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Are you a Hodophile? O That's Great, even I am!

Have you ever thought about whether you are spending more money on travelling? 


Do you wish to save more while adding extra miles to your travelling list?

If yes, catch up with these best travel blogs and bloggers. Their exciting tips and inspiring tactics can save you money and add more destinations to your list.

Hence, to plan your next trip, here is the list of the best travel blogs and bloggers to follow. Keep your hands rolling till the end to get your best-resonated blogger.

Let's dive in!

1. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is the New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and Ten Years a Nomad. He is also a founder of his website “Nomadic Matt.”

He grew up in Boston without much travel experience. His first trip overseas at 23, to Costa Rica. It has changed his perspective and ignited his passion for travel.

On his trip to Thailand, he encountered a group of backpackers who showed him that long-term travel on a budget was possible. This inspired him to quit his job and embark on a journey worldwide in 2006.

Having visited over 100 countries and territories, Nomadic Matt has extensive travel experience and knowledge.

His website shares practical travel tips and budget advice to help travellers save money and make the most of their journeys.

His insights and strategies empower travellers to explore the world affordably and realize their travel dreams, just as fellow backpackers inspired him during his early travels. Through his platform, Nomadic Matt continues to support and guide travellers worldwide in achieving memorable and budget-friendly adventures.

Website Essentials of Nomadic Matt

Some of the essentials that you get from Nomadic Matt's websites are mentioned below. With this, you can build trust and gain tips to plan your next trip in less expenditure.

  • Tested travel tips derived from years of Nomadic Matt's personal experiences.
  • Interviews with a diverse range of travel experts offer invaluable insights.
  • Case studies and profiles showcasing travellers from diverse backgrounds, genders, colours, and nationalities.
  • A supportive community of fellow travellers fostering encouragement.
  • Detailed cost breakdowns aid in better trip budgeting and planning.
  • Universal travel tips apply to any destination worldwide.
  • In-depth reporting on websites and resources proven to help travellers save money.

2. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is one of the best-known blogs for travellers. The website belongs to Kiersten “kiki” Rich. It is a go-to solution for solo travel worldwide, especially for females.

Kiki is a California native who ditched her corporate wealth management job in 2011 for a summer of self-discovery. 

Unlike the conventional path of college, job, marriage, and kids, she sought fulfillment beyond societal norms. 

During a transformative 3-month journey through Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, and New Zealand, she discovered the liberating essence of solo travel

Since then, she has dedicated the past decade to sharing her adventures and travel insights with women worldwide. 

With over 70 countries under her belt, including stints in Cape Town and California, she has been committed to empowering others to explore the globe and embrace life's adventures. 

In Bolivia, “The Blonde Abroad” blog was born, serving as a platform to inspire and assist travellers in navigating their journeys. Since then, she and 15 female team members have been helping nomads maximize their experience by optimizing budgets.

Despite being inspiring as a travel blogger, she also focuses on offering tips related to lifestyle topics—including photography and blogging.

Website Essentials of The Blonde Abroad:

She offers a five-step travelling process as an inspiration to her followers. Let us check out the steps:

  • Get Inspired: Firstly, decide where to go. Kiki lets you discover bucket list experiences for over 70 countries to ignite your wanderlust and choose your next dream travel destination.
  • Plan Your Trip: Follow step-by-step guidance to navigate the complexities of travel planning. Include from the initial stages to the final details of your itinerary.
  • Travel Gear: Learn how to select the right luggage, avoid unnecessary purchases, and optimize your travel gear for a seamless journey.
  • Packing Guides: Master the art of packing with destination-specific outfit ideas and packing tips tailored to diverse travel experiences.
  • Travel Tips: Access comprehensive travel guides and valuable insights to enhance every aspect of your trip, whether it's your first solo adventure or a budget travel journey.

3. Travel Freak

I consider Travel Freak the best travel blog and blogger to follow this year. 

Jeremy Scott Foster is one of the keen travel bloggers whose travel stories are very inspiring and insightful. His travel photography reveals his expertise in travelling worldwide.

Jeremy Scott Foster is an adventure junkie, travel photographer, and gear expert based in Southern California. He has explored approximately 50 countries and enjoys spending time outdoors. 

He has created his adventure travel blog to offer invaluable insights about travelling to keen travellers. Previously nomadic, he has lived in several countries and visited about 50 more.

Jeremy has spent nearly ten years as a nomad. He is an expert working as a world-travelling bartender, travel photographer, and travel writer.

He has hiked, camped, and driven campervans throughout the United States, learning what gear works and what simply doesn't.

Today, he resides in Los Angeles and is incubating multiple companies. He can usually be found at a coffee shop, in a smoothie joint, or riding his e-bike along the Venice boardwalk.

Website Essentials of Travel Freak

  • Travel Insurance: Travel Freak guides you about the importance of travel insurance and covers all the top travel insurance companies for your service.
  • Destination Guides: At Travel Freak, you will get valuable insights about your chosen destinations. Their articles uncover many destinations to give you proper guidance for your journey.
  • Travel Tips: The Travel Freak offers invaluable travel advice for your seamless journey. From ticket booking to hotel costs, this travel blog guides you about everything required.
  • Educate Yourself: Jeremy educates you on the “How To” of travelling and its impacts. In his blogs, he explains how you can save money, overcome your fear of travelling, and more. 

4. Travelfoss

TravelFoss goes beyond the typical tourist experience. According to them, travel shapes your true self. It reflects who you are.

Travelfoss emphasizes the cultural immersion and personal growth that travel brings. Their platform inspires exploration beyond famous landmarks. It encourages travellers to discover hidden gems and engage with local communities.

Focusing on unique and offbeat experiences like hiking, kayaking, and biking in lesser-known towns, TravelFoss shares diverse travel stories and carefully crafted guides from destinations worldwide. It fosters a deeper understanding of the world and inspires adventurous exploration.

Website Essentials of Travelfoss

  • Travel Tips: Travelfoss offers indispensable tips to help travellers make their next trip a fascinating journey with unforgettable memories.
  • Travel Articles: Their blogs offer Travel inspirations to foster correct decisions while travelling.
  • Travel Resources: Travelfoss provides you with a list of travel resources required for your upcoming travel adventure.

5. Goats on the Road

Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift are the founders of Goats On The Road. They embarked on this life-changing journey in 2008 that led them to leave Canada and embrace a nomadic lifestyle.

Since starting their blog in 2012, they've been dedicated to assisting others in pursuing a life of freedom, travel, and adventure.

Through Goats On The Road, they've empowered thousands of individuals to find online work, break free from conventional lifestyles, and embark on indefinite journeys.

Their award-winning blogs are a valuable resource for travel enthusiasts and digital nomads. Moreover, it is helpful for anyone seeking comprehensive travel guides for destinations around the world.

Website Essentials of Goats on the Road

  • Budget Travel Tips: These bloggers help you save big bucks while leaving or on the road. Refer to their popular travel posts to uncover trending hacks and tricks to save money for your next dream trip.
  • In-depth Travel Planning: Their articles will guide you through the overall process of planning a trip from start to end. From making your to-do list to deciding where to go, from how to start to what to expect, their blogs will enlighten you with every tip possible.
  • Find the best Packing Process: Their blogs cover all the latest packing trends and will guide you through the packing process, telling you what to take and what not to.
  • Award-Winning Travel Tips: Most importantly, they guide you through flight bookings and accommodation. This thereby helps you save money and gives you a budget-friendly trip.
  • Travel Destinations: Covers almost all the countries worldwide. So, you will get the best tips for anywhere you decide to travel.

6. A Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog is the best travel blog and blogger to follow in 2024. It was founded by Dr. Paul Johnson in 2005. 

A Luxury Travel Blog stands as the world's premier luxury travel platform. It boasts a collection of over 12,500 articles contributed by over 800 experts.

Unlike any other travel blog, it caters exclusively to the discerning traveller. The blogs offer insights into luxury hotels, resorts, top-notch restaurants, and the latest developments in the luxury travel industry.

With a dedicated focus on the finer aspects of travel, A Luxury Travel Blog has garnered immense popularity. It attracts over 120,000 unique visitors per month and amasses a social media following exceeding 1.2 million.

Website Essentials of A Luxury Travel Blog

  • Travel Articles: It contains travel blogs corresponding to every corner of the world. So you can gain insightful knowledge about any country.
  • Travel Guides: Backed up by over 10K articles, you will be equipped with all the possible travel tips to get the most from your next trip.
  • Travel Resources: From visas to flights, accommodations to car hire, currency to travel insurance, and more, A Luxury Travel Blog will provide indispensable resources for your smooth trip.

7. Alex in Wanderland

Alex in Wanderland covers the best travel blogs to follow in 2024. 

Alex in Wanderland is the brainchild of Alexandra, a native of Brooklyn, New York. She has embarked on a journey fueled by a lifelong case of wanderlust.

Inspired by the whimsical adventures of Alice in Wonderland, she purchased a one-way ticket to explore the world. She shares her experiences, favourite destinations, outdoor activities, and travel-related gear through her blog.

One of the highlights of Alex in Wanderland is its meticulously organized content. On the “Categories” page, Alex ensures that articles are neatly categorized based on topics. Categorizations include travel inspiration, styles, activities, and planning.

This thoughtful organization makes it effortless for her audience to navigate and access the information they seek at any given time.

Website Essentials of Alex in Wanderland

  • Travel Styles: In this category, Alex guides you through the selection of travel styles. You need to decide whether to visit festive, cruising, wildlife, or peaceful natural places.
  • Travel Inspirations: What inspired you on your trip? Alex suggests keeping your memories revived forever.
  • Travel Activities: Before planning a trip, decide what activities you prefer to do. Then, decide on a destination.
  • Travel Plannings: Alex also guides you through the overall process of planning your next trip. It includes Packaging, budget, tickets, accommodations, etc.

8. Two Monkeys Travel Group

Kach Howe leads two Monkeys Travel Group. It is a renowned travel platform that delves into luxury and adventure travel. They also offer valuable insights into visa applications for Filipinos. 

Hailing from Laguna, Philippines, Kach's travel journey began after she graduated from college. After graduation, she worked in Kuwait and Iraq before she realized her true passion lay in exploring the world. 

2013 Kach embarked on a backpacking trip across Southeast Asia, eventually transitioning to full-time travel blogging in late 2014. 

With an impressive record of visiting 180 countries, Kach aims to travel to every country in the world using only her Philippines passport. 

Alongside documenting her adventures, Kach also shares her experiences and insights to inspire and assist fellow travellers on their journeys.

Website Essentials of Two Monkeys Travel Group

  • Destinations: Discover travel inspiration and insights into diverse destinations worldwide.
  • Itineraries: Plan your trips effectively with detailed travel itineraries and tips.
  • Staycation: Explore ideas for relaxing and enjoyable local getaways and staycations.
  • Lifestyle: Find travel-related lifestyle tips, advice, and experiences to enhance your journeys.

9. Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate, also known as Kate McCulley, is a seasoned travel blogger. She is dedicated to empowering women to explore the world safely and confidently.

Since embarking on her solo travel journey in 2010, Kate has visited 83 countries across all seven continents. She has never looked back at a traditional job.

Through her blog, which originated during her time in Southeast Asia, Kate shares her wealth of experiences and practical advice. Her guidelines mainly target female travellers seeking guidance on solo adventures.

With a focus on travel safety, planning tips, destination guides, and curated resources, Adventurous Kate is a valuable resource for women looking to embark on transformative journeys.

Website Essentials of Adventurous Kate

  • Solo Female Travel: Kate believes in doing proper research and preparation before leaving for a trip. She says that perfect research work keeps a woman safe while travelling anywhere around the world. Her blogs offer valuable tips for the safety of women while travelling.
  • Destinations: She shares her experience of travelling to 83 countries and seven continents. Her tips for travelling alone motivate solo female travel lovers to continue their journey without any hesitation.
  • Travel Resources: Kate guides you through everything from tickets to accommodation, adventures to activities to make your next trip easy and memorable. She primarily focuses on empowering female travellers to travel safely and adventurously.

10. California Through My Lens

Josh McNair, the owner of California Through My Lens, is honoured by your interest in exploring California with him and his family. His goal in creating this site was to highlight California's extraordinary adventures. He inspires visitors to make the most of their trips and residents to explore more of their state.

With over ten years of experience running the site, Josh understands that navigating through 1,300 posts can be overwhelming.

He aims to guide you through the website by showcasing the best content and providing resources for engagement.

Josh McNair's distinct writing style vividly describes travel destinations. It reflects his lifelong passion for exploration.

Unlike bloggers who discovered their love for travel later in life, Josh has always been an enthusiastic traveller at heart. This led to the creation of California Through My Lens to share his adventures with the online community.

California Through My Lens is the best blog and bloggers to follow if you plan your next trip.

Apart from his website, Josh and his wife also manage an active YouTube channel named Through My Lens, where they share their travel experiences through videos.

The “California Through My Lens” content focuses on California's beaches, caves, hiking trails, waterfalls, and landmarks. It provides intricate details such as hike distances and specific travel tips to enhance the reader's experience.

Website Essentials of California Through My Lens

  • Day Trip Ideas: It will give you a travel guide related to California's best cities and take you on a tour of the best adventures in the city.
  • Road Trip Ebooks: The website offers two Ebooks on road trips in California to give you insights about all the cities you can explore.
  • Travel Resources: Travel resources include tips and hacks for planning your next trip. They guide you through everything from flight tickets to packages.
  • Hotels: The blog also guides you through the cheapest hotels to save you bucks. 

11. Cheapest Destinations Blog

Tim Leffel is an award-winning blog writer and author. He created and ran the Cheapest Destinations Blog, one of the oldest travel blogs available.

He has dedicated his life to helping people maximize their travel experiences while minimizing expenses. The blog is filled with valuable posts on how to spend travel money wisely and make every cent count.

In addition to the Cheapest Destinations Blog, Tim manages several other travel-related blogs. It includes Perceptive Travel, Travel Writing 2.0 Blog, and Cheap Living Abroad.

Through his blogs, Tim shares insights on the best travel values worldwide. He shares affordable places to live abroad and recommendations for top travel gear brands.

Website Essentials of Cheapest Destination Blog

  • Travel Tips: The blog offers influential tips for your next trip. Tim provides the ultimate ways to save money while making the most of your travel experience.
  • Travel Resources: Offers guidance about extensive travel resources you require while starting your trip till the end.

12. Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse is a solo female travel blog founded by Kristin Addis. She studied in Taiwan and worked in investment banking for four years. However, she felt stifled and yearned for a more creative and adventurous life.

Taking a leap of faith, Kristin embarked on a one-way journey to Bangkok, where she began her writing and travelling journey.

Her blog has garnered millions of readers worldwide. She inspires women to embrace solo travel as a path to empowerment and self-confidence.

The blog features extensive solo female travel tips, covering safety, packing, and nurturing relationships.

It also offers rich content on popular travel destinations and emphasizes self-care for women travellers.

Website Essentials of Be My Travel Muse

  • Solo Female Travel Tips: This section covers blogs related to tips for solo female travellers. Kristin offers useful tips for safety while travelling solo and gives personal travel tips from her own experience.
  • Destinations: She showcases popular travel destinations through her top-rated blogs and teaches solo female travellers about self-care tactics.
  • Travel Resources: Kristin offers several itineraries in her blogs to make things easy for travellers.

13. Against The Compass

Against the Compass, founded by Joan Torres, is a unique travel blog. It is dedicated to showcasing the most unusual and off-the-beaten-track destinations around the world.

It covers locations from Syria to Federal Iraq, Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, Kurdistan to Mali, and beyond. His blog offers insights and guides for adventurous travellers seeking unconventional travel experiences.

What sets Against the Compass apart is its focus on epic group expeditions to these remote and adventurous destinations. It emphasizes cultural immersion and interaction with local communities. Travellers can form meaningful connections through these expeditions and create lasting travel families.

The blog also stands out for its coverage of high-risk countries and destinations often overlooked by mainstream travel guides.

Joan Torres ensures that safety remains a top priority. He provides comprehensive guides for solo female travellers, travel insurance, and general travel safety tips.

Against the Compass is a valuable resource for bold travellers looking to explore the world's hidden gems responsibly and safely.

Website Essentials of Against The Compass

  • Travel Resources: It lets you discover in-depth guides and resources for exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations. It includes travel routes, cultural insights, and local tips.
  • Travel Insurance: You will learn about the importance of travel insurance, get recommendations for reliable providers, and understand how to stay protected during your adventurous travels.
  • Expeditions: Join epic group expeditions organized by Against The Compass, where you can explore the most adventurous and culturally rich destinations while forming meaningful travel connections with like-minded adventurers.

14. Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren Juliff founded Never Ending Footsteps, a travel blog that beautifully captures the essence of wanderlust and adventure.

I can say that this is the best travel blog and bloggers to follow for your next trip and beyond.

Lauren's passion for travel was evident from an early age. Her blog is a testament to her fulfilling journey across different countries, meeting new people, and immersing herself in diverse cultures.

What sets “Never Ending Footsteps” apart is its honesty about the realities of travel. Lauren doesn't shy away from sharing the less glamorous aspects of being a digital nomad.

In addition to telling good stories about her experience, Lauren also discusses the mishaps and challenges she faced during her travels. These range from scams and encounters with monkeys to passport mishaps and more. Despite these setbacks, Lauren's resilience and love for travel only grew stronger, leading to insightful and engaging travel articles.

Moreover, “Never Ending Footsteps” is a resource for aspiring travel bloggers. Lauren offers valuable guidance on starting a travel blog.

It covers topics like web hosting, working with WordPress, and other essential aspects of blogging. The blog is not just a travel diary but also a platform for learning and sharing experiences in the world of travel.

Website Essentials of The Never Ending Footsteps

  • Travel Expenses Reports: Lauren guides you in keeping track of your expenses while travelling. She tells the do's and don'ts of safe and great travel around the world and showcases her expense reports to encourage travellers to create expense reports while travelling.
  • Travel Resources: Lauren offers a treasure trove for travel enthusiasts. From amusing anecdotes and detailed expense reports to comprehensive itineraries and insightful advice on various best places, the website offers a wealth of information to cater to every traveller's needs. 
  • Travel Guides: The blogs provide country-specific travel tips, money-saving strategies, and entertaining travel stories. Lauren's travel resource section is your go-to destination for all things travel-related.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some of the best travel blogs and bloggers to follow are:
  • Nomadic Matt
  • The Blonde Abroad
  • Travel Freak
  • Travelfoss

The best travel bloggers in India are as follows:

  1. Shivya Nath (The Shooting Star): Known for her sustainable travel experiences and offbeat adventures.
  2. Lakshmi Sharath: Focuses on cultural exploration and storytelling through her travel experiences.
  3. Anuradha Goyal (Inditales): Specializes in heritage travel and exploring lesser-known destinations in India.
  4. Neelima Vallangi (Travel with Neelima): Known for her stunning photography and offbeat travel narratives.
  5. Siddhartha Joshi (The Wanderer): Captures the essence of Indian landscapes and cultural diversity through his travel stories.

Some of the best platforms for travel blogging depend on individual preferences, but popular choices include WordPress, Blogger, and Squarespace for their user-friendly interfaces, customization options, and blogging features.

Here are the names of the travel bloggers mentioned:

  1. Matt Kepnes – Nomadic Matt
  2. Kiersten Rich – The Blonde Abroad
  3. Johnny Ward – OneStep4Ward.com
  4. Alex Jimenez – Travel Fashion Girl
  5. Glo Atanmo – The Blog Abroad
  6. Dave & Deb – The Planet D
  7. Shelley Marmour – TravelMexicoSolo.com
  8. Dariece and Nick – Goats on the Road

Ready to Take Your Next Budget-Friendly Trip?

If you're ready to embark on your next budget-friendly adventure, look no further! 

With a plethora of best travel blogs and bloggers to follow, travel resources, tips, and guides are now at your fingertips. 

You're now well-equipped to plan a memorable and wallet-friendly trip. So pack your bags, hit the road, and make unforgettable memories without breaking the bank.

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