BlueHost Coupon: 63% Discount

Bluehost is one of the leading server companies on the planet at the moment, both for starters as well as professionals, all thanks to its affordable kick-starter packages, great uptime and established a reputation for security.

Before walking you through the exact steps on how to buy Bluehost,  let me give you reasons to do so.

  1. 98% Uptime

I’ve been with Bluehost for over 3  years now, and in all these years there hasn’t been a single day when I had to slam my laptop out of frustration because my site won’t open.

No doubt there have been downtimes, such as 2 minutes in the March of 2017, but out of 365 days, I really mind not if there is a maintenance downtime or server overload for couple minutes specifically after being offered the servers at such pocket-friendly prices.

Here is the Uptime monitoring record of Bluehost for the month of March 2017, as you can see the servers were up 99.99% of the time in the last 30 days.

Source: WebHostingSecretsRevealed

  1. Iron-Clad Security

Compared to many other web-host providers out there, Bluehost provides a much better security with add-ons like SpamHammer, SpamAssassin and support for CloudFlare which guards your site against DDoS attacks.

SSH support and hotlink protection are some other shields you get with Bluehost. So bottom line, your security isn’t compromised.

  1. Impressive Speed

After uptime, if there’s a factor you should take into consideration before finalizing your web host, it’s the speed.

It’s ranked B+ when tested with BitCatcha which is a pretty reliable source of monitoring a server’s speeds.


And B+ in itself is a pretty good rank, which is the immediate predecessor of A. So yeah speed on Bluehost is pretty impressive as well.

  1. 30-Day money back Guarantee!

This shows how confident they are about their services and quality. A month is a long time, but even then you can claim a “no questions asked” refund from Bluehost just in case you didn’t have comfortable synergy with the company within 30 days of your purchase.

How to buy Bluehost Server?

Here’s how easy it is to buy Bluehost in 5 simple clicks!

Go to Bluehost and click on Hosting > Shared Hosting.

Now you’d be taken to the “Packages” page. There are three packages, but I’d advise you to go for the Plus package.

Why so? Well simply because the price difference is a mere $2.5, while the benefits you reap on the Plus package compared to the Basic are extensive:

  • 1 Website VS Unlimited Websites on the Plus Package!
  • 50 GB Space Vs Unmetered space on Plus Package!
  • 5 Email Accounts VS Unlimited accounts.
  • 100 MB Email Storage VS Unlimited storage.
  • 25 Subdomains VS Unlimited Subdomains.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why the Plus package is the smart choice.

Anyway once you’ve selected the package, the next page is the domain selection page. Bluehost provides you a FREE DOMAIN on every purchase, so make sure not to miss out on it.

Enter the name of the domain you wish to grab for free on the left-box, or if you already have a domain and do not need a free new domain, in that case, enter your existing domain on the right sidebar.

The next page is the checkout page, fill in your details such as Name and Country, select the tenure of your server from the drop-down list, the longer you register for, the cheaper it’ll be on your wallet.

Also, make sure to “Un-check” all of the tick-boxes as shown in the above-screenshot.

Scroll down to move to the payments section, enter your Credit card details and click on Submit.

Done! Once the payment goes through, you’re in with Bluehost!

Final Words:

Bluehost has proven its track-record over the years, and there hardly is a person who is utterly dissatisfied with their services.

Not to mention that it’s one of the most affordable starter plans you can get in the industry, hence saving you your start-up money which can go towards some other aspect of your online existence.

So the bottom-line is, there isn’t a reason to “not” go with Bluehost, the price, uptime, speed and security all speak for themselves.