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Are you seeking an honest RankMath Content AI review for 2024?

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As WordPress users, we heavily rely on the Rank Math SEO plugin to get our keywords to rank on search engines.

Rank Math recently launched a versatile and easy-to-use module for creators called Content AI. It utilizes AI technology to help you write content in seconds.

From generating blog post ideas to writing SEO-friendly copy, Content AI offers a range of features that cater to the needs of writers and marketers.

This blog post will help you discover every block of Content AI in detail. It enables you to learn the versatility of Content AI and how you can generate high-quality content.

Get Content AI today and supercharge your workflow with its all-in-one writing assistance.

What is Content AI?

We are already aware of Rankmath's revolution in the WordPress environment. Rank Math is the most prominent and influential way to add WordPress SEO tools to our website.

Indeed, when AI evolves like the air, why should Rank Math stay at the back to watch the picture? So, to become a game-changer, Rank Math launched an excellent cart of AI tools that can help you perform all your writing tasks, keeping your SEO traits in mind and saving you time.  

Content AI is integrated as a module inside the Rank Math SEO plugin. It allows accessibility without the need for any extra plugin installations. Rank Math is considered one of the best WordPress SEO plugins, offering robust modules.

To elaborate, Content AI is a bundle of over 40 AI-activated tools. These tools assist you in writing a full-fledged blog in a single space without letting you move to and fro among tools. All in all, the tools assist you in writing, editing, creating, improving, and publishing your content on the same platform.

Now, the question is, how can you access Content AI on your WordPress Portal?

Simple, you have to install SEO WordPress Plugin: Rank Math

Why Content AI: Content AI vs Human

Incorporating Content AI into your writing process presents a game-changing approach to content creation. Traditional keyword research methods would take up to 60 minutes to complete. However, it can now be accomplished in a mere 1 minute.

Moreover, generating new topic ideas is typically a half-hour endeavour. It is now reduced to a swift 1-minute task, streamlining the brainstorming phase.

One significant advantage is the acceleration of post-outline creation. What might have consumed 30 minutes of your time can now be achieved in just 1 minute with the assistance of Content AI.

The fundamental transformation occurs when delving into the actual writing process. Producing a 1500-word piece, which would typically demand 180 minutes, is drastically reduced to a mere 3 minutes through AI technology.

By embracing Content AI, you not only mitigate the risk of headaches or back pain associated with prolonged writing sessions but, more importantly, reclaim precious hours.

The time saved allows for a more efficient and sustainable approach to content creation. This would empower you to focus on strategic aspects of your work without sacrificing quality. 

How does Rank Math Content AI Work?

Creating compelling content that stands out and ranks well can be challenging. Right? 

Here is why the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin introduces its innovative Content AI feature. This tool takes the weight off your shoulders. It ensures your articles captivate your readers and appeal to search engines like Google. Thus, it maximizes your chances of securing high rankings.

In essence, Content AI serves as your guide throughout the writing process. It provides valuable insights to enhance the quality of your content and gives you advice on optimizing it to be more engaging for your audience and search engines.

What sets it apart is that these recommendations are derived from actual data gathered from the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) related to your target keyword.

Now, you can craft your content based on reliable information. It allows you to ascend to the pinnacle of Search Engine Result Pages without the need for guesswork.

Integrating Content AI into the on-page SEO menu on your post page, just above the Rank Math Pillar Content checkbox, ensures easy accessibility and seamless use.

It's important to note that Content AI isn't an AI copywriting tool. While it offers guidance to boost your ranking potential, you must still write the content, adhering to Content AI's instructions.

A helpful video of how Content AI operates is available for your reference. This ensures a transparent and user-friendly experience. Moreover, this makes the content creation process smoother and more effective.

RankMath Content AI Review: Key Takeaways

FeaturesContent AIChatGPT
WordPress Integration
Free Content  AI Credits
Unlimited User Seats
SEO Optimized Content
Integrated with Rank Math
Annual Price$47.88$240

Rank Math Content AI Powerful Features

In this Rank Math Content AI Review, you will get to know about Content AI's powerful and easy-to-use features. The Content AI features for WordPress users can be explained via various factors.

Once you get into the Rank Math SEO – Content AI dashboard, you will notice four sections of Content AI, which is commendable. 

Let us delve deeper into each trait individually.

Use Content AI Credits

To leverage the capabilities of Content AI, you need to exchange credits for focus keywords, with each keyword consuming one credit. Once used, credits cannot be retrieved, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful utilization.

When you use your credits to find the focus keyword, another menu will appear just below it, showing the keyword's performance statistics.

It will show you four elements:

  • Word Count:

Content AI suggests the optimal word count based on search engine data. It guides you to create content that surpasses competitors and provides valuable insights.

  • Link Count:

It recommends the appropriate number of internal and external links. Content AI emphasizes the SEO impact of link placement, especially for affiliate offers. 

  • Heading Count:

It helps SEO beginners with the minimum number of headings used in the blog. It clarifies that one <H1> heading is sufficient, considering the headline is already counted as such.

  • Media Count:

Content AI recommends the inclusion of images and videos based on actual data. It emphasizes their value in enhancing content appeal.

It's highlighted that providing valuable insights is crucial, and following Content AI's suggestions optimizes your content for better quality.

If you are using Rank Math Content AI for free, five credits are provided. This motivates exploration and improvement. Upgrading to Rank Math Pro grants 15 credits. This is a compelling reason to enhance content creation by incorporating Content AI's valuable suggestions.

AI Tools

Firstly, if we explore Content AI tools, again, it has several factors:

  • All tools
  • SEO
  • Blogs
  • Marketing & Sales
  • eCommerce
  • Misc

All these categories accommodate several more features inside them, forming a hierarchy of Content AI capabilities.

We will examine each of its features individually. Let's start with Content AI's SEO capabilities.

1. SEO

If you talk about how to use Content AI to accomplish your SEO requirements, then you must look into its SEO features.

It enables you to research topics and write SEO titles, descriptions, and meta. Thus, it helps you save the most time doing keyword research, gaining topic ideas, and starting with the writeup.

  • Topic Research

For doing topic research, Content AI dives deeper into the comprehensive report of a particular topic. Keeping SERP analysis in mind, it uncovers that specific topic's history, trends, and competitors. 

It brainstorms several ideas related to the specific topic and offers you an analysis report to make an informed decision.

Once you open Topic Research, you will notice a few input spaces to provide your data to be researched. The Topic and Format field is mandatory, yet providing details in each field would help AI understand your perspective correctly.

  • SEO Title

The next feature is SEO Title. The SEO title would help you generate an appealing title for your blog post, keeping all the SEO traits in mind.

With your given data, Content AI will optimize your blog headlines for better organic traffic, a solid online presence, and enhanced visibility.

  • SEO Description

To improve the click-through rate of your blog post, Content AI helps you generate a captivating SEO description that induces audience and search engines. Here is a glimpse:

To get intuitive descriptions within seconds, you just have to provide the SEO Title, focus keyword, tone, and number of outputs.

  • SEO Meta

Now, to optimize headings and descriptions, Content AI helps you generate Meta descriptions, thus improving visibility on search engines.

The best part of all the above SEO category tags is that once you provide data to the fields, it remains preserved, thus saving you time and effort. 

Thus, if you directly click the “Generate” button without changing anything in the fields, you will get the desired results from the preserved data.

Note: Once you install Content AI into your WordPress website, you will get its features embellished everywhere. For instance, you can ask AI to write an SEO description and title for each blog on the “All Posts” page. The below image shows you the evidence.

2. Blog

Are you feeling stuck with writer's block? Rank Math's Content AI offers a strategic solution, especially in the Blog category.

It lets you demonstrate authority to search engines, which involves delving into adjacent topics or creating cluster content around keywords you already dominate.

However, coming up with these ideas can be challenging, often requiring additional research on third-party tools to grasp search volumes and user queries.

With Content AI, the process becomes remarkably simpler. It automates the generation of blog post ideas and seamlessly integrates keyword research within the same window.

The convenience doesn't stop there – once you've settled on your ideas, the AI helps craft the entire blog post.

From the outline to the introduction, conclusion, and body, Content AI is a remarkable time-saver. It empowers you to overcome writer's block and produce engaging and authoritative content effortlessly.

  • Blog Post Idea

To generate a blog post idea as per the SERP analysis, use Rank Math- Content AI- Blog – Blog Post Idea. 

You must provide the industry or niche you are searching for a blog idea. Mentioning the tone, audience, and style will also help Content AI comprehensively understand your question.

The image above generates two outputs, as I selected for just two outcomes. You can increase or decrease the numbers in just one click.

Overall, the Blog Post Idea will help you generate fresh ideas for producing engaging content that resonates with your audience and niche.

  • Blog Post Outline

With the successful generation of Blog Post Ideas, Content AI is not confined to here. It will then help you generate a Blog Post Outline.

This enables you to generate a clear blog flow so your readers can easily engage and understand the blog post. 

With a fresh and inducing outline, it's time to generate a Blog Post Introduction. Let's move ahead to explore further.

  • Blog Post Introduction

The Blog Post Introduction will help you craft attractive intros, hooking readers' interest to explore and convert further from your blog post.

  • Blog Post Conclusion

Besides blog post introductions, Content AI can help you write Blog Post Conclusions in seconds. 

Thus, Rank Math uses AI technology to craft impactful summaries and offer key takeaways to captivate users to take immediate action. It also leaves a lasting impression on readers, building trust and credibility.

  • Post Title

This block will help you create eye-catching titles for your blog post. These titles will grab user's attention and build a curiosity to engage with your writeup till the end.

  • Paragraph

With a Paragraph block, you can generate well-structured paragraphs to blend your writeup for better content readability.

You can either use this block directly or use it in content editor to generate paragraphs whereever required. Additionally, you can also use this block in your post editing to save you time.

  • Paragraph Rewriter

This block helps you refine your paragraphs while preserving their meaning. Although this block rewrites your paragraph, it focuses on maintaining the clarity and originality of your writeup.

3. eCommerce

Rank Math Content AI assists eCommerce users by providing tailored features and suggestions to enhance product descriptions, reviews, FAQs, and other content crucial for attracting and converting customers.

It streamlines the overall content creation. Thus, it ensures optimized and engaging material that drives sales and improves overall SEO performance for eCommerce websites.

  • Product Description

Craft clear and concise product descriptions to boost sales.

  • Product Review

Write comprehensive product reviews to assist customers in deciding whether to purchase a product.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Creates lists of frequently asked questions about a product or topic.

  • Product Pros and Cons

It provides you with a list of the pros and cons of a product. Thus, it aids customers in making informed decisions.

With such a diverse range of tools, Content AI ensures a comprehensive and efficient approach to content creation, offering valuable assistance across various writing scenarios.

Content Editor 

I have shown you each feature in its respective block up until now. You can use all those features collectively inside the Content Editor. The image below shows you how.


To unlock a new dimension in convenience, Content AI has developed a personal AI assistant named RankBot. You can explore it under the Chat section. It is an intelligent SEO chatbot tailored for seamless topic research and insights, all within the familiar realms of Rank Math and the WordPress dashboard.

This intelligent tool facilitates dynamic conversations from your dashboard. It offers a collaborative research approach.

What sets it apart is the retention of chat history and sessions, allowing you to revisit and seamlessly continue your work.

With the RankBot, information gathering becomes fluid and efficient. It ensures that insights are just a chat away. 

It's not just a tool; it's a conversational companion that enhances your workflow and makes the journey from research to content creation smoother and more intuitive.

Note: Although Prompt Library contains prompts for each category of content formats, to explore its Prompt Library, you have to buy a Content AI subscription. 


The Rank Math SEO dashboard contains a section called History to preserve your searched data and keep everything secure.

It contains all the data you have searched for. Moreover, it enables you to copy that data and use it anywhere, as you require.

Rank Math Content AI Review: Pricing Plans

Rank Math premium plan offers a premium package of Rank Math Content AI. The pricing structure caters to various user needs and preferences.

It provides flexibility and discounts for annual payments. Currently, subscribers receive 1.5x more credits, enhancing the value proposition.

All-encompassing features are bundled in each package. It is distinguished primarily by the allocated monthly credits. Here's a breakdown of the packages:

  • Starter ($3.99/month): Includes 5000 monthly credits.
  • Creator ($7.99/month): Offers a higher allowance with 12,000 monthly credits.
  • Expert ($12.99/month): Designed for more extensive usage, providing 30,000 monthly credits.

This pricing structure ensures users can choose a plan that aligns with their specific content creation needs, offering affordability and scalability for diverse requirements.

Rank math Content AI Review: Pros and Cons 


  • A free version with five credits is available for testing.
  • Keeps your informed data preserved
  • Extracts relevant and related terms directly from the search engine's database.
  • All features are conveniently located within the on-page SEO menu.
  • The reasonable pricing is at $19/year for 50 credits, offering an excellent deal for bloggers.


  • Dependency on a search engine database may limit its effectiveness for new products.
  • Content AI's recommendations may not always align perfectly with the desired keyword.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Rank Math Content AI is worth it for its comprehensive features that streamline and enhance content creation. This makes it a valuable asset for bloggers and content creators.

Yes, Rank Math has proven effective for many users in improving their website's SEO performance and overall visibility in search engine results.

Content AI in Rank Math is a feature that assists users in creating optimized and engaging content by providing valuable suggestions, insights, and tools throughout the writing process.

Rank Math surpasses Yoast with its advanced features, such as schema markup, 404 monitoring, and redirections, making it a more comprehensive solution for users aiming to elevate their SEO strategies.

Ready To Empower Yourself With RankMath Content AI?

Absolutely, I would highly recommend that individuals seeking the best WordPress plugin for SEO for the complete scoring system incorporate it.

In summarizing Rank Math Content AI review, I must say, its utilization proves entirely advantageous. With its multitude of benefits, there's every reason to leverage Content AI for enhanced content creation on your website.

Even as Rank Math Pro users, we find it noteworthy that Content AI is accessible at no cost.

Moreover, the option to purchase additional credits at a nominal price sets Rank Math apart in the competitive landscape of SEO plugins.

If you haven't already, I strongly encourage you to download the RankMath WordPress plugin for a complimentary experience of Content AI in action.

So, why wait any longer?

Hurry Up! Grab fast and hit the floor.

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