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Are you the one seeking to create that one Funnel that can influence the world and open a path to entice more people?

If your answer is YES, then I would like to invite you to this “One Funnel Away Challenge Review.”

One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) will help you create a highly enticing sales funnel in just 30 days. And what is the best part? You will get training from the best trainers like Russell Brunson.

But as we know that we can't judge a book by its cover, we need to get deeper inside that book to understand its “not working part.” Right?

In the same way, you have to dive deeper into One Funnel Away Challenge Review to interpret its worth. 

Key Takeaways

Duration30 days
DiscountFree for every ClickFunnels user
Refund Policy30 days money-back guarantee
Pros– Comprehensive 30-day training program by Russell Brunson
– Focus on launching a sales funnel from scratch
– Suitable for entrepreneurs and small business owners
– Daily video coaching, live training sessions, and online workbooks
– Bonuses worth $3,216
ConsLots of information needs to be processed in a very short time
VerdictBest overall sales funnel training
AboutThe One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training program by Russell Brunson, teaching how to launch a sales funnel from scratch, designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It includes daily video coaching, live training sessions, and online workbooks.
Who’s it forSmall business owners, online coaches, affiliate marketers, newbies, and anyone looking to grow their business online or improve their knowledge about sales funnels.
WebsiteOne Funnel Away Challenge
One Funnel Away Challenge Key Takeaway

Is It Only An Effective Sales Funnel That Works for Monetization?

With all the above essentials, you might think that once you learn to create an enticing sales funnel in just 30 days, you can easily uplift your business like a breeze.

But is that really true?

Do you think you are just ONE FUNNEL AWAY from achieving your dream success?

I don't think so!

To create a sustainable and lucrative business, excelling in all other factors is equally essential:

1. Build An Audience

Before even SALES FUNNEL, building a trustful audience is highly necessary.

Building an audience, or generating traffic, is a key initial step.

The foremost way to do this is Content marketing. 

You can earn traffic through valuable blog posts. So, you should optimize them for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

And Yes, you are following a highly effective strategy. 

By ranking for specific keywords, your website attracts organic traffic. Some of these visitors may become customers or join your email list.

You can also reach your audience via social media marketing.

2. Creating Value & Establishing Trust

The next step is to build an authentic email list.

Having an email list is vital for ongoing engagement. It allows you to follow up with subscribers. Also, it shares your story and directs traffic back to your blog or other content. The primary goal is to establish trust through building relationships.

3. Monetizing your Traffic

Monetizing your traffic becomes remarkably straightforward at this stage.

The foundation you've laid, with a trusting audience that values your content, sets the stage for offering and recommending products. 

Your audience, having received value and built trust, is more inclined to purchase based on your recommendations.

This approach fosters a genuine desire within your audience to support your offerings.

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) is a comprehensive 30-day virtual marketing training course. The course is led by Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels.

OFA is priced at $100. Yes, you heard that right. Its cost is relatively very high for just a 30-day programme. However, for each day, they will put their dense efforts into teaching you to create an authentic sales funnel.

The program is designed to guide entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners in creating a successful sales funnel.

They help you learn to bring more traffic to your business via impactful sales funnels. It includes daily engaging video training, live coaching calls, and a step-by-step workbook.

Participants learn essential skills such as product creation, copywriting, and email marketing. The program emphasizes hands-on implementation.

The daily tasks are assigned to ensure practical application. Live coaching calls provide opportunities for feedback and Q&A sessions.

During the challenge, participants gain access to the private OFA Challenge Facebook group. In this group, daily task videos are streamed, and digital workbooks are provided as bonuses. Additionally, three live training sessions occur weekly.

The program kicks off with a pre-training week to set the right mindset. It is followed by four weeks of intensive training.

ClickFunnels values the training and bonuses at $3,126 but offers the program at a discounted rate of $100 to attract new customers. For ClickFunnels affiliates, there's an opportunity to earn $100 for every referral to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Overall, the program is a valuable resource for those looking to launch a profitable sales funnel with practical guidance and support.

Program NameOne Funnel Away Challenge
Duration30 Days
Price Includes– 30 Days of coaching materials by Russel Brunson, Stephen Larsen, Julie Stoian
– 30-Day Challenge Customized Kit
– A physical copy of the workbook
– A “30 Days” hardcover book
– Interviews with the Two Comma Club members
– MP3 player with all the recordings

Note: *The $100 price is subject to change and is provided for reference.

What Advantages Do You Get By Joining The OFA Challenge?

This might be the next question striking your mind: what will I receive in the One Funnel Away Challenge Box?

So, here is the list of what comes inside your bag after signing up for the challenge:

Inside the One Funnel Away Challenge kit, you receive a comprehensive set of bonuses designed to elevate your funnel-building journey:

30 Days of Video Coaching

You will get daily access to Russell Brunson. He will not only give theoretical knowledge but also provide actionable steps and hands-on strategies to boost your success.

Live Coaching

Next, you will get real-time support thrice a week for instant solutions to queries. It ensures continuous progress without roadblocks.

Workbook and Swipe Files

Inside the kit, you will get customized workbooks with checklists and brainstorming spaces. It will facilitate efficient implementation and progress tracking. Hence, it will help you track your success and keep you aligned with the challenge.

Geru Funnel Simulator Software

In general, Geru Simulator Software costs $197/month. However, your access to Open Funnel Away Challenge offers free access to this software.

The tool will help you visualize and optimize sales funnels. It shows you a final visualization of your Funnel before a final launch. Moreover, it detects potential issues and estimates profitability.

Pyks E-Cover Creator

This e-cover creator will help you design stunning e-covers for products all by yourself. So, you do not need any designer expert who asks you high bucks for this. Hence, your designed e-covers can enhance the visual appeal of your product and increase sales.

Email Copy Generator

Email generator is another add-on to the kit. It will help you swiftly generate high-converting emails. It eliminates writer's block and costly copywriters for more conversions.


Explore trending course ideas with real-time analytics. It will ensure successful online courses that meet market demands.

ClickFunnels 30 Days Trial

These are practical tools for creating and optimizing funnels, streamlining the process, and maximizing your Funnel's potential.

This comprehensive kit empowers you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in building and optimizing effective sales funnels.

Learnings Inside The One Funnel Away Challenge 

Inside the One Funnel Away Challenge, participants gain extensive insights into funnel building, marketing strategies, and business growth.

The daily lessons cover crucial aspects like crafting compelling offers, understanding audience psychology, and implementing effective sales tactics.

Practical exercises and real-world applications enhance the learning experience. It empowers participants to create and optimize their sales funnels.

The challenge imparts knowledge and cultivates a mindset geared towards entrepreneurial success. It thereby helps participants launch a successful sales funnel.

It's a transformative journey of a 30-day challenge to equip individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the competitive world of digital marketing.

Full Training Coverage: Week 1 to Week 4

The One Funnel Away Challenge unfolds four weeks. Each week offers targeted training and actionable steps to guide participants through the process:

Pre-Training: Belief

This is the first essential step of training you get after signing up for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

  • It focuses on instilling belief in participants and addressing the psychological challenge of building an online business.
  • The trainers will ascertain that you can build a great funnel, and no one can stop you from winning.
  • Video training provides actionable steps to build confidence and stamina.

So, with all the courage and hitting out nervousness, you entered the first week of your challenge.

WEEK 1: Hook, Story, Offer

The first week is all about setting a base before designing an exceptionally enticing funnel.

  • Establishes the foundational knowledge of successful funnel building.
  • Covers the ‘why' and ‘how to' aspects of creating sales funnels proven to convert. This implies week 1 covers everything you need to build sales funnels for your business.

So, week 1 is all about understanding the funnel builder framework.

WEEK 2: Your Hooks And Stories

In this week of the One Funnel Away Challenge, the focus is on bringing your hooks and stories to life.

  • Guides participants through the step-by-step process of crafting their own story. Moreover, it also develops a compelling hook.
  • The aim is to master the art of writing compelling copy for your advertisements and pages. It's like taking a page from the ClickFunnels' landing page playbook, where you get to learn from the best in the business.
  • During this week's missions, you'll dive into essential tasks. The tasks like Testing Your Material, crafting the Epiphany Bridge, and Publishing Your Origin Story.
  • It's a hands-on experience where you get to put your hooks and stories to the test. The process involves experimenting with your narratives and learning the ropes of tweaking them if they don't quite hit the mark.
  • It's a week tailored to refine your storytelling skills. It also ensures that your message resonates effectively with your audience.

Week 2 is primarily meant for creating a funnel.

WEEK 3: The Funnel

Week 3 offers practical visualization of your sales funnel.

  • Gets technical with the actual implementation of the funnel-building process.
  • ClickFunnels will be introduced as the primary software, though alternatives are acknowledged.

WEEK 4: Driving Traffic

  • Focuses on driving traffic to the created Funnel.
  • Emphasizes content marketing and free traffic for those with budget constraints.
  • It provides an opportunity to catch up and plan for the future.
  • Involves content planning and long-term strategies for driving traffic and promoting offers.

This structured training schedule ensures a gradual and comprehensive learning experience. It addresses mindset challenges, technical aspects, and strategic planning for sustained success in the online business journey.

WeekDay-by-day Breakdown
Week 1: Constructing Your First Sales FunnelDay #1: Building Your Inaugural Sales Funnel
Day #2: Creating Your Flagship Framework
Day #3: Crafting an Irresistible Offer Stack
Day #4: Designing Your Facebook Page
Day #5: Content Creation and Publishing Schedule
Days #6 & #7: Weekend Homework for Implementation
Week 2: Mastering Hooks, Stories, and Sales CopyDay #8: Understanding the ‘Who, What, Why, How’
Day #9: Crafting Compelling Sales Pages
Day #10: Utilizing the Order Form Bump Technique
Day #11: Integration with Members Area
Day #12: Over-the-Shoulder Guidance for Implementation
Days #13 & #14: Weekend Homework for Practical Application
Week 3: Optimizing the FunnelDay #15: Optimizing the ‘OTO’ #1 Script and Page
Day #16: Development of OTO #2 Script and Page / Thank You Page
Day #17: Connecting and Rigorous Testing
Day #18: Crafting Your Epiphany Bridge Origin Story
Day #19: Building Your Dream 100 and Perfecting Hook, Story, Offer
Days #20 & #21: Weekend Homework for Refinement
Week 4: Launching and Maximizing Funnel PerformanceDay #22: Generating Traffic and Promoting Your Funnel
Day #23: Audience Collection and Tech Setup
Day #24: Effective Hooking and Selling via Ads
Day #25: Understanding the Value Ladder Concept
Day #26: Embracing the ‘One Funnel Away’ Mindset
Days #27 & #28: Weekend Homework for Final Preparations

This structured approach guides participants through belief-building, foundational funnel elements, storytelling, technical aspects, traffic generation, and long-term planning for optimal success.

One Funnel Away Challenge Cost

The One Funnel Away Challenge offers two pricing plans to cater to different preferences:

1. Get The New One Funnel Away Challenge For FREE

In this, you will get access to One Funnel Away for free with a 30-day ClickFunnels 2.0 trial.

Moreover, you will get some of the bonuses along with the plan. The inclusions are as follows:

  • NEW OFA Challenge + workbook
  • GERU Funnel Simulator
  • 30-day trial to ClickFunnels 2.0
  • Email Copy Generator
  • Pyks E-Cover Creator
  • Courserate Course Creator

The plan is free for 30 days only. After that, you have to pay $197/month.

This means that once your trial period of ClickFunnels ends, your OFA costs skyrocket to $197 for each month. 

Don't you think it is costlier?

No worries! OFA gives another option. Let's see to it!

2. Get OFA For Just $100

Something is better than Nothing!

Yes, you heard that right!

You will get a discount of $97 plus you have to pay only once instead of paying monthly. 

I think you can save a lot.

Now, let's check out the bonuses incorporated into this plan. 

So, here, you will get all the above bonuses except the 30-day trial of ClickFunnels 2.0.

  • NEW OFA Challenge + workbook
  • GERU Funnel Simulator
  • Email Copy Generator
  • Pyks E-Cover Creator
  • Courserate Course Creator

Regardless of the plan, the One Funnel Away Challenge requires a one-time fee of $100.

This investment grants you access to a comprehensive 30-day coaching program led by Russell Brunson. The package includes valuable resources such as a 550-page '30 Days digital ebook, Challenge “One-Pagers” serving as a day-by-day companion guide, and additional bonuses.

While the kits were physical in the past, the content is now entirely digital.

Do you think the One Funnel Away Challenge is worth it?

Whether the One Funnel Away Challenge is worth the price depends on your specific situation. For those venturing into online business without products or services to sell immediately, the $100 investment may not be necessary.

However, for individuals looking to launch a profitable marketing funnel, the OFA Challenge provides valuable insights and guidance.

So, hurry up and grab the OFA Challenge, and I am sure you will be thankful by the end of it.

Can ClickFunnels Account Help You Minimize OFA Costs? 

In the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFAC), ClickFunnels plays a prominent role. Yet, it is not a mandatory requirement for participation.

Despite the strong association between OFAC and ClickFunnels due to Russell Brunson's involvement, you are not obligated to use ClickFunnels.

However, if you have a ClickFunnels account, you can gain the benefit of accessing OFA for free for 30 days.

If you don't have a ClickFunnels account, no worries, you don't need one either. The core focus of OFAC is on teaching participants the art of building effective sales funnels. They teach you to master product marketing and enhance your overall marketing skills.

ClickFunnels is a remarkable tool for building sales funnels. The principles taught in OFAC are versatile and can be applied across various platforms and software. 

I recommend concentrating on grasping the fundamental concepts and strategies emphasized in the challenge.

The “one funnel away challenge” is structured to provide insights into the principles behind successful funnels, proficient copywriting, traffic generation, and conversion optimization.

These principles can be implemented using different tools and platforms that align with your preferences and budget.

It's worth acknowledging that while ClickFunnels offers certain conveniences, such as pre-built templates and an integrated suite of tools, your success in the challenge is not exclusively tied to using this platform.

Ultimately, the key lies in understanding and applying the principles, irrespective of the specific tool you choose.

How Many Daily Hours Are Needed For OFA Implementation?

The One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) allows for flexibility in the daily time commitment required. It accommodates varying experience levels and individual paces.

In general, you should dedicate 1 to 2 hours per day to the challenge. It will be a reasonable starting point for you as a beginner.

Additionally, spending 1 to 2 hours is not just fine. The focus should be on the effectiveness of the time spent rather than the sheer number of hours.

Here are some tips to maximize your daily OFA commitment:

Task Focus:

Each day presents specific tasks in the OFA Challenge. You need to concentrate on completing these tasks thoroughly for a comprehensive understanding.

Take Action:

Practical implementation is quite important. Hence, immediate implementation of what you learn is crucial. Practical application enhances comprehension and retention of lessons.

Avoid Distractions:

During your dedicated time for the daily challenge, focus on minimal distractions to ensure maximum productivity. Treat it as a focused work session.

Review and Reflect:

Take a few minutes at the end of each session to review what you've learned throughout the challenge. Then, you should contemplate how to apply it to your business or project.

Customize Your Pace:

If you find you need more time to grasp a concept or complete a task, allocate additional time. Progress is the goal, not just completion.

It's important to note that once a mission is finished, you're assigned a task. After that, you only have 24 hours to complete it. Therefore, effective time management is crucial for success in the OFA Challenge.

Is OFA Worth It?

The One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) provides a substantial value for the investment of $100, or even for free, with a ClickFunnels trial. Here's a breakdown of the value for money:

Training Quality:

The challenge offers in-depth lessons on digital marketing and sales funnel creation from industry experts. This high-quality training justifies the cost. It provides valuable insights.

Practical Tools and Resources:

Participants receive workbooks, tools, and access to a supportive community. These resources are instrumental in translating theoretical knowledge into practical implementation. It enhances the overall value.

Potential Return on Investment:

The skills and strategies acquired during the challenge have the potential to increase sales and business growth. Viewing the initial cost as an investment in the potential for business success adds significant value.

Free Access with ClickFunnels:

If you consider using ClickFunnels, you can obtain the OFA challenge for free. It will enhance the value proposition. It essentially provides two services for the price of one, making it a cost-effective choice.

In summary, the One Funnel Away Challenge offers substantial value for money. Additionally, it offers expert training and additional tools.

However, the true value hinges on your commitment to applying the lessons and whether ClickFunnels aligns with your business needs.

Assets Required For One Funnel Away Challenge

You'll find various tools and resources throughout and after the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA). These assets will complement your learning and enhance your ability to implement the acquired knowledge effectively. 

ClickFunnels has already integrated these tools into its platform. It offers a free 30-day trial during the challenge period. However, they are not mandatory for beginners. Many successful participants have started by using essential tools and platforms.

The key focus remains on the mindset of how to craft compelling stories and offers that resonate with your audience. Here are some demanding resources and tools that can further support your marketing efforts:

Email Marketing and Automation Platform:

Establishing a connection with your audience through email is crucial. Platforms like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or GetResponse can assist in automating your email marketing campaigns.

Website Hosting and Domain:

If you decide to have your website, reliable hosting services like Bluehost, SiteGround, or HostGator, along with a unique domain, will contribute to your online presence.

Graphic Design Tools:

Tools like Canva or Adobe Spark can be beneficial for creating visually appealing content. It allows you to design engaging graphics without extensive design skills.

Checkout Software:

Streamlining the checkout process is vital. Platforms like SamCart or ThriveCart provide features for creating user-friendly checkout pages.

Payment Processors:

Ensure smooth transactions with reliable payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, or Square. This ensures a secure and trustworthy payment experience for your customers.

These tools can enhance your marketing efforts. However, remember that success in the OFA Challenge is more about the mindset and foundational understanding of storytelling. It offers more creation than the specific tools you use.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review, Success Story From Participant

Here is the Transformative Power of The One Funnel Away Challenge: Real Success Stories

A Business Illuminated: Once enveloped in the ordinary struggles of our business, the revelation of The One Funnel Away Challenge was a pivotal moment for us. It spotlighted what we were missing, and it changed everything.

The excitement was palpable. The challenge gave us insights and strategies that ignited a newfound success in our endeavours. 

– Lydia Ebling

Investing Wisely in Personal Growth: In the journey of personal growth and business development, The One Funnel Away Challenge stands as a beacon of transformation.

Dodd S wisely emphasizes, “You can't spend $100 better on yourself. It's like a college degree in a 30-day period of time.”

The thrill of investing in oneself and the realization of the immense value received creates a buzz of excitement. It propels participants toward success.

– Dodd S

Igniting the Entrepreneurial Flame: Sometimes, all it takes is a spark to ignite the entrepreneurial flame within.

Tony T vividly expresses, “Once I saw (OFA), the fire was lit, and I knew I could do this.” 

The enthusiasm radiates from his words. It captures the essence of how The One Funnel Away Challenge acts as a catalyst for realizing one's potential. It's not just a course; it's a dynamic force that fuels the passion for success.

 Tony T

These testimonials express the sentiments of numerous participants who embarked on The One Funnel Away Challenge. 

The excitement of joining the challenge is a testament to the program's ability to inspire and empower individuals on their entrepreneurial journey.

What Does Russell Brunson Guarantee?

Russell Brunson, the visionary behind The One Funnel Away Challenge, stands firmly behind the program's transformative potential.

He emphatically assures, “Is there any guarantee? Of course… :)” with a confident nod to the unparalleled value participants receive.

Russell assures that you build a complete funnel if you actively engage, stay dedicated, and apply what you learn. Moreover, you participate in the challenge firmly. You can then grasp direct response marketing fundamentals. It's a promise of hands-on learning and accurate understanding.

However, he doesn't stop there.

Russell extends his assurance with a bold promise: If, for any reason, you find yourself questioning the validity of this guarantee within 30 days, a simple email to the support team will result in the hassle-free cancellation of your ClickFunnels membership.

In Russell's words, it's a straightforward and transparent commitment. The guarantee reflects his unwavering belief in the impact of The One Funnel Away Challenge.

For those who resonate with this journey, the experience is poised not just to transform businesses but, for some, to change lives.

It's a testament to the confidence in the program's ability to deliver tangible and profound results.

Meet Your Coaches

Meet your expert coaches in the One Funnel Away Challenge:

Russell Brunson:

Russell, the co-founder of ClickFunnels. He is the visionary strategist guiding you through funnel building and crafting irresistible offers.

Stephen Larsen:

Stephen will be your motivation and belief coach. He will conduct daily coaching calls to keep you inspired throughout the challenge.

Julie Stoian:

Julie will be your implementation coach. She will help you apply the valuable insights gained from Russell. Moreover, She will ensure practical execution.

One Funnel Away Challenge: Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive Funnel Building Knowledge
  • Tuition from Top Digital Marketers
  • High-Value Materials Worth Thousands
  • Networking Opportunities with Coaches
  • Interactive Learning Environment
  • Cost-Effective Intensive Course
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Satisfaction
  • Mindset Focus for Success
  • Access to Private Community
  • Accountability Structure
  • Special Member's Area Access
  • Versatile Training Applicability
  • Lucrative 100% Commission Affiliate Program
  • Comprehensive From-Scratch Funnel Learning
  • Free 30-Day ClickFunnels Account
  • Additional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for OFA


  • Requires 30-Day Consecutive Commitment
  • No Breaks Allowed; Falling Behind with Time Off
  • May Seem Expensive for Some Participants
  • Minimum Two Hours Daily Commitment
  • Time Zone Challenges for Live Sessions
  • Information Overload in a Short Timeframe
  • Not Universally Suitable for All
  • Limited Access Post-30 Days
  • Some Optional Upsells Perceived as Annoying

Frequently Asked Questions

The One Funnel Away Challenge is good if you want a thorough and expert-led learning experience in sales funnel building and are ready to dedicate time to it. However, you should also consider the cost and the commitment to keeping up with the fast-paced lessons, especially if you need more clarification on using ClickFunnels.

The ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day virtual marketing training course led by Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels. It aims to assist entrepreneurs in creating effective sales funnels through daily video training, live coaching calls, and a comprehensive workbook, providing a step-by-step guide.

The “Your First Funnel Challenge” is an online coaching program tailored for individuals in the business target market. It teaches the fundamentals of creating impactful sales funnels, offering a step-by-step approach to guide participants through building their first sales funnel from scratch.

The disadvantage of a sales funnel is that it may become less effective if not properly optimized or if there are gaps in understanding the target audience's needs and behaviours. Ineffective funnel design, irrelevant content, or a lack of engagement can lead to a drop in conversion rates, hindering the overall success of the funnel. Regular monitoring and adjustments are crucial to address potential weaknesses and maintain optimal performance.

Yes, sales funnels can be highly effective when properly designed and implemented. A strategically designed sales funnel effectively leads potential customers through a sequence of steps, starting from initial awareness and culminating in successful conversion.

Thereby providing valuable content, building trust, and addressing their needs. Funnels help streamline the customer journey, optimize the sales process, and increase the likelihood of conversions. However, their success depends on relevance, engagement, and continuous optimization to align with the target audience's preferences and behaviours.

ClickFunnels has some potential drawbacks:

  • Cost: It can be expensive.
  • Learning Curve: Beginners may find it challenging initially.
  • Dependency: Your funnels are hosted on ClickFunnels' servers.
  • Limited Customization: Some users may find customization options limited.
  • Integration Challenges: Integrating with specific applications may be challenging.

Yes, ClickFunnels is generally considered safe. It uses secure protocols to protect user data and offers standard security features. However, users should still follow best practices for online security. For instance, it uses passwords and keeps credentials confidential.

A sales funnel comprises five key stages:

  • Awareness: Attracting potential customers and making them aware of your product or service.
  • Interest and Evaluation: Generating interest and curiosity, providing more information to nurture leads.
  • Desire: Fostering a desire for your offerings, emphasizing their benefits and value.
  • Action: Leads intend to purchase, moving towards the final conversion.
  • Loyalty and Re-Engagement: After purchase, build customer loyalty and re-engage them for future interactions.

Every stage plays a vital role in guiding prospects through the buying journey.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: In the Nutshell

With all the details discussed in The One Funnel Away Challenge Review, it is clear that investing $100 in this challenge will not go to waste if you are seriously on the way to building a shining career in marketing.

One Funnel Away is not only a challenge that you have to fulfill, but it is a comprehension of KNOWLEDGE + EXECUTION + ACCOUNTABILITY.

Correct marketing knowledge lets you execute your sales Funnel with the right intent under the accountability of coaches who ensure you complete your tasks efficiently.

Hence, they believe the biggest challenge in getting your first Funnel started is not a lack of knowledge but a lack of EXECUTION.

So, stop lacking in execution and invest in THE ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE today to skyrocket traffic for your business.

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