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How many SEO tools have you been with? And how many really paid off the price for themselves? I'm pretty sure, not many of them, right? Most of the SEO tools in the industry are hyped, or over-rated! And that's a sad fact.

So let me be honest, this is yet another review I'm up with; It's a Website Auditor tool from Link-assist (SEO Powersuite). Nope I won't even ask you to buy it or something, what I'd do instead is, write down the tools' features for you, and then you can decide if it's worth your time and money or not!

What is Website Auditor:-

It's an automated Website Auditor (which you probably already guessed from the name, right?). It's an all-in-one tool from SEO Powersuit to take your websites to the next level optimization.

Doesn't matter what kind of SEO guru you are, there always are algorithms and methods you are unaware of, the internet doesn't know “everything”, but SEO Powersuite does as it itself is an algorithm and hence is capable of suggesting you the best remedies for your website.

Let's just get along a live demo of the tool, which probably can explain the story better, right?

Install Website Auditor from this link!  Once you've installed that, you would be greeted with a popup that looks like this:-

website auditor free

That's where you've got to enter the URL of the website you're trying to analyze and optimize. So just enter the URL, and click next.

Wait till you have enough pages on the dashboard to work with, you can stop the task at anytime.

website auditing software

Once you stop it, you'd get the confirmation from Website auditor about the tool and that it has finished collecting the webpages. Just click finish.

free website auditor

And then, you're going to fall in love with the tool! The next page will hold the extreme details and insider errors which the human eye might miss.

site auditing

Saw? Oh hey wait, let me explain this page in detail, each section separately so you'd have a better idea of what's going on here.

Okay so on the top-left section, is the Indexing and Crawlability section. It hosts all the problems your website might have with Indexation or Google bots are facing while crawling your website.

website auditing tools

As you can see, it hosts the most crucial problems of your website. For e.g if your robot.txt file isn't working! If your 404 pages have not been setup correctly and issue like that.

They might seem insignificant, but trust me those are the minute details that help you travel the extra mile to the #1 position.

The bonus: In case you don't know what a certain option is talking about, they actually explain it to your perfectly about why you need that specific problem to be solved, what's it's purpose and how it will help you beat your competitors.

website auditor

Redirects:- The next section just below the first one is, Redirects! I don't think I even need to explain to you why that's important, right?

After migrating over 20 sites in the lifetime and having one hell of an experience loosing all the rankings and comments and stuff, now I know why the exact method and migration processes matter for every different type of migration.

So well this section tells me which of my pages are redirecting to which other pages, using which redirection protocol.

my site auditor

Now if you don't know what a specific redirection protocol means and how it would affect you, you can again click on the option, and it would tell you why exactly and what exactly that protocol is.

free website auditor

Encoding and Technical Factors: – This is again something of utmost importance. The very first option on this section tells you if your website is Mobile friendly or not!

website audit software

In case you don't know, that's one of the major ranking factors since last year. So if your website isn't mobile-friendly yet, the time to take action, is now

You see that yellow “exclamation mark” sign in the below screenshot? It's saying, something isn't right! Having pages with frames isn't the best choice for User experience as well as bots. So well, it shows you if your pages have frames, and if yes, which pages exactly.

site auditing

URL's: – The SOUL of your websites are the URL's, right? If those aren't right, your website won't exist. So they have a specifically written “URL's” section, which shows you problems with your URL's.

website auditing tools

And once you know which URL's got what problems, you can work on fixing them, right? It wasn't manually possible for you to go through all the thousands of pages on your website and check them, right? That's the beauty of Website Auditor.

Detailed Links Optimization: – Do I need to explain how important these are? Nope, right?

The very first option in the links section on Website Auditor fascinated me. It gave me a list of Broken URL's on my website.

Well, not having a link might not be a thing as bad, as having a Broken URL! Yeah, it does affect your rankings.

So well here it gave me a list of broken URL's, which can now be fixed by me cause I know where they exist, right?


Then comes the Pages with Excessive No. of Backlinks thing! Here's something I can quote directly to you, “the more outbound links a page has, the less its link-juice is”.

So if your page has lot's of links, that's bad for your health. So Website Auditor gives you a list of pages which have more than the recommended no. of backlinks.

my site auditor

And not just that, it actually breaks the links into sections. Like internal, external, links from page, etc. So trust me, it's the kind of audit your website needs.

Not just Problem Finding, but Solutions too! 

Well, you can see a problem, but you don't know what to do about it, right? Let's say I click on “Do follow external links.”

website auditor free

Having a lot of them isn't good for the site's health. But what can I do about them? So you just have to click on the “recommendations” at the top of the screen, and it would get you solutions to your problems!

site auditor

Image Optimization:-

website auditing software

The two most important image optimization factors right there, Broken Images and Images without alt-tags.

In case you don't know, Alt-Tags help in ranking a page, simple as that. So you need to have alt tags. So this option gives you the images which don't have alt-tags, and you can edit them right away.

All-in-one On-Page Solutions:-

free website auditor

I don't think I need to go by explaining every factor over here manually, right? They're simple enough and easy to understand.

I can just bottom line it by saying that On-Page won't be a problem with Website Auditor.

Pages Analysis:-

The website isn't just a page of “content”, right? There are external pages as well. So I clicked on the Pages tab. And it didn't fail to surprise me this time either.

website audit software

It had two major points of interest for me.

  • Sitemap Generator
  • txt Configurator.

Once I clicked on the Robots.txt configurator, it actually gave me a detailed tab which let me configure my robots.txt to an extreme extent.

website auditor

I could choose which files I want to allow/disallow on my site, and even upload it directly to the server! So yeah that eased up the whole process.

web site software review

Open Graph & Structured Data:-

Structured Data snippets are the future of Google SERP's, right? Well, they have a detailed section for that as well.

site auditing

I won't mention each and every one of their factors, cause honestly that would be over 2hours of reading time for you, but I can't miss mentioning the Social Media & Traffic Coming to Tabs!

So their Social Signals tab gives you a detailed analysis of each and every page on your website! The Social Signals are a major ranking factor, and now you have a researched report of how well they're doing right there.

website auditing tools

Add your own Ranking Factors:-

Let's say you're checking the report for a certain website. And you don't need all the factors, or maybe want to add your own factors.

Guess what, the Website Auditor actually lets you do that! Yeah, you can ADD YOUR OWN ranking factors. I dare you, try and name me one single tool that lets you do that apart from this.


New, Updated SEO SPIDER:-

I was gonna conclude the review right here, because I'm about sure that anyone in their right senses is already in love with Website Auditor if you're seriously serious about revamping your website and going the extra mile.

But right then, I saw something at the bottom bar of the tool.

my site auditor

Umm, wait! SEO Spider? Issues I didn't know about? I'll give it a try! So I clicked on the link, and it gave me this.

website auditor free

Okay, I'd admit, the page was tempting enough, so I went on and downloaded the update!


What does most tools do? They crawl your website's Content and HTML/images etc. While SEO spider has a different perspective.

It analyses your websites from the perspective of Bots. Well, bots actually get into your CSS, Javascript, server response time and lot's of other details.

So SEO spider gets into them too and gives you a much better insight into what needs to be improved from the perspective of the BOTS itself.

So now, my Website Auditor has an All Resources tab! This tab is what holds the resources crawled by Search Engine bots.

site auditor

So now I know what the search engine bots would crawl, what problems they'd face, and now I can just work on eliminating the problems, simple, isn't it?

It's like you get a call from a Google bot and he says “Hey I'm gonna raid your room number XXX so keep it ready.” You know exactly what you need to change, and I'd say that's one hell of an audit.

So yeah bottom line?

SEO Spider analyses your website from BOTS' perspective, and gives you the results! Its advanced options let you choose which bot algorithm exactly you want to use. This gives you an extremely specific and detailed result.

website auditing software

Final Words:-

So hey, Website Auditor knows what it's doing, and it does a great job at it. But I know, why should you guys take my word for anything, right?

So don't!

What if companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, IBM, AUDI, etc. vouch for them? What if THEY come and say to you, “Hey Mr. X, we're using website Auditor, and we're happy”! Will that be enough to convince you?

So here they are!

free website auditor

Yeah! All the Multi-Billion dollar companies have worked with the Website Auditor! I think that reason is enough for you to give them at least a try! Right?

Go along and download Website Auditor right now! (They're free to try!)

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  1. Hi Kulwant,
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    At last, SEO is everything and if we make any mistake on our SEO, then it could wind up one of our most highly traffic acquisition resource i.e. From Search Engines.
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  2. Great Tool and great writing πŸ™‚ The way the steps and features are explained is damn illustrative. :p

  3. Hello, Kulwant!

    This is one of the impressive tool! I am so gonna try it out and see what it comes with. πŸ™‚

    And greatly reviewed, buddy! πŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel

  4. I like your way or projecting your thoughts on all products you review and I downloaded a trial pack.. let me try it.. and another thing your LTP review kicked me to buy it…. Thanks again

  5. Hello,

    This looks like a great deal for people who’ve started blogging recently. Other SEO plugins like YOAST etc only does Content SEO(Thats what I know) but this one sure helps in overall SEO of the website. Please advise if there are any other plugins that does what Website Auditor does? I’m eager to know as I ‘m planning to build my new blog(www.bewmont.com). Though I will try using it!

    Any help will really be appreciated!

    Ashwin Adgaonkar

  6. Hi,
    Great post sir. I am using this tool since last 4 months. Really awesome recommended to all bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing this informative tutorial.

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    You have described the tool very nicely. I was finding a tool for my Search Engine Optimization procedures and i think it can help me.

  8. Can you or the company behind it prove that Amazon.com and Microsoft used this software? I guess the image is misleading .

  9. Hey Kulwant,

    Glad to read your informative post,

    According to your post, your tools features is amazing. SEO tools are in great demand now-a-days due their extra ordinary features but your tool looks some different and may it is huge beneficial to optimize SEO.

    So finally great tool with amazing features.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable post.

    With best regards,

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    Currently I use a few SEO tools that are working effectively for my blog.

    I like your writing style and I appreciate for this with us. I know those who are blogging will find Website Auditor tool useful.

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