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Where hosting is the backbone of any website, a good theme is no less than a strong pillar of it.

When there are thousands of options to select the best theme for your blog or business website, getting confused is very obvious.

and above it, there are so many parameters to select a perfect theme that newbies often get confused to get a suitable theme for their blogs.

Many of the themes are in the market gives ONLY ONE DESIGN, so you get what you paid for.

They will show you a demo website, you pay the money and get that exact theme.

There are near to no options to optimize that theme's design, feel and look.

You have to have HTML and CSS knowledge if you want to make any changes in the design.

I have personally gone through this phase when I was a newbie.

I wanted to make some changes in the theme so I made some changes in the function.php file and my theme was completely broken.

Back on those days, there were no such options to make live changes in the theme and if there were few themes giving such functionality, they were very costly.

Keeping user's need in mind, BrainStormForce (the company behind WPAstra theme) decided to launch a theme in the market which was not only very fast in loading but gives end-user freedom to make the changes in the design.

WPAstra gives you:

  • Pre-built layouts
  • Fast loading theme with the awesome performance
  • Easy to build designs with page builders
  • Powerful Add-ons
  • Built-in WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads, LearnDash, and LifterLMS integration
  • White Labeling

To make this theme even more amazing, the team behind it has added industry's best page builders in it. So you pick the page builder as per your comfort and start building beautiful websites.

They have added two page builders:

In Astra sites option, you can see all the pre-built design which you can pick and start with.

astra wordpress theme

Note: You see this option in Pro version only.

Why WPAstra theme is preferable over other themes?

1. Easily Customizable

Being a blogger for more than 7 years, the one thing which I see in any theme is, it must be easily customizable.

Being a user, I should be able to changes the colors, layouts, placements, header, footer and other settings.

If any theme gives these functionalities, it's a winning theme.

WPAstra has all those features which a good theme should have.

2. Ultra Fast

Astra themes are designed by following the industry guidelines and they have removed jQuery by adding Vanilla JavaScript. The code is very much optimized which makes it less than 50kb as compared to other heavy themes in the market.

We have installed this theme on our business website. Here is the screenshot of the speed of our website.

astra wordpress theme review

Our theme is not only taking only 1.2 seconds to load but the performance is also amazing

3. Layout Options

You get the flexibility to change the layout of the elements shows in the picture above.

You can change the width of your container.. and layout of blog posts, pages, archives etc.

If you want different layout for different pages, posts or archives, you set them easily in Astra theme.

You get the options to decide the spacing around the containers, which make this theme super customizable as per your needs.

You can change the spacing inside and outside the container.

astra theme wordpress

4. Header Options

You can easily customize your headers position and layout in Astra theme.

wp astra theme

This theme gives you flexibility to customize your theme's header with ease.

You can easily change..

  • Sites's Identity – Logo, Icon, Sites Title, Tagline etc.
  • Primary Header
  • Above Header
  • Below Header
  • Sticky Header
  • and Transparent Header

If you want to edit the settings of Primary Header, Above Header or any other header options, you'll see the options as seen in the graphic.

5. Custom Layouts

If you want to create some custom layouts for your blog/website, you can easily create them in Astra theme.

You can create layouts for

  • Header
  • Footer
  • 404 Page
  • Custom Layouts using Hooks
  • and Display anything anywhere as per your rules
wordpress theme astra

6. Typography

Being a blogger, I personally love the typography of blogs.

I love the blogs which are having awesome fonts and ease to read.

You can see at my blog that I am using much bigger font than other bloggers and my font is more readable as compared to other blogs in the industry.

After going through many blogs and reading many articles, I finalized this special font for my blog to make it awesome for my readers.

When I found that perfect font for my blog, I had to install one plugin which could help me to add any font which I wanted.

Adding one extra plugin will load your theme which ultimately makes it heavier to load when someone visits it.

So I custom coded those fonts in my blog's theme to reduce the load.

Here, Astra theme gives you awesome flexibility to choose thousands of fonts from 700+ Google fonts and you can add your own custom fonts to make your blog even more awesome.

Fonts in Astra theme are responsive as they have added them in PM and EM format, and they will change the size automatically when someone reads them on a Laptop, Tablet or on a Phone.

7. WooCommerce Compatible

Such an amazing feature of this theme.

If you are using this theme to design your main blog, there is no need to change the theme if you are planning to launch an eCommerce site.

Astra WooCommerce gives you features like:

  • Infinite Scroll – This will give your store an extra edge to sell more products on the homepage with same efforts.
  • Mobile Optimized for Sales – WooCommerce themes are optimized for the mobile sales. It will automatically switch to mobile responsive view if someone is visiting from a cellphone.
  • Conversion Optimized Checkout – You get perfectly optimized checkout page to boost your sales.

And there are many more options which makes this theme a flawless theme to use for any kind of business.

What is the price of this theme?

Astra theme is a free theme which you can download from the official site. FREE theme will give you many awesome features to design an awesome blog or website.

If you are looking for more options, they have premium plans as well.

Here are the annual price of the theme.

wordpress astra

If you are looking for the lifetime price, here they are.

astra wordpress theme review

Final Words

Astra is an amazing theme for bloggers as well business owners. The kind of flexibility and ease you are getting in this theme in just incredible.

If you buy pro version of this theme, you get access to the starter sites which are just so amazing to start the basic frame for your blog.

You can easily import them on your website with just one click and then start customizing it as per your needs.

I am giving this theme rating 5/5 because this is fast, easily customizable, and following all industry guidelines to start a perfect blog/website.

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