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Were you looking at the top blogs?

Wondering why they write product reviews?

So, you found no banner ads!


Well, congrats, you're about to witness a probloggers strategy that will take you one step ahead of a newbie and average bloggers.

If you're thinking, who should be focusing on the product review writing?

Let me tell you this…

If you are a:

  • Blogger
  • Internet Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Freelance writer
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer

Then, at some point, you'd need to review the products.

Maybe, you'll fall in love with Affiliate Marketing.

Maybe, you come across a great product to buy and then you decide to promote it.

Now, this gets interesting…

Then, you'd be in the same situation that I was in one day.

And, many of the bloggers out there face this every single day.

But, before we go any further, I'd like to discuss the basics of product reviews.

What is a Product Review?

I don't leave starters behind. You'll love this.


A product review is a written analysis of a product that reveals everything that may help the buyers of the product in understanding, utilizing it to the fullest and making the most out it.

Bloggers use review writing after actually using the product to be more honest and transparent with the blog audience. In this way, they come up with solid evidence that they like the product, which is why they're using and promoting it.

However, the most important part of a product review is the how-to guide for that product which actually explains the functionality and benefits of the product.

Many of the newbie bloggers deeply read the reviews before buying the products, so that they could understand each and every aspect of it. Here it gives the opportunity to the bloggers, not only to engage the audience but also to convert them into affiliate sales.

Why Does a Product Review Matter?

That's a good question.

Isn't it?

A product review is an analysis of that product by someone who either has used it in the past or using it currently.

So, customers are curious about buying the products. If they don't know anything about that product, they want expert opinion from someone who does have the experience or if they know a little bit about the product, but want to know what to choose from a number of options, so that they pick the BEST OPTION for them, in either case, they need to read about the product.

Therefore, reviews come as the best solution for them to be provided.


How to Write the Product Reviews

Here comes the cream.

If you're an affiliate marketer, you'll love this…

There are five essential elements of writing a product review that will ultimately become a buying magnet for your blog:

1) – Adding Your Personal Experience

It gets a whole lot better when you first try it out and then recommend it to others.

Adding the personal experience into your product review will make you feel confident when you're recommending it others. Moreover, the successful affiliate marketers never focus on selling the items, they actually get their hands on the products first, try them, and get their hands dirty before recommending it to others.

Once they think it's worth sharing and recommending, then they come up with the product reviews.

When they do, it means, they're 100% confident about the authenticity and perfection of this product.

The perk of having a loyal audience is that they trust them, which is why they make great affiliate sales.

Things you need to add a personal experience:

  • Spend Money on the Products: Without actually buying the products, you can't try them, and when you can't try them, you can't tell others about them. So, it all begins with spending the money on the product you're interested in or looking forward to promoting it.
  • Find Relevant Products: It's quite important to find the relevant product to buy and later on promote on your blog. Because if it's not relevant, people won't need to buy it, even if you have bought it. Why would someone buy a product that is not useful to them? It's common sense.
  • Share the findings: It's always good to share every bit of details about the product, whether positive or negative. Most of the bloggers mention pros and cons of the product they're reviewing.

Some newbie bloggers start-up writing product reviews and they end up writing just about the product, they don't clearly add their own voice, which doesn't make any sense for a review to be useful. Because readers are relying on your opinion when it comes to reading the product reviews.

Have you ever seen the PC Mag hosting reviews?

I did.

Take a look at the A Small Orange Review published at PC Mag:

how to write a product review

Can you see that bottom line thing along with Pros and Cons?

This is what I'm talking about.

Your personal voice is important. It seems like the team at PC Mag is a genius.

2) – Choose the Best Products to Review

This must not be forgotten.

Always choose the best products to write reviews.

Before that, as I talked about adding the personal experience, which clearly showed that you must have used the products before recommending it to others, and in case, the product you've used isn't worth using and you're not going to use it further, I recommend to skip that review and even the promotion.

What a blogger does over the course of time is build trust with the audience.

They (readers and the blogger) build a connection based on the honesty and trust.

When a loyal audience is recommended to try or use a product by that blogger, many of them go ahead on trying that and if that product isn't worth using, then that connection of trust damages, and if it keeps on happening, the blogger could lose the potential readers and subscribers.

Irwin Lagman wrote an article on Affiliate Marketing. He also believes that not every product is worth promoting.

product reviews blogs

Marc Andre does have the similar kind of opinion on choosing the products. In fact, he believes that you should have a fewer number of products to promote which totally makes sense. His article was worth checking.

product review bloggers

3) – Use Professional Tools for Promotion

Tools are quite important when it comes to writing reviews and promoting products on your blog. I'll dig deeper into this. One of the lessons that I learned in blogging and affiliate marketing is that using the best-paid tools will make your job easier than ever. Not only do they make the job easier, but they also ensure that your blog thrives along the way.

This is the reason every problogger and successful online marketer tries to use the best available products to build an online empire.

When you're writing the product reviews and expect people to get engaged with your reviews and ultimately take action on your recommended products, then you got to do these things.

For instance, I use and recommend the products such as:

More importantly…

Have you seen this on BestPaidTools?

product review

You can use WPRichSnippets tool to write product reviews and display the reviewed items on various places on your blog.

Nothing would benefit your product reviews and overall blog performance than the best tools.

All best tools aren't free.

4) – Sharing Your Story

The mantra of building a buying funnel and making successful affiliate sales lies beneath many things.

One of those things is STORY.

We don't make stories.

We tell ours.

People always want to know that:

  • How we failed at first
  • What we lost at the beginning
  • What didn't work for us

So, we recall all those mistakes and we just share the stories.

Readers love them because it helps them to get better at this.

If you want to make your blog and funnel a buying magnet, you better understand the art of storytelling.

One more thing.

Do you want to know the big secret of profit-making in blogging?


Yes. We probloggers honestly hunt for the best-paid products, invest in those products (to use), and try to make our blogs and websites better with those products.

And, we see the results.

That's it.

Not every product does well, though.

It depends on how well you choose the product and how you play the whole game.

I shared my story of starting a blog. You'll find that under ‘START BLOGGING' page. (Look at the header)

Once I shared a story of a failed niche site.

It's not always about success.

People like to read how you failed and because there are always a ton of lessons in those failures.

And you're pouring them for your readers. They like it.

5) – Conclude the Review with Suggestions

This one will be epic.

Your readers will love this. Trust me.

As a reader, when I read about something, there are always two reasons behind that:

  1. I'm interested in that topic
  2. I need to solve a problem

So, when a writer guides me and helps me throughout the steps that may require for me to take…

I'll be glad to read all that.

I'd certainly be happier if he/she adds something extra, in terms of suggestions, that multiplies the VALUE which is coming out of it.

How would it be for me?

I'll be jumping all over the place.


The writer has done something incredibly helpful which no one asked for it, but he/she was smart enough to give it all away.

Suggestions at the end do following things:

  • They show how caring you're for the audience
  • They show that you really want to help
  • Suggestions often show that you're qualified to say that
  • It increases your integrity among the community
  • It establishes your authority among the subscribers

Stacey Corrin knows about this.

She wrote a review of Thrive Content Builder.

how to write a product review

At the end of it, she shared her final thoughts:

Many bloggers miss out the final words or suggestions at the end of the reviews, which could hurt the conversion as well as readers' engagement.

Similarly, Ankit Singla shared his final words at the end of a product review.

how to write a product review on facebook

These probloggers do this for a reason.

The reason is, they don't want their readers to walk away without listening to their expert opinion, which is why they add up something at the end.

What will you do now?

It's your turn.

You can do this.

Now, you know the basics of writing a product review.

Not only do you know how to pick the product to review, but you also know that what makes  a product review worth checking.

I tried to explain the art of product writing with the psychological perspective.

Being a blogger, if you're not a thinker, you may struggle in this.

You got to use your brain to make strategies that touch the hearts.

At the end of the day, you love your readers, you work hard to create great content, and you don't want to mislead your subscribers and readers.

Once you come up a product to review, you should choose the product that could change the buyer's life…

And if it really helped you, then it'll surely help your readers who may buy that.

So, the question of the day:

What's the most difficult thing of writing a product review?

Ask in the comments below. I'll love to answer.  

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  1. Everyone want to become a pro blogger but also want to make some quick bucks; that’s why we saw every newbie go for displaying ads. These ads ruin the user interests, and newbie blogger give up their dreams to become a pro.
    Affiliate marketing is simple, with this tips and great product combined I think it generates enough money without targeting lots of traffic to display ads.

  2. For the starter bloggers elaborating every topic is difficult. Like you have mentioned 4 points in this post and elaborated each one in such a way that I read the whole article thoroughly.
    Many starter bloggers state a number of points but they are unable to explain each and every point which results in difficulties in writing any review because in order to attract customer you need to represent the products importance in such a way that after reading the review your reader says wow (Just like I said after reading this article) to purchase it immediately.

    1. Writing reviews itself is an art. This is an art where you convince your normal visitors into buyers. Once you master this skill, making money with articles is easy.

  3. Hi, Kulwant! How are you doing today?

    Product reviewing is an awesome for bloggers and other online entrepreneur to earn pretty money from sharing story related to product experience.

    I agree with what you mentioned here, first use the product before review it. I knew that the most newbie did the mistakes with writing product reviewing without sharing the experience. They just repeated the other’s opinions and duplicated the ideas.

    I don’t know what is your opinion, but business is using money and other resources to make money. If you want to make money by reviewing affiliate product unless you spent a small money to learn other the product.

    Fortunately, sometime the merchant can provide us the premium accessing for limited period. Why don’t you sent a request before reviewing.

    Thanks for sharing….

    1. Yeah, I have seen many bloggers doing this mistake. They just collect the information about the products from other websites and then write in their own words. And they end up getting no sales at all.

      A real review is a review where you reveal every aspect of the product and let your visitors to make a buying decision.

      In most of the cases product owners are happy to give you review units, which you can use for few days and then write a genuine review on your blog.

  4. So if I have a tech blog then can I write a review about smartphones, DSLRs and other gadgets on my blog?

  5. Hello, sir, you have shared an awesome article. I am looking for such an article. Because I didn’t write products reviews properly. You article will help me very much to write products reviews.
    I visit your site daily. You have done a great job. I am really grateful to you. Thanks for sharing this article.

  6. Hey Kulwant,

    Loved the article. Reviews must be such that it should answer readers question -Why should he buy the product and will it be beneficial?

    I loved the “Personal Experience ” part. I think it is very important to tell your readers how you felt after using the product?

    Do mind answering a question?

    Do you think that reviews help get bloggers most of the affiliate sales or its some other type of post?

    Thanks for the post. Have a great day :). Do find time to answer my question.

    1. Himanshu, review is the second last stage in the buying funnel. If you hit the button with the right angle and examples, you can convert a confused visitors into a buyer.

  7. Really Good post I think that product reviews is the best way to make money with blog but one thing we need to make sure that you are posting honest reviews otherwise your will not be able to make sales. Am I right Kulwant?

    1. Rohit, these days people are smart enough to identify the honesty in the reviews. If you are not talking about everything, they are not going to buy with your link.

  8. Great tips on writing a good product review Kulwant, I’ve just wrote a review of Android Data Recovery on my blog following almost 80% of tips mentioned in this post.

  9. As a tech blogger – Wont adding personal experiences to your reviews sound too personal for business?
    I thought being professional has to deal with Business Only Modus?

  10. Hi @Kulwant Sir,
    This is my first comment on your blog. I have just started my blog, and I don’t have any experience with writing reviews. I have bookmarked this page because one day, maybe I start writing reviews till then I’ll learn from here.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  11. Nice post Kulwant Nagi

    Great review tactics you posted
    Choosing a right product for review really helps to engage peoples attraction

  12. Hi Kulwant,

    I started permoting few services online but didn’t get any sale or lead. I did not know the actual problem with written blog. I think there I missed personal experiences with that services. Getting right products for permoting is very essential for any blogger.

  13. All your points are clear I’m happy to read this Kulwant. This what I expected. I’m searching only for this kind of blog and finally got it with your help.
    Personal experience is a good suggestion for review writer because before writing the review we need to experience the product by own.

    But I have a question. Before writing every review, we need to experience each and every product personally then only we can write a good review? Otherwise, we can’t?

    1. Using products before recommending can be a big win to convince people to buy the products. In many of the cases for digital products, you can ask for the review copy and use it for few days.

  14. Hello Kulwant Sir,

    The world of Affiliate marketing attracts me but I am always scared that I might not make enough money or it might affect my Adsense advertisements in one way or another. I once thought of giving Niche affiliate marketing a try. But I never got a clear direction in my mind. Do you think a Coupon website or a Product review website can perform well in India? Please Enlighten

    1. Making money with Affiliate marketing and AdSense are 2 different things. Monetizing any blog with both of them would be a big mistake. Yes, Coupon sites are the best way to make money with affiliate marketing.

  15. Wow, kulwant bro these all are great tips thanks for sharing!
    Will Follow all the step on my next upcoming product review site.

  16. Hey, Kulwant Nagi Sir,
    Fantastic article! I really enjoyed this article, I am just about to do a review post in my blog and will sure to apply the tips here. I believe that writing a great review about a product is not automatically about affiliate sales. One must know the difference of good writing from making money. “Promote Blogs & Website Online” Tips. Thanks for sharing this useful and effective info with us. I hope that you will produce more useful contents in future. I follow your blog regularly. I hope this post will help all bloggers to increase their product reviews.
    Keep the good content coming, and I’ll be sure to return to this blog for some more great content 🙂 I hope you’re having a great week.
    Happy Blogging 🙂

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