Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. We review these products after doing a lot of research, we check all features and recommend the best products only.

Backlinks can be easily touted as the backbone for gaining high search engine results, but it must be remembered that buying Backlinks isn't recommended at all.

Instead, it is always advisable that you earn them for your blog or website.. But, we all know it is a hard task for any webmaster and at times if you know the right trick, then it can be quite easy too.

The main thing is that every website love to have more and more Backlinks at any given point of time. So, what do you do to gain them?

If you want to know where to buy backlinks, you can visit these websites and get the required amount of links for your niche sites.

Note: In this article, we are not going to teach how to buy backlinks, we are just giving the websites which you can use to start your link building process.

The Backlinks hold high importance in the world of the internet. Mostly, people feel that Backlinks are a good source of gaining high search engine rankings, but that is not the case always.

Backlinks have benefits beyond the search engine result. Though the Backlinks are referred to as one of the best ways to gain good results in the Google search, there are other advantages too, and some of them are mentioned here.

With the help of quality Backlinks, you will be able to get a brand of yourself and moreover even branding authority can be gained too.

Relationship building, as well as promotion, can also be done through Backlinks successfully too. If you're a professional blogger, you can build backlinks with Scrapebox.

where to buy backlinks

Out of the top 18 sites from which you can buy Backlinks for your website, I have found a few which provide genuine backlinks for serious SEOs. These link building websites maintain very transparent work process to make sure that you know what you are getting. They are –

If you want to go for paid backlinks in a low budget but you prefer a quality one, Link Management is the best one. You can buy cheap backlinks from sites with PR 1 to sites with PR 8. They provide static, permanent backlinks from content for as low as $1.

best place to buy backlinks

They quote that the links are placed manually. If you doubt their service, you can read their case studies that possess many sites' history that has managed to get good positions in Google with their service.

2. Authority Builders

Authority Builder is a link building company that focuses on its List of Sites.

If you are into SEO for quite some time, I am sure you have heard about Matt Diggity. And, Authority Builders is a company that he owns.

I am a big fan of this guy, thus I gave this service a try.

They have quite a user-friendly interface. When you sign up, you will get the option to select your niche/s, and you will see a list of suggested domains with their details such as DA, TF, RD, and estimated monthly traffic

Now if you are in a hurry, and you can always ask someone to get you links from a list of sites. But, when it comes to building high authority backlinks from niche-relevant sites, I doubt you will get the expected results from the backlinks

The reason is, most of the domains you will see as suggestions write content on multiple niches. You can not expect to be rewarded by Google the same way you would have been rewarded if you had a backlink from a high authority niche site.

Though you might see some discounts while surfing the list, the actual price does not make justice considering they do not have to launch an outreach campaign for your order.

SEO Forums: 

SEO forums are also a great source to acquire good quality backlinks for your site. The reason is, all the members within the forum are held responsible for their actions, and when someone does something wrong, you can always find that out by following the threads. A few SEO forums I used for getting backlinks are- 

3. BlackHatWorld

buy backlinks

The ultimate destination for buying PBN backlinks.

These paid backlinks are of very high quality and cheap as well. They have many backlinks for sale which you can use on either your own website/blog or on a client's website.

You can even filter these backlinks as white hat backlinks or blackhat backlinks. If you see at the left sidebar of this forum you can see both of these options.

Apart from these, you can buy links as comment links, web 2.0, article sumission, directory submission etc.

4. WickedFire

buy quality backlinks

This is a one-stop destination to get any work done in SEO or online marketing industry. You can hire content writers, website developers, link builders, domain flippers, and many other niche experts who make your tasks easier with their expertise.

This is one of the oldest forums I am using since 2011. When I started my blogging career in 2011, I started using this forum for many tasks.

I was learning many new things as well as found many good sellers providing many services.

You can hire some experts to do comments in your niche, to create web 2.0 properties, profile backlinks, article submission, guest posting any too other servicesicess to rank your sites higher in Google.

5. WarriorForum

backlinks for sale

This was the first paid forum I joined in my blogging career. But this ended up as one of my best investments. I was spending a lot of time on this forum to get the knowledge and one day I started hiring people from this forum as well.

People on this forum are highly expert people who know what they are doing.

On this forum, you can get some highly valuable backlinks services like, backlinks from mashable.com, Forbes.com, TechCrunch.com and many other big websites in the world.

Although the price of such services might be higher than other link building services but getting backlinks from such a big brands is itself a win.

DIY Freelance Marketplace:

Another way to secure your link placement in other websites is hiring SEO freelancers from Freelance Marketplaces. But you must be very careful about choosing the guy to give your search ranks pilot chair. If you know what you are up for and have the time to look back into what they are doing, this is not a bad option at all. Some of the best freelance marketplaces I have used are-

6. Fiverr

This is one name that most of us are aware of because it is one big marketplace where you can purchase your Backlinks and also other gigs for just $5.

Sounds cool. Right?

But you need to be aware of something, many gig sellers use automated tools to build which might be harmful as well. So, the selection of the right gig is more important than purchasing. Buy only the gigs that possess high ratings and reviews and have been bought by many buyers. It is not about the quantity you buy; it depends on the quality of the gigs you buy.

Check thrice before you buy it. Disavowing unwanted links later will be a tedious process.

7. Upwork

Upwork isn't a specific marketplace for backlinks, but you can hire freelancers to do the tasks you need to. Compared to other sites, buying backlinks via them would be quite expensive since you hire freelancers to do the work.

Make sure you order the freelancers who have a good number of reviews and more number of hours. Price per hour increases with quality. You can even view their Portfolio before ordering.

8. SEOClerks.com

I wouldn't recommend SEOClerks a lot, you could try Fiverr instead. SEOClerks marketplace doesn’t much have certified webmasters; anyone even with less knowledge can create a gig with a beautiful description and can resell the service from some other sites’ too.

And moreover, most of the gigs aren’t cheap as well. If you don’t have any other choice left, end up using this.

I had to include this section in this article, because a lot of SEOs look for cheap options for buying backlinks. I tried a few to figure out what they offer, and here's what I found-

buy backlinks cheap

You can't use them to buy one or two links. They accept orders only of bulk backlinks. You can buy 50-200 backlinks, be it Comment or Wiki, all are Do-follow. They schedule the backlink creation for a week so that the boost obtained from it will be maximum. Also, the sites from which they buy links has low OBL, outbound links.

And the best part about BlackHatLinks is, they assure you that the work will be delivered within an hour. You need not wait for days to see the results.

It promises you to take your Google SERP to a new height altogether as it provides PR1+ Backlinks to PR 5 – 7 Backlinks. Along with the high-profile PR Backlinks, it is also known to provide high authority,  high quality backlinks too.

Apart from the usual Backlinks, it will also make available some of the best link building strategies that will help you a lot.

11. BackLinks.com

This is one of the most popular sites to buy quality Backlinks from. You can use your credit card or debit card to purchase the Backlinks, and if you want, then you can also make use of the PayPal account.

Moreover, it is also a good site to sell the Backlinks and make money out of it. The ranking of BackLinks.com is quite high; therefore, you can pretty well guess that how well it can improve your ranking as well.

12. BacklinksRocket

You will get powerful Backlinks, which will earn you good search engine ranking.

With the help of this, you will also be able to gain the advantage of social media as well. Your website will achieve a good Alexa Ranking, and there will be an enhancement in the number of visitors too. It is not just for Backlinks; instead, it will also support your SEO requirements as well. There are several packages that you can make use of depending on your requirement.

They will come up with some good government links, which are a good source to boost your ranking. A detailed report is provided to ensure that you are receiving nothing but the best.

It is considered to be one of the premier most platforms for buying and selling of links. There is this software for link management, which helps in managing the sale of text link as well as its purchases from a control panel that is easy to operate.

In fact, with the help of AuthorityBacklinks, you will be able to garner revenue from your website through the selling of text links advertisement as a publisher. You can make use of this and enhance the performance of your website. Monetization of each and every page is made possible by them, but for that, a minimum page score is required.

If your website is indexed by Google, then you will get the head start, and then the page score will secure the monetization facility.

It boosts your search ranking with the Backlinks, and it does its job better than others. There is even a 1-year guarantee of link replacement, no matter what you order.

Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about any black hat method because the company ensures that ethical SEO practice is undertaken keeping in mind the Google Algorithms.

15. Sape.ru

This is another Russian marketplace where you can buy backlinks in any niche.

buy high quality backlinks

Note: Install Google translate Chrome extension before using this site because most of the content on this website is in the Russian language.

We have personally used this website for some of our small websites.

If you are trying to rank for any event, this can be the website to buy links for your niche sites. Backlinks bought on SAPE.ru goes live as soon as you buy them.

You can filter the websites as per domain authority, page authority, backlinks, outbound links etc. which makes it easier to buy the backlinks which are of very high quality.

16. LinkWheel.Pro

If you are looking forward to buying EDU backlinks, this is the website you can use. EDU backlinks can boost your blog's ranking very easily as they are highly trusted backlinks.

Make sure you select the package carefully at the start. Once you start seeing some of your keyword moving in Google SERP, you can start buying more links from this website and see a good ranking of your keywords.

Final Verdict

While the list is quite big, not each of these sites will be a good fit for you. Among all these services I used, some of them are quite good, while others were just a waste of money for me.

For my final verdict on the best link building company, I have used 3 parameters to evaluate a vendor-

  • Backlinks from relevant sites with organic traffic
  • The best return for the money spent
  • Responsive customer support

Out of all these link building agencies I have evaluated, I found LinksManagment meets all of my parameters perfectly.

However, LinksManagement is another company I’d recommend if you want to explore more for good quality backlinks.

But you should remember link building is a complex process. Many sites get penalized for acquiring wrong types of backlinks.

So, no matter which link-building agency you choose for your link-building process, please make sure to find out if they are doing it the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy backlinks?

The best website to buy backlinks is LinksManagement. They have good repository of backlinks where you can filter the websites and select the best as per your needs.

Is it OK to buy backlinks?

It is fine to buy backlinks if you are buying from the authentic websites which are creating content in any specific niche. Just avoid the links from websites which write on every possible topic.

How much does it cost to buy a backlink?

On an average DA30+ link will cost $50 to $100. The quality of the backlink is defined by the quality of the blog content from where you are getting the backlinks. A very specific niche site can cost upto $300 for the similar backlink.

Where can I find backlinks for my website?

LinksManagement, Adsy, and DiggityMarketing are some of the best places to buy the backlinks.

Can backlinks hurt SEO?

YES, if you don't know how to buy them. You must be very cautious while buying the backlinks and check the website very carefully from where you are getting the link.

Does Google allow buying backlinks?

Google is against buying backlinks. But on the other hand, Google ranks the websites on the basis on backlinks only. So it is always advisable to get backlinks from the fellow bloggers to rank your content in Google.

Can you list 3 types of backlinks?

Guest blogging, skyscrapper technique and Editorial Backlinks are some of the best type of the links.

How many backlinks do I need to rank?

There is no direct answer to this question as every industry need different number of backlinks. A good number would be 15-20 links.

Are paid links good for SEO?

Yes, they are good for SEO if you are buying from the hight authority genuine websites. Don't buy backlinks in bulk to be on the safer side.

How many backlinks should I create per day?

There is no limit of creating backlinks on each day as big publications get thousands of backlinks on the daily basis. If you are just starting your blogging career, you can start with 5 links per day.

Do backlinks still work 2023?

yes, backlinks are still relevant in 2023 and they will always be. Google's algorithm is designed in a way that they reward more links to identify which content is better than another one.

Which backlinks should be avoided?

You must avoid sitewide backlinks and they add backlinks in bulk and it can be a negative signal for Google's algorithm.

What are toxic backlinks?

Backlinks which can hurt the SEO of your blog are called toxic backlinks. Some of the toxic links are foreign comments links, CSS hidden backlinks, and backlinks from porn, casino, gambling sites.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, brother..! Actually, Backlink is really important for the website traffic. And it is great idea to spend some money for quality backlinks. However, I have bad experience with Fiverr since the backlinks are almost spam. But I found that some people have great with those freelance and it work well for them. I love ScrapeBox.

  2. Hi Karthik,

    This is really awesome list of website to buy backlinks. But we know that paid backlinks create negative effect to SEO score. So is it really good to buy backlinks?

  3. I’ve used LinksManagement on some of my project. It did work well. But the biggest problem is to find relevant sites to buy links from. Will try some other services that you listed.

  4. Hello !
    I have heard so much about buying backlinks for sites, how beneficial it could be and how harmful it could also cause your site. However, I believe in building backlinks through guest posting instead of the buying thing.. Moreover, people are scared of buying spam back links…. I have tried oDesk and they are super wow…

  5. I would love to create backlinks when i explore more and valuable website and blogs that really in my niche and help me to grow up.

    Buying Backlinks is just waste of money!!! You can buy a cup of Coffee and make your own backlinks by Discover them!!

    Akash 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I already tested some of the services. Some are very expensive and does not last long.
    I had some good ranking increases with BLACKHATLINKS
    I don’t know why you listed it at the end. I used the web 2.0 services and followed their step by step guide from the faq section.
    So far

    Peace n out

    BJ Willy

    1. I just checked out your tip!
      They have an incredible fast turn around time. I paid with paypal and got my report in less than 15 minutes for 50 web 2.0 posts ($11).
      Most of them were dofollow and the articles are copyscape passed. I checked just a few from the report against copyscape.

      They got a new customer 🙂

      @BJ Willy thanks for the tip.

  7. In 2015, purchase of links will be analyzed aggressively by search engines. I feel link baiting is much more appropriate for link building rather than purchasing links. I disbelief in purchasing links. If you have great post published which provides perfect solution for the problem encountered within your niche, people would love to share your content which leads to greater exposure. Moreover, it will drive other bloggers to link your published post.

    However, different people have different approach towards link building. Some strategies might work for you but not for others.

  8. This is a great share bro!
    Backlinks are one of the most important things for every blog to get high rank on Google search page.

    Gaining natural backlinks are very good, but it takes time. And when it comes to event blog, then there is no time to wait for natural backlinks.

    So, the best way is to buy them. I was known about SEOcleark, Fivver and Odesk for buying backlinks and from this post I got to know more twelve market place for backlinks.

    Thanks Anirudh for such a wonderful article.

  9. I have started a few niche sites but didn’t find time to build links to them. May be these paid links do some help. I wanted to ask that can we use these paid links tier 1?

  10. Hello Anirudh Karthik,

    Great Article, backlinks such a backbone for any kind of website, if we will not build backlinks then our website will not get rank above on our competitors that’s we have to build backlinks, but i would like to recommend do not buy backlinks, you should build backlinks yourself. if you buy backlinks for these websites then it is not possible that they will provide you genuine backlinks.

    warm regards
    Gaurav heera

  11. Anirudh Karthik This All List is Great But I have a Confusion about buying Links I have Heard that Buying Links is Very Harmful they Just give a Boost in Begging but Then those Link Harm Our Blog Ranking in Search Engines.

  12. Can i create a my own Backlinks for my website?

    and yes than tell me how to create a backlinks.
    some backlinks checker display “0” backlinks and some display backlinks.
    help me.

  13. I’ve been using LinkFool with great success. No problems at all with their backlinks. However, the list you provided is great. I haven’t heard of a few of them, so I’ll check them out. Thanks!

  14. Hi,

    I just googled and found this helpful post.

    You have really done a good job.

    I really appreciate your effort in writing this amazing post.

    I have also just created a new news site named News Angels.

    Your amazing post will help me a lot in the link building process.


    Muhammad Usman Ahmad

  15. Thanks for your awesome list. I want to add that I recently tried to buy links on Linkbooster.pro. They did their job well as I wanted. I asked them to post no more than 5 links per day, and they did that. For example, BlackHatLinks post all my 60 links in 2 days. I`m not sure if this is safe/ Hope Google won’t punish me. Although, it is worth noting that the links to BlackHetLinks were very good too.

  16. I recently tried LinksManagement for link building. Almost all the results coming were spamy websites with zero organic traffic. There were few good websites but there price was above 250 usd.

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