Pat Flynn Net Worth 2024: 10 Key Lessons to Earn Smart Passive Income

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Who is Pat Flynn?

Pat Flynn calls himself a Father, Husband, serial entrepreneur, dog lover, protector of baby Yoda, and devourer of buffalo wings.

But he is not just a father and husband; he is a prolific author, an affiliate marketer, an influencer, a podcaster, and the founder of Green Exam Academy. 

Pat Flynn lives and works in San Diego, California. He owns renowned and successful online businesses. He is also a professional blogger, thought leader, keynote speaker, and affiliate marketer.

Not only this, he is also a remarkable author of the Wall Street Journal. Pat also hosts a Smart Passive Income Podcast.

Pat Flynn is a multifaceted personality with an incredible sense of online marketing.

Flynn's online enterprises, such as online courses,, and Smart Passive Income, have helped his income reach $3 million.

Pat Flynn is known for his online marketing blog Smart Passive Income. He rose to prominence in the affiliate marketing sphere through his innovative strategies.

Following the success of his blog, he published eBooks, generating significant revenue. With the launch of Smart Passive Income, Flynn became a prominent figure in digital marketing, earning over $200,000 in its inaugural year.

He initially ventured into internet marketing with This academy aids individuals in passing the LEED test. 

Pat Flynn earned his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley.

Pat's digital accomplishments have garnered recognition from esteemed publications such as Forbes Magazine and The New York Times.

Additionally, Pat Flynn serves on the Board of ‘Pencils Of Promise,' a nonprofit organization committed to building schools in underprivileged nations.

Pat Flynn's Birth DateAugust 17, 1983
Birth PlaceWaterford, Ireland
DesignationEntrepreneur, An American Author, Affiliate Marketer
Net Worth Over $3 million

Pat Flynn Biography 

Pat Flynn, aged 37, is an American marketer and blogger. He is renowned for his contributions to the digital marketing space.

Born in the United States, Flynn's journey into online entrepreneurship has been marked by his influential blog, Smart Passive Income.

  • Pat Flynn's Childhood:

The details about Flynn's childhood remain undisclosed. His early interest in blogging paved the way for his future success in digital entrepreneurship. 

Flynn pursued his passion and obtained a degree in architecture from the University of California. He honed his skills and set the stage for his entrepreneurial journey.

  • Pat Flynn Career:

Flynn's career trajectory soared with the establishment of Smart Passive Income. It is a pivotal platform that offers valuable insights into online business strategies.

Additionally, he is a creator of Flynn Industries, LLC, overseeing various web properties and niche websites. This solidifies his reputation as a trailblazer in digital entrepreneurship.

  • Pat Flynn on Social Media:

Flynn's impact extends far and wide. His Smart Passive Income podcast has amassed over 47 million downloads, solidifying its status as one of iTunes' most popular business podcasts.

Furthermore, his YouTube channel boasts more than 433K subscribers and 17 million views. On the other hand, his Facebook page, “Smart Passive Income With Pat Flynn,” garners around 1.9L followers.

Pat Flynn Achievements 

Pat Flynn is considered a prominent leader in the business industry. He has also garnered amazing recognition as a blogger and thought leader. 

He is a well-known and transparent industrialist in the US market who put unconditional efforts into turning dreamers into achievers.

Forbes recognized him as one of the prominent leaders of the online marketing business. 

As a showstopper at various events, Pat has demonstrated his compelling story and business strategies. He has assisted audiences worldwide with his innovative thoughts towards establishing a successful business.

With over 47 million downloads, his podcast, The SPI Podcast with Pat Flynn, continues to inspire countless individuals to embark on their online business journey.

He is a member of the nonprofit organization Pencils of Promise. Flynn contributes to building schools for children globally, ensuring access to quality education. This is an excellent achievement for him as a contributor.

Leading businesses such as ConvertKit, Teachable, and SquadCast seek his consultation to enhance their traction and success.

Pat Flynn's achievements in online entrepreneurship and digital marketing have garnered recognition from prestigious publications like The New York Times and Forbes Magazine.

Overall, Flynn has acquired this success through his efforts and zeal. He is a remarkable businessman and blogger. He has commendably attained a presence in the business industry, which is highly appreciable.

Pat Flynn Net Worth 2024 

By now, we all know that Pat Flynn's net worth has crossed $3 million. This is due to his success as an online entrepreneur and author. 

Flynn's blog, Smart Passive Income, played a pivotal role in solidifying his position as a prominent figure in online marketing.

Beyond his blog, Flynn has founded multiple prosperous enterprises, including podcast networks, online course platforms, and software companies.

Let us discuss all of them individually.

Flynn's Blog: Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn generates significant revenue from his blog SPI. He did so through advertising, affiliate marketing, and consulting services.

His blog gained immense prominence from the audience. SPI discusses strategies for making a passive income through online marketing. Pat emphasizes the importance of passive income in his blog, which captivates the audience to follow his insights.

SPI is a valuable resource for aspiring online entrepreneurs. It offers practical insights and guidance on launching successful ventures. It also discusses strategies for earning passive income through various online channels.

Pat Flynn's YouTube Channel

He has over 4M subscribers on his YouTube channel. With this, Pat Flynn earns approximately $1 million annually. He leverages programs like AdSense and Amazon affiliates from ad placements on his videos. 

Pat Flynn Podcast

Pat Flynn earns revenue through podcasts. His podcasts include “The Smart Passive Income Podcast” and “AskPat 2.0”. 

These podcasts provide valuable tips and strategies for creating passive income streams. They also feature interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

His revenue is generated through sponsorships, advertisements, and affiliate marketing. The Smart Passive Income blog's podcast contributes to Pat Flynn's overall income stream.


Apart from the Podcasts and YouTube channel, Pat generates revenue from his three best-selling books. These books are:

  • “Let Go,” 
  • “Will It Fly?” and 
  • “Superfans.”

These books are easily available on Amazon at $2.99, $6.99, and $8.99, respectively. 

Online Courses

Pat Flynn earns revenue from his online courses. His diverse online courses offer proven strategies for audience and income growth.

He detailed the significant lessons he learned while testing and launching his first online course, Smart From Scratch. 

These courses vary in price, with some being free and others ranging from $99 to $1299.

Now that you might have an overview of Pat Flynn's success secrets let us learn some fruitful lessons from the founder of Smart Passive Income.


Since 2014, Pat Flynn has served as an advisor to various tech companies and startups. These startups include ConvertKit, Teachable, and SquadCast.

He leverages his expertise to help them achieve tremendous success. His strategic guidance and insights have contributed to these businesses gaining more traction in their respective industries.

Pat's collaboration with these companies underscores his reputation as a trusted advisor and influencer in the tech and startup ecosystem.

10 Lessons From Pat Flynn To Build A Smart Passive Income 

Here are some of the inspirational lessons from Smart Passive Income. 

  • Multifaceted Income Streams

Pat Flynn exemplifies the importance of diversifying income streams through his multifaceted online business approach.

Pat strategically maximizes his revenue sources by monetizing his podcasts through sponsorships and excelling in affiliate marketing.

Moreover, he offers premium online courses and sells best-selling books on Amazon.

Additionally, he conducts in-person workshops, engages in speaking gigs, and explores various avenues to ensure financial stability.

By diversifying income streams, Pat minimizes risks and creates multiple avenues for sustained revenue generation. This sets a compelling example for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking long-term financial success.

  • People Love Honesty

Pat Flynn's insight on honesty underscores the importance of transparency in building trust with your audience. 

Throughout his blogging journey, Flynn prioritized authenticity. He openly shares his monthly income reports online. This helps him set a precedent for transparency in the online business world. 

By revealing his earnings and income sources, Flynn motivated aspiring entrepreneurs. Pat Flynn has built a sense of credibility and honesty. 

Flynn's commitment to authenticity is a valuable lesson for marketers. It aids them to establish genuine connections with their audience.

  • Offer Email Opt-ins

Offering an irresistible email opt-in is crucial for building a thriving email list.

Pat Flynn excels at this strategy.

He understands the importance of providing valuable incentives to lure website visitors into signing up for his email list.

He offers his audience eBooks, cheat sheets, and email courses. These compelling freebies attract and engage his audience.

You can follow Pat's lead in building a successful email marketing strategy. You must focus on email list growth from day one and offer irresistible incentives.

  • Try Becoming a Published Author

Becoming a published author is a powerful strategy for establishing authority in your industry. Pat Flynn effectively demonstrates this.

With three remarkable books available on Amazon, Pat shares his expertise and strategies to inspire and empower others.

His books have garnered rave reviews. This further solidifies his reputation as an authority in his field.

By following Pat's example and publishing a book, you can leverage your experience to share valuable insights and establish credibility in your industry.

  • Importance of Action

Pat Flynn emphasizes the importance of actions over mere words in his marketing approach. 

He always shares proven strategies that have worked for him and his team. This helps him develop trust and credibility with his audience. 

For instance, his online course “Build Your Own Brand” offers a tangible opportunity for participants to learn essential branding skills within a week, and it's available for free. 

Pat's transparency and willingness to offer valuable resources demonstrate the effectiveness of his methods. This makes it easier for him to attract followers and customers. 

This lesson underscores the significance of showcasing real results to establish credibility in any field. Pat Flynn's success eventually demonstrated this.

  • Team Building is Much Required

Pat Flynn emphasizes the significance of team building. He says building a team is a crucial investment for a successful online business.

Recognizing the value of outsourcing and hiring the right individuals, he has built a team of over ten dedicated members. This team now works full-time for Pat Flynn. They handle various aspects of his business, from content creation to social media management.

Pat has optimized his time and resources by delegating tasks and focusing on core priorities. This leads to increased efficiency and profitability.

His example underscores the importance of surrounding oneself with capable and trustworthy individuals. Flynn says that with this strategy, you can sustain long-term success in entrepreneurship.

  • Sharing Insights Regularly

Pat Flynn consistently shares valuable lessons with his audience. He emphasizes transparency and authenticity in his approach.

One notable instance is when he documented the insights gained from testing and launching his inaugural online course, Smart From Scratch, in a comprehensive blog post.

He prefers openly discussing his successes, failures, and lessons learned. Pat strengthens his connection with his audience. It enhances his credibility as a trusted source of knowledge.

This commitment to sharing valuable insights fosters a sense of trust and reliability. It eventually contributed to the growth and success of his business endeavours.

  • Giving and Taking Approach To Be Successful 

Pat Flynn's success stems from his strategic approach of giving valuable free content before offering premium products.

Pat builds trust and loyalty with his audience by providing high-quality free content, including comprehensive guides and resources.

This approach fosters a strong connection with his followers, who are more likely to invest in his premium products and services when they see the value he delivers for free.

Pat's ability to balance giving and taking in his content strategy enhances his credibility and contributes to his substantial growth in net worth.

  • Launching Successful Online Courses 

Pat says you should gain insights into creating and launching successful online courses that provide value to your audience.

  • Embracing Failure and Resilience

Understand the importance of embracing failure as a learning opportunity and developing resilience to overcome challenges on your entrepreneurial journey.

FAQs About Pat's Net Worth

Pat Flynn is an influential online entrepreneur, marketer, author, and podcaster known for his expertise in building successful online businesses and helping others achieve passive income and entrepreneurial success.

Pat Flynn's monthly income varies but is estimated to be over $170,000, primarily through his online businesses, affiliate marketing, and podcast sponsorships.

Pat Flynn earns money through various streams, such as selling online courses, books, affiliate marketing, podcast sponsorships, speaking engagements, and consulting services.

Pat Flynn teaches entrepreneurship, online business strategies, passive income generation, and personal development through his blog, podcasts, books, and online courses.

Final Thoughts on Pat Flynn's Net Worth

Pat Flynn is a remarkable personality who believes in sharing knowledge as much as possible. He also believes in a “giving and taking approach” to build strong trust with your audience.

His efforts and acclaimed beliefs made him a millionaire. His net worth reached over $3 million. He offers lots of his efforts to the blogging community.

His passive income comes from his books, online courses, affiliate products, and other endeavours. Eventually, his strength lies in working as a team and with relentless honesty.