itself.
  • Ultra fast SSD server for fast lading blog.

Do you know what this means?

You will get web hosting of three years for the price of just two years. Besides that, setting up a lifestyle blog on A2Hosting is very simple.

Let me walk you through it.

Head over to A2 Hosting using this link to avail the discount coupon. On the website, click on the ‘Compare Plans’ button.

starting a lifestyle blog

Now, choose your pricing plan. There are three pricing plans as you can see below. I’d recommend the SWIFT plan as it’s all you need to start your lifestyle blog.

how to start a lifestyle blog

The next step is to choose your domain name. We already discussed how to choose a domain name. Type in the name you want to choose.

  1. Select Register a new domain if you haven't already bought a domain name.
  2. Select Transfer your domain from another registrar if you want to move your domain from another provider to A2Hosting.
  3. Choose I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers if you want to use your existing domain name.
how to be a lifestyle blogger

You’ll be asked to choose your billing cycle. I recommend to select 12 Months.

how to create a lifestyle blog

After filling your account information, scroll down to uncheck the extra packages that cost extra money. That’s something you don’t need for now.

Once done, click at the Continue button.

how to start a successful lifestyle blog

Once you’re done with filling all the information, it’s time to enter your payment information and proceed with the payment. You can pay using your credit card or PayPal.

how to become a lifestyle blogger

After the payment is complete, check your email for more details.

And, that’s it. The best part about A2Hosting is that it automatically installs WordPress. So, you don’t even have to go through all the trouble of installing WordPress.

Your lifestyle blog is ready!

4. Choose A Theme

You have successfully created your lifestyle blog but we’re not done yet. It’s time to choose a theme for your blog.

Below are some WordPress marketplaces where you can find absolutely gorgeous themes for your blog.

1. ThemeForest

ThemeForest houses over 40,000 WordPress themes and you can easily find the perfect theme for your lifestyle blog here.

lifestyle blogger

You have the option to filter themes by their price, type, style, and rating. You can also type your blog’s topic in the search box to find themes relevant to your niche.

2. MyThemeShop

Another great marketplace for WordPress themes is MyThemeShop. This marketplace has over 120 WordPress themes designed for many different niches.

lifestyle blogging

They have some great themes that would be perfect for your lifestyle blog.

Choosing the right WordPress theme is very confusing as there are so many great themes available now.

Once you have picked and installed your theme, it’s time to move to the next step.

5. Creating Content

The final step of starting a lifestyle blog is creating content. Writing blog posts will be very easy and fun if you are passionate about it.

Hopefully, if you picked a niche you’re passionate about, you’ll not have a hard time with creating content.

Still, if you’re struggling to create content for your blog, you should take a look at what other lifestyle bloggers are doing in your niche.

Use their blogs as an inspiration and learn from their posting schedules and writing styles. This will help you get better as you progress with your blog.

Here are some tips that will help you create great content for your blog:

  • Write articles that are longer than 2000-2500 words.
  • Use keywords in your content to get ranked on the search engines.
  • Use visuals such as images and gifs heavily in your content.
  • Create a consistent posting schedule.

Just remember this:

Keep writing content as it will help you get better and will help you grow your audience.

We have discussed the 5 steps of starting a successful blog. But what’s next?

After starting your lifestyle blog, you need to grow its audience. And, here’s how you can do it.

Building An Audience For Your Lifestyle Blog

Building an audience or getting traffic to your lifestyle blog is not something that’s easy. You need to be consistently promoting your content.

To begin building an audience, you should follow these three tactics.

1. Get Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest users love lifestyle blogs. If you used Pinterest before, you might have seen pins related to lifestyle all over.

Driving traffic from Pinterest is very simple but you need to do things the right way. Here’s how you can use Pinterest to get traffic to your lifestyle blog.

#1. Create Pinterest Boards

starting a lifestyle blog

First, create 10-15 Pinterest boards about the topics or categories you cover on your blog. Start pinning content from others blogs to these boards.

Don’t pin your own content yet. The purpose of this step is to make you appear as an active Pinterest user.

Your boards should have at least 30-50 pins to make it look active. Also, pin relevant content to each board.

#2. Create A Board For Your Own Blog

Now, create a board for your own blog and start pinning your blog content in this board. You can name this board as “Best of your {blog name}” or anything you like.

Your images should be attractive enough to get pinned on other boards.

#3. Follow other lifestyle bloggers on Pinterest

Find and follow all the lifestyle bloggers on Pinterest. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are.

The goal is to follow as many as you can. Once you follow them, start pinning their content on the boards you created.

This will help you get on their radar and if your content is good, they’ll also pin your content.

#4. Join group boards

Now that you are following so many lifestyle bloggers, you’ll notice that they run group boards too. A Pinterest group board is just like a Facebook group. Members of the group board can pin content to the board.

Find group boards and request the admins to be a part of them. Once you join these boards, start pinning content. You can find group boards using a tool called PinGroupie.

how do lifestyle bloggers make money

But, don’t just pin your own content. Start pinning valuable content from other bloggers to get noticed.

Every once in a while, you can pin your own content too. Just remember that you don’t end up spamming the board. This can get you removed from the group.

You can automate this whole process using a tool like TailWind.

2. Grow Your Instagram Profile

As a lifestyle blogger, you can use Instagram to your full potential and grow an audience there.

I think you already know how to grow your Instagram profile. But, here are some tips that will help you:

  • Post content consistently. Publish 2-3 posts on Instagram daily.
  • Engage with other people on Instagram to get noticed.
  • Keep your Instagram profile clean and follow one style.
  • Post 10-15 Instagram stories daily.
  • Use Gary Vaynerchuk’s famous $1.80 strategy.

There are no secret growth hacks to Instagram growth. It’s all about creating content consistently and engaging with your audience.

Making Money with Your Lifestyle Blog

So, you’ve created a lifestyle blog that’s getting traffic. How do you monetize it? Here are some methods that you can use to make money from your lifestyle blog. I’ll not go into the details of these methods as there’s a lot to learn in each monetization method.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a sure-fire way to make a lot of money from your blog. Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting a product on your blog.

But, instead of adding a direct link to the product, you add your affiliate link. Whenever someone purchases a product from your affiliate link, you get some commission of the sale.

To make money from this method, find products in your niche you can promote. You can promote products from Amazon or join affiliate marketing networks such as Clickbank and CJ.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing in my detailed guide here.

2. Sponsored Reviews

Similar to affiliate marketing, you promote other products through sponsored reviews. The only difference is that you’re in direct contact with the business and they pay you for writing a review of their product on your blog.

For new blogs, getting sponsored reviews is difficult. But, as your blog’s traffic grows, you’ll get more sponsored review opportunities.

You can even reach out to businesses and offer them to write a paid review of their product. To find businesses, you can check out what your competitors are writing about.

3. Selling Products

This monetization technique is very effective but required a lot of time, money, and resources. You can sell your own products on your blog.

It can be a digital product like a course or an eBook. Or it can be a physical product too.

I’d suggest you not to jump into selling products right from the beginning. First, focus on growing your blog traffic and make money using affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews.

Once you’re at the level where you have a huge audience, you can consider creating your own product and selling it.

So, these were some ways you can make money from your lifestyle blog.


Starting a lifestyle blog is very simple and after reading this guide, I hope you learned a lot and know what to do.

If you have any questions or need ideas for a lifestyle blog, do comment below. I’ll reply to all your questions. 🙂

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    Actually, building a successful blogging business needs to work on five frameworks.
    I call these “successful blogging frameworks”. These frameworks are –
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    2. Sharing your message clearly to your target audiences
    3. Getting traffic and building community
    4. Monetizing your blog, and
    5. Building a business.

    Anyone who works on these five frameworks can build a successful blogging business.
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