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If you are wondering which alternative Grammarly tool to use while writing online content then you've come to the right place. In this article, you will get to know about the top 10 free grammar checker tools (alternative to Grammarly) which you should consider while writing content on the web. 

But before jumping into the list of free grammar checking tools, you must know that why these tools are a must-have for anybody who writes on the web. There are plenty of reasons, let’s go through them in brief.

The very first reason is that everyone does grammatical mistakes, even the top novelists do grammatical mistakes. So, in that case, these tools become very important. 

The second reason is that the grammatical errors make the article dull and irritating due to which reader can leave that site and you may lose out on converting the reader into a paying customer.

 Article with grammatical errors also affects SEO, which can bring down your organic traffic considerably. 

So, grammar checking tools can be a game-changer for a writer. So, here's the list of the top 10 grammar checker tools which you should consider

1. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is an online grammar tool and style editor. This app is generally for all kinds of writers who do content writing, copywriting, etc. This tool corrects grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, fixes punctuation, and gives appropriate word choices to the writers.

The specialty of this tool is that it provides detailed reports to the writers to improve their writing skills.. This feature makes this app different from others and it helps a lot of writers to build a better writer in them. This grammar tool integrates with google docs, MS outlook, and Microsoft word. It also integrates with a lot of web browsers.

ProWritingAid also teaches the writers through their video lessons, articles and quizzes, so that writers can write at their full potential. It also checks the plagiarism in the content so that writers can write plagiarism-free content. It is available as a desktop app for both Windows and Mac.

Pricing and Plans

ProWritingAid offers 3 plans to the writers- free, premium, and premium plus.

  1. Free plan

In the free plan, ProWritingAid gives access to a grammar checker for only up to 500 words. It also provides the writer with a basic browser extension for correcting grammatical errors.

  1. Premium plan

The prices for the premium plan are following:-

  • $20/month
  • $79/year
  • $399 lifetime

The premium plan of the tool offers unlimited grammar checking and gives access to every feature which they have like detailed reports, learning materials, etc.

  1. Premium Plus plan

The prices for this plan are following:-

  • $24/month
  • $89/year
  • $499 lifetime

This plan offers all those features which the premium plan offers. But the one thing which this version offers extra is 60 plagiarism checks per year.

2. Linguix


Linux corrects grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It fixes punctuation effectively and gives mind-blowing style suggestions. This app is best known for giving detailed explanations for advanced errors. It also gives recommendations on writing business emails, academic stuff, and college projects.

There is also a feature of snippets and content templates in the app for faster writing which makes this app very unique and effective.

This app provides built-in vocabulary which makes the writer's content more profound. Linguix not only helps when we write but it also helps when we read. 

You need to visit at “lookup in linguix” feature to know more about it.

Pricing and plans

Linguix offers 3 plans to its users- free plan, premium plan, and business product.

  1. Free plan

In the free version, linguix provides basic grammar and spell-checking services to the writers.

  1. Premium plan

The price of the premium plan is $18.95/month.

In the premium version, linguix provides a lot of features to its users like detailed explanations for errors, recommendations on better writing, features of snippets and content templates, built-in vocabulary is also provided in the premium version.

  1. Business product

The price for a business plan is $20 per user per month and it is applicable for a minimum of 3 users. But if you will pay annually then the cost gets reduced to $10 per user per month.

In the business plan, linguix provides a company dashboard and a lot of extra features like team management. There is also a feature of statistics in the business plan which helps the admin to manage a team very well.

3. Ginger online


Ginger software is a grammar tool that corrects grammatical errors and spellings. It also helps to fix punctuation.

Ginger online offers a lot of different features which makes it a unique writing software. It provides unique features like text reader, sentence rephrases, and dictionary. 

It also provides a translator in more than 50 languages. Ginger software is also becoming a learning platform for many writers because it provides the feature of a personal trainer so that writers can improve their English.

The only disadvantage of this tool is that it doesn't include a plagiarism detector which is becoming very important for writers these days.

Pricing and Plans

Ginger software offers two plans. One is a free plan and 2nd is a premium plan.

  1. Free plan

In the free version, Ginger software gives access to all basic features that writers needed the most. But this tool gives access for a very limited period. It usually offers 50 corrections per month which are very low as compared to other grammar tools.

  1. Premium plan

The price of a premium plan is $20.97 per month.

In the premium version, ginger online unlocks all the features for the writers like translation in more than 50 languages, sentence rephrase and a lot more.

4. Outwrite


Outwrite is an amazing grammar checker and plagiarism checker tool. It provides all the features from basic to advanced which a grammar tool must provide to the writers.

Outwrite is best known for its AI eloquence engine. It analyzes the text and then gives recommendations for better sentence construction, better word choice, and better vocabulary. Its main focus is to improve the quality of content.

It is also known for its effective plagiarism checker which is available in its paid version. Outwrite's plagiarism checker provides 50 checks a month which makes it one of the top online plagiarism checkers. Outwrite is currently available only on iOS.

Pricing and plans

Outwrite offers 3 plans to the writers- Essential plan, Pro Plan, and teams plan.

  1. Essential plan

The essential plan is free and in the free version, outwrite offers its basic services like grammar checker and spell checker.

  1. Pro plan

The price of a pro plan is $9.95 per month.

A pro plan offers a lot of features to the writers like a grammar checker, plagiarism checker etc. In this plan, users can check articles of 10,000 words but the number of articles can be checked unlimited.

  1. Teams plan

The price for a team’s plan is $7.95 per month per user.

Teams plan is generally for those companies in which people work as a team and they want to have communication between them. So, in that case, these kinds of plans are very beneficial.

5. Online correction


Online correction.com is a very popular grammar checker tool among students because it is easy to use and one of those grammar tools which are free. It provides the writer with all the features usually provided by expensive grammar tools but online correction.com provides all those features for free.

It generally offers grammar checker and spell checker services. It fixes punctuation and also gives recommendations for better sentence construction, better vocabulary, and better word choices. It helps the writers to write quality content free of cost.

6. Paper Rater


PaperRater is an online grammar tool that is mainly made for school and college students. It generally checks papers and essays for correcting grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.

PaperRater provides very unique and interesting features like it can compare your text with another student's content who are at the same education level and then it will recommend you that how you can improve your writing.

PaperRater can also tell you by scanning the content that how many grades you can expect from your subject teacher. It also provides plagiarism checker services to its users. It detects more than 10 billion documents while checking plagiarism.

PaperRater offers two plans to its users- a free plan and a premium plan. PaperRater charges $11.21 per month in a premium plan.

7. Writer


The writer is massively used by professionals. Its features are far better than other grammar checker tools. It provides a lot of features from basic level to advanced level.

The writer's specialty is that it improves the writing style of the content. It recommends better sentences and better vocabulary for improving the writing style of the content.

It also focuses on that whether the content is in the right tone or not. If not, then it will give recommendations according to that.

Pricing and Plans

The writer offers three plans to its users- free trial, starter, and enterprise.

  1. Free plan

In the free version, the writer provides an online grammar checker tool with basic features.

  1. Starter

The writer charges $11 per month in the starter plan.

  1. Enterprise

An enterprise plan consists of all the features which a starter plan offers. Enterprise plan is more designed to grow people's businesses.

8. Hemingway app


Hemingway is a grammar checker tool that you can use as an online editor or a desktop app. Hemingway doesn't correct grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes in that much detail as other grammar tools do. Instead, it analyzes the content and helps in improving the writing style of the content.

The app gives the text improvement report by using different colors. Hemingway App is also famous for giving a readability score to the writer so that he can analyze the reading level of his text.

Pricing and plans

Hemingway app is available in two versions- free version and desktop version.

Hemingway app is free in its online version.

The price for a desktop version of Hemingway is $19.99 which is a one-time fee and it is available for both windows and mac.

9. Scribens


Scribens is a free grammar checker tool that is famous for correcting many types of grammar like verbs, nouns, prepositions, and punctuation.

It also gives a detailed explanation of the errors which helps in improving the writing skills of the writers. Scribens is available with browser extensions. It is also integrated with a lot of applications like google docs, Microsoft word etc.

Scribes is available free of cost for everyone.

10. Slick Write


Slick write is a powerful grammar checker tool that specializes in proofreading articles. It provides all those services which every grammar tool offers like grammar and spell checking. Slick write is widely used by professional bloggers, freelance content writers, and copywriters. Since slick write is completely free, so it is also a very famous tool among school and college students.

Slick write is known for its fast-speed services. It is one of the fastest online proofreaders due to which a lot of professionals find it suitable for their work.

It gives recommendations for improving the sentences, word choices, and vocabulary used in the articles. Slick write also provides detailed text reports included with graphs, statistics, and a lot more. These text reports help the writers to improve their writing style and the quality of the content.

Slick Write keeps the writer updated with the readability score, reading time, and word count of the article. It also has some unique and interesting customizable settings which help to improve the readability score of the article.

Slick Write generally provides extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox. Slick Write is a critically acclaimed software due to its great user interface. Its user interface provides the writer with a smooth writing experience.

Pricing and Plans

Slick Write does not offer any kind of paid version. It is available free of cost in which users get access to a grammar checker, spell checker, and a lot more.


There are a ton of alternatives to Grammarly available on the Internet. But the end of the day all these tools depend on complex algorithms to suggest changes and corrections to the user. 

With such complexity, Grammarly has proved to the best among the rest of the competition. 

Feel free to try out the above 10 free sites like Grammarly to fix your grammar errors and let us know how they stack up against Grammarly. 

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