Black Friday 2024 Lifetime Deals: Mega Savings

Lifetime deals are becoming very popular as you make a one-time payment. Also, renewing the service repeatedly is smooth.

Earlier, there was a special category of people interested in lifetime deals, but now most companies are putting their energies into capturing the mass market.

In this article, we list some of the best lifetime deals you can grab in this Black Friday sale and move forward with financial savings.

How to Make the Most of Black Friday Discounts

Planning ahead is important to make the most of Black Friday discounts. Research the products you wish to purchase and compare prices across different retailers.

Create a budget and prioritize the items you need the most. Then, Sign-in for newsletters and follow your suitable brands on social media to stay tuned on their Black Friday promotions.

Additionally, consider shopping online to avoid the crowds and take advantage of exclusive online deals.

No matter whether you are seeking WordPress themes, SaaS products, Cloud storage, WordPress plugins, or page builders, Black Fridays Deals 2023 is revolutionizing all products and services.

What are Lifetime Deals?

Suppose you are using any service or product, and you consider it the best for your business workflow. You might then plan to take a lifetime subscription to drop the hassle of paying monthly bills. Hence, you get lifetime access to the tool that helps you upgrade your business.

During Cyber Monday deals or Black Friday offers you get amazing discounts on these lifetime deals. 

Why Should You Consider Lifetime Deals?

Lifetime deals are special offers that give customers lifetime access to a service or product for a one-time payment.

Unlike subscription-based models, lifetime deals eliminate the need for recurring payments, saving customers money in the long run.

If you find a product or service that you know you will use for an extended period, a lifetime deal can be a cost-effective option.

Advantages of Lifetime Deals for Subscriptions

Lifetime deals for subscriptions offer several advantages.

Firstly, they provide significant savings compared to monthly or annual subscription fees. With a lifetime deal, you pay once and enjoy the benefits indefinitely.

Additionally, lifetime deals often come with extra perks and bonuses, such as priority customer support or access to exclusive features.

For those who rely on certain software or services daily, a lifetime deal can provide peace of mind and financial savings.

How to Find the Best Black Friday Lifetime Deals

Finding the best Black Friday lifetime deals requires a bit of research and planning.

Start by identifying the products or services you are interested in and search for retailers or companies that offer lifetime deals. Check deal websites and forums for exclusive discounts and promotions.

Sign up for newsletters and follow relevant social media accounts to stay updated on upcoming deals. Lastly, compare prices and read reviews to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Here are some of the top Lifetime Black Friday Deals

Best Deal for BestPaidTools Readers

AffiliateBooster Lifetime Deal

Best WordPress Theme and Plugin for Affiliate Marketers

  • 3 Sites: $49/lifetime
  • 25 Sites: $98/lifetime
  • 50 Sites: $147/lifetime

Sessions – $59

AI-powered meeting platform

  • Create and host immersive, customer-facing video experiences with one user-friendly platform
  • Alternative to: Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams

FuseBase – $79

Project Management

  • Streamline collaboration and internal project management with this client collaboration platform
  • Communicate with your team in internal workspaces to share knowledge and manage projects with ease
  • Alternative to: Basecamp, ClickUp, Notion

Flowlu – $49

Project and customer management platform

  • Manage projects, track workloads, and prioritize tasks, plus access a CRM to handle sales funnels
  • Alternative to: Zoho, Wrike, and Bitrix24
  • Easily create invoices, automate billing, track revenue, and optimize expenses
  • Best for: Small to medium businesses in creative, consulting, marketing, and IT industries looking to centralize their processes

Pabbly Connect – $249

Zapier Alternative

  • 1000+ App Integrations
  • Unlimited Premium Apps
  • Auto Sync Data across Apps.
  • Boost Productivity by Automating Repetitive Work
  • Alternative to: Zapier

ConvertBox – $495

WordPress Popup Builder

  • 250,000 views/month
  • Unlimited ConvertBox's
  • 10 Websites
  • Alternative to: Optin Monster

SendNow – $59

Cold Email Outreach Platform

  • Use this cold email outreach software to improve email deliverability and engagement rates
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited team members/users
  • Unlimited contacts storage
  • Alternative to: LemList, MixMax, Outreach

Squirrly SEO – $69

WordPress SEO Plugin

  • Rank up your WordPress site with data-driven SEO goals from an AI consultant
  • 15,000 new keyword ideas per month
  • 15,000 deep keyword searches per month
  • Alternative to: Yoast, RankMath

NeuronWriter – $89

SEO Content Optimization

  • Use semantic recommendations to boost your SEO and plan high-ranking content
  • 15,000 AI credits (per month)
  • Chrome extension for GDocs, WordPress, and Shopify
  • Alternative to: SurferSEO

Any.Do – $59

To-do Task Management

  • Organize your work and streamline team collaboration with this project management tool
  • Alternative to: Clearscope and Topic
  • Choose from pre-made templates with progress steps and starter tasks for newsletter pipelines, marketing campaigns, or creative plans.
  • Alternative to: Monday, Todoist, Trello

When Will the Black Friday Deals Go Live in 2023?

Important Dates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The Black Friday Software deals traditionally take place the day after Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November. In 2024, Black Friday will fall on November 24th.

This year, most of the Black Friday discounts are live right now.

However, it's important to note that many retailers extend their Black Friday promotions to include the preceding week and the following Cyber Monday. Many deals will go live on November 24th, as no company wants to be left behind.

This extended period provides ample time to find and take advantage of the best deals.

How do you stay updated on the latest Black Friday deals?

To stay updated on the latest Black Friday deals, there are several ways to stay in the loop.

Firstly, subscribe to newsletters and email lists of your favourite retailers and brands. Frequently, exclusive discounts and special offers are dispatched to individuals subscribed to the respective brands, providing unique opportunities for savings and advantageous deals.

Secondly, follow social media accounts that share Black Friday deals and discounts. Lastly, use deal aggregator websites and forums where users actively share and discuss the best deals.

Final Words

Lifetime Black Friday deals are a fantastic opportunity to acquire high-value products and services at a fraction of their original price.

However, it's important to research and evaluate each deal thoroughly before purchasing. Remember, the goal is to invest in resources that bring long-term value to your personal or professional life.

Remember, these deals won't last forever. So, grab your favourite lifetime Black Friday deal before it's too late.

Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

You pay a one-time fee and get access to the product for a lifetime. In most cases, they send you a coupon code to redeem. Use the coupon and activate the lifetime deal.

Lifetime access is given until the product lasts in the market. Most of the SaaS products service 3-5 years in the market, where some good companies last for 10+ years.

Unlike other products and software deals, a SaaS lifetime deal gives you access of the online software for lifetime.

SaaS lifetime deals are highly beneficial for customers as they allow access to premium software services at a significantly reduced cost. Customers also get to enjoy future updates and features without any additional charges.

While lifetime deals are attractive, there are potential risks. The company offering the deal may go out of business, failing to provide the promised lifetime service. Also, as these are generally start-ups, the product may not be as refined as established alternatives.

SaaS lifetime deals can be found on specific deal sites like AppSumo, Dealify, and StackSocial. You can also follow SaaS companies on social media, or join SaaS-focused communities and forums where such deals are often shared.

SaaS companies offering lifetime deals usually have a refund policy, often within a specific period like 30 or 60 days. However, it's important to read the terms and conditions before making a purchase to understand the refund process.