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Managing high numbers of income tax returns every year during tax season can be daunting with excessive paperwork.

What if I can make that tax filing process easier for you?

Would you believe it? No!

Then, read further to discover the best tax software for tax preparers, which can make your tasks more straightforward and manageable.

These software options can accommodate all types of tax situations and ensure that tax returns are filed correctly and without hassle.

So, as a Tax professional, stay tuned to uncover the best tax software that fulfills your client's requirements.

Let's dive in!

Tax Software For Tax Preparers: The Top Picks

Let us explore some of the best tax software for tax preparers to file tax returns easily. 

1. Intuit ProSeries Tax

ProSeries Tax by Intuit is a leading professional tax software for tax preparers. The software is easy and reliable for tax professionals.

With ProSeries, you can efficiently prepare and file tax returns while customizing your clients' tax workflows to suit their needs. This software is known for its seamless integration with other Intuit products, like QuickBooks. It makes it a preferred choice for professionals already using the Intuit ecosystem.

One of ProSeries's standout features is its user-friendly interface and extensive form library. It covers various tax filing requirements, from simple to complex returns.

Additionally, ProSeries offers robust diagnostic tools that help detect potential errors and ensure accurate and compliant filings. This combination of features makes ProSeries Tax a trusted solution for professionals seeking efficient and reliable tax preparation software.

Key Features

  • Workflow optimization
  • Client communication
  • E-file efficiency
  • Quick entry sheets
  • K-1 data import
  • Supports TXF files


  • Easy toggle between modes
  • Robust tax forms library
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities


  • Expensive
  • White-label solution not available
  • Converting old text files to ProSeries is a hassle

Pricing Plans

Pay-per-return: $409/year
1040 Complete: $2149/year

2. Drake Tax

Drake Tax is a feature-rich tax preparation and e-file software designed specifically for professional tax preparers.

Dark Tax serves as the central hub for tax practices. It offers streamlined tax return preparation processes that help professionals delight their clients. 

Drake Tax is particularly popular among tax professionals serving small and mid-sized businesses due to its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface.

The best part is that Drake is available for diverse audiences. This implies you can use it on your Desktop or as a secure cloud-based software.

Key features of Drake Tax include return archiving, amortization schedules, automated data flows, and the capability to evaluate taxes for multiple years.

These features contribute to faster and more efficient tax return preparation. It allows professionals to handle complex tax scenarios with ease.

Drake Tax continues to be highly regarded in the industry for its robust functionality and reliability, making it a trusted choice for tax professionals looking for a comprehensive tax preparation solution.

Key Features

  • Fairly straightforward software
  • Automatically update earlier tax returns
  • Electronic filing
  • Streamlines tax return preparation
  • End-to-end tax workflow
  • Multi-state returns
  • Automatic data flow
  • End-of-year balance import


  • Speed and efficiency are a prior factor
  • Easy electronic filing
  • Save time with optional hardware


  • No third-party integrations
  • Does not support any accounting software

Pricing Plans

Pay-Per-Returns: $300
Unlimited Version: $1395

3. TaxAct

TaxAct is a versatile tax software for tax preparers. Its intuitive features cater to both individual taxpayers and professionals.

TaxAct offering step-by-step guidance from start to e-file for maximum refunds. It is particularly adept at handling a high volume of client returns efficiently. It thereby has become a preferred choice for small Businesses or independent tax professionals.

One of TaxAct's strengths is its straightforward interface and cost-effective pricing. This makes it accessible to a diverse range of users.

It includes helpful tools for error-checking and audit support, providing added security and assurance in tax filing processes.

With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, TaxAct streamlines the tax preparation process, even for users with limited technical expertise.

Key Features

  • One-on-one tax advice from an expert
  • Client management
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Tracks IRS refund
  • Competitive pricing pans
  • Versatile tools for error-checking


  • Exceptional customer support
  • More than 6k inbuilt tax compliance forms
  • Supports third-party integrations
  • Best for beginners
  • Data privacy & security


  • Expensive
  • Integrations are sometimes daunting

Pricing Plans

Free: $0.00
Deluxe: $49.99
Premier: $79.99
Self-Employed: $99.99

4. CCH Axcess Tax

CCH Axcess Tax is a comprehensive tax preparation software tailored for professional firms, regardless of size.

Developed primarily for the cloud, it offers fully integrated and scalable features that ensure high-quality, accurate tax returns while minimizing e-file rejections.

One of the standout features of CCH Axcess Tax is its Tax Batch Manager, which automates batch calculations, printing, and filing processes. This functionality significantly saves time for tax professionals, allowing them to focus more on delivering top-notch service to their clients.

The pricing for CCH Axcess Tax is not publicly disclosed. Its reputation for robustness, efficiency, and scalability makes it a go-to choice for professional firms looking to streamline their tax preparation workflows and enhance overall productivity.

Key Features

  • Easy tax calculation
  • Prepare your tax report
  • Fully integrated tax preparations
  • Suitable for all-size business owners
  • High-quality and accurate returns
  • Batch Printing
  • AI-enabled digital tax workflow
  • E-signature collection


  • Flexible & easy to use
  • Automates time-consuming tasks
  • Perfect for creating high-volume tax returns
  • Powerful diagnostics capabilities help identify potential issues


  • Steep learning curve
  • Pricing plans are not disclosed

Pricing Plans

Not disclosed for public exploration. You have to contact them for a detailed pricing structure.

5. TaxSlayer Pro

TaxSlayer Pro is a comprehensive tax software for tax preparers. It offers both cloud-based and desktop-based options to suit individual needs.

With a focus on reliability and user satisfaction, TaxSlayer Pro stands out with its talented support team. Its integrated bank products and a range of features are other attributes that cater to professional tax businesses.

TaxSlayer Pro offers unlimited live support. It ensures users can access assistance within 60 seconds, even during peak tax seasons. This level of support, coupled with direct input from accounting professionals during the platform's development, enhances the software's usability and effectiveness.

TaxSlayer Pro is available in three packages: classic, premium, and web. The classic package includes standard features like unlimited electronic filing across all 50 U.S. states.

Upgrading to the premium version includes a mobile app, paperless support, and a client management portal.

The web-based service offers the most comprehensive feature set and is accessible exclusively online. It provides tax preparers with customizable tax software for their tax preparation needs.

Key Features

  • Unlimited 1040 program
  • Comprehensive bank product solution
  • Offres Mobile App
  • Free unlimited E-filing
  • E-signature compatibility


  • Available as Desktop and cloud-based software
  • Compatibility with Mac and iOS
  • Top-rated customer support
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Only higher plans support advanced features
  • Template issues may hinder your task

Pricing Plans

Classic: $1395
Web: $1595
Premium: $1695

6. Quicken

Quicken stands out as a comprehensive financial management platform. Over 20 million customers have trusted the software for more than four decades.

It offers a powerful yet straightforward approach to handling finances. It incorporates budgeting tools, automation features, portfolio analysis, tax reporting, and more into a single platform. 

Quicken stands apart from other tax preparation software due to its versatility. It can serve both individuals and businesses with equal efficiency.

One of Quicken's key strengths is its user-friendly interface. This makes it accessible to an unlimited number of users.

Whether you're managing personal finances or overseeing business accounts, Quicken provides the tools and customization options to tailor your financial tracking according to your specific needs.

This level of customization ensures that your financial data is organized and prepared for tax season. It simplifies the preparation process significantly.

With Quicken's reputation for reliability and its comprehensive suite of financial management tools, users can trust that their finances are in good hands.

From budgeting and automation to in-depth portfolio analysis and tax reporting, Quicken offers a robust solution for staying on top of your financial responsibilities, making it a preferred choice for professionals and individuals alike.

Key Features

  • Built-in tax reports
  • Reconcile to the penny
  • Personal & Business finances
  • Investments
  • Debt management
  • 256-bit encryption


  • Seamless Budgeting 
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Automates finances
  • Supports both Mac and Windows 


  • Unable to share your finances with your partner in Classic Plan
  • Pay extra for add-ons

Pricing Plans

Quicken Simplifi: $2.99/month
Quicken Classic: $5.99/month
Quicken Classic Business & Personal: $6.59/month

7. Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a trusted name in free personal finance services. It extends its offerings to tax software tailored for individual filers.

Credit Karma primarily leverages your credit profile to provide curated recommendations. Moreover, it allows you to assess your Approval Odds before applying, all without impacting your credit scores.

Although it is not as robust as dedicated professional tax software, Credit Karma's tax solution stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

It is the top tax software for accountants and tax preparers to manage straightforward tax scenarios. Moreover, it is also an ideal solution for individual users seeking a cost-effective option.

Credit Karma's tax software emphasizes on the simplicity of usage. Although it may lack some advanced features found in professional-grade tax software, it compensates with a straightforward approach to tax filing. This makes it accessible to a diverse range of users.

Credit Karma offers a viable solution for those looking for a hassle-free and budget-friendly tax filing experience.  

Key Features

  • Free audit support
  • Provides Credit Builder
  • Rental & Business income filing
  • Personalized debt relief options
  • Offer insights to improve scores
  • Adept in handling various tax issues


  • Straightforward approach to tax filing
  • Consistent credit monitoring
  • Optimizing tax refunds to their fullest potential
  • Accuracy in calculations


  • TransUnion credit score must be 619 or below while applying
  • Lacks advanced features

Pricing Plans

Completely free to use

8. Doola

You can easily start and manage your U.S. business with Doola, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you're setting up an LLC, C-Corp, or DAO LLC, Doola simplifies the process without needing an SSN.

Doola's all-inclusive service covers everything from getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to Registered Agent services and crafting your Operating Agreement. It does all with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

Tax professionals love Doola for its user-friendly design, powerful features, and easy navigation. You can access all the tax forms you need and get expert help for filing with the IRS.

What makes Doola stand out is its white-label solution. It allows tax pros to customize the software under their own brand. It thereby gives their clients a seamless and personalized experience.

Key Features

  • Filing with the IRS
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Vast library of report templates
  • Effortless annual state
  • Easy filing for non-US residents


  • White label solution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Can file for non-US residents


  • Upfront costs can be daunting
  • It does not offer any professional training
  • Extra cost for State filing

Pricing Plans

Starter: $297/year
Total Compliance: $300/month

Frequently Asked Questions

The best software for tax professionals often depends on their specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include Intuit ProSeries Tax, Drake Tax, CCH Axcess Tax, and TaxSlayer Pro, each offering unique features and capabilities tailored to tax preparation and filing for professionals.

The cheapest tax preparer software options vary based on features and plans. However, some affordable options include TaxAct and TaxSlayer Pro, which offer budget-friendly packages for tax professionals.

The fastest tax return processing typically occurs using electronic filing (e-filing) methods, regardless of the tax software or platform used.

Income tax software is a digital tool designed to help businesses prepare and file income tax returns. It typically includes features such as tax form generation, calculation of tax liabilities, deduction tracking, e-filing capabilities, and, sometimes, audit support.

Have You Discovered Your Best Tax Software?

The diverse range of tax software for tax preparers, with all its positive and negative aspects, can help you make informed decisions while choosing the best one per your needs.

My primary goal is to get you the most suitable tax software to meet your requirements. However, it also depends on your budget and requirements. 

So, I have done leg work for you in curating the best tax software for you, but now it's your turn to figure out your needs and investment capabilities to opt for the best one.

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