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SEO is a big game and it keeps changing with the time.

SEO techniques which used to work great 5 years back are no more working now. With the popularity of internet marketing, thousands of new blogs are getting emerged daily.

With the growth of blogging, growth of spamming of also growing. So Google has taken appropriate actions to combat those spammers to make this online platform a better place to surf.

The result is – ranking for keywords is becoming tough every day.

So with the growth of internet marketing it has become very important to take right steps to dominate the search results.

There are many online tools tools which offers SEO study about the website and let you do keyword research as well. I personally use SEO Powersuite for all my SEO tasks and Long Tail Pro for doing keyword research, but this is the tool which I am using regularly for doing more advanced research about my competitors.

I have integrated SEMRush API with SEO Powersuite tools to get even much better results.

So today we are going to talk about SEMRush, which an online tool to help you make SEO of your blog search engines friendly.

semrush review

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is an online SEO tool which let you do extensive research about any website. Simply put URL in the search box and do whatever you want.

With this tool you can do in-depth research about given URL (your own URL or competitor's). You can check his keyword ranking in various countries and the amount of traffic for those keyword. Right now you can track the keywords for USA, UK, Australia and 22 other countries.

This tool use Google search result data to analyze your website to find keyword and anchor texts.

I am using SEMRush for more than 10 months now, and all I can say after using this is, AWESOME.

In February, 2014 I started using it and on the way it become my biggest weapon to make the backlinks strategy for my blogs, by analyzing the backlinks of my competitors.

Now this is my primary tool to study my competitor's ranking, keywords and backlinks.

I always say:

Your success in internet marketing depends on your smartness to spy.

So this is the tool which made me much smarter in terms of spying, analyzing and taking proper steps for my niche sites.

In this SEMRush review I am going to explain each feature in detailed manner so that you can understand more about this tool and give it a try.

Note: I have requested special SEMRush promo code for SaaS Ultra readers which you can grab here (Coupon will be added automatically).

Let's start digging with this online tool and see what we can do with this.

For the reference I am taking example of my website Android Rooting (Now AndroidRooting.org).

#1. Overview

In overview this is giving me complete picture of my website in a screenshot. With first impression of the graph I can clearly see that this site was penalized in August 2013.

As I am the owner of this website so I can tell you that this graph is showing EXACT data.

#2. Positions

With this feature you can check the ranking keywords of your competitors and see the exact position in the search engines.

In this graph I can see my positions, number of searches, CPC, ranking URLs, traffic, results and other important things.

How can you use these metrics?

  1. Find easy to rank keyword with number of searches.
  2. Track exact keywords for which your competitor is getting traffic.
  3. Trac his ranking URL and see what he/she has done in the article.
  4. CPC to find high paying keywords.
semrush 30 day trial

#3. Competitors

SEMRush will go more deep in the niche of your website and find related websites for you. Either you can consider them your competitors or your friends. I am using the word friends as you can get backlinks from the same niche websites very easily and strengthen the SEO of your own blog.

 semrush competitor analysis

Now comes the interesting thing. 😉

A great way to find the quality backlinks for your blog.

semrush backlinks

This tool will fetch all the backlinks of your competitors and gives you option to export the file for later use.

You can check the anchor texts used by your competitor, exact time when his backlink got indexed, dofollow, nofollow and external links on that particular page.

You can study:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Referring Domains
  3. Referring IPs
  4. Indexed Pages
  5. Backlinks Comparison

#5. Keyword Research

This is a worth thousand dollar feature alone.

You can do very advanced keyword research very easily by putting your keywords in the search box.

how to use semrush for keyword research

SEMRush results will give you complete data about your keyword by giving number of searches, CPC, related keywords etc.

semrush keyword tool

You can find all the websites ranking for your main keyword.

You can study:

  1. Keywords Overview
  2. Full Search
  3. Related Keywords
  4. Ads History

This tool gives you complete freedom to know more about your competitors and see what they are doing to rank their keywords.

semrush reviews

Some other tools

  1. Position Tracking
  2. Domain vs Domain
  3. Charts
  4. Keyword Difficulty
  5. Site Audit

#1. Position Tracking

You can set a campaign for your website and add all important keywords which you want to track daily. This option will help you to track your daily progress very easily.

#2. Domain vs Domain

You can easily compare the stats of one website with another website.

#3. Charts

You can grab the chart code for your blog by entering the URL and display it anywhere.

#4. Keyword Difficulty

This is a recently introduced feature that helps you find the difficulty to rank a keyword.

This tool compare your keyword with all top 10 ranking sites and calculate the ranking factor.

#5. Site Audit

You can audit the full site and see what are the missing ranking factors.

semrush site audit tool

This gives you a complete report about the errors, warnings, and notices which helps to take the proper action for making SEO of any website much stronger.

Note: You can start a professional audit service on your blog where you can provide these reports to your customers.

Plan and Pricing

semrush 30 day free trial

This tool offers 3 pricing options that you can select as per your need.

Note: I would suggest trying SEMRush 14 days trial before making any final decision.

Here is the full screenshot of SEMRush dashboard displaying all features.

Click on image to see large version.

semrush review

Final Verdict

This tool gives you a complete set of tools that are necessary to rank websites and track the progress.

semrush 30 day trial

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  1. Hey Kulwant,

    It’s great to read another one of your indepth blogging reviews.

    I’ve lately noticed some blogs in our blogging about blogging niche earning millions of pageviews per month, as opposed to mere thousands 🙁 So I’m thinking of getting SEMRush to improve the little things and reach big things.

    Just annoying it costs $70 per month. It’s little money to pay for profitable traffic boosts but still, it costs way more than things like hosting and email sub services.

    Will return to your review should I buy SEMRush. Hope all is well out there.

    – My first blog comment on another blog in 2015 🙂


    1. Happy to see you here, Greg.

      Yeah, I love to write in-depth reviews only. 😉

      SEMRush is really a big gun to do in-depth research about any niche or blog. I started using this in February, 2014 as I got one year account from them. Till now I have used it many times and got many profitable keywords as well backlinks from some good posts.

      Yeah, $70 is bit high amount to afford. In my case I am paying $50 to Aweber, $30 for my net, $20 for proxies, $30 for hosting and many other small expenses every month. So adding this extra tool in $70/month might be difficult, but when you see the features and freedom after using this tool, $70 is nothing.

      I would suggest to try 14 days trial and see if this works for you. 🙂

      Have a great day.

  2. Its not doubt that SEM RUSH is the best tool that helps in lots of things , but due to its price , not everyone can use this 🙂

  3. Hi Kulwant
    It was nice experience to read this wonderful review of SEMRUSH but I think unless until we are not fully ready to explore the tool we should not rush to sign any such tool even though they are giving it for 14 day( trial) as these days will vanish very easily.

    1. Rakesh, 14 days are more than enough to explore any tool if you are looking forward to buy it. In these 14 days you can explore it completely and see if this is suitable for you or not.

  4. Hi Kulwant,

    Thanks for the detailed review. To access the trial version you need to provide your credit card information. Considering the fact that the subscription is recurring, can I opt out after 14 days ? I am concerned if I don’t decide to use the tool after 14 days, and am unable to opt out, the subscription amount will be charged against my card.

    Arpit Roy

  5. Love the usefulness semrush provides. The most useful feature I found in semrush is showing long tail keywords that are driving most traffic to a webiste. This helps me in finding content that is driving a lots of traffic and all the keywords. Want to review ahrefs also by you. Let me know if you can?

  6. Whenever I want to see the keyword worthiness or site traffic, I always head to semrush free tool. But it won’t give more than 10 results per day for free version.
    Its really worthy if we have it our tool box but at the same time it is too costly comparing with other tools.
    I have to give it a try once I reach minimum page views on my blog.

  7. The only problem is if you cannot stop billing after 14 days?

    DO you have any written guide on how-to stop the subscription after 14 days???

    Thats would make most of the new bloggers to try it out for atleast 14 days.

    Thank you.

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