PodBean Black Friday Deal 2023: 50% Discount

PodBean Black Friday Deal 2023

PodBean Black Friday Deal

To Be Announced

  • Start Date: 25th November 2023

Searching for the PodBean Black Friday Deal or Coupon? You are in the right place because here we will talk about the special discount on this Black Friday.

Over the years, content creation has evolved well past the traditional print media. Now, to get the word out about your brand, you can choose to use graphics, infographics, visuals, audiovisuals, or audio content.

In this article, we would check out how you can use PodBean to create unique audio content. And present you with the fantastic offers in the PodBean Black Friday Deals 2023.

PodBean Black Friday Review

The different forms of content each have their strengths and weaknesses. One fascinating thing about content creation is you can use it all together simultaneously. With that, you reach more audiences because of your diversity.

One of the least exploited forms of content is audio. And interestingly, the sheer number of possible leads here is about the size of other forms of content. This means that audio content almost always gets more conversion than other forms of content.

So, exploiting any viable means of putting out audio content would do your business much good. The Chief of the different types of audio content is podcasts. Podcasts are great for creating engagements, building a community, advertising, and many other purposes.

You can almost always get a buying customer using a podcast. It is an incredible mode of information dissemination. The other valid question is, how do you get your podcasts out to the right set of ears?

Well, here’s where PodBean steps in. PodBean is a suite that takes care of all your podcast needs. From the primary conditions like a hosting and storage facility to the more tertiary stuff like funnel linking and monetization.

PodBean allows users to publish as many podcast episodes to your online space. And from there, your audience can stream and access your files. Podcast hosting service provides a background that allows other streaming sites to get access to podcast files.

The hosting done here is, therefore, that of media files. This means there’s a particular need for storage capacity and high bandwidth. These are two things PodBean excels at.

Also, to boost your reach, PodBean helps podcasters get a dedicated domain to mark your space on the server. It ordinarily comes as a subdomain of PodBean, but you can always customize it to better suit your brand.

You can access PodBean features using any of the four possible plans. The available three paid plans come with unique functions that would get your podcasts delivering from the get-go. But the best part is that you can get any of these for way cheaper cost during the PodBean Black Friday Deal 2023.

PodBean Black Friday Deal Features

The PodBean tool comes with a host of relevant features that you can exploit in establishing a brand through podcasting. So, let’s look into some of these features on PodBean and see what they mean for your business success.

#1. Free Website Builder

To successfully host a podcast, you need to provide a unique link that directs visitors to your whole catalog. The way to go for this is to get a functional website.

Hence, this is the first step PodBean takes in hosting a podcast. You are provided with an available subdomain of your choice. That is, your brand name is linked to the PodBean website. You can then build on this default site to get a more befitting page for your brand.

To upgrade this, you only need to secure a new domain name that doesn’t carry the PodBean site. You can then move your Website to the new domain. However, hosting of your podcasts continues on PodBean.

#2. Customization

Getting your Website to look attractive for visitors is another crucial step in presenting your podcasts. PodBean comes with the necessary tools for editing a webpage to taste.

With the site editor, you can change the theme of the Website. There are a few template themes on PodBean. And you are also allowed to import custom themes from external sources.

With the editor, you can also change the outlook of your theme. The background image, header, fonts, color, style, podcast player style, etc. All these define how your podcast website looks, which can create an impression on subscribers.

#3. Video Podcasting

PodBean has this impressive feature where it allows users also to put up video content. This is a secondary means of engaging your audience. 

The good thing about using a video podcast is that you get more engagement. This is because subscribers are used to voicing alone. But being able to place the face behind the voice builds more trust and boosts your brand recognition.

#4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting heard on your podcast shows is dependent on how well you can reach more audiences. And reaching your target audience does not stop at getting an organic following. It also includes getting strangers to link up to your work.

And to do this, your podcast needs to be seen on the net. PodBean comes with a bunch of tools to help position your podcast show for search engine crawlers. 

PodBean comes with several widgets and plugins that allow crawlers to access your podcast site. Alongside that, you can also use metatags, headers, and description to label your work with the right keywords properly. 

So, with PodBean, native streaming facilities are bound to find your podcast shows provided you optimize using PodBean. And also, with time, more extensive search engines like Google would take a log of your work.

#5. Analytics

Monitoring the progress of your podcast is very important to see how engaging your content is. This is important for improving your quality and also to know the needs of your audience.

PodBean comes with some essential statistical tools. These present you with results on the traffic your playlist generates. You can get data on a selected episode or get a combined output of how your show performs.

You also get insight into where your audience is localized and some other demographics. This would help you better target a new audience. And to boost your analytics, PodBean supports using a plugin such as Google Analytics to generate more polls.

#6. Monetization

PodBean sets a basis for users to monetize their podcast platforms. And the fundamental way to get this done is to integrate a proper marketing strategy.

With PodBean, you can link your socials to upload your podcast updates automatically. You also get an embed code to use across various web platforms that link back to your podcast catalog. 

And also, you can put up your content for a subscription fee. This means users would have to pay to access your podcast episodes. Again, you can run ads on your PodBean web pages. This could serve as an added source of income.

What is the PodBean Black Friday Deal?

 podBean black friday sale

PodBean runs four plans that allow users to utilize their fantastic podcast hosting features. The first of the plans is a free plan, while the other three are paid.

The free plan comes with certain restrictions on different features. The storage granted is limited, the bandwidth is also limited, and other significant features are restricted. This plan is only there to help you have a feel of what podcast hosting looks like.

The paid plans are the Unlimited Audio, Unlimited Plus, and the Business plan. These all come with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. This allows you to host as many podcast shows as you can. 

What differentiates the unlimited plans includes video podcasting and the number of admins. However, the PodBean Black Friday Deal applies to them all. This gives a 50% discount on all the plans.

FreeUnlimited AudioUnlimited PlusBusiness
Storage5 hoursUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Bandwidth100 GBUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Video SupportNoNoYesYes
Custom DomainNoYesYesYes
Multiple Podcast ChannelsNoNoNoYes
Black Friday DiscountNot Applicable$4.50$14.50$49.50

How to Activate the PodBean Black Friday Deal?

To partake of the PodBean Black Friday Deal, you have to access the PodBean plans during the Black Friday season. This will come up by November 2023. 

The steps to take include

  • Log in to the PodBean website and navigate to the pricing
  • Select your choice plan
  • The Black Friday Deal is activated on the checkout page
  • Pay using your preferred payment option 

And with that, you have the PodBean Black Friday Deal for 2023.

5 PodBean Black Friday Deal FAQs

Here are some relevant questions regarding the PodBean Black Friday Deal 2023;

Is the PodBean Black Friday 2023 Deal free?

No, the PodBean Black Friday Deal is not free. You get 50% off on all the unlimited plans. But there is also a limited Free plan on PodBean.

Which PodBean Black Friday Deal is preferable?

This depends on your podcasting needs. If you are particulate about putting out content, the Unlimited Audio is excellent. If you want to build your brand, the Unlimited Plus will do. And if you need to host more than one podcast shows, the Business plan is for you.

How long does the PodBean Black Friday Deal last?

Generally, the Black Friday Deals last for a week. But the PodBean Black Friday Deal 2020 date and length of discount would be announced on the site when the time comes.

Does the PodBean Black Friday Deal give access to a Free Website?

Yes, the free Website is part of all unlimited plans covered by the PodBean Black Friday Deal.

Can I get the PodBean Black Friday Deal on an annual subscription?

Yes, the PodBean Black Friday Deal also covers the annual subscription.

Is the PodBean Black Friday Deal Worth it?

In total, the PodBean Black Friday Deal is worth it. You get access to the premium podcast hosting service at a much cheaper rate.

Final Thoughts about PodBean Black Friday Deal

Finally, as a podcaster, whether experienced or aspiring, PodBean is a tool that would revolutionize your work. And no better way to get the best of your money’s worth than with the PodBean Black Friday deal.