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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular legitimate and scalable techniques to make a living by earning commissions online.

Certainly, it is not as easy as it sounds when you build a website, grow that site, and thousands of dollars will start coming into your bank account through affiliate marketing. 

We have to put real hard work and effort into giving the website some time, resulting in massive success and maximum earning for you as an affiliate marketer.

There is a lot of brainstorming, constant A/B testing, and optimization required from affiliate marketers to scale their income from 6-to-7 figures income every single month repeatedly.

There are lots of tools and resources available in the market. For example, many affiliate marketers are making fortunes through earning commissions online. 

The 4-to-6 figure income screenshots look unnatural and irrational to many newbie bloggers; it's not practically possible in 2024 to make money with affiliate marketing. 

Being an affiliate marketer for so many years, I can vouch that it is certainly possible if you are willing to work hard and put in efforts to grow your affiliate marketing business.

In today's day and age, building an affiliate marketing business takes a lot of hard work compared to how it was done a decade ago when there was no cut-throat competition. 

Today, we have many top-quality content generators out there, and many established authorities are making big as affiliate marketers. Therefore, people who lack persistence doubt this business model and find it overwhelming to compete with the top.

That's why I have said multiple times that you need to put a lot of effort consistently to emerge as a winner and make a living through affiliate marketing.

Aspiring affiliate marketers watch many YouTube videos, follow multiple industry email newsletters, connect with experts to understand the trends and techniques for affiliate marketing. 

It requires lots of research on the web, where information is scattered, and as an aspiring affiliate marketer, you must know which information you need and whether the source is credible or not. 

Then, the learning process is followed by agile execution and testing and growing your affiliate marketing activities, resulting in maximum running for your business.

If you want to accelerate your learning phase, you have to get in touch with the best in the business and join a community where like-minded individuals and genuine mentors are always there to guide you in your affiliate marketing journey.

If you plan to be on your own, you will keep wandering the vast internet content pool and feel overwhelmed. 

Plus, a community of like-minded individuals mentored by an expert will give you that surrounding where everyone you connect with has already gone or is going through the same phase in affiliate marketing. Hence, they know what you are going through and are the right people to guide you.

One such popular community on the web is Commission Hero.

Today, we will dive deep into what Commission Hero offers to the students, whether it is an open course and whether you should join it or not.

Before we dive deep into its curriculum and what they offer, let's have a brief overview of Commission Hero.

Overview of Commission Hero 

Commission Hero is the baby of Robby Blanchard, who is a well-known name in the affiliate marketing industry.

If you're into affiliate marketing activities for quite some time, you must have heard about Roby, who is making big numbers in affiliate marketing.


Robbie is from Massachusetts, where he spent his childhood, completed school and college. 

After his graduation, he turned into a traditional business and opened a gym. 

Being a fitness lover, he wanted to make a professional career related to health and fitness and grow a gym. And he started experimenting with Facebook Ads, which took off, and that's how he got into online marketing.

After getting into affiliate marketing and developing expertise on Facebook Ads, he participated in Clickbank Contests and won several of them. 

He runs an agency called Blanchard Media media where he mentors and teaches people about affiliate marketing.

On his personal website, he has mentioned, 

  • Commission Hero Live Event 
  • Free Affiliate Marketing Webinar 
  • Strategy Calls with His Teams 
  • Commission Hero Course 

Customers can buy these services to scale their affiliate marketing earnings. 

Throughout his personal and Commission Hero websites, you will see that Roby has easily claimed to make $1,000/day.

Let’s understand what you get with this course. 

What Do You Get with a Commission Hero?

There are lots of interesting things that you get with Commission Hero. Let’s understand each of them in detail.

Relevant Affiliate Marketing Techniques 

In affiliate marketing, everyone knows the process of making a sale, and you will get a commission. 

Indeed, the process is straightforward; but how to do it effectively and smartly can make or break the growth potential of an affiliate marketer.

If you want to make it big, you have to know the right set of things to do. Otherwise, you would end up doing many things, and it will take you years to acquire expertise. 

For example, you will find 10,000 things related to affiliate marketing online, out of which only 10-20 things will matter depending on which stage you are in your affiliate marketing journey.

To figure out what matters right now on your own requires a ton of testing, which will take years for you to establish yourself. 

In Commission Hero,  you get an entire system and process laid out to build the foundation of a profitable affiliate marketing business with ease. 

Commission Hero claims that they provide a 3-step system to earn maximum online commissions. 


Thanks to such in-depth procedures, you will get all the necessary elements that you can use to establish a system quickly.

Detailed Walkthrough of Facebook Ads 

The ecosystem of Facebook Ads seems overwhelming to budding affiliate marketers who find it very hard to master its growth.

Advertisers have a love-and-hate relation with Facebook as the social media giants are notorious for restricting advertising access of advertisers. 

While their guidelines are top-notch, and they are making legitimate decisions at times, it becomes challenging for marketers and advertisers to leverage Facebook ads to the best of their abilities.

From creative to ad copy to targeting, it requires lots of brainstorming, research, and experience to hit the right spot and maximize conversion with minimum ads spent.

Commission Hero understands the necessity and challenges that affiliate marketers face these days, and therefore, they provide a detailed Facebook Ads system that allows affiliate marketers to maximize their Return on Ad Spend with maximum flexibility.

This entire system of Facebook Ads is divided among testing, scaling, and establishing your business through Facebook Ads. 

Commission Hero shares scaling techniques, tricks to get more ad accounts, credit card hacks that allow you to steer efficiently in your affiliate marketing journey.

DFY Landing Page Designs 

Although many people claim you don't need a website to make it big in affiliate marketing, I'm afraid I have to disagree with that philosophy. 

Indeed, you can find products that make money without you owning a website. But to drive sustainable business growth and make millions of dollars from a single asset, you need a website to create a brand.

That being said, not every affiliate marketer understands the web designing angle and knows how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Stellar Web Development is a sought-after skill that people are charging hefty these days. 

To learn and master them, you require time and resources to experience and become a perfect web developer. 

But being an entrepreneur cum affiliate marketer, your goal must be to act quickly and steadily. Naturally, therefore, you have to do smart work. 

You can onboard a freelance Web Developer to make necessary adjustments and A/B test the designs. But those are not very affordable options if you are just starting. 

With Commission Hero, you will get ready-made designs and layouts that you can directly use in the existing affiliate marketing campaigns and promote products.

Commission Hero has mentioned on their website that they have included exact landing pages that they are using in their affiliate marketing campaigns which are converting into million-dollar revenue.

These layouts are editable and ready to use out of the box. 

With such a robust infrastructure, you won't have to waste a single minute identifying the high converting designs and implementing them on your site. 

You can directly export these layouts on your website and start promoting them right away. 

This will ensure that you can fast-track your affiliate marketing business growth with maximum ease.

Teaches Funnel building 

Funnel is a most interesting and highly effective digital marketing tool that will help you seamlessly attract, engage, convert and retain your customers in a snap.

Literally, if you can hack funnel building, you can make multiple 6 or 7 figures businesses and websites pretty comfortably from your living room.

As a part of the curriculum, Commission Hero teaches funnel building to the students so that affiliate marketers can develop high converting funnels all by themselves and give the ultimate browsing experience to the targeted customers who would happily swipe their cards and purchase the product.

In the Funnel Building, you will get an in-depth overview of the psychology, the objectives, and the possibility that the right funnel can elevate your business and how to capitalize on the same with maximum efficiency.

Teaches List Building 

Many people claim that email does not work anymore. But experts know that email is one of the best when it comes to personalized communication.

Email gives the ultimate leverage, freedom, and creativity to building a lasting relationship with your targeted customers.

Because, unlike social media and search engines, you know who you are talking to in email marketing. 

You will know who the person you are interacting with is to craft your communication with maximum customization and personalization, which results in maximum conversions.

At Commission Hero, they are sharing a 10k/month Email Marketing Module that shares all the hacks, tips, techniques, common mistakes to avoid, along with resources and tools that you need to scale your affiliate marketing business to a whole new level with email.

With such excellent list-building techniques, you will never feel underconfident overwhelmed by the idea of shooting email newsletters and initiating conversation with the targeted prospect.

Focuses on ClickBank

ClickBank is undeniably the most prominent, popular, and secure affiliate marketing network that gives a competitive commission structure and provides stellar customer support to the affiliates. 

Many affiliate marketing experts recommend signing up for ClickBank and share their preference of crediting a dependable source to generate tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Anyone who is just beginning their affiliate marketing journey might get confused when they land on the website of ClickBank. 


There are lots of platforms, pages, and programs to refer to on ClickBank.com. 

Certainly, affiliate marketers can try and test different ways to see what works for them. 

But as already discussed, it requires a ton of time, money, and resources.

Commission Hero claims to be the number one ClickBank affiliate program in the world. 

They also claim that you can make $1000/day on ClickBank if you follow their system step-by-step.

In this course, Commission Hero shares the exact strategies and techniques they use to help the students maximize ClickBank earnings through affiliate activities.

They also provide tools, techniques, hacks, and procedures that will help you steer your way to sustainable earning on ClickBank.

Commission Hero believes that Facebook Ads and ClickBank combination can make someone a millionaire, and therefore, they have dived deep into the modules.

Access to Commission Hero’s Coaching Group 

It is a fact that the probability of success matters on the people you spend your time with and the surroundings you build for yourself. 

It is extremely critical and essential that you spend your time, energy, and discussion with like-minded individuals who are either on the same journey or have already gone through it. 

As already discussed, they are the right people to guide you throughout the procedure so that you don't make the mistake that they have made during their journey; plus, you don't give up on the system.

People need a balance of motivation, inspiration, knowledge, and guidance that you will need to gain mastery in any activity. 

To become a great affiliate marketer, you need to get in touch with genuine affiliate marketers making money in 2024 to know what is currently working and what is not and make informed decisions for your affiliate marketing business.

If you join Commission Hero, you get access to their premium coaching group, where you can ask questions and get solutions 24×7. 

You can also share your roadblocks and frustrations in the group, and people will always be online to help, guide and uplift you so that you can break your own records and maximize your affiliate marketing earnings.

High-quality Ad Images 

Whether you accept it or not, your ad creative matters equally compared to how you narrate a story through ad copy, landing pages, and other areas of PPC campaigns.

Creatives have to be enticing enough and follow the guidelines of Facebook to not only save you from getting restricted from advertising but also help your ad account scoring maximum at the revenue.

As already discussed, Robi has mastery in Facebook ads, and he has started his career by mastering Facebook ads only. 

In this course, he has included 20 images that have made him millions of dollars in revenue, as mentioned on the site. 

These templates will help you make your creatives in a better way and inspire you to make better creatives for yourself. 

Live Weekly QnA's & Coaching

As discussed in the previous section, the quality of your work determines how your surroundings are and with whom you are spending your time. 

Along with Facebook groups and interactive communities, you also need a personal touch to get comprehensive learning.

To do that, you can't just call everyone or get in touch with them on WhatsApp. It's weird and impossible to do so.

Commission Hero does a brilliant job in building a productive environment throughout the community. 

They host weekly QnA calls for their students. 

In this private coaching through QnA calls, Roby and his team of coaches conduct these calls where they answer all students' questions and give them actionable and detailed answers that they can execute to improve their affiliate marketing business.

These calls allow the students to get one-to-one mentorship and direct customer support, which will enable them to understand the subject matter in-depth and execute more vigorously to ensure the success of their campaigns.

Snapchat Training

Snapchat is no longer a social media platform for millennials. 

This social media channel has the potential to put a brand on the map and scale its profit margins to a whole new level.

With Commission Hero, you get a bonus module of SnapChat mastery, a series of step-by-step video tutorials that you can refer to understand how to promote your brand and affiliate marketing business on Snapchat.


Conclusion – Should You Buy This Course?

Well, that requires some explanation. 

Do you have a budget to invest almost $1,000? If so, you should try Commission Hero, provided you know that affiliate marketing takes persistence in 2024. 

The course is expensive, and it is unhealthy to invest all your savings in it and be left with no funds to run ads and build a website. 

So, you have to plan accordingly. Remember that there is no refund policy as well, but Commission Hero guarantees that you won’t regret making this investment. 

Robby Blanchard is a popular name in the market, and Commission Hero is a good course if you have the budget and patience. 

Let me know what you think about the ideas discussed in this blog.

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