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Is Scalenut a worthwhile tool that helps you perform the entire SEO content lifecycle well?

If you are looking for the answer to this question, then this Scalenut review can help you out with this.

Being an SEO strategist or content creator, Scalenut can help you throughout the process of designing, creating, and optimizing your content.

Scalenut utilizes the power of AI to unlock the secrets of effective content strategy. It smoothly scales traffic and conversion for your business. 

From keyword planning to topic research to creating and publishing content, Scalenut focuses intensely on ranking your content.

In this Scalenut review, I will dive deeper into its features and see how exactly the outcomes are. We will also check out its pricing structure to understand the diversity of its audience.

So, let's get right into it!

What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is an AI-powered SEO and content-writing platform. It was established in Gurugram, India, in 2020. They emerged from the shared vision of two tech and marketing personalities, Gaurav Goyal and Mayank Jain.

This innovative platform revolutionizes website performance, augments organic traffic, and fine-tunes existing articles. It forms the crux of effective content marketing strategies.

Scalenut employs OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) platform alongside custom-designed models. These tools facilitate competitor analysis, automate content generation, and implement SEO enhancements, mirroring functionalities akin to other top-tier SEO solutions.

With an evolving user base of over 2 Mn marketers, Scalenut garnered trust from prominent industry names such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Adobe.

The platform's comprehensive suite encompasses an array of features. It optimizes generated content briefs, outlines, AI templates, a versatile content editor, and accessible chat support within a unified interface.

Scalenut empowers marketers to streamline their content creation processes by utilizing advanced AI capabilities with an all-in-one solution. It helps them enhance SEO strategies and optimize their digital presence

How is Scalenut different from other AI Writing Assistants?

Scalenut stands apart from its competitors in terms of various factors. Let us look at those factors.

  • Scalenut offers an entire SEO content lifecycle on a single platform.
  • Scalenut has a powerful SEO blog creator named Cruise Mode that enables you to create a full-fledged blog in 5-minutes
  • A powerful AI that can curate the latest information from SERP blogs.
  • Scalenut offers automated optimization technology that will help you improve your content as per the suggested scores.
  • It has the most impressive keyword planner that lets you curate formidable keywords in seconds.

Key Features of Scalenut

By now, you might have an idea about what Scalenut is and why it stands out of the box from other content marketing platforms.

Now, we will dive deeper into the in-depth demonstration of its features one by one. As a full-fledged content-writing tool, Scalenut possesses outstanding features that help you write SEO-friendly content from start to end.

1. Cruise Mode

Cruise mode can generate long-form content in five minutes. Whether it's a blog post, an ebook, or any article, Scalenut will never disappoint you.

Scalenut's Cruise Mode is used to help users create SEO content. It can generate plagiarism-free, factual content at scale. It ensures that the content is SEO-compliant. It's all because of Cruise Mode's utilization of NLP key terms and its capacity to generate high SEO scores. 

Cruise Mode can craft content tailored to a brand's tone while ensuring it is 100% optimized for search. It constantly provides a live SEO score for immediate feedback. 

By leveraging real-time SERP data and social trends, Cruise Mode became a tool designed specifically to outperform competition. It autonomously analyzes content against over 200 ranking factors and optimizes content as per those factors.

Once you log in to Scalenut, you can see the features towards the left-hand menu. When you hover over “Article Writer,” you will see the “Cruise Mode” gets blue. 

You can see three columns in the right-hand menu: Article Writer, Content Optimization, and Keyword Planner. Click the “Create” button in the Article Writer column to start with the cruise mode.

Next, it will ask you for the target keyword. You have to give the target keyword, select your location and click. “Start.”

Now, you will be directed to the Article configuration page, where the AI is collecting SEO information for the target keyword. The SEO report contains competitors' summaries, additional keywords, and SERP. You can also provide the context of your blog plus the tone of voice suitable for your blog. 

Once done, click on “Create Title.”

In the next move, you have to create H1. AI will suggest some titles under “AI Generated Titles.” The tool will also show some top-rated titles.

So, you can select your title from either of the options. Once you click on the selected title, it will appear on the left pane text box. You can easily edit your title there.

Other than this, you can also write your own title in the box towards the left-hand side.

Once done, click “Create Outline.”

Now, the AI tool will take a few seconds to create an outline. So, you can take a quick look at those outlines and make some changes in the created outline towards the left portion of the page.

To remove any headings, locate the delete option with the bin symbol. If needed, adjust the heading size using the blue drop-down menu.

AI will also show the outlines of top-ranked blogs towards the right-hand side. You can swiftly include additional headers, visible on the left in the outline section. If you wish to relocate a header to another section, you can easily drag and drop it as needed.

The Questions tab in Scalenut incorporates queries sourced from Quora, Google, Reddit, and various AI-generated sources. To include a question, simply click on it, and it will seamlessly integrate into your FAQ section.

The best part is that AI will also suggest some frequently asked questions if you ask it. 

The feature I find especially useful is the call-to-action (CTA) feature located at the bottom left-hand corner. To activate it, click on “CTA Conclusion” and select your desired CTA option from the available choices.

Below the CTA suggestions, you can also ask for question suggestions to include in your FAQ section of the blog.

Upon reaching satisfaction with your content, click “Generate Writing Points.” At this stage, the AI provides writing recommendations from up-to-date data and generates bullet points.

To access additional points, click the “+Suggestions” button. It allows you to rearrange sections by dragging and dropping the lines. You can also make easy manual adjustments or deletions to lines.

On the right-hand side, by selecting “Explore SERP Statistics,” you'll unveil SERP research when you hover over the quote. This allows you to seamlessly place it within the appropriate section by dragging and dropping.

For better understanding, you will get the SERP research when you hover over the eye shown in the image below.

Upon completion, click “Generate Content” to observe the AI in action as it creates the content. Once done, all written paragraphs will be displayed on the right-hand side for your review.

Subsequently, carefully go through the piece. If needed, utilize the regenerate icon situated on a specific section. This prompts the AI to rephrase the paragraph as necessary.

So, if you're properly aware of the platform, creating the initial draft should take around five minutes or less. As it was my initial attempt, it took longer, which is justified. 

I must say that the cruise AI has drafted and organized the content very nicely. However, some areas required adjustments, such as the tone, structure, and recurring phrases.

Like most AI writers, they aid the writing process but aren't a substitute for human input. Scalenut follows this trend.

In a nutshell, I found the title creation, outline builder, CTA, and FAQ section impressive. They provide a strong framework for the article.

AI has organized and sequentially numbered questions to those I had integrated and added a structured flow. This is an amazing feature that some AI article generators struggle with.

2. Content Optimizer

Upon generating a blog post via Cruise Mode, the next step is entering Scalenut's content editor. Here, you have the opportunity to refine and optimize the piece further.

The content editor functions as the enhanced Word or Google Docs version. It automatically saves changes in real-time and showcases crucial metrics such as the SEO score, suggested word count, and usage of key terms.

Within the editor, there's the convenience of swiftly inserting links, uploading images from your device, incorporating emojis, and even embedding videos. You can also include stock images from Scalenut's library.

On the right-hand side, you'll notice four tabs: Optimize, Brief, Research, and AI Templates. Clicking on your generated brief provides an overview of guidelines regarding the recommended word count, the number of images, and suggested headings derived from the top SERPs.

Next to the brief, you can see the “Research” option. Clicking on that, you will see five tabs: Key Terms, Competition, Questions, Statistics, and Detailed Report.

Click on “Detailed Report” to check the detailed analysis.

You will see the Competition Overview. This contains the average word count, SEO score, utilization of heading tags, and the number of images employed by competitors. Lower on the page, there's a bar chart for you if you prefer a visual representation of this data.

Moving further with the SEO report, the remaining five tabs—Outlines, Questions, Statistics, Citations, and Key Terms also provide a comprehensive analysis. 

This serves as a convenient method to gauge your article's performance compared to competitors, aiding in creating higher-quality content.

You can also share the report with others. To initiate this process, click on the Share button at the top, specify your preferences, and then proceed by clicking OK.

3. AI Writing Tool

One of the crucial parts of creating a blog that writers often forget is creating a meta description. Scalenut does not disappoint you in that part as well. 

To acquire a generated meta title, first click on the Meta Title box and then select the blue “+AI suggestions button.” This action will display a list of available options. Choose from the provided selections or click “generate more” for additional alternatives.

Repeat the identical process for the meta description and the URL permalink. On the whole, I found the AI's suggestions to be quite impressive.

Utilize the Write button as a clever method to elaborate on your preceding paragraph. This effectively boosts productivity. You can examine this functionality by clicking the button on the toolbar at the top.

Given that I just pressed Enter for the AI to process, I found the outcomes to be satisfactory.

Scalenut's Instruct tool is designed to interpret and execute your written instructions, presenting ample possibilities for content creation.

Within the editor, I input the command “Give the history of Affiliate Marketing” and then used the shortcut Ctrl + Enter. Subsequently, the tool generated the following output:

When you need a fresh paragraph, Scalenut provides six distinct “connectors,” each offering various options. You can access the Connectors feature and choose your preferred connector option. 

Ensure your cursor is positioned within an empty paragraph and that the AI has existing text to analyze. It will then generate a new section in this manner.

Other than this, to expand, shorten, simplify, or rephrase the content, select the content, then click on Cruise AI from the pop-up menu.

With all such options, you can see that Scalenet offers many options to refine your content. 

4. SEO Score

You'll find the SEO Score on the right-hand side under the Optimize tab within the content editor. This score serves as a visual representation. It indicates how your content compares to that of competitors and gauges the SEO-friendliness of the article.

The SEO Score is a crucial feature that significantly improves your overall ranking, thereby generating quality content.

Below the score are nine elements: content depth, keyword density, Key terms, H1 heading, H2-H6 heading, meta tags, featured snippets, links, and URL.

Each of such factors plays an essential role in enhancing the score. Clicking on each parameter reveals specific recommended actions highlighted in red. The score updates instantly, providing real-time feedback on the optimization status.

5. Content Optimizer

Now, if you want to improve the SEO score of already published articles, go to the Content Optimizer option.

Access the Content Optimizer through the collapsible menu on the left-hand pane to utilize this functionality. Then, input the URL, specify the location of your target audience, and provide relevant keywords. Upon completion, click on “Create.”

The tool will proceed to scan the top 30 ranked URLs and build an SEO report complete with a score. You can access the generated content within the editor and view the SEO Score by navigating to the Optimize tab.

6. Keyword Planner

The next essential feature of the Scalenut AI content writing tool is the Keyword Planner. As a keyword research tool, it utilizes machine learning algorithms to curate topic clusters as per the given keyword

Moreover, it builds a report that displays the keyword density and search volume of the specific keyword.

Further, if you click on any of the clustered keywords, you will be able to see the topics as per their intent, relevance, CPC, search volume, and KD. 

From my perspective, Scalenut is an amazing tool to build a complete content strategy focusing on SEO optimization.

7. Traffic Analyzer

Next is the Traffic Analyzer tool by Scalenut to unlock unmatched insights and elevate your online visibility. This powerful tool easily integrates with your Google Search Console. Then, it provides an extensive analysis of your web traffic.

By tapping into this feature, you gain access to a wealth of valuable data that offers deep insights into your website's performance.

Through a seamless connection to your Google Search Console, Scalenut's Traffic Analyzer empowers you to delve into essential metrics, trends, and patterns affecting your online presence.

Unraveling this data allows you to make informed decisions, optimize your strategies, and take proactive steps to enhance your website's performance.

With precise analytics at your fingertips, you can turbocharge your online presence and steer your digital initiatives towards greater success.

8. Marketing CopyWriter

Marketing CopyWriter is another Scalenut feature that offers many AI templates to write diverse content tailored to your audience. 

So, if you think Scalenut is only a long-form content writer tool, you must change your thoughts. Scalenut can also write social media posts quickly and easily. Not only this but there are plenty more templates that Scalenut offers. 

Within Scalenut, an array of more than 40 AI templates are designed for both long and short-form writing purposes. These templates are accessible by navigating the AI Copywriter section and selecting Templates.

Hence, Scalenut covers your writing needs, encompassing product descriptions, copywriting frameworks, email templates, social media posts, and website copy.

These templates serve as valuable resources. It provides structured outlines and content frameworks to assist users in writing across different mediums and styles.

9. Customer Support

Scalenut's copywriting tool provides outstanding customer support. You can refer to the image below to understand how you can reach the customer support option.

The platform extends support through email assistance, onboarding guidance, and access to a dedicated Facebook Community. 

Additionally, users can engage in a video boot camp to facilitate a rapid understanding and utilization of the tool.

10. Integration

Scalenut facilitates integrations with tools such as Copyscape's Plagiarism Checker, Semrush's Cluster Booster, Semrush's Keyword Researcher, and direct integration with WordPress.

Copyscape's Plagiarism Checker ensures content originality by identifying and highlighting duplicated text. It also provides detailed source references.

Semrush offers two primary integrations. The Keyword Researcher synchronizes with Scalenut's Article Writer. It allows simultaneous analysis of keyword trends across multiple terms.

Meanwhile, Semrush's Cluster Booster integrates into Scalenut's Keyword Planner. It assists in viewing and categorizing clusters based on their level of difficulty.

The WordPress integration permits direct publishing from Scalenut to your WordPress site, streamlining content deployment.

To access these integrations, check out the image below. Here, you can explore demos, establish connections with these apps, and even request integration with additional applications.


SEO 2024: Navigating Google’s changing algorithms, SGE, and beyond

Scalenut Review: Pricing Structure

Scalenut comes with three primary subscription tiers: Essential, Growth, and Pro. Each tier offers distinct features, advantages, and usage limitations. Let's delve deeper into what each plan entails.

Essential Plan

Priced at $39 per month for both annual and monthly subscriptions.

Features include:

  • Search engine optimization editor
  • Document sharing
  • Dedicated Chrome extension
  • Email and live chat support
  • NLP terms
  • SERP analysis
  • Five SEO articles available in Cruise Mode for both long-form and short-form content
  • 100,000 AI words in the AI writing tool
  • Over 40 AI templates

Growth Plan

Starting at $79 per month for both annual and monthly subscriptions.

Includes all Essential plan features with additional offerings such as:

  • Unlimited AI words
  • Creation of 30 SEO articles monthly
  • Capability to build 30 clusters per month using the Keyword Planner
  • Use of 30 Optimize and audit pages monthly
  • One-Click WordPress publishing integration to one or more WordPress sites
  • Unlimited AI words and AI Settings access
  • Reliable Integrations

Pro Plan

Starting at $149 per month for both annual and monthly subscriptions.

Encompasses all features from the Essential and Growth plans, with added benefits:

  • Creation of 75 SEO articles monthly
  • Ability to generate 75 clusters monthly using the Keyword Planner
  • Usage of 75 Optimize and audit pages per month
  • Cannibalization
  • Analyze domains (500 pages/month, five domains)
  • Advanced keyword planner
  • Provision for one user, with the option to purchase additional users for $49 each
  • Access to a dedicated CS Manager

Note: A free 7-day trial is available. Upon trial expiration, users will access a free account with certain limitations.

Pros and Cons of Scalenut AI Copywriting SEO Tool


  • Perfectly-Designed User Interface
  • Clear Presentation of “What Google Loves”
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Cluster Builder Feature
  • Diverse Content Generation Options
  • Competitor-Outperforming Content


  • Lack of Customizable Templates
  • Potential Repetition in AI-Generated Content
  • Insufficient Tutorial Resources
  • Limited Consideration in Key Terms Calculation

Scalenut Alternatives

1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is the best AI SEO tool and a perfect alternative to Scalenut. Surfer SEO is an out-of-the-box SEO assistant if you are focused on uplifting your site's ranking and ROI.

However, if you compare the pricing plan of Surfer SEO with Scalenut, Scalenut offers cheaper pricing plans. However, both tools provide a 7-day free trial.

2. Writesonic

If you are a dedicated blogger or content creator needing a powerful AI-powered content writer, Writesonic offers over 70 templates to fulfill all your writing needs. 

The best part is that Writesonic offers a free forever plan but with limited functionalities. 

3. Frase

Frase serves as an excellent alternative to Scalenut. It offers AI-powered content creation and research tools. It stands out with customizable AI templates and integrated chatbot functionality.

Frase uses AI technology to provide versatile solutions for content generation and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on its comprehensive suite of tools for efficient content creation, including SEO research and writing capabilities, Scalenut is a valuable choice for creating high-quality articles swiftly and effortlessly.

Scalenut operates as an AI-powered content creation platform that integrates SEO research tools and assists in writing articles efficiently by generating ideas, structuring content, optimizing search engines, and streamlining the content creation process.

To delete your Scalenut account, you can contact their support team via chat or email. A team member will assist you promptly and guide you through the deletion process for a hassle-free experience.

Scalenut AI is an all-in-one content management platform that helps businesses create content. AI technology has taken over all the tasks of content creators, from planning to designing to publishing content. Hence, it is a robust tool tailored for creators and marketing agencies looking to automate content management.

Scalenut Review: In a Nutshell

Scalenut's review might have given you a transparent vision of utilizing its features to a certain extent. Scalenut is a powerful AI-driven content writing and SEO tool that significantly improves the content generation process and enhances website rankings. 

While it doesn't replace the expertise of an experienced writer, it remains an invaluable asset in streamlining content planning and initial drafting.

Its optimization guidance, SEO scoring system, and insightful research tools offer substantial benefits. Cruise Mode emerges as a standout feature, rapidly generating content briefs, outlines, and FAQ sections. Additionally, the SERP analysis feature is instrumental in saving substantial research time.

The platform is tailored for startups and medium-sized businesses looking to boost their content quality and organic traffic. It serves as a robust and efficient SEO tool.

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